Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Input Needed!

As I wrote about a week ago, I invested in the Polar RS200sd running watch. Now I have been stricken with buyer's remorse. I am wondering if I should have gone with a Garmin, for the GPS feature. I really want your input - both from GPS watch owners and those who have a foot pod or some other means of measuring speed, distance, etc.

I am finding the foot pod kind of cumbersome and the watch does not seem easy to use (although that's probably me just being gadget-ignorant). I like the idea of the GPS being easier (maybe more accurate?) as well as recording your routes, etc. I am looking at the Garmin Forerunner 205, which I am aware is like wearing a laptop on your wrist, but it is what I can afford, plus it has the options I want. I know, I know, I said a few weeks back I didn't want the Garmin because it was too bulky. That was because I thought I might actually wear this watch as a regular watch and not just for running. I have given up hope of doing that, so don't mind if it's a big ass watch after all.

Please give me some advice!! I am so inexperienced with these things and really could use guidance from those of you who know and who have been wearing a certain type of watch for awhile.


  1. I recently came across your Blog. I found your question quite relevant, as my wife & I went through the same issue. We both ended up with the Garmin and I love it. I like how you can upload into your computer and track the stats. I also use the feature where it can import into Google Earth and track as an aerial run and provide stats on each point along your run.

    That is my opinion and others may have different experiences.

    Good Luck figuring it out!

  2. I got the Garmin 405 for Christmas and love it. Even the 405 feels pretty big and bulky on my wrist and has taken some getting used to. I live in a pretty rural area, and I've notice that it is way more accurate when I run in town or am at my mom's in the cities than when I run around my "neighborhood." I think it's pretty easy to use (once I decided to actually read the owner's manual!).

  3. I have the Garmin 205 and I love it. All I want is the speed, time and distance so it has all the gadgets I need. I have had it for a year and haven't had any problems with it.

  4. I have the 205 & love it. It looks like it would be heavier than it really is. It's actually very light. You'll love the features. It's very easy to use & accurate, too. Get it, you'll love it!

  5. I haven't found the 205 to be to bulky. It is big but it's not heavy and when running I don't even realize it's there, until I want to check my speed!:)

  6. i LOVE my garmin, i have the 205. i love the GPS and its rarely given me any problems. i know a few friends who have different versions of foot pod watches, etc... and they just always seem off. they always have to calibrate them, and if they are running differently their distance is off. just seems like a pain to me personally. good luck deciding :)