Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Knee-d Your Advice

Sometimes things happen that really make me question myself. I’m not sure if I’m getting older or just more stupid, but here's what happened today:

I love, love, love to read. And, not just Runners World and 50 Shades of Gray. I use the website Good Reads to log books I want to read and the books I’ve read, as I’m sure many of you do too (if you don’t, it’s a great way to keep track of what your friends are reading and current book reviews). I haven’t been on the site in forever, so today I went in to update some things. I’m currently reading The Weight of Silence, which is totally gripping. I went to enter the book title. Guess what I found out?

Back in 2009, I had posted a review of this book after I read it. YES! I’ve already read the book I am reading now and didn’t even know it. Something is wrong with me. I told my family and they just laughed at me. AT me, not WITH me. The sucky thing is, I was really into the book and now I don’t have a book to read because what kind of loser re-reads books when there are so many books to read?


Please tell me you have done this before.

Later, my confused self and I went for a run. I am jumping for joy because this heart rate training is really working. I ran 7 miles at 155 average heart rate and my pace is markedly faster than it was 2 weeks ago at the same heart rate. Mind you, I am still running like a slow m-effer, but it’s progress, and I love it when 7 miles feels effortless.

I do want to ask you about my knee, however. A few days ago, the inside of my left knee started aching a bit. It’s more annoying than anything, but I am so paranoid about injury, I tend to freak out with any ache or pain. If I have to drop out of running again due to injury I will make everyone around me miserable and hurt people.

I do think this knee thing is related to two things – my shoes (Brooks Pure Cadence – I love them, but they are worn out) and the increase in the number of days I run per week (I’m now doing five). I think my body is still adjusting.

Today I ditched my tired Brooks (look closely, you can see where the right shoe is torn. That happened right after I got them – my only complaint):


I slapped on these new Mizuno Wave Elixirs. As part of their Mezamashii Project, Mizuno sent me these shoes to try out. I’ve worn them a couple of times before. I think they’re pretty cool looking if you’re into purple zebras.


Yes, I always put my feet on the kitchen counter. If my kids do it, they lose their inheritance.

I have been trying to move to less of a shoe, and these have a pretty substantial heel and heel to toe drop, but I wore them anyway. My main goal is to strike mid-foot and I can still do that in these shoes. I like that this shoe is light and flexible and comfy, although they seem much bulkier than the Brooks. Yesterday I ordered some Saucony Kinvara 3s (got them on sale at Running Warehouse for $72 after using a 25%  online coupon). I’ve heard a ton of good things about that shoe, and I like that it has only a 4mm drop like the Brooks. I’m very anxious to give them a shot.

So – my knee ached a bit over the 7 miles. I’ve never had knee pain while running before, but I know it’s common. I’m icing it, but that’s about it.


Oh, and one last unrelated and random thing. You have got to go make this zucchini carrot bread I found on Fit Sugar (recipe HERE). It’s relatively healthy with whole wheat flour, flaxseed, and veggies. I cut back on the sugar by a 1/2 cup. It does have one whole cup of oil, which you could reduce and combine with applesauce. I happen to like oil and fat, so I used the full cup. This bread is very good for a “healthier” version of traditional zuke bread. Don’t get scared thinking those dark things are raisins or rabbit droppings. Of course not. They’re chocolate chips.


Any advice on knee pain? Have you experienced it before?

Have you ever run in the Saucony Kinvaras?

What are you reading now? I just finished Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man. It was haunting, intriguing and disturbing. My favorite books are memoirs and I’m kind of fascinated by addiction, so this was a slam dunk for me.



  1. You're on Good Reads? Me too! Can we be friends? :)

    I've never accidentally re-read a book. Have you read Wild? I thought it was excellent. I think you'd enjoy it!

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  3. Hate my phone...I wasn't done.
    I feel exactly the same way about my table & my feet vs peanuts & pitas. ;)

  4. I have re-read books accidentally. I don't notice until I'm several chapters in...I usually abandon them too. :)

    I'm reading Plague right now. It's pretty good and gross. I like books I can read over the course of a few days and get tons free on my Kindle from links through Pixel of Ink.

  5. Ok, this is crazy BUT Sunday I ran 7 miles in my Pure Cadence and by Monday (and today), I'm battling fluid around my knee. Coincidence? So bizarre and super annoying during training.

