Friday, August 10, 2012

Tell Me Your Favorites

Today I took a rest day from killing myself with cardio and went to my hot yoga class at 6:30 a.m. It was just what I needed. After last weekend’s relay, I took a day off, but then got right back into early morning cycling and running. Today my body told me to take a break.

I don’t know about you, but yoga slows my Type-A self down. It forces me to breathe and to stay focused. No matter how much my brain wants to taunt me with the tasks of the day, yoga makes me stay in the moment because I am struggling to either hold a pose or perfect a pose or not fall on my face into a sweaty puddle.  Call me crazy, but lately I’ve decided to wear my running tights to yoga and I don’t know why I didn't do this sooner. I always thought you had to wear yoga clothes to yoga. Screw that.  I’ve discovered I don’t like loose fitting yoga stuff, so the tights fit the bill.


This pose is called “coming down the stairs-asana”

The only thing bad about class was that we were shoved in the room like sardines and some mystery person had really bad gas. I am a farter, but for some reason I never do it in yoga. Being in a 107 degree room with 9 million people and a farter is trouble. I was attempting to focus on my poses, but I kept getting distracted trying to figure out who the offender was. I finally settled on it being this middle-aged guy behind me – he just had this look on his face that screamed, “What? It wasn’t me!” Immediately guilty.

Today’s yoga teacher had a good message (I was trying to burn it into my brain when she said it):

If you have a long to-do list for today, remember that you do not know what will happen today. Be open to receiving, allowing and learning.”

In other words – don’t get so stuck in your must and should-dos that you forget to take time to be alive and to live. Look around, interact, notice stuff. Throw tunnel vision out the window.

What I really wanted to talk about in today’s post before I started talking about yoga and to-do lists and farting, is BLOGS. There are always new ones coming on the scene, and old ones that are just getting better. I’d like to know from you your favorites.

What are your favorite healthy living/running/fitness blogs these days?

When reading a blog, what are you hoping to get out of it? Inspiration? Humor? Information?

Also, If you have a blog and are trying to get the word out to readers, share your link in a comment!



  1. I have been a bad blog reader for the past week. It seems that the time is just running out, but I am back on the scene this afternoon. Quitting work early and just reading and commenting so be prepared for the influx of fucks and shits and motherf'ers on your comments section.

    That being said I always love to read your blog, Jeff Irvin's blog, Katie Ingram's blog.....they keep it real in a really real way and I love that. Having met you and slept at Jeff's house and exchanged emails with Katie I know that your blog is really you and that is refreshing.

  2. Right now, your blog is my favorite. It's the perfect combination of laughter and running inspiration.

    I am currently training for my first marathon (I have 5 halfs under my belt), and I've considered starting a blog. I love to write, just finished my master's degree, so I have this wonderful new gift of time.

  3. Yours is my fave beyond a shadow of a doubt because of this... "I am a farter"
    Hahaha I swear you keep me in stitches.

    My new friend Jessica's Blog, Flying Feet in Faith
    She is so inspiring.

    I also read John Healds Blog; The Voice of Carnival Cruises. It can't ALL be running, though he has taken a back burner for a while.

  4. I am getting so inspired by reading various running blogs these days! I write for, and as you can probably tell from my BlogHer 5k post ( I'm a newbie to running.

    My top 3 things I look for in a running/fitness blog:
    1. Inspiration
    2. Information
    3. Participation (virtual 5ks and such)



    Hands down my favorite blog.
    She's funny, smart, and a hell of a runner!
    (Was I supposed to say my favorite clog is your blog??!! :))

    I love yoga, it's always good for those break days!

  6. I love this blog because you tell stories and use humor--and remind us all that we all have great days and we all have bad/struggling days.

    My own blog ( isn't solely about running and fitness, but really just my whole life. I started it in 2004, before moving to England to teach for a year. It's just kept going through all of my "wild and absolutely true" adventures, including, of course, becoming an athlete, learning to run, and losing almost 90 pounds.

  7. Here's a link to my new blog. Please note: NEW. Just started. Still builing, but getting there. Lots of changes to come in time.

