Sunday, October 11, 2015

RIP Betty Sue

Today we put a dear friend to rest. She never spoke to us except for a high pitched squeak. She ate all our vegetables. She pooped more than is imaginable for a living thing her size (yes, I am jealous of that).

Ken is really broken up about the whole thing (yes, her coffin is a Pearl Izumi shoe box. That can get filed under…You Know You’re a Running Family When…you bury your guinea pig in a running shoe box):


The dead is the famous famous Betty Sue:


I think she might have won the world record for the longest living guinea pig. She was alive for 8 years. I found her in a still, peaceful and very rigid state on Friday. I’ve never found anything dead before and it was a bit traumatizing (actually, that’s not true. I found my dog dead when I was 16 –poisoned to death. Now THAT was traumatizing).

I am glad that the first (second)  time I found something dead it was not a person. Although, did you know that most dead bodies are actually found by runners? Maybe that is an urban legend, but it does seem to happen quite a bit.

At the service in the backyard we all said something:

Me: She was a great guinea pig and a part of our family. She squeaked. We loved that girl.
Emma: What you said.
Ken: She had a good life.
Sam: She was just a guinea pig (he’s 17, can  you tell?)
Heidi: (if she could talk) I cannot wait until you all go inside because I going to dig up and eat that dead rodent.


And now we move on.

This was been a good week of running for me. Until today. I did get kind of greedy with my running and ran 6 times this week. Then on today’s trail run my knee hurt and I deserved it for overdoing it. It’s just that when the body feels good and the weather is perfect, you can’t help yourself. Or, I can’t. And here I was just thinking about how long it is since I’ve been truly injured. It’s been about 3 years. I am proud of that. Gotta keep the streak going.

Monday: 4 miles, road
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 6.8 miles, road
Thursday: 6 miles, trail
Friday: 3 miles, road
Saturday: 7 miles trail
Sunday: 8 miles trail

Total: 34.8 miles.

Trails are the best:


Today was windy. I was trying to be all hip wearing my visor backwards (could not keep it on in the wind):


I still don’t know what I’m training for. Oh that’s right. I am training for life! For my health! So that I can eat whatever I want! For happy hour! So my legs don’t turn into cottage cheese!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you that last night was Homecoming. Sam’s final high school HC and Emma’s first.

Sam will be 18 in two weeks. When I started this blog, he was 12. TWELVE. Now he is a man-boy who shaves and does other things that some moms don’t want to know about. Damn he’s cute.


The lovely Emma. When I started this blog, she was 8 years old. EIGHT. Now she looks like this. Stunning and radiant.


I keep telling myself, when I get all sentimental and woe-is-me-my-children-are-getting-big-and-independent-and-don’t-tell-me-anything –anymore, that this is what they are supposed to do. They are supposed to fly away from you and you are supposed to cry while they smile, hug you and turn around. If you have done your job as a parent, then they are confident to leave you and to embrace the world ahead.

And when they leave, hopefully you love your spouse enough to be look at him/her and say, “Hey, it’s just us now, let’s go have fun.”

Ideal world.

How was your weekend?

Have you ever found anything dead? What/where?

Did you race this weekend? There were a crapload of marathons and some little triathlon in Kona.

When was the last time you were injured?



  1. We had guinea pigs when I was a kid - my mom could whistle just like them, she was extremely talented that way :)

    When I was 11 or 12 I watched my dog get hit by a car and die. Traumatized big time.

    I haven't ever been injured enough to keep me from running. Maybe it's because I'm slow and don't run tons of miles, or maybe I'm a wimp who takes rests days when things feel off. For the past few years I've started running only 2-4 times a week and mountain biking the other days. I think that has been the key.

  2. Good looking kids. I found a dead boy left in the ditch by two drunk college kids. He was hit while walking to a night job.

  3. I'm an empty nester and good thing I like my husband. I haven't been able to run for 16 months due to stupid hip surgeries!!! Ive only tried to shoot him a few times! I'm rehabing now!

    I work in Long Term Care as a therapist, and yes i have found someone not living anymore and have been with someone when they moved one! I was glad i could be there when family could not!

  4. I found my dog the day before my 18th birthday. My cat JJ when I was younger than that on my bed no less - all by myself in the house and then there was Dear Aunt Marge who didn't respond to her morning call. I agreed to go over. She was on the porch with Ruby the dog on top of her. She went peacefully, I think. After a year full of injuries, I am preparing for a 10 mile monster dash on Halloween. It's feeling good to be out there again. And you're exactly right about the grown-up kids. I can cry thinking about him leaving for college but I am so darn proud of him too. Plus the husband - yep I love him enough to plan some good times ahead! Love your blog.

  5. I've only ever found dead fish in the lake that I run near, I'm glad I'm running away from them since they smell so awesome. I've been injured quite a bit, but the trails make everything better and you are right - the better the weather the harder it is to stay inside. Nice training week!

  6. Dead.
    Cat, house attic.
    Woodchuck, field.
    Cow, road.
    Dog, road.

    No race, but a mega-swim with buddies.
    Define injured. Sore shoulders make me swim what I think is slow. Cranky quads.

