Sunday, February 22, 2009

Is It Spring Yet?

Today is my 42nd birthday. Do you make resolutions on your birthday or on New Year's or not ever? I laid in bed this morning feeling slightly hungover making a resolution that I shouldn't drink so much. Famous last words.

My back is feeling better after an intense deep tissue massage on Thursday. This woman is amazing. She showed me on one of those detailed body pictures where my trouble was (sacral iliac, blah, blah). Then she had me lay face down, put my legs in frog position (this probably looked very attractive from above), and kneaded my glutes and hams to death. It was a good hurt. I was glad she couldn't see the faces I was make into the hole thing on the end of the table. Voila! 24 hours later I felt great.

Now that I'm no longer training with Team in Training and don't have a coach organizing my runs, I am trying to be my own coach and to organize my own runs. My former team mate, Erin, is on board. We've been meeting for longer runs on Saturdays. She'll join me to run the grueling Horsetooth Half in April.

So...time to get back to running so I don't have to envy the girl on the treadmill. We awoke to snow, freezing temps and icy roads on Saturday a.m. It was 15 degrees when I planted water and lemon lime Cliff blocks at our half way point. We decided to run part of the Boulder Backroads Marathon Course - dirt roads winding through farms right along the foothills. We just went out and back five miles for a total of ten miles (in case you can't do the math). I woremy Polar watch for the first time. I am thoroughly overwhelmed by all of the buttons and options. It'll take some getting used to. Our time was not fast (1:32), but we did negative splits. The first five were 9.7 minute miles. In the way back we were doing more like 8.7 minute miles.

Today I'm glad that my 42 year old body can still run ten miles. That my 42 year old body can hopefully run a tough half marathon in April. That my 42 year old body will run another marathon this fall. That my 42 year old body can (maybe, just maybe) qualify for Boston.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! great job on the run :)


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  2. Happy Bday!! it took me like 2 months to really get all the use out of the things on my garmin!

    the run looks beautiful!

  3. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great 10-miler to celebrate.

  4. I'm very impressed! I can only hope I'm in such shape when I turn 42.

    I can understand your being intimidated by all the buttons! I've only got a cheap sports watch from the Aldi and even that stumps me. All I know how to do is set it for 10 minutes and then take a 1 minute break.

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