    Im a 'big' runner. which is to say I'm not 110 lbs. Far from it. But I'm doing it. This blog will be kinda a focus on that at points, that big running is possible.

  8. Long-time reader, but this is my first comment: I love your blog! I read running blogs for a different perspective. I only have 1 real-life running-interested friend, so blogs are a fun way to connect with other runners. I enjoy yours for the information, the humor, and the reality check. :-) I also enjoy Runninghood and See Mom Run Far.

  9. Hot yoga and farts! hahaha... you are so funny. My list of must reads? NYC Runnning Momma, Pace of Me, Racingtales, Miss Zippy, yours of course (if I need to laugh, yours is the best) and well I like to think my blog is nice, but seriously hesitate because I feel being humble is virtue... ugh, but here is a post that I was quite proud of from
    Thank you Beth for allowing others to put themselves out there via your blog... it is very generous and I am extremely grateful. xo

  10. I love your blog! Mostly I enjoy blogs that are funny (without trying too hard), keep it real, and are inspiring and relatable. You always have some on-point little story or message that I can always relate to. Keep up the great work girl!

  11. I really only read your blog...and mine (for editing reasons).
    I love that you just put yourself out there for all of us- that inspires me to open up a little more on my blog. For example my post "Don't Pants Your Poop". You don't take yourself too seriously and you're all about doing cool and adventureous things. My blog isn't as cool as yours but a few locals read it and tell me that they enjoy it (total shock to me). You're funny, you look great, you don't seem afraid of anything, and I never have to smell your farts- all good things from my perspective!

  12. Your blog is by far my favorite. I always enjoy reading your posts.

    I'd like to share my blog.

  13. I am an avid reader of your blog, I love how there's no sugar coating! I don't comment often, but I do read daily!!

    Oh and shameless plug: feel free to stop by my blog :)

  14. I love your blog. I love racingtales (its written by the sister of my very good friend from college). I read I dream of running and running hood. Not a huge blog reader so I am very selective and those are my faves. I pick up odd articles linked from other people at times.
    Keep it up!

  15. I really like I feel like it's a good mush of mommy-ness and running. I also really like It's mostly cycling, but his wife is a runner, so there's some running thrown in occasionally.
    I've recently started a running blog-- I always look for humor in the blogs I read. Life is way too serious as it is to read anything else.

  16. You are still my main running blog, because you crack me up. You're like this local celebrity blogger, and every once and a while a catch a glimpse of a woman in Vic's, and I think, was that Beth? Would it be weird for me to ask? Well, it's not like I'm stalking her or something, she just happens to be in the coffee shop I stop at when i bike to work. It's not like I am petting her hair and smiling creepily. Crap, why do I have to make everything so complicated. I am going to go drink my iced coffee of shame outside, now.

    When I read a blog, I expect to be entertained, and it is a bonus if it is also informative about a subject I am interested in.

    (Say, were you in Vic's coffee shop yesterday morning? Should I say hi or just ignore you? I promise I am not a creepy stalker).

    1. You can stroke my hair and gaze into my eyes anytime. YES, I was at the Vic's on Airport at about 7:40 or so. Did you see me? I was also there this morning at the one in Prospect. Say hi for God's sake!

    2. OK, it WAS you. I stop there when I bike commute, it's at mile 15 of 16 when I'm going to work.

      If I see you I wil say hi. I wasn't sure what the proper etiquette. Next time I'll just come up and pet your hair (ha ha ha).

  17. The best site anywhere for information about elite running and racing:

    The best site for information about trail running and ultras:

  18. Your my favorite love the humor but I also like for running blogs the hungry runner girl, another mother runner and life's a marathon.

  19. I really like Hungry Runner Girl (, and your blog. I'm not a huge blog reader as some strike me as being a little self-involved.

    I love your blog and HRG's blog because both are really funny, and both help me stay motivated for my running/training. Plus they're really funny!

    For me blogs should be a nice informative, entertaining break from everyday life, NOT preachy and "look at how awesome I am", and should be relatable.

