Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wet T-Shirt Contest

The training schedule dictated 12 miles this morning, so that’s what I did. I do what I’m told.

It’s a great day to run in the Rocky Mountains! One of my favorite long runs is an out and back that heads west towards the foothills. It is up hill the whole way out with an elevation gain of about 500 feet. Not the steepest, but a good workout none the less.

This is a view from my house this morning since I didn’t have my camera on the run. That distant mountain is Longs Peak, one of Colorado’s 14,000 foot mountains. It’s only without snow in late July and August. Told you it was a good day to run around here.


I have to add this one too taken on a hike last week. Just ‘cause it’s so gorgeous!


At my start time of 7:00 a.m. it was cool and sunny. Perfect running weather. I clogged the toilet before I left, but still had to visit the weeds on the way out. Thank God for country roads that are sparsely travelled. At the six mile turn around I refueled with some strawberry GU chomps, stuck in the iPod (on long runs I usually only use it for the second half) and started for home. Being slightly downhill, the way back is so much easier and I always feel like I’m flying.

At 9.5 miles I stopped at the country store with the bathroom tip jar (I’ve left many a tip for many a load left there. Surely not enough to cover Lysol or plunger costs) and got some more water. I cruised home for a final time of 1:46. Average pace 8:53. Total miles for the week: 29.5.

Ken was on the porch reading the paper. I walked out and he informed me how see-through my running tank was. It’s white and I’ve never thought it was see-through before. Then again, by the end of the run it was soaked with sweat and we all know what happens to white stuff when it gets wet. Ever been to a t-shirt contest? Don’t go zooming in to see the evidence:


Could be worse. It’s not like it was this or anything. Man her daughter is giving her the stink eye, as if to say, “Seriously mom? You’re going out in public like that? Just cause you’re famous doesn’t give you the right to be ridiculous”.


I wore the booty shorts today:


I think this is possibly the most flattering picture ever taken of me. Except for this one when my face blew up due to some  reaction to some unknown allergen:


Fortunate for me I have really good friends who doctor pictures to add insult to injury:


Ken and I just signed up for the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon on August 14th. Who’s in?

Tomorrow is blast off for our family RV trip. Pray for me.

Don’t forget my Scape Sunscreen Giveaway!


  1. The second picture of the mountain is absolutly breathtaking! what am amazing place to live and run:) have fun on your trip!

  2. Jealous of all that scenery--do you think Columbia is a close second? ; )

    Good luck on the trip!

  3. Poor you. You have to live amongst all that gorgeous nature. It really must suck.

    Kudos on the long run and sweet booty shorts. :)

  4. you live in the most beautiful place ever! so jealous! great job on the run. i tend to do what i'm told to haha

  5. foxy lady :)

    have a great week!

  6. What a great place to run!

    I keep thinking about buying a white tank but hold back when I think about how the girls might react on some runs. Thanks for reminding me (and, no, I didn't zoom in; I just trust you).

    Have a great holiday.

  7. Man, you're one brave woman - an RV trip with the family?!! You have my prayers.

  8. I just about spit out my coffee when the second pic came up.

  9. Have a great RV trip, good thing you're getting away, suppose to be super-duper hot here in town. uck!

  10. Chris is always on my case when I wear white tank tops for runs! I actually put bandaids on the nipples and then I am good to go! Have a great trip!

  11. Nice job on that 12 miler! Seems like that's all there is around here, uphill one way, downhill the other. I would just like a good flat place to run for once. OK, I'll stop my bitching.

    I'm in on the half of course!

    Have fun on your trip. I'll be looking for those pics soon!

  12. have fun on the rv trip....

    i'm jealous of your running hood.... i need to come visit you and run a race!

    u like my idea? lol

  13. Best of luck on your trip!! You are going to have a blast :)

  14. I am so jealous of all your scenery you get to run amongst!Looks beautiful though....(the scenery, not your clothes. LOL)

  15. Lucky you with such gorgeous running routes! Enjoy the RV trip.

  16. hahah you are too funny...congrats on the 12 miler way-- looks beautiful!

  17. Have fun RV'N!!! woo-hoo!!!!

  18. I have a question about your belt thingie. Do you like it? Does it get on your nerves? How much crap does that thing hold?

  19. Sounds like one awesome 12-miler! Gorgeous views.

  20. I guess inadvertant booby shots are more acceptable than flashing!

  21. I wish I had something as beautiful as those snowy mountians to look at as I ran.

  22. great run girl and gorgeous country there!!

  23. Hello!
    are twisted by the Badwater!
    hugs, Eber!

  24. I'm in!
    um, with Georgetown.
    not wet t-shirts or going with your family on an RV trip.
    just sayin'

  25. A see through t-shirt and an ass like that and everyone comments on the freaking mountains?!

    Sorry that shocks me a little. Maybe I just have no class.

    Errr... nice scenery. :)

  26. Great scenery to run through. I'll have to make a trip up to CO from NM, just so I can run/hike there. I've only hiked at Gateway Canyon Resort, and don't even ask where that is...cuz I have no clue.

  27. I want those booty shorts!!!!

    I may or may not have zoomed. what?!?!

  28. As a happily married and totally hetero female, I just have to say you are hot hot HOT!!!

    Thanks for sharing!


    Just for that, I'm going to google image 'wet tshirt' and look through ALL of the pictures until this blog post comes up. Shows you.