  7. My sister worked for the Coroners office for a while, she was a body remover so she has more stories than you can imagine… We grew up on a farm and death was treated as just part of life and quite natural.

    I ran the Portland marathon last week and around mile 9, my IT band started hurting. By mile 22 I was walking down hills and running uphills. Still was amazing.

  8. I was at 35-40 miles a week finally and now side lined due to hip injury for 3 weeks! It is so hard! Hoping to find out what exactly it is this week! I miss running!

  9. 2 mountain biking / week is best. It requires a lot of calories so 4 times of running and 2 of biking is suitable.
    Also check my mountain biking blog -

  10. We had a hamster, Stuart Little, and I found him, laying on his side in his cage that we had duct taped together (we should have named him Houdini). He only, I mean thankfully, lived 2 years. The boys were still pretty young, and my youngest was just so sad. It was sweet. Our one and only rodent.

  11. I "find" plenty of dead animals on the side of the road while running. And I've had 2 cats die when I was there with them (one from diabetes and the other from a kidney malfunction). Both times it was awful.

  12. Part of my job is search and rescue so unfortunately I have found a few dead bodies of people who have died in traumatic ways. But at least we usually find them, so their families don't wonder what happened forever.

  13. Ok trigger happy there -

    Dead skunks can make me heave out running and develop a permanent-smell that last for approximately ever. I like as a guide to all those dead things you get to see out road running. Today I saw a rabbit's foot - just the foot - guess that wasn't lucky for the rabbit.

  14. Your kids are gorgeous!
    I ran Chicago yesterday. My legs are angry today.

  15. Your kids are so cute. I totally understand that feeling that your kids are growing up. My daughter just moved into her own home and we are empty-nesters now. At first it's kind of sad but like you said, I'm glad they feel that they can live their lives without Mom and Dad now. BTW, I ran Chicago yesterday and I'm actually kind of glad I only have to cook for the Hubs and I right now. I am TIRED!

  16. We had a guinea pig who lived 7 1/2 years....I remember that last squeak for lettuce...and I put it in his cage...when I came home...the lettuce wasn't eaten...Little sweetie was inside his little house...sleeping as I like to think... We miss her...they are certainly sweet! Yours had a long...good life... *HUGS*

    1. Aww thanks. We had the same thing happen. She went into her little house and went to "sleep."

  17. Have only had to deal with departed aquarium fish. Ran my first full marathon this weekend and had a poor run due to too fast of a start which had my energy going downhill at 14 miles. Ended up doing a lot of walking and missed the time cutoff for the race but did get the distance in. Very disappointed in my performance and having mixed feelings over displaying a 26.2 sticker that a friend gave me. Love your Blog.

    1. Hey Ed. Really sorry about your race. Even if you don't want to think about another marathon right now, seems like there is some redemption you will have down the line. Hang in there - we all have crappy races and that just fuels the fire for the next great one.

  18. Aw, sorry about Betty Sue. May she rest in peace.
    I once stepped on a dead possum. It was early morning, pitch dark, and I had my headlamp pointed forward, not down at the ground (cuz, y'know... I like to run forward). Anyway, I wish I had tripped over it instead of on it because I had to throw out that pair of shoes. The smell would not come out. It was awful and I am forever scarred. RIP Possum, as well.
    I'm probably racing this weekend. I have a plethora to choose from, and will probably pick a 10k somewhere.
    Knock on wood, last injury was 2012. Prior to that, I was injured pretty much constantly for five years. I think better nutrition (more calories!) and changing my shoes more frequently helped immensely.
    Your kids look so tall!!

  19. Recently almost stepped on a dead chipmunk in my family room! I assume it was a present from one of the dogs. Ugh! Sorry about BS.

    1. Haha! I had that happen one time when my dog brought in a dead squirrel. I screamed like a baby.

  20. i've disposed of lots of dead mice. Charlie (my cat) and I used to have competitions, but I had an unfair advantage - I could use a trap with a raisin as bait. Don't use peanut butter - peanut butter can be licked, but a raisin has to be chewed. But those competitions are over - Charlie died this summer, and I was the last to see him alive (and take care of the remains - in a saucony shoe box).

    Any ways - on a happier topic - I ran the Hartford marathon in 3:28:50 on Saturday. It was perfect weather. And I was just a minute slower than the Clarence DeMar marathon 13 days earlier. My priest got his BQ at that one. I held him back for the first half, but he was so strong I had to let him go for the second half. He got a 3:22. He was so psyched!

    1. 3:28??!!! Can you teach me how to be that speedy? Congrats! To you and to the priest.

  21. I'm from Brownsville, Brooklyn. I've seen lots of dead things. But most recently, other than everyday on the highway here in Atlanta, I did an 18-Mile run and passed 3 dead mice/hamsters on the trail. They were back to back to back. It was really weird and it made me look around like what's killing these things and why am I so close to it?
    I didn't race this weekend but I did the weekend of the 4th. My first PR in 7 years.
    I was injured for the NJ Marathon in April. I had a bad achilles and I ran on it. It was pretty bad. I hit 13.1 at 2:02. 18 miles at 3:05 and 26.2 in 5:02. I collapsed at the finish. Worst... Pain... Ever. Then the people in the tent sent me a bill. Has that ever happened to you?

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