  20. I'm digging your blog right now because it's real. It's not fluffy, feel-good shit that I can't live up to. It's an approach I take in my blog, Local Bites, about general wellness, local food,

  21. I go to different blogs for different reasons. I come here because you're always a good read and have good info.

    Also ... who does that? I fart a lot. In fact, I'm sure I've farted through an entire mile (OUTSIDE), but in hot yoga? Damn, dude. That takes balls.

    and I'm at

  22. Most of the time when I read blogs I'm looking for humor. I need to laugh a little. If they mix humor and fitness I'm pretty much sold on it. I do also like a healthy dose of snark.

    My blog is I try to be funny. I fail sometimes, but I make up for that with pictures of my dogs.

  23. I love how raw you are. No need to fluff up your life for the blog world. I myself am a triathlete so I try to get a mix of blogs with running, biking and swimming. I love yours for the humor for sure. Here's mine if anyone is interested in following a gal stumbling her way through triathlons and 10ks:

  24. I love lots of blogs for lots of different reasons, SO glad I have a blogroll on my blog to keep up with them, haha (I'm if you want a LOT of other blogging links on the side) but one of my faves is Fruit Fly :)

  25. I like to read blogs where I feel like I have a personal connection with the author. OK. Wait. That sounds creepy. I just like to feel like I can relate to the people I'm reading and so I don't often read the "big" bloggers save for a few (like you). I also like to read people who are not whiney b!tches, passionate about what they are doing and have something to share whether it be expertise, motivation or ideas.

    A few that I think are good: Steve in a Speedo, Caution: Redhead Running, Peanutbutter Runner. Mine ( is a fine read though I'm not sure I'm entirely captivating.

  26. So many blogs out there have great information, which is nice, but doesn't make them unique. I love blogs that have personality. When a person is funny, and shares about his/herself, then I'm more interested. I can find general information anywhere, but it's the REAL and HONEST experiences that I'm looking for.
    Your blog fits the bill!

  27. I've been enjoying Kristen Lawrence's blog lately…it's linked on my sidebar but I'm on my phone and can't grab the URL. She's a super fast mom marathon runner. RoseRunner ( is also fun…but she's a real life friend so I might be biased. Right now I have a virtual event for injured runners who want to compete at rehab exercises. I'm having a lot of fun with it…even if no one else is :P

  28. I'm always looking for a good blog to read and learn from!
    I used to have a huge variety bookmarked but have honed in on ones that focus on running, lately. Faster or slower than me...older or younger...gassy or not...I have found so much to be inspired by from other bloggers.
    So much so, that I was moved to start my own to further interact with all my imaginary internet friends!

  29. I mainly read blogs for HUMOR hence why I read yours~ I need a good laugh on most days and I use humor as inspiration so I guess you could say I read for inspiration too. Mine is

    Thanks for the laughs!

  30. I blog about my marathon and triathlon training at (Today I wrote about how I did speedwork with Usain Bolt. What, you don't believe me?!)

    A few I like:
    Cook Train Eat Race:
    Another Mother Runner:
    Mile Markers:

  31. Here's what I do like. Funny, informative, just generally entertaining. I really don't care what you ate every day though HRG does somehow make that hilarious. Presentation I guess is important. I do not like Snarky. I like nice.

  32. I love reading blogs...I have tons in my google reader, but the ones I get super excited to read are:

    The Hungry Runner Girl
    Run Inspired...we're pregnant at the same time
    C is for Courtney
    and Yours...because you make me laugh.

    And the shameless plug for myself:

  33. I love your blog!! It is so funny and you are one of my featured bloggers on my blog as well!

    My blog:

    I read:

    The Hungry Runner girl
    Peanut Butter Runner
    Your blog! :)
    My favorite blog of all time though is SKINNY RUNNER! I love her and she is hilarious!

  34. I love reading blogs! They're like a little window into other people's lives. I have a few favourites: - because this guy is the total opposite of me. And he is an amazing writer. - I think she is my twin. I love her attitude and the way she writes. - always entertaining and I love taking part in his Playlist Thursday posts.

    and of course yours because you make me laugh my ass off.