  6. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. So, so good.

    1. This one is on my to-read list per a recommendation by friends!

  7. I'm a runner with bad knees as well. Bad knees come from wear muscles around the knees, and bad hips or feet. I recently started a stretching and strengthening program for hips/knees called Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). It focuses on proper stretching and strengthing, the way we were taught to stretch is all wrong! So far I have had little to no knee pain while running. Lengthen then Strengthen (Stretch, then exercise)

  8. I've read your blog for ages, but this is my first time commenting! Woo!

    I do that with books all the time. I will be so excited about a "new" book and my friend will tell me, you've already read that, dumbass. I like to think there's just so much valuable information in my brain that occasionally other less important things have to go by the wayside. lol

    And my left knee has started to hurt too! I've never had knee pain! But I did start running in a new pair of shoes, so maybe that's the cause. I also read it can be caused from shoes that are too tight. I was having foot pain too, and I loosened the shoe a bit more, so we'll see if that helps. Everything is still achy know, just in time for all my fall races.

  9. I have not had any probs with the Brooks Pure Cadences, but I am giving the Altra Provisioness a try. Brooks will always be my #1 shoe so far but the Altras have really prevented me from heel-striking more then any other shoe. I am reading the High-Beta Rich because I am a nerd & read non-fiction for fun.

  10. My husband LOVES the Saucony Kinvaras.

    I used to laugh at my mom when she would tell me the same crap on the phone week after week, and then I started doing the same thing to my husband recently. Getting older is dumb.

    I double triple love the zebra shoes. I need a pair in my life.

    I don't know much about knee pain, sorry. Are you doing a warm-up routine? I know that is helpful for me. Strength Running has a good list of pre- and post-run routines (it's about halfway through this article):

    Mine ache after long runs (like, anything over 10 miles). I tried to wear some more minimal shoes (Brooks Green Silence, 8mm drop) and after two runs I has severe tendon pain in my foot. Guess it wasn't meant to be.

    1. I also wanted to say I am in no way insinuating that you are a beginner. You are clearly a seasoned pro! The article just happens to be about beginners. LOL.

  11. Check out pes anserine bursitis.

  12. I have accidentally re-read a book but only once. Felt like a complete moron once I realized it...about 3/4 of the way through. D'oh!
    I have a pair of the Kinvaras. I LOVE them but the toe box is a bit too narrow for my bulbous feet so I can't wear them for anything too long. They are my go to tri running shoe though since I've put my race laces in them.
    I just switched to Mizunos from Newtons (talk about a big fat change) and they've taken a bit of getting used to but I quite like them.

  13. I started keeping an alphabetized book journal when I was 12 or so, on the advice of my grandmother, who does the same thing. If you read a lot, it happens. Of course, I lose them every few years and have to start over.

    And you are not a loser for rereading the same book. I do it on purpose with a few books I particularly love every couple of years.

    Knee pain: Bane of my existence. Two things have helped eradicate this issue for me: 1) Get back on the bicycle. It works a different set of muscles around the knee and really strengthens them. It really, really helps. Even if you just hop on for a couple miles after a run, it helps. 2) Check your pelvis (I said pelvis). The PT I went to told me to pretend it was a bowl if water, and the plan is to keep it flat to the ground so it doesn't spill as you run. When my butt sticks out too far, my knees hurt.

    1. I do Chi Running. My knee pain starting creeping back and I panicked. Somebody mentioned evaluating my hips. I reviewed that chapter and realized I wasn't tilting pelvis like I once was when I started this! Since I pay attention to the pelvis, its gone away. The stride has become more automatic, not just need to remember the other pelvis tilt!

    2. I have enjoyed your blog! I have the same pure brooks and only wear them to give my feet a break from my other shoes. I have been hesitant to run in them, mainly because they don't seem to have the support of the brooks I'm used to running in. Good to know your only complaint was the tear.

  14. I have re-read books and not known it until half way through at least 4 times. Dummy.

    Good books I have read recently: Shanghai Girls(and the sequel), Unbroken, Let the Great World Spin and Two Years on the Yangtze.

    Sorry about the knee. Doing the same thing with heel pain. Always worn Kinvara 2--no pain. Got a pair of Kinvara--now heel pain. Got another new pair of Kinvara 2--still heel pain. Arrrgh!

