Saturday, October 24, 2009

Heels Over Head

Look to the right: did you vote today?

Yes! Denver is getting some rock 'n' roll next year! Check it out my new article here.

How's your weekend?? It's crazy here. My son is having 11 boys for his 12th birthday party. We will play laser tag and eat nachos and hot dogs. Hope those boys like to get their butts whooped. I also hope that they are prepared for the gas I might have in the long car ride home. Nachos and hot dogs will not be kind. At least 12 year olds find farts funny.

I had my first non-swimming workout yesterday on the elliptical. 30 minutes and I supposedly climbed Vail Pass. My right calf is killing me today, but I am happy to say my foot feels fine. I can work out every other day and inch up my workouts by five minutes each time. Soon I will be running again. Can you see the smile on my face? Running and I have been separated for far too long. I hope she didn't cheat on me while I was away. She is so screwed if she has lipstick on her Garmin (that was dumb but I did chuckle to myself).

Picture of the day:

Did you know I was this flexible?


  1. 11 Boys? are insane. I would take a little more then just hot dogs and nachos.

    Back to running? Sounds good to me! I'm going to try a little easy spin on my bike trainer tomorrow! I'm waaay excited about getting some sort of exercise!

    Good luck w/ that whole BD party; gas em good!

  2. Is that really your legs up over your head like that?! I had no idea you were that flexible!

  3. OMG Nachos and hot dogs - and a bunch of 12 year old boys? You are one tough mama.

    And one flexible mama too! That picture is a riot - I must eat more nachos and do more yoga!

  4. Holy crap that's alot of rug rats. Good luck with that. And I totally don't belive that's you. Had to be somebody behind you throwing their legs over your shoulders. I am cynic. I need more proof.

    hey congratulations on climbing vail pass. That's pretty serious :)

  5. I pray you and the boys are still alive today... that's one righteous party set-up and a whole lotta gas!!! LOL!

    Congrats on the first non-swimming workout!

  6. I agree, that might require more than hot dogs and nachos, LOL!! Good luck, hope it went well!

  7. wow that's ummm bendy. I hope to have a lil boy someday honestly. And a lil girl.

  8. That picture is crazy. Must be all the hot dogs. Hope the party went well!

  9. Laughing my butt off over here, as usual.

    AWESOME news that you will be returning to running soon.

  10. hope you survived the weekend!! 11 boys! yikes! glad you're healing...

  11. Wow, you are one brave Mamma! And flexible, too! I bet the hubbs appreciates that! :)
    Glad the workouts are slowly coming back!

  12. Those are someone else's legs, aren't they???? I wanna know!!! The only reason I have my doubts is b/c I think you'd mention your contortionist (sp?)capabilities much earlier into the blog!!!! :-D

    Good luck with the boys!