    My shameless plug: http:

  35. As far as running/fitness I read your blog, Southernrunningmom (who I connected with on a couple different levels), and anothermotherunner. I really like to follow experienced runners who don't talk down to those of us who...aren't. What I like most about YOUR blog is that you always encourage comments by asking a question. Maybe that's not an unique as I think it is, but that's my favorite part of yours. ;)

    I also like blogs without a lot of drama or snark in the comments (I follow one mom blog who had so much drama a group of haters created an anti-blog about her. Yes, really.). I tend to read the mommy blogs of families with roughly the same number of kids (4) because they usually have good advice and I can relate to that lifestyle.

    I mostly read blogs for entertainment. Yours is DEFINITELY entertaining.

    Mine is boring but here's the link:

  36. I like to read fitness/running blogs that aren't just about running and fitness and blend in humor. I just can't do it when people take themselves too seriously.

    That's why I love you, SUAR! I also love SkinnyRunner ( , Ready, Set, Feast ( , These Happy Miles ( , and Healthy Strides (

    I am also partial to local bloggers because I like to learn more about Richmond and think it is an extra bonus if there's a chance I might make some new friends. Shout outs here to Neon Blonde Runner (

    My own blog is - I try to keep it light but I am not nearly as funny and entertaining as I'd like to be. =)

  37. One other thing about your blog: You have some really awesome folks who comment that I've been able to stalk, er, FOLLOW and learn from.

  38. I like informative ones and entertaining ones mostly about running and working out. I don't like drama/tons of food pictures. I like authenticity and humor which, in addition to being informative and entertaining, your blog has those qualities too which is why I enjoy reading it. I started mine a couple months ago and am still a newbie and learning my way around the whole blogging

  39. Well, I love your blog of course. Also...

    I have a blog. I wish people read it. I'm a mom to a toddler and a three-month-old, and it's all about finding the time to train with young kids and a full-time job:
    I worked at a running store for a while, so I love to talk about shoes and gear, but it feels pretty false when the only people who read my posts are my parents. So yeah, I'd like to get the word out (or learn how to write in such way that more people want to read it).

  40. I mostly look to blogs for entertainment, that I can relate to in some way. These days I regularly read your blog, Hungry Runner Girl and PIWTPITT. I also like the perspective and advice offered in No Meat Athlete since I'm a vegetarian.

    My mediocre blog about my mediocre attempts at cooking, running and parenting can be found at

  41. I like to read somebody I can relate with! But a good bit of humor and brutal honesty is important! I don't want to read a blogger who tells me they never eat a cheeseburger, run all day long, and don't fart in public. That's b.s. ;)


  42. man it would be hard to pick a favorite, i feel like i read a ton every day...and you know it's kinda like your teacher said I really just go where it takes me. I am usually seeing great comments or a link to their story and I find myself wandering through posts

  43. SO glad you posted about this!! I love your HUMUR in your blog...i always laugh when i read your post and look forward to them! I also like to read about the differenet races that are happening and how people train and treat injuries. you know...that running stuff. Here's my blog for anyone that is interested!! I'm def. going to check out everyone else's blog that posted on here!

  44. I usually read running blogs to get me psyched up and motivated. In particular, Anton Krupicka's training log is delicious. I can only dream of all the mountains he's run...
    On my end, I blog about my attempts at long distance running with my dog Tatum at: I'm training for the Portland Marathon in October; Tatum just has to run, run, run.

  45. I don't know if I have a fave, but I enjoy (neither are healthy living but good to look at) and SUAR. I like blogs that inform me and make me laugh. I did go through all of the blogs of my twitter followers the other night and so many people are so inspiring. Time consuming it was but there are some awesome people out there.

  46. My blog used to be interesting before I got injured. I didn't start out writing about running, but then I got into marathons...and went from 4:15 to 3:06. It took up a lot of my time, so it ended up taking up a lot of my blog!