  15. Jeez, you and I are twins. I've been running in the Pure Cadence then my knee went to hell during the Georgetown Half and hasn't stopped since. Going to a doc soon, but wondering if I was doing too many miles in the Pure Cadence. I prefer a more minimal shoe also, but I've been referred to both the Kinvaras and the Elixirs. SO, in short, thanks for doing all the leg work, let me know how it turns out!

  16. I ordered the Kinvara 3s about a month ago. I have so much difficulty buying running shoes because my feet are very wide, and these shoes are great because their Women's Wide is actually wider than their men's regular! Usually, when I go into running stores they just recommend the men's shoes but they are always too loose around the ankle for me. Anyway, the Kinvara's have fit comfortably from the first wearing - I've had no rubbing or soreness. Actually forgot I was even wearing new shoes after about 5 minutes. I still prefer Skecher's Go Run (also in wide) for racing and speed work, but for my long runs the Kinvara 3 is my go-to shoe (it has more padding.)

  17. Almost asked what folks are reading now.
    I've got 2 books on the go. One for lounging on the couch (The Affair by Lee Child) and one for sitting in the tub-Life: The Keith Richards autobiography. Now I can say I shared my tub with a rock star.

  18. I'm giggling a little about the book, only because I have been watching Running the Sahara while on the trainer the last couple days and today I finished it. Well, about 10 minutes before it was over I realized I had seen it at some point before. Now, I watched all but 10 minutes of the entire movie before I realized it. I must have a mushy brain. So sad.

  19. I have been wearing Brooks for the past two years, whenever I get knee pain (mild aches around the 7-9 mile mark) I get a new pair of shoes and it goes away. I can usually get 250 miles out of one pair before the knee pain kicks in, but it is weird that my knee pain seems to be alleviated by the new shoes! I hope yours goes away with the Mizunos!

  20. The Saucony Kinvara has been the best shoe I've found and I love it. I hope you do too! :)
    Hope the knee feels better soon!

  21. Can't say I've ever accidentally re-read a book but I do it deliberately all the time. I actually enjoy re-reading a book I've read because I notice things I didn't notice the first time...either that or, like you, I'm just forgetting a LOT. Sometimes I go to write a blog post and think, "did I already write that a while back?" I can't remember if I did or I just thunk it.

    As for the knee, don't have much advice for you although I had tendonosis (not tendonitis) in that spot caused by my patellar not tracking properly. My PT had me hold my patellar in the correct spot and then massage it to get all the waste worked, but of course what you have may be entirely different! Get to your PT, my friend in forgetfulness. :)

  22. If it's the inside of your knee, Google out pes anserine tendonitis/bursitis. I hate to say it, but I was in PT for 2 months and away from running for 4 months because of this injury (though had I stopped when it started hurting and sought help, I'm sure it would have healed much faster...I had to go and train for a half marathon on it, which did NOT help things).

    My PT felt that my case was caused by a leg length difference, which was exaggerated by a rollerskating fall (yes, I got a little crazy at a first grade party) that knocked my pelvis out of alignment. Hill running and not properly stretching my hamstrings afterwards was the other culprit...I guess medial knee pain if often caused by overly tight hammies, so start stretching those bad boys as much as you can! Hope you are running pain free again soon!

    Oh, and yes...I've done the accidental re-read more times that I would like to admit!

  23. Not only can I re-read books without realizing I've read them before, but I do the same with movies. I'll rent one, bring it home, and my husband is like, really? We watched that a month ago. I could watch the whole thing and only have a faint sense of deja-vu.

  24. I have totally re-read a book...don't you hate it when that happens :(

  25. So funny that Kate (first comment) recommended Wild b/c I was going to also. In the middle of it now--memoir and I think you'd like it. And I've done that with books before. It's called being old.

    Good luck with the knee--I have fortunately never had knee issues (but I've had everything else!)

    1. I third the "Wild" recommendation. I just finished it and it was great.

    2. YES!! This one is definitely on my list. Have heard great things about it.

    3. I loved "Wild"--I love any books about adventure travel, because I am not adventurous, so I can live vicariously through the authors. But I also liked the book because it was a journey of self discovery.

