Saturday, October 10, 2009

Running Is Good for You. Who Knew?

Since no one reads blogs on the weekends, hello to the two of you out there.

My swimming career has begun - just swam 40 lengths (1,000 yards or .57 mile). It felt so good to be moving again. Peed before I got in the pool, so didn't contaminate the waters.

We woke up to 3" of snow and 17 degrees in Longmont, CO today. Good thing I'm not running these days, because it's a lot nicer to be drinking coffee and sitting at the computer than braving the elements. The flowers aren't sure what to think:

Neither does the dog:

Check out my latest article on the health benefits of running. I actually learned quite a bit writing this article and am further convinced of why I love my friend running so much. Stress fracture or not, the sport is actually really good for you. Imagine that.

So many of you are racing this weekend: Chicago, Columbus, Long Beach. Good luck friends.Can't wait for the race reports!


  1. I'm such a loser reading blogs...but it's the only time I get to catch up some times!!

    I'm so not ready for snow. My Phillies are out there with a game delay because of it!!

  2. Great article!! I thought running was just good for me because I could eat ice cream afterwards and not have to worry about weight gain! ;-) Sorry about the snow....such a dirty, 4-letter word!!

  3. Haha I read blogs more on the weekend cuz I have more time :)
    Love the article.

  4. Snow already?!

    I'm supposed to be doing a million other things, which is why I'm procrastinating on the blogosphere.

  5. I cant help but notice that you didn't say anything about not pooping in the pool...

  6. Nice Jamoosh obsessed with the poop thing, still??!!! :)

    I forwarded the article to ALL family members who express their concern about my running and love of mileage...thanks!

  7. Saturday night, 7pm. Reading blogs mmmhmm. I use to be cool I swear.

    Who am I kidding no I didn't. Off to read your article.

  8. Snow! I am sooo not ready for that stuff yet.
    I'm still trying not to slip and kill myself on all the fallen, wet, slimy leaves around.

  9. Me running in snow is a comedic performance. What's your secret when you're not in "das boot?" Traction shoes?

    Great article, by the way!

  10. Yeah, I wasn't so ready for 19 degrees and snow, but the fact that Kiddos' soccer games got cancelled and I got (half) my day back? Priceless.

    I too am getting back to swimming in the forced absence of my dear running...but it's just not the same.

    Great article!

  11. haha SNOW!!! the rockies Phils game was canceled how funny. go PHILSSSSS

  12. I'm reading blogs on the weekend... I must have no life. ;)

    SNOW?! Eeeek! Looks kinda pretty on the flower, though.

    Good job on the swim!

  13. Both the dog and the flower do look confused!

    And we share the same friend: Running! Isn't he great?

  14. I'm glad you are swimming! And I'm so jealous of you getting snow! It's just raining where I am (although I'm very happy about that because I'm that freaking sick of 104 degree summer!)

  15. Great article! I agree with running reducing stress... today is day four of not being able to run due to a bout of tendinitis. I felt distinctly homicidal when I got into work today.

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