    I've been really enjoying Kris's training logs lately:

  47. Wow - lots of new blogs to read! Thanks for the opportunity to share them all. Your blog is a must-read for me and always inspiring, although I haven't taken up farting in public yet!

    I recently started running again and it feels so great that I started a blog,, to track my progress. I'm really looking forward to running some local trail events like I used to do!

  48. Let me add to the SUAR love and say that you're my favorite running blog! Things I look for in a blog: useful information, humor, relatability, conciseness, and inspiration. Things I hate/turn me off: negativity, unhealthy body image, schilling, and self-centeredness/excessive sense of self-worth.

    I like reading my friends' blogs and also some Bay Area blogs such as RoseRunner (mentioned above) and Runner's Rambles (

    I have two blogs -- a food one ( and a running one (Running Tangents

  49. Favorite is the gals who helped me the most in the begining: Another mother runner. I like blogs that are honest, not just about the stats. I like Terzah and Jill and Super Kate. I love Neon Blonde runner. I dont like blogs with a million pics of food and what people eat every day. I love EMZ blog but kind of bias on that one, she is my friend. I love Jim's blog. 50 after 40. He is a machine and he is same age as me, a very young 43 and I like his wife's blog also Slowly Triyng.

    I have one: Canadian Runner in Exhile

    thank you for letting us share!

  50. I'm never really looking for one thing in particular - just excellent writing, lol humor, and consistency.

    I really appreciate Katie Ingram's blog, Run This Amazing Day. I've been reading it ever since I started blogging. I love that she just became an Ironman - she's not fast, but she's totally raw and honest and works so freakin' hard.

    I've also loved Sassy Molassay - great outlook on life and running, fun photos, and talks about lots of great topics.

    I like Page William's blog - soon to be Ironman - because she's Bay Area local, and doesn't mind that she's a Fred.

    Then, there's this really weird lady who always talks about poop and farts. I just can't get enough.

    And my blog:

  51. I follow lots of blogs for lots of reasons. Some are funny, and keep in mind I have an odd sense of humour. Some talk about training, or racing, or kids, or food, or life in general without being all full of themselves. I like honest blogs where I can hear the writer's voice, and yet the writing is readable and easy going. I don't like blogs that exist to sell stuff, or one that is following the bulleted list of things you must do in your blog to build readership. I can smell that kind of fake a mile off and I'll be gone quicker than I'll ever run a mile.

    Yes, I have my own blog, but I'm shy and retiring, and don't feel the need to plug it by posting a link. Many readers from SUAR have followed the links in comments and the blogroll back, so I figure it can't be all that difficult. And yes, I do appreciate my readers, and will almost always respond to comments.

    My favourite blog is the one I'm about to read, whichever that is. There are bloggers long gone now that I miss. The Loose Moose. GQH. Carpe (though she is back under a pseudonym). Susi. Spanky. Missy. Leaha.

  52. I like those that don't post every detail of every day. I don't really care to see what you ate for every single meal. I like those blogs that stay true to themselves and who they are as people. Those that throw out controversial topics or really elicit a comment from me are great too. I love those that introduce me to new recipes, ideas, or gear. As opposed to those that show me yet another bowl of overnight oats. Listen to me, I am so harsh! Anyway, I have a blog, I don't pretend to know anything about food. I just publish what inspires me- mountain bike races, skiing, marathoning adventures, my dogs, gear reviews or anything in between that strikes my fancy and shares this crazy Wyoming life that I live.

  53. I love reading your blog. You make me LOL. One day, I hope to be as funny as you. I blog over at Yup, I am a walker but I've done 10 halves and I am training for my first full and my first Goofy Challenge! Keep writing! You are awesome!

    By the way, I wear running shorts for yoga too - they are the heat gear from Under Armor and go to my knees. Perfect when the studio is hot!

  54. I have a HUGEEEE list of blogs I try to read EVERY DAY. I feel like a stalker... about half are local and I know or have met them which makes me love reading their blogs even more - I can relate directly to some of their thoughts/posts.

    I love to read SUAR! You ALWAYS make me laugh. Real Truth.