    4. I was going to recommend it too!!! I just finished, it is amazing. I can email it to you for free if you use iBooks

  26. When I was younger I never had knee problems but about a month or two ago my right knee starting acting up while I was training for triathlons. Come to find out I can't have hemp protein powder. I have a sensitivity to it and it causes inflammation. I only discovered this by analyzing what new I had added to my diet in the last 6 months. Have you added any new type of food?

  27. I'm reading Anna Karenina. And I ALWAYS forget about books that I've read. Just the other day I was like "Yeah, I read something in July... it was really good... what was it???"

    I think it's because I read too fast and don't absorb. It's cool though because when I re-read it's like a new book again!

  28. I'm not nearly as bad-ass as you, but my right knee shit the bed when I switched to a more minimal shoe (pretty equivalent to your Brooks). After lots of NSAIDS, ice, PT and not running for three very long months I started up again wearing more substantial shoes (Brooks Glycerin 10's and ASICS Gel Nimbus 12's) and have not had a problem. I hope that your super cool new Mizunos are the ticket for you.

    1. Ok so totally off topic here but that phrase shit the bed is one of my family favorites (my boys are all over 21).

    2. But on topic - re-reading - on purpose - Stephen King's The Stand. LOVE LOVE LOVE it and have not read it for 5 years so it is like visiting an old friend, you have lots you remember but there is still something new to it.

    3. Yes, we like it at our house too!

  29. Hopefully u can shake this knee pain shortly!

  30. I sometimes get knee 'aches' that go away pretty quickly. They are a sign for me that my hip alignment is off so for me, they are always more associated with hip/IT band and the knee ache is just more the secondary result. The knee itself is usually never what the problem actually is. Hope you get thru the ache and it goes away on its own and is nothing but just a regular ol' runners ache. And hope you settle on a "new" shoe! I hate shoe shopping ... I always get nervous about trying new ones. Luckily my last new switch worked from the get-go, but it is not always the case :)

  31. I can't help with the knee pain, unfortunately. I am stuck in the hell that is chronic plantar fasciitis. However, I have accidentally re-read books before! I blame my kids. I just don't have the brain cells that I used to. I'll start something and wonder why it seems so familiar....then three quarters of the way through, I realize that I have already read it. Duh. I just finished reading a book by A. J. Jacobs called "Drop Dead Healthy." I love him. He has several books, all of which are highly entertaining. I highly recommend his "Year of Living Biblically". Educational and hilarious!

    1. fwiw, I suffered with plantar fasciitis for 9 months last year. Tried stretching, icing, orthotics, praying and wearing that stupid boot for months before finally trying something called Astym Treatment. It took about 12 sessions (6 weeks) for the therapist to completely fix me, but I have not had a smidgen of pf pain since.

  32. I love saucony! I need a shoe with more stability, but the Mirage was my favorite until my plantar fasciitis came back. Bummer. I'm running in Guide 5's now. I haven't had pain in the inside of my knee but I did in the outside of my knee and it took forever to figure out what it was. Came down to weak hips and core. Now I try to do yoga or pilates twice a week and everything but the plantar f. has gone away! Plus having better shoes should help!
    Love your blog!!

  33. I started using Goodreads for this exact reason. Your story cracked me up, I've done that an embarrassing amount of times too. It happens with movies ALL the time. Last 5 minutes I start thinking "wait a seconddd"...

    I can't help with your knee pain but I'm equally terrified of injury and at the first ache/pain I get two runs in a row, I add up my mileage for the current shoes I'm running in and usually decide it's time for new ones. Hope your knee feels better with the new kicks.

    I'm so interested in your heart rate training. 2 weeks seems so fast to see progress! Thanks for the updates, they're much appreciated.

    1. I know! The book I read said, "Give it (heart rate training) one month and if you don't see improvement I'll give you your money back." It's pretty cool to see things progress!

  34. I have had knee pain but around the top of the knee. I think it was heel striking HARD coming down hills that did it. I won't say what made it better because it's not what you want to hear :-)

    My husband has Kinvara 3's and I think he'd marry them if he could. His PF has all but disappeared and he's in heaven!

    I am reading "Dream New Dreams" by Jai Pausch. She is the widow of Randy Pausch of "The Last Lecture." It's kind of a heart-wrenching book but it is interesting to see her side of the cancer journey.

  35. I am currently reading Wild and I just love it! Fantastic read.

    I also re-read and re-watch movies. The best is that I often have NO idea how they end. Sheesh.

