Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Do Runners Need to Shut Up About Their Running?

I don’t know if any of you caught Jimmy Kimmel the other night (I didn’t. I had already been asleep for five hours). He said,

“Did you know it's illegal to run a marathon unless you tell 80 people about it all day every day for three months?"

Yes, runners can get a bad rap for bragging about their training and their races be it at parties, on social media, to the cashier at the grocery store or to the homeless man on the corner. Let’s face it – when you cover 26.2 miles you’ve gone on a journey of sweat, puke, shit, spit, tears, smiles and delirium. So, naturally you want to tell the world how you suffered, how you persevered. But, does the world really care?

Probably not so much.

Let’s face it. Marathon training hijacks your social life, your eating and drinking habits, your sleeping, your relationships, your bowel movement schedule, your clothing allowance and every muscle group you never knew you even had.

This hijacking leads to another phenomenon – tunnel vision. We runners get a bit obsessed and focused on the training-on the goal. 

  • We schedule our lives around our long runsuh, yeah, I can’t go out Friday because my long run is Saturday and I need to eat the right foods so my colon doesn’t blow up and if I go to a restaurant I might not do that and I can’t go out Saturday because I’ll be recovering from my long run and I need to refuel and rehydrate with the right carb to protein ratio and well I might just need to go to bed.
  • We get astonished and put-out when someone asks how far a marathon isoh and next you’re going to ask me how far a half marathon is. NICE!
  • We become meteorologistsokay so my long run is on Saturday, it’s going to be breezy with intermittent rain showers and a high of 49 degrees. There will be light cloud cover later in the day with winds out of the north-northwest. 
  • We count grams of carbs and proteinit’s true I used to just know that beer had a lot of carbs and that’s why I did keg stands in college, but now I am basically a nutritionist and dietician, or I think I am. 
  • We think we’re sick and dying and injured when we taper  - okay I’m feeling this ache in my foot it wasn’t there yesterday I am sure it is a tumor or a stress fracture. Oh and I swear I’m getting a head cold which is probably pneumonia and I wont be able to breathe and then I’ll DNF and oh my god this is the worst week of my life. 

Basically, we are consumed! Bitch-slapped by the marathon herself!

So, it’s only natural that when race day comes and we actually FINISH this mother task of completing 26.2 miles without an engine or a set of wheels, we are proud and accomplished.  But, is there such a thing as over-sharing when people don’t really give a crap?

I’ll tell you my take on it. When I ran my first marathon in 2009 I had NO CLUE I would be able to go the distance because my longest training run was only 20 miles.  Would I be able to cough up the extra 6.2?  When I did indeed finish, I was on top of the world – boners all around! While I didn’t tell many people (except family and friends who called to check in) I did wear my medal home on the airplane (GEEK) but I was so proud of myself I could have cared less what anyone thought.


Nowadays my friends and family know I train and run races. I talk about it when they ask (unless they are runners then that is pretty much all we talk about). I don’t expect people to love running like I do and I respect the fact (although it’s appalling and unnecessary) that some people hate to run or are totally bored by the subject.  In other words, I try to contain it somewhat. Maybe that’s why I have a blog!

Different strokes for different folks – I mean I would die if you asked me to watch a golf tournament all day (unless there was a lot of beer, pizza and sunshine or I could run around the course and set a PR).

How much do you share about your training and races with others? Humble and quiet or loud and proud?


PS: Funny video here of the “aid station” Jimmy Kimmel’s crew set up at the L.A. Marathon last weekend. Jello shots, green shrimp and water bottles glued to a table at mile 11.


  1. Humble and quiet.

    1. Im not gonna lie, i like to brag. I am 11 years old and run a 5:39 mile, 8:16 1.5 mile, and a 12:04 2 mile

  2. Heck, when people ask what I did the other day or what I have been up to lately, I tell them!

  3. I try not to talk about it unless I'm with runners, but just today, my IRL friends started talking about my FB posts.

  4. I don't share very much (or at least I don't think so...) about my training unless I know the other person is a runner and we can geek out together.

    But I feel you on the bit about scheduling your life around long runs. I got SO. MUCH. CRAP. from my college friends about why I was going to bed at 9 PM on Saturday nights. (Sunday used to be long run day - what a way to kill the weekend) I don't really talk to them any more...and I still run...priorities. :P

  5. I try to strike a balance between keeping the nitty gritty talk about runs/aches/fueling soley to my fellow runners who "get it" but... I'd be lying if I said I didn't throw a few "Yes - I just ROCKED a 15 mile run" status updates on occassion as a reminder to my lazier FB friends that my warm-up is their weeks worth of workouts.

