Sunday, May 24, 2009

Presents in the Bushes

Two fantastic things happened yesterday.

#1: I went running and immediately my stomach went sour. I was 3 miles in and had to leave a couple "presents" behind the bushes, if you know what I mean. I had no choice. I figured it was good fertilzer for the city.

#2: My toenail that turn black and blue and died during my January marathon finally fell off in the middle of Emma's piano practice. I had it beside the computer all day so I could take a picture and post it on the blog next to the naked place where the toenail used to be. Unfortunately I did some dusting today (not a common occurrence around here) and must have misplaced it. I think the dog ate it.

Tomorrow is the Bolder Boulder 10K in Boulder (duh!). Last year Sam, 10 at the time, ran it with Ken and I. He managed to run the whole thing in 66 minutes, which I thought was pretty great for a ten year old. He wants to run again this year and he and I are going to try to get him in under an hour. I say try because I think this is an almost unattainable goal for him. I do tell him, however, when you're running you always need a goal and the bigger the better. If you don't reach it, it's okay as long as you give it 100 percent. Shoot for the stars and see what happens. You might surprise yourself.

Emma, 8 years old, will be making her 10K debut tomorrow. She has run a couple 5Ks and a two miler, but nothing near the six miles. I expect she and Ken will be doing quite a bit of walking/running. I am just glad she is getting out there.

The Bolder Boulder is one of the biggest races in the country hosting 55,000+ runners. It is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. The accomplishment the kids feel when they run into the CU stadium at the end of the race is pretty phenomenal.

My question is: I know lots of you don't have kids, but lots of you do. Regardless, what are your thoughts on kids and racing? Do you think it's good/healthy or child abuse?


  1. i think its good to encourage kids to do races and stuff with you but if they do not want to do it i would never force them! but if they seem interested...why the hell not!

  2. I just ran in my first race last week (a 5K) and I was quite pleasantly surprised how many kids were in attendance- and the coolest part was that they were in attendance with their whole family (and I think I saw a few different family types, not just the nuclear 1 mum, 1 dad, 2 kids arrangement). I thought that was hella cool.

  3. we have a 12 yo daughter that loves to run. so she trains with daddy when she's not in track or cross country season (this year, 6th grade, she joined both). He blogs their trials at He doesn't quite get hormonal 12 yo girls though, and she often cries when she runs which freaks him out. it's not from pain, it's from all that built up crud of being a tween finally expelling when she runs. then she can study stress free. and she really really likes running.
    my 11 y.o. hates it though. anything that doesn't have the word "dash" after it and she could care less. she cheers us on from the sidelines at some races, sleeps through some, and we watch her karate belt ceremonies.
    i would never force a child to run who doesn't want to, but i do strongly encourage exercise. A LOT.
    good luck to your kids on their 10ks. my daughter would probably train 6 wks for that. She's only up to 4 miles, but can do that without walking in about 37 min.

  4. Hi, new here! I'm a running mom of 2. my boys are still really young, but the oldest (2.5 years) has already started doing tot trots. I'm not sure if he really knows whats going on, but I've yet to meet a toddler boy who doesn't like to run, haha! So I say if the kids enjoy doing it, let them run!! It certainly beats the alternative of TV and video games, which unfortunately consumes most of our youth these days. I really hope my boys enjoy running as they get older, and I will definately encourage it! Good luck to you and your family tomorrow!

  5. Haha, I sometimes see these little kids at these races and think to myself, "do these kids enjoy this or are their parents punishing them?" But, it seems they really enjoy it, especially when they get a trophy or prize for placing. It's the same as playing little league baseball or church basketball, just more intense. I think they are amazing, and as long as they are eating well, staying well hydrated, and having fun, let em run! As lazy as kids are today, it's fantastic that some have parents to motivate them to get outside and run.

  6. I don't have kids, but if I did I would be beating their whiny assess all day long. Um, kidding. I think it's great exposure for the youngsters and much better than a video game.

  7. I think it's great that Sam and Emma are running. The events are FUN. That they have participated and finished is amazing. Sam's the bomb. They could be running through the park, around the bases or from you when you are chasing them with a switch (ha) but running in a real event... It's all good! Can't wait to hear about all of you.

  8. I never ran the Bolder Boulder when we lived in Colorado. Hope you're having fun. [Probably running as I type!]

    I ran as a kid - started when I was 11 or 12, and eventually developed stress fractures in both of my tibias as well as knee problems. My parents were advised to watch my mileage until my growth plates closed. Also? I burnt out for a few years in my late teens. I think it's just balance with your kids. The cool thing about running is they can take it into their adulthood. I wanted to run a marathon when I was about 14 and my parents said no, as did my doctor. Too many miles for a still growing kid. I'd just keep it in perspective for them.

    Hope you all have a great time at the event!

  9. Kids racing is awesome. It teaches them about goal setting, setbacks, hard work etc. As long as they enjoy doing it and are not being 'forced' into it from stage parents like those poor kiddies in the pageants. It sounds awesoem.

    p.s. I've done my fair share of fertilizing. Recently I fertilized in a cemetary. Of course not on anybodys grave or anyting but it was still kind of weird.

  10. I don't have kids - but definitely support them doing races if they want to!! I feel like a 10K might be a little long for an 8 year old, but with a parent by her side and a mix of walking and running I'm sure she'll do great. :) Bottom line - it's Awesome that your kids are active and enjoy it already! can't wait to hear how you all do!!!

  11. New runner & reader here ... my 8-year-old daughter ran a 1-miler a few weeks ago at a local 5k that I ran. It was sort of on a whim for her, but she had a great time. She started the couch to 5k 2 nights ago and that's going well also. I hope she develops a love for running and I am trying to follow her lead on it so as not to push her into something that she doesn't enjoy. She's already active and plays soccer, softball and basketball.

    My 3-year-old son loves to go walking with us in the evenings and usually runs ahead of us the entire time. I hope there will be some kids dashes at some of the races we do later this year for him. Now, I just need to convince my husband to start running!

  12. I'm all for kids running (when they want). I ran a 5 mile race this morning, and it's the same race I ran when I was nine 20 years ago with my mom. Such a fantastic memory.

    Good luck to your whole running family!

  13. I started running when I was in 5th grade. My dad was a runner in those days, and after excelling in the one-mile physical fitness test, I decided it would be fun to run. I never did anything longer than a few miles, but I've kept it up on and off basically my whole life. The only race I ever did as a kid, though, was a fun run at 4th of July. I've always enjoyed running for the release it gives me. I think any physical exercise kids want to do is great and it should be encouraged, within reason.

  14. My nine year old has run 5k's for the past two years. It has been at his request not mine and he has done surprisingly well. I would never push him to do it, but I think he does it because he knows that mom and dad both are doing it and can see that it is a healthy thing to do. I think kids running, with supervision is a great thing.

  15. Man! I really wanted to see that toenail ;)

    I would totally leave little presents if I had to. I am happy you are not someone who is grossed out by that. It's just nature!


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