    Been running in my Pure Cadences for a few weeks now and I really love them. I was battling an ITB injury before I got them, so they haven't done much to change that. I hope you get some answers on your knee-- and that it isn't a big deal!

  36. I love my saucony kinvaras and am saddened that i changed to the Profile grid because I truly despise them. I also love my brooks ravennas and even tho my toe is sticking out the top of each of them, I use them for the distance runs and tabatas. I don't read unless you count the multiple social media sites and - because I have many Bible Studies that I write and I outread my alotment of books when I was an introvert during my childhood. I do read my running magazines tho. I am battling constant, chronic knee pain as well. I think it's because I'm up to about 65 miles a week, including hill repeats and tabatas.

    my big question is how long did it take you to get your mizunos after you signed up for the project? I signed up about 9 months ago and haven't ever heard a stinking word.

    1. Thanks for your input!!

      I actually did not sign up. They sent me something in the mail with a code to get a free pair.

  37. I had a similar knee pain and then remembered in Chi Running where the recommendation to check to make sure your feet are actually pointing forward. I have a tendency to "duck out" with my feet, so when I remember to make them go in the right direction - straight ahead - it tends to make the niggling knee pain go away. Try it!

  38. When I started getting back into shape in early 2010, I had a nagging pain in my knee that started every run at about mile 2. Hard to describe and harder to pinpoint, it just hurt. Well, I bought a pair of VFFs that March, and was running 4 miles pain free almost overnight. I've since run lots of 10Ks and a few 8 and 10 mile runs, and haven't had knee pain at all. Best purchase I ever made.
    Full version of my story here:

  39. kinvaras are my favorite shoe on earth. I know that sounds extreme, but I swear they've made a huge difference for me. I used them for two marathons last year.

    I have totally started reading a book before and then thought hmm this sounds familiar. Case in point I am currently listening to the 7th harry potter book while running...cause I was all like oh I should read the last book...pieced keep sounding familiar...cause I read it when it came out.

  40. I've had knee pain before and I went to a doctor for it. She told me it was inflammation. No biggie.

  41. Oh gosh, the dreaded knee pain! I'm dealing with IT band issues right now and it is the most frustrating thing in the world! My pain is on the lateral side of the knee though, so a little different than yours.

    You're doing the right thing, keep icing. It helps a lot. Also take anti-inflammatory's and I use the foam roller and stick every day. I also do yoga a lot because strengthening the hips has a lot to do with knee injuries. I saw you do hot yoga too so that's good.

    I hope your knee feels better!

  42. I will reread book for fun. For me, it's like watching a favorite movie (but I'm nerdy like that).

    You MUST read Gone Girl. I gave up several hours of sleep two nights in a row to finish it. It's a "can't put it down book" from page 1.

    I've experienced knee discomfort before and it's usually from adding an extra running day as you mentioned or increasing mileage too rapidly. Ice and Ibuprofen usually do the trick. Nothing I've ever been the sports doc for.

  43. No, re-read the book anyway!

    I read more -- far more -- than anyone I know, but although the bulk of what I read is new to me, I re-read a lot as well. I have a really good memory for what I've read, but sometimes the story is just, well, worth reading again. Or sometimes (rarely, but whatever) I've forgotten what happens and want to find out again.

    Currently reading Leaving Church by Barbara Brown Taylor and A Long Trek Home by Erin Mckittrick (both new-to-me books); just finished Fingersmith by Sarah Waters (have read it before, but now it's come up in book club...totally worth the second go).

  44. Try to keep my response as brief as possible:

    Knee: Have had major reconstruction on mine a few years ago. Pain in the inner knee as well during running. PT said it was weak hip adductors. Obviously shoes are a major factor as is the increase in training. Bump up the strength training! Just points to ponder.

    Books: Have never re-read on accident, but I AM one of those losers who has re-read books on purpose. :)

    If you especially like memoirs then I would suggest Haruki Murakami's What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. Great read, especially if you have read any of his other works.

    I think the knee will be just fine. If you need to rest it, do so with Murakami's book (reading it of course...I don't mean use it as a splint or anything.) :)

  45. I love the Kinvara's, been using them for about 3 years now and the new ones are awesome. I have gave some bad tearing going on with the right foot under the ankle, though. I think I kick my foot there but this is the only shoe that I have had come apart with 30 miles on them. I think Saucony will replace them...if I get unlazy enough to send them in.