  6. I blog about it. If people don't want to know, then they don't have to read it.

  7. humble and quiet. i actually hate talking about it even when asked because it's hard to not sound like i'm bragging somehow. but i do blog about it so that's how i get it out and if you don't wanna read it, you don't gotta read it.

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  9. You know what? It all evens out. I get to hear about one friend's constant ravings of her perfect straight A kid, a neighbor's pot smoking adventures, and a coworker's constant rantings over what's wrong with the office. My few tales of running in the mix evens things out. I don't constantly spew running stories, either. I suppose we each get our fill of whatever everyone else is in to. If someone is passionate enough about something, you'll hear about it -- a lot.

    PS - Accidentally posted under my son's name.

  10. At first it's inspirational and all but if that's all you can talk about, well, then it's like, stfu already.

    1. Yeah, I used to talk about my running a lot, but now a days, I just keep what I do to myself, for me, I feel like it's kind of rude to talk about yourself.

  11. I am loud and proud, but also quiet and humble. I am usually loud and proud on the blog and with those real close to me. But for the rest of the world, coworkers and the such, I dont say much unless asked.

  12. it depends on who asks and what they ask. I've also found that, if you share it in love, it can actually encourage people to make life changes. I have so many friends who say I inspired them to begin running. I'll also have you know that I'm not the fastest, nor do I sign up for every race in the book. But I'm passionate enough about running as a part of a healthy lifestyle, that I like to encourage others in it. :)

  13. I'm training for my first half marathon and I can hear myself going on to everyone about it all the time. No one in my family cares at all, but they pretend to, and my friends are downright bored. I try to stop-but it keeps me excited and in the end, people understand! As long as I don't do it forever...

  14. Somewhat loud about it. Mostly because I get tired of people saying I'm thin because of genetics. Dude, I work HARD for this body!!!

  15. When anybody asks me what I did over the weekend I tell them.

  16. I am pretty sure my FB friends would like me STFU already but I don't really care. I enjoy it and love to share the love. I, too, have had many women email me (mostly from FB and some IRL) that have told me that I inspire them- more in *if SHE can do it, then certainly I can do it too* way- ha ha!!! I don't talk about it IRL to IRL friends and family unless they ask but with runner friends, we get it all out in the open : ).

  17. When I first started running, I talked and thought about it constantly. Now I am 2 years in and see that there must be some balance. I have a facebook group that I started just for the purpose of talking about my daily runs and hearing about other people's experiences. That way I don't put very much on my actual fb wall. My family humors me and my husband is awesome and supports me and lets me give him details about my long runs.

  18. If I have to listen to someone talk about how their dog just learned to roll over 8 million times they can sure as hell hear about my triathlons once or twice. I call it a taste of their own medicine. Honestly nobody really cares.

  19. I talk about it.. loud and proud. A few Facebook friends have told me that I inspire them, and a few of them have gone on to lose significant amounts of weight. I talk about my training on FB a lot (I suppose), but when I stop talking about it, people start to wonder and ask what's going on. It gets me back on track.

    And if they think I'm bragging, they can STFU with the baby pictures, potty training talk, the OMG I'm so busy but I'm a SAHM mom posts, and pictures of their gross-looking dinners.

  20. I agree with Andrea and Alyssa! We have to listen to stuff other people do, so why can't we facebrag about our training runs and our races?

    I do try not to go too overboard with it unless I'm with running friends.

  21. I keep it pretty low key. Most of my extended family and friends are not interested at all. However, my husband is a runner so we talk about it a lot and bore our teen-age kids with it :)

  22. My rule: if people want to know about my running they'll ask. It's amazing how few people ask. I get my run talking out by reading blogs like this one, <3 SUAR

    1. Best comment of the day. To the point and absolutely spot-on.

  23. My friends tolerate a little running talk and I tolerate a little (scrapbooking, cloth diapering, Civil War reenactment) talk. I keep quiet around acquaintances though.

  24. I think I am somewhere in the middle. I realize that not everybody likes to run. I realize not everybody is outta control in love with Michael Jackson and I realize that not everyone loves Jesus. So I try to read the situation. But if I get a glimpse of a Garmin on someone's wrist, catch someone tapping a toe to "Billie Jean" or see a Cross around someone's neck or a WWJD bracelet, it's on! And I can talk about all three all day!
    There are a lot of Christian runners and runners who love MJ but I have yet to find a running, MJ-Loving Christian. When I do, I may never come home.

  25. I think I've discovered my problem. I never did any of those things listed above. I believe the term is half-assed? And here I am injured.