    I'm a pretty new blogger and a pretty new runner - Here's a link to my blog Rebecca Roams

    Thanks Beth!

  55. Inspirunning is great and so is the Camille Herron blog...she's turned running into fun and valuable science

  56. Momma Got the Runs is hilarious and fun, but she hasn't posted in too long :(

  57. is started as my journey toward losing weight...then turned into a half marathon its sorta everything and anything health/life related...not nearly as entertaining as yours though...

  58. I read your blog because I enjoy your sense of humor and as I prepare for my 1st marathon I appreciate the information. I have also been known to pass wind. Love your stories!!! I have a blog which is more of a journal of my journey toward the marathon finish line. I don't write as well as you though. It's mostly just for me to keep track of my progress and be able to look back and reflect. If it's ok I'd like to share the link to my fundraising page. I am raising money for my sister and her kids. Her husband was struck and killed by a minivan on April 11, 2012 while he was bicycling with my sister and their 3 kids. The driver said the sun was in her eyes and she didn't see them. He was in the rear of their line. More of the story is on the page. Hoping in the very lest to raise awareness for runners and bicyclists and hope people driving motor vehicles will pay more attention and exercise more care and caution on the road. Thank you! Here is the link:

  59. Trapped in hot yoga with a farter! You crack me up and it's one of the many reasons your blog is among my favorites! I read a bunch of blogs for different reasons, but I guess in the end it's about personality and feeling a connection.

    I'm always on the lookout for new blogs to read so it's great that you've asked people to share here - a few of my absolute "go to's" MizFitOnline, Marcia's Daily Slice and Miss Zippy.

    My blog is -- Thanks!

  60. Some of my favorite blogs are,,,
    I started my blog because of inspiration from other blogs I had started reading!

    My blog is

  61. Kim here:
    Without being a sycophant your blog is the one that I consistently read. I also really enjoy Dimity and Sarah are fabulous.
    A friend of mine has been training for Tri during a year away in Germany. His blog is great too

    My own blog is a mix of things I am learning as I train for Triathlon and deal with injury and things I am learning as I study psychology. I am especially interested in motivation and the psychology of fitness and how this all fits into living our lives.
    Hopefully as I learn things others can learn too.
    Thanks everyone for posting your blogs here. I am looking forward to finding some new favourites!
    Oh and I love love love Bikram yoga. I never ever stop moving or thinking and I am always grateful for the 90 minutes of being reminded to not think about anything. Even a "bad" class (with farters and groaners) is a good thing.
    Thanks Beth!

  62. I don't know. Favourite blogs. It would be a toss up between your blog and this other one that I've been reading.

    I ran with this guy a few weeks ago. His blogs are light and humourous just like yours.

  63. I follow blogs for different reasons: fun, humor, travel, running routes and workouts. Some of my usuals are yours (duh), Hungry Runner Girl, Skinny Runner, and Mommy Run Fast! This is cool to see what others are reading. Helps me find some new reading material. My blog is

  64. i read most blogs for entertainment/humor, what can i say, my real life is boring, but i read running blogs for inspiration/motivation. i think its awesome when someones all, i killed it and PRed but i find it even more motivating to hear about someone come back from an injury or time off.

  65. I mainly read running blogs and of course yours Beth is my favorite!! I feel like you are very informative and definitely funny!! I have even emailed you personally and you emailed back with your thoughts and answers to my questions. As long as you keep blogging I will keep reading!! Would love for you to join my

  66. You blog, by far, is my fave. I also enjoy Mileposts.
    I have a new-ish blog. I just started this year.
    Mostly about running and training with a little bit of parenting and general life sprinkled in for fun. :)

  67. Classified Sites
    It is simply best and fine post thanks for share and keep share more like this.

  68. I have to say I get a bit burned out reading blogs but my goto ones are always,
    Miss Zippy
    Sweat Once a Day
    Skinny Runner
    Mile Posts
    The Boring Runner

    If I could get my act together maybe my blog wouldn't be so lame.

    I really enjoy watching people make progress and get stronger. Not letting injury or life set them back on the overral scheme. Also has to be informative and have their own personality. Those blogs I listed are my standbys fo-sho!