    I have intermittent knee pain, seems to come and go. Usually mine is a muscle weakness and I just do a crap load of squats and lunges and it gets better - eventually. Hope yours is up to par soon!

  46. Well, let's see...
    Shoes, nope never wore those. I'm loving my Salomon Mission XR right now, though.
    Knees, now there is a subject I know about. I've had 3 knee operations on my left knee (including a patellectomy). I've worked hard to find a style that works for me and I'm back to running again. More cycling may help the knee. It did mine.
    Books. Man, oh man, I love to read. Currently reading the 4th book in the Game of Thrones series to keep well ahead of the HBO series.

  47. I'm at the young buck age of 37. Yeah right. I have read almost halfway into a book too many times to count and found out I've already read it. My memory sucks poop nuggets.

    One thought, I have been really intrigued with your HR training. I would love to see you post some actual paces you're running at. While you may be feeling super duper slow .. I bet many readers could appreciate the slower pace. As they say it's not how fast you go ... just a thought.

  48. As an Active Isolated Stretching instructor I recommend checking your adductors (horse back riding muscles) as they often cause inner knee pain. This type of stretching is the best EVER!

  49. Many years ago I read Roots by Alex Haley...not a small book, I remember the cover, the bulk, the characters, the story line, even the closing pages> I decided to "reread it" on audio book. I swear I read it, but I didn't remember anything from it except brief points here and there. And I do mean brief, like one might find in a review... I know I didn't watch the mini series. We never had cable (still don't) but why don't I remember much more than snippets. So re-read the book! Finish it again. (I read it!) Obviously you'll pick up new things, or like me, everything will seem new again!

  50. I think I'm the only person in America who does not like Kinvaras. I tried them but they were just not enough shoe for me...made my feet hurt. I do love Brooks Ravenna--just enough support without feeling "clunky". Usually when I get a random ache (either in my foot or knee) it means that my shoes are at the end of their running life and once I replace them, the ache goes away.
    Right now reading Gone Girl--I am about a third into the book and it is very good. I also recently read Meb's book and loved it--so inspiring!

  51. Thank you for sharing your reading experience -- I laughed out loud!!! This is so totally something I could do! But here's a book suggestion. Still Alice by Lisa Genova. Fabulous book, and the subject matter (early onset Alzheimer's) is ironic in this context. Seriously, don't shy away because it's not a happy subject. I read it 1 1/2 years ago, and am now re-reading it for my book club (ha!) and it's still awesome.

    Don't know what to say about your knee, except I think you have some valid theories. I'm currently nursing a couple of injuries myself and can't run. Grrrrrr. Hope yours heals quickly!

  52. Inner knee pain could be a combination of factors: tight hamstrings/gastroc/quads, weak hip rotators, too much increase in mileage, change in mechanics, or sign that you should change out your running shoes. You could have bursitis (as suggested by others) or just a general inflammation. Be careful though as i have battled inner knee pain for 3-4 months now and was actually diagnosed with a sprained MCL and frayed meniscus. No surgery...yet!

  53. I've had knee pain from running in shoes that were too stable. I need a neutral shoe. Knees also used to hurt when I had worn my shoes out but now that I do crossfit and have stronger quads and hamstrings (and run less) my knees don't hurt after runs.

  54. you totally crack me up. I have reread books intentionally. The Devil Wears Prada is a go to when I have nothing to read, can't find anything to read in the kids' rooms (books, not other stuff) and just need something to do. It's OK. It's your life and you can read what you want as often as you want. Next on my list to read is your heart rate monitor story - I've been hoping you'd hyperlink back to the start soon so I wouldn't have to waste a saturday afternoon looking for the beginning of that thread.
    Heal the knee - I'm voting shoes and too much too soon as the culprits.

  55. If you like zucchini/carrot-esque baked goods, you've got to try the carrot gingerbread muffins in Practical Paleo - they are AWESOME and gluten free (but you won't notice because they are like cupcake crack!).

    What have I been reading? Amazing new Paleo cookbooks (oh, and just finished #3 in the Grey Trilogy).