  26. Here's a related triathlon joke. Maybe it applies to marathoners too.

    You walk into a room that has lots of fit looking people in it. How can you tell which have done Ironman? You don't have to, they'll tell you.

    I share very little about training. Nothing in real life and only a line or so in my blog, unless someone asks, or something legitimately interesting happens. It's been so long since I raced I don't remember how much of that I'll share.

  27. I find the friends who'll also talk about it, then get it out of my system with them. Sometimes I make sure it's strategically within earshot of people I know could care less, but whose opinions matter to me (for whatever stupid reason). I post it on FB when I've had a particularly inspiring (good or bad) run, and I've been told that's motivated people to get out and move more than they would have otherwise - so I don't feel too badly about that.

  28. I'm an ultra runner. People think I am crazy. I generally have just adopted the phrase"I'm going to go run around the woods for a while" when asked.

  29. I am a middle school teacher and my kids know I run....the day before a race, I will get the sweetest notes from my kids. I will wear my race shirt and medals to school the day after a race....I am incredibly proud of my 7 half marathons!

    1. I'm a teacher too, and the kids know when I have a race coming up; each year a few more students start running themselves. That's a win! I also bring my medal in and let them all hold it...

  30. Proud but mostly quiet. With occasional bursts of loud when I need support. =) Thanks for a thought-provoking post.

  31. I am with you on a lot of the above. I am freaking out that I need to run a measly 6 miles on Saturday with my husband out of town, a 4/5 year old soccer game, and 2 easter egg hunts. I do my long runs on Thursdays.

    I am being loud and proud on my blog, and on a few daily miles post. I had started to dial back my DM feed to facebook, and so I mostly only have my really hard workouts (which right now, is all of my running, no biking or swimming going to f/b). I am more humble and quiet around my church friends, non runners, or my co-workers, unless they ask.

  32. I probably overdo it on fb. I keep separate running "albums" and live status updates at races. However, it's my life... and they can always unsubscribe from my feed.
    IRL I don't talk about running unless asked... however, I find that my friends are the ones who can't stop talking about it. "June is really fast!" (10 min. miles is fast?) "June runs marathons" (No - 1/2 marathons) "Did you know June runs those 5K marathons" (facepalm)

  33. I'm with Flaming June above. I have race albums and love to post fun pics from races and I do post my mileage from dailymile sometimes. But IRL, I don't really talk about it much unless someone brings up running or working out. I mostly talk to my runner friends about it. When it's something you truly enjoy doing, whatever it may be, it's hard not to share. Spread the running LOVE! Plus, I have lots of mutual friends at races in my pics, and my Mom, which makes me the most happy! So great to share that w/ the ones you love!

  34. OMG - this is me! My son even got me an electronic thermometer with a 12 hour forecast & barometric pressure for Christmas. AND, my parents think I am obsessed an am gonna die (and they have no clue what I really do)...
    I honestly try to keep quiet about it - after all, no one, except my friends & family really care.

  35. I think that (for most people) the amount of talking about your marathon to people who don't care is inversely proportional to the number of marathons you've run. ;)

    Also, I think oversharing about running is pretty much the same as oversharing about any other thing that is a big part of a person's life -- kids, pets, job, other hobbies, etc. Sometimes you just have to know your audience & their tolerance for things they're not that interested in & read the social cues. (And hopefully have kind friends who will tell you to shut up about it nicely!)

  36. I actually have trouble bringing it up sometimes. I mean, I want to brag, I'm still amazed I even try to do this thing, but a lot of people I know don't run, so it's hard to bring the conversation around to it. So I don't... I just wear my medal around the house and admire it when I'm all alone!
    Although, I tolerate endless banging on about kids and dogs and annoying bosses, so friends should tolerate my occasional, totally off-the-subject- marathon mentions.

  37. This is spot on!!!! It does consume our lives while we are training and it's very hard not to talk about running so much because it does alter our lifestyles. I really really try not to talk about it when around non-runners but it's HARD. My husband does a pretty good job of keeping me in check. If we are out and I get out of hand talking about running when around non-runners, he kindly sends me a text that says, "Ears bleeding." Works every time.

  38. And you say that you are containing to tell it too many people? lol Have you realized of THIS blog?!!

    1. That's why I said I have the blog. When I say I contain I mean in my personal life. The blog is my outlet to you all and not what I am referring to obvioulsy when I say "contain"

    2. And I love it. I don't have this way out for all my thought and worries like you do. By the way, your sense of humor is great (those foot fingers, lol). Hope to see you here in Madrid. I'm also training for 42Kms, this april and your blog helps to keep on running.

      My comment was not for your fault (it wