Sunday, May 3, 2015

That Was Not My Favorite Run

Yesterday was a 6.89 mile trail run that I rounded up to 7 miles in my head. It was gorgeous. I did not have to poop. There were herds of deer everywhere. Not a cloud in the sky. I think if I did have to leave a turd on this run it would have been peppered with glitter and sequins. That’s how great that 6.89 miles was (rounded up to 7 in my head).


Today was a 7 mile out and back on lovely country dirt roads. From step number one of 14,000 steps I just wanted to be done. I can’t blame it on the weather. I can’t blame it on the scenery. I can’t blame it on not getting a good night’s sleep. I just did not want to do it  Period. It was that mental battle the.whole.way. In the end I spit out a 9:13 average mile and it felt like a 7:30 average mile.


So, what do I tell myself in these instances?

  1. You can eat donuts and drink coffee with lots of half and half when you are done
  2. Just because you don’t feel like running doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run. You’ll be glad you did.
  3. Some days are going to suck. Oh well.
  4. This run will let you hit 3o miles for the week – your goal.
  5. Stop your bitching. You are healthy. You are not injured. You CAN run.


I know these 5 thoughts are extremely profound. I guess my point is that to keep going you don’t really need to be super profound. You just need to keep going. Even when your crotch is sweating so much you look like you wet yourself.


Now, I am done and I am inside, which is good because the Wizard of Oz is about to happen around here (those munchkins and flying monkeys freak me out. Confession: In ever really liked the Wizard of Oz anyway). I’d rather not be one of the 73 people struck by lightening this year.


Yes, that is actually a funnel cloud up there.

How far was your run today? Thumbs up or down? Thumbs down.

What’s a movie you feel like you should like, but you don’t? Sound of Music. Wizard of Oz. Monty Python.

Would you rather be struck by lightening or drown? Lightening. Seems faster. <- I like to keep it upbeat around here



  1. Thumbs up today, but to be fair, it sucked canal water yesterday.

    The Congress

    Lightning. If I'm gonna die might as well be in such a dazzle, it'll be my last memory forever.

  2. I had a day like that a couple of weeks ago. I blogged about it too because it was just so exceptionally bad. And for no apparent reason. But if they were all glorious, we'd quit our jobs and never stop running.

  3. It was a rough day but 13.1.
    The Sound of Music is way on that list. Oh... Also Pulp Fiction. "it's a cult classic"... I could go on and on. And I love movies.
    Uh... Lightening. Duh

  4. It was a rough day but 13.1.
    The Sound of Music is way on that list. Oh... Also Pulp Fiction. "it's a cult classic"... I could go on and on. And I love movies.
    Uh... Lightening. Duh

  5. I only ran a teeny tiny 3 and the entire last mile I wanted to barf. Or needed to burp. Something upper digestive was going way wrong. Apparently I can't eat anything made with almond meal before running. Yak.

    I can't think of any movies....

    Lightening for sure!

  6. 7 miles - definitely a thumbs up run today.

    Gone With The Wind. Scarlett is such a pain in the arse. 2001: a Space Odyssey. Words can't even describe the boredom that 2001 imparts. That's probably b/c half the movie doesn't even have words.

    Lightning. Drowning freaks me out big time.

  7. I'm glad someone else has as much crotch sweat as I do. I don't feel like such a freak now! Thumbs up for my run today. I hate animated movies, even tho most people love them. And lightning definitely. If somebody picks drowning, they should talk to a professional I think.

  8. Rest day here and spent the day sitting through a seminar. Would have rather run.
    I don't like the Wizard of Oz either, flying monkeys, tornadoes, and the creepy munchkin people.
    I have been hit by lightning, but would still pick it over drowning!

  9. Bailed on a nice trail run with buddies to do yard work. 12 huge patio slabs up and moved. Lots of crushed brick removed. A cubic yard of gravel wheelbarrowed in, leveled, tamped. Slabs put back. Crushed brick washed and wheelbarrowed back in. Cleaned up. The run would have been easier, but this needed doing. It's TOTALLY going in the workout column.

    Lightning. Lots of people survive that. By definition, nobody survives drowning.

  10. Thumbs down!!!!!!!…no run happened for me or will for next 8 weeks…put on crutches for hip injury on Friday. Then…sigh…starting all over, was at a comfortable 15 miles on trails. I always wear black running shorts, leggings…safe that way. lol HATE Wizard of Oz. For sure lightning….my nightmare death is drowning.

  11. Thumbs down. 3 wks out from a half I'm trying to pr but haven't really trained for. My body revolted. Oh well. I will recover. I will survive.
    Forrest Gump. Hate that movie.
    Lightning, for sure. I don't think it would last as long before it was over.
    And thank you for the picture of crotch sweat and owning it. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  12. Omg your crotch sweat! I love you for posting that pic. Thanks for keeping it real.
    I am so super-conscious of this...especially in hot yoga classes.

    LOVE this post. So many runs are just that. Suck it up while playing the mental game. Sometimes I think about all the ice cream I'm gonna have after I finish. Or all the people I'm avoiding having to talk to and all the responsibilities I'm avoiding while I'm out. It's a luxury, so I try to keep that in mind.

    Today's mileage: 8 miles (AM run) / 12 miles (PM run). Luckily, they both felt good.
    Movie: The Natural. I just can't.
    Lightening for sure. I'd go with instant death.