  56. I am a Saucony-lover, for sure, and then I won a pair of Ride 5's on twitter - since then, i've been in nothing but them, mostly because they are super neon and fabulous.
    ON another note: let me please tell you to read "State of Wonder" by Anne Patchett. You can thank me later - after you get done cursing me out for the sleepless night you spent finishing it while biting your nails!
    (love your blog, thx so much for the inspiration)

  57. Does the knee hurt when walking down stairs? Does it ache after dangling for a bit while you are seated on a ledge?

    The problem:
    Synovium is inflamed. Look up dr Scott dye. I saw this orthopedic surgeon in person. Interesting person to do surgery on your own knee without anasthesia.

    Reduce symptoms:
    -ice 3x per day for 15/icing (you must do 3x per day)
    -Advil liquid gel (must be gels), 200mg

    To fix:
    - get x-rays then see a PT and ask how to tape knee with rock/kinesio tape

    1. Oh and foam rolling the IT band does wonders too. Start at hip, roll till its tender then pause on tender spot for 10-20 seconds then move down toward knee to next tender spot. Go all the way to knee.

    2. Nope, no pain on stairs or while walking. Only when I run and usually when I am pulling the knee back more than when my foot is making impact (if that makes sense)

  58. I always say it's the shoes, old shoes always do that to us 40+ runners... when I was young i could run in any old shoes, but now the old body keeps saying to me: those shoes are old, new ones please.

    Then like the one comment said you style could have changed (maybe to worried about HR and not form).

    Good Luck

    PS the only reading I do is a couple of blogs and the Bible!

  59. I've had knee pain a couple of times. My eldest son is an exercises physiologist who's now studying to be a physiotherapist (and no he's not a child genius - I'm really that old) and his answer is to improve hip stability. In fact that seems to be his answer to a lot of my questions including what he'd like for dinner. I think he's been brainwashed but a cult who worships by doing single leg squats and bridges.

  60. I LOVE to read- two of my FAVORITE books this summer were: The Glass Castle and Half Broke Horses- FANTASTIC. lAUGH OUT LOUD funny, sad, and every other adjectve I can find. You would love them!!!

    1. Glass Castle was one of my favorite reads ever. I just might have to read that one again. But I will remember that I have read it before.

  61. Just started reading HOHAs in Love. I think anyone who runs would enjoy it. I'm also reading The Belly of Paris, which I started before I went in early August (but didn't finish).
    And finally, Walking by Thoreau. I love his prose. My favorite so far:
    "I think I cannot preserve my health and spirits, unless I spend four hours a day at least--and it is commonly more than that--sauntering through the woods and over the hills and fields, absolutely free from all worldly engagements."

  62. I battled with knee pain back in march, april, and may... My husband had just bought me the pure cadence (I had been running in the pure flow but loved the colors of the cadence! lol) So... I had been running in the cadence and upping the days I ran as well... noticed some knee pain... after a while it was so bad that I didn't even run ... i rode the bike to train for a half marathon lol... makes sense right?! ;) anyways... I took a couple months off from running... iced, tried to stretch through the pain... then just didn't do anything and now i'm back to running... I've been doing leg strengthening exercises and wearing my brooks ravenna instead and haven't had any problems yet... *knock on wood*

  63. I feel for you, my knees have been unhappy lately AND I've unintentionally re-read quite a few books. I can't remember movies I've watched either. The second they're over, they're gone from my head. The book thing bothers me, but not the movies - that saves room for important stuff.

    I love all the book suggestions in this comments here. I've written a lot of them down and now I'm going to have a Fall full of good books! I spent the summer reading the Game of Thrones Books. They've been fun.

  64. Im so excited you posted this recipe. I apparently dont know how to look for zuchinni in my garden (It was accidentally planted in the first place) so yesterday I found 4 good size ones and several ones bigger than my arm that I assume are unusable and now have to figure out what to do with them! I was just scouring pinterest for recipes!

  65. There ARE so many good, classic books to read so...why are you reading 50 Shades of Grey?1?! Consult any top 200 books of all time type lists and start working your way through!

  66. That recipe looks great!

    As for shoes, I run in those Mizuno Wave Elixirs and I LOVE them. I have really narrow feet, so most Brooks and Sauconys don't fit. I have a fried who's a sports trainer and she told me that knee pain can be caused by shoes, but is most often causes by a muscles weakness, maybe glutes, quads or hips. But I'm no expert =)

  67. Hope the knee pain is fleeting and disappears quickly. I get the odd "twang" in my knee but it goes away pretty quickly. I'm currently wearing Adidas Adizero Boston 2 which is not as low of a drop as the Kinvara's (used to wear stability). So far so good.

