Thursday, October 1, 2009

They're Mocking Me

Take a hard look. Yeah, that's right. You're looking at the new Boulder Running Examiner* for The Examiner. I am finally going to be published and I might make like $.13 an article. Enough to ride the horse 13 times at the grocery store or to buy 1/26 of a latte. Irregardless, this is my first official paid writing job and my first time being published!! Check out my first article on running your first marathon.

Moving on, here's what I've noticed about being on crutches.

Everyone has an opinion/inquiry about your injury. Yesterday, for example, I was on a home visit in let's say not the nicest area of Denver (remember in my other life I'm a social worker) when some dude working on repairing a roof gets down and approaches me. I am hobbling along on the crutches to my car. He says, "Well, THAT STINKS!" I say, "Uh, yeah." Roofer says, "Yeah, I had foot surgery last year. That's why I'm wearing socks with sandals" (and here I thought it was a fashion statement that roofers are trying to make these days). I say, "I just have a stress fracture." Roofer says, "Well, I just came over to give ya some SYMPATHY!!"

Thanks roofer. I feel better. But it was nice of him, I suppose. Then there are those people who try to scare you about the injury, telling you you'll end up with a club foot or fat and lazy and in front of the TV watching The Hills from here on out (well, no one said that, so maybe those are my internal fears).

It's like when you're pregnant and you get all those people telling you what to expect from labor: "My labor was 59 hours long and I bled like nobody's business and the baby almost didn't make it and my uterus fell out."

I'm on day eleven of no running. I see runners everywhere. Running and smiling and mocking me. Little do they know I'm going to make this extreme comeback. I know I'm going to do this because you all have told me I'm going to do this. And I know you're not lying, right?

And lastly, for a little humor because that is what's keeping me sane:

*And if you, too, want to apply to be an Examiner for your area, be sure to use my name: Beth Risdon.


  1. I love the article! Perfect for me to read 10 days before my first marathon!!! Great job!!!

  2. Great article! Wish I would have read it before my first marathon back in the day. Very helpful!

  3. WoW great video and lovely article I'm proud of you. I'm so nervous about the race...ugg come with me I'll run as fast as you can "crutch" yes that's a verb now. lol. OH BTW story I must tell you! I'm sitting in class last night in a lecture hall and it's all quiet while the slides are loading and what should happen but I totally out of no where let out this fart and I'm in a plastic chair so it echos. People just look at me...I can't get up I'm in the back of the room and that'd just be more attention. So I say "Excuse me" and the girl next to me turns red I turn red and we laugh for like 15 minutes. Thank god it didn't smell

  4. How very cool that you'll be writing for them! What a great gig! I'm gonna read the article later, hope you didn't include the regular farts and pant-shatting ... well actually, I hope you did!

  5. Love the article! I guess they wouldn't appreciate the sharting tidbits?

    Happy healing :) And yes, you will make a phenomenal comeback.

  6. LOL! Off to read your article! Very cool!

  7. Congratulations! Keep saving your $.13 and before you know it, you'll be able to buy a whole pack of bubble gum. Or something.

  8. Congratulations. You are on your way to professional writing. Your article inspired me, thanks for sharing.

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