  13. forget how you felt you look amazing!

  14. 5k, felt slow and hard work despite new shoes (it was a 2 new pairs weekend, one pair would not look out of place on the yellow brick road - thanks Saucony, now I have to find a lion to run alongside)
    Movie: Wizard of Oz, or any musical film except the Pythons.
    Lightening. leave behind a dainty pile of ash not a fat bloated corpse nibbled by fish.

  15. I ran the Flying Pig full marathon yesterday and I totally struggled cardio wise. This has never happened to me before in my previous 7 fulls. I'm blaming it on running the 5 and 10K the day before, the hills and not being acclimated to the warmer temps. Oh goal was to finish all three races with a respectable time and uninjured. Mission accomplished.
    I feel like I should like the Sound of Music. Oh wait...maybe I would but I have never felt the need to watch it, along with the Titanic.
    I would much rather be struck by lightening. Boom.

  16. Thumbs up. I'm coming back after injury and it was my first pain free run.
    I cannot get into Lord of the Rings. It's just soooooo long and wierd.
    I pick lightning. Since I live in the Lightning cspital of the world...Florida, it might actually happen to me one day.

    Love your blog for many reasons, one being that your not afraid to show and talk about reality. Please don't change a thing.

  17. Heading into yesterday's half marathon, I had a week of those runs. I managed to snag an AG award at my half but struggled with those heavy legs for the first couple of miles. No matter, I had a good race (except for a run in with a Race Guard who cut in front of me at the portapotty).

    1. Congrats to you on the AG win. I'd like to hear more about the run in with the race guard - fight at the potty?

  18. I am so happy that someone else experiences crotch sweat and admits it!!! You are my hero for that:)
    Death choice: Lightning. Bring it on mother nature....I'm not into drowning.
    By the way: that funnel cloud. No way. I'd run screaming. I also am from western NY where that doesn't exist often (even though a tornado did rip through my childhood neighborhood a few years back). I saw a funnel cloud once when I was in high school and almost peed my pants. Literally.

  19. I thought of you yesterday at the oddest time. I was actually able to go #2 BEFORE the half I was running. That never happens for me! Big things happening here in Kentucky.

  20. I have the same shoes.. Loving them.
    Sound of music is not my fav..
    I guess lightening as my death choice.

  21. Hi!! I have missed your blog....can you tell me what kind of water holder you are wearing in the first picture?? I am starting Marathon training and need something

    1. It is the Hydra Quiver from Orange Mud. Love love it.

  22. I decided I want to be a morning runner (mostly due to my work schedule). Today was my first morning run. I realized that the beautiful thing about morning runs is that you can be quite sure nothing worse will happen to you during the day :D

    1. yes, so true!! And doesn't it feel good to have it out of the way?

    2. Well, it is tricky. For sure it is a nice feeling, but it makes me lazy. Before, on a typical day I walked 4-5 km to and from work and then went to run. But today it was like, nah, let's take the bus. I need to work on that.

  23. Oh, you kill me with these posts - truly hilarious. I ran a nice steady 18.5 k yesterday and it was my longest run in about 6 months. Felt pretty good, beautiful day, but legs were a bit tired after two days of yard work. I would definately take lightning over drowning... I can't swim and am therefore quite paranoid around water, so it would be disappointing to drown. Quick bolt from the sky, and it's better to "burn out" than float away.

  24. My run yesterday was 13.1 -- completed my first official half marathon at a faster pace than any of my training runs of that distance. But thumb sideways, not up or down. The course was gorgeous, meandering through Oregon farmland, and there were spots where I felt like raising my arms and letting out a "woo-hoo!" (roughly half way thru) -- but the last mile was hell. I had to fight off leg cramps and the feeling that I was going to puke, so I wasn't able to finish as strong as I'd hoped. It was good overall, and it hurt... but I will do it again!

    Movie I should like, but don't -- Fight Club. A fighting club was formed because some crazy guy was fighting with himself in the street. Really?

    Lightning. For sure. Git-R-Dun.

  25. I've been having all thumbs up runs lately, but probably because I only do 3 miles at a time...That's just how much I can squeeze in between work and kid pick up ;)

    Don't hate me, but I LOVE Wizard of Oz, always have! I've never gotten the hook of the Lord of the Rings movies or the Harry Potter movies though - no appeal, no desire.

    No debate - lighting.

  26. I get it, I've had some rough runs lately. I just tell myself that some are gonna suck and it's good to get the sucky ones out of the way now.

    I also unfortunately get the sweat crotch What the heck!

  27. Hey Beth! As one of your newer blog followers, I just wanted to say thanks for your refreshing posts. While I can't remember how I stumbled upon your site, I'm so glad I did! Going back through some of your older entries has become MY pre-run motivation. Keep up the running... so you can keep the entertaining stories coming!

  28. My run today was good. It was not terribly long and I was actually supposed to do it yesterday after my bike but delayed it until today because of horrendous weather and a big hatred of treadmills. But good nonetheless.

    I cannot stand the Dumb and Dumber movies. So stupid and really just not funny - I just don't get it.

    I do not want to get hit by lightening or drown although I'm a little more afraid of drowning I guess than lightening ... hmmm I want to die peacefully in my sleep when I'm 90.

    In other news that crotch photo is hilarious.