  69. I love your blog...because you talk about real stuff, like crappy runs (ha). And I find myself going through a lot of the same lovely intestinal stuff, I just wish I could write about it as well as you do!

  70. I like your blog because between talking about running and fitness, you make me laugh, often out loud! And you have made me feel less self-conscious about my GI issues. My other favorite running blog is Another Mother Runner, because they feature different women, all real, all runners. I read other running blogs, but none as regularly as these.

    My blog is not a running blog. I'm a pediatric nurse practitioner. Healthcare is a never ending source of stories. I do my best to maintain HIPPA/confidentiality.

    Ever experienced a code brown?

  71. I love your blog because you make me laugh. I am still a fairly new runner and still very slow so I like to get inspired. I ran 9 miles today in the same time that the olympic marathoners ran 20. I have a dessert addiction and just started a blog of my own. I have no idea what I am doing tech wise and it only has seven posts, bet you can't wait to read it huh? :) I feel silly telling people I know that I started a blog and no one has read any of it so far, so I will go ahead and link to it for a bunch of strangers here.

    The blogs I love, besides yours of course, are the following:

  72. I ran my first half marathon this past May and am training (despite some injuries)for my second in mid-September. I really like your blog for your humor and openness especially on those embarrassing issues. Your tips are based on practical experience and thank you for sharing.

  73. Yoga is the only thing that calms me down!

    My fav blogs including yours are:

    Sweet tooth runner, Hungry runner girl and Almost over now

    I read blogs because I'm nosey! Also because its like a little community and its nice to come across people with similar interests to yourself.

    I've not long started my blog updating my life as training to be a yoga teacher so if someone fancies having a read at my rambles I'm over at...

  74. Okay, I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I still want to chime in.

    First, Beth, I love reading your blog. The blogs that I find of most interest are not just the ones that are about the interests or passions that we all share (i.e. running), but the ones that humanize the author. We can't all be super athletes, Olympians, or 2 hour marathoners, but we all fart. :^) I can relate much better to someone that struggles through the similar day in and day out life events than sponsored professionals with a million Facebook/Twitter fans.

    That being said, I enjoy reading the following blogs:

    Case of the Runs (
    Full-time mom and runner. Excellent writer.

    Fatherverse (
    Super guy who loves family, fitness, and running - in that order.

    The Running Moron (
    Great running blog, reviews, and advice.

    And of course I'll pimp my own blog:
    One Man Running (
    I do not have the opportunity to post as often as I would like, but I still enjoy doing so when I have the time. Not absolutely all related to running, but as the tag line says: "Life, one mile at a time."

    Keep up the great blogging, Beth. I look forward to each post.


  75. I just love your blog. I relate to everything you say and laugh out loud at every single post. Keep being your real self ... its inspiring.
    My blog is where I share bits of life as a mom of twin toddlers, marathon runner and running coach in NYC. I have been a bad blogger this summer, however I'm now training for a BQ in the 2012 NYC Marathon so I think I'll have lots to say!

  76. I love the blogs and A sarcastic sense of humor is the best, in my opinion! I look for blogs that have some running focus to them, but aren't solely devoted to it.

    My own blog was more running focused until I injured myself post-June marathon. Since then, I've been biking and coming back (slowly) from the injury.....hopefully I'll be running like normal before too long!

  77. I think it is awesome that so many people are sharing their favorite blogs and supporting each other. I'm excited to check out the new blogs listed here that I'm not currently following. Some of my favorite blogs are Mile Posts, Will Run for Margaritas, Run Gia Run, and of course, Shut Up and Run. Your blog is one of the first I started reading a few years ago when I started reading running blogs. I both laugh and learn from all of your posts. I love the edge you bring ... focused but still fun. I also love the notion of not making excuses. We all make choices every day to either be our very best or just be status quo.

    I also started my own running and fitness blog in July: rUnladylike. You can find it at It's the uncensored, and sometimes unladylike, adventures of an ordinary runner (that would be me!) on a mission to find my extraordinary.