  68. I love "what to read" questions (I am a librarian so it's part of what I get paid for, too). For you, my list would include "Just Kids" by Patti Smith (memoir), "Strength in What Remains" by Tracy Kidder (also non-fiction), and "Wild" (which I see a lot in the other comments). If you hate my list, you can sign up for Boulder Public's "You're Entitled" program, where you tell my co-workers what your favorite books ever were (and answer one or two other questions) and one of them will send you a personalized list based on that. Free to Boulder County residents, starts Sept. 1. If you're interested I'll send you the link when they go live with it.

    I just got my HR ranges from my coach after Tuesday's LT test (boy, was that an....experience). Your experience with this gives me hope!

    1. Oh I am loving that personalized book list idea!! Thanks and I will definitely check out those you mentioned.

      Yes, the HR thing is crazy at first, but I'm totally sold on it. Good luck!

  69. I love to read, and at times have re-read a book on purpose and sometimes by mistake:) I am bad about movies too. I did enjoy reading Wild. Have read these books lately. Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story Golenbock, Peter, Baez, Jose,Redeeming Love: A Novel Rivers, Francine,Where We Belong Giffin, Emily,
    Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony.
    Having some hip issues, so that has opened up extra time for reading. Hope your knee gets better soon.

  70. Knee pain scares me. I always wonder if it's going to be serious or a passing thing. Unfortunately I've been battling tendonitis which has been lingering for several months. Sounds like your shoes were a bit worn. Get new shoes, back down on the mileage and ice!

    I just finished The Weight of Silence. I stayed up until 2 am for 3 nights (mornings) straight reading it. Excellent. I highly recommend The Corner of Bitter and Sweet. Powerful and moving.

    Good luck with the knee!

  71. I just started 50 Shades of Grey last night. I like to start a fad late in the game. :) Um, I am hooked!!!

    If you like a good memoir/addict book, try Parched. I don't recall the author's name, but it was a great read.

  72. Yep. Happens all the time. My daughter tells me when I've read the book already. I'd be screwed without her. And I have Goodreads. I just didn't get to it soon enough. Too many books read before...

  73. I read a book and could always predict what was going to happen. I thought the book was predictable and I got to the last chapter and realized that I had already read it. My dad writes "Yes" inside on the first page so he remembers if he read it or not!

    I just added you as a friend on Good Reads. I love to see what people are reading!

  74. knee: got nothing..

    book: Beautiful Boy

  75. The only times I have experienced knee pain running and it was in the inside of my knee, I was able to get rid of it by strengthening the inner quad muscle - vastus medialis. THat has been all it has taken. With further thought, the times I have had knee pain was back when I used to ride a lot too and I no longer cycle. I also used to get knee pain with clip less pedals. It would take endless fitting to remedy.

  76. Could be your Vastus Medialis Obliquus. When mine gets tight I feel inner knee pain. Here's a video on using a foam roller to release the VMO -

  77. So, it's been a while since I had knee issues (2002) but when I did, it sounded like knee pain on the inside was less serious than other types of pain. At least my doc and PT were not very concerned with the pain I had there (more so the pain behind my knee and knee cap).

    Anyway, the Cadences, I have heard, wear out around 200-250 miles. Kinvara will probably be the same. I also have the Elxirs - I like them, though I think without my RRS insole. Seems like there is enough support in just the shoe.

  78. I've never read the same book twice, but I've seen the same movie and then talked to my husband like I'd never seen it. He said "We already saw this before!" Oops! I thought the scenes that looked familiar were from previews I must have seen. Grrrrrrr. Yeah, getting older sucks. The memory seems to be the first to go!

    I haven't ever had knee pain, so sorry to hear you are. I am however having shin splints that are hurting like crazy. Running my Ragnar this weekend anyway though. I'll deal with the injury later. Not a great way to go about things, but that's just how it goes sometimes.

    I've been reading more and more about using a zero drop shoe. I run in Brooks Ghost 5 and really don't know a thing about this heal drop stuff. Have you ever had a shin splint injury? Do you think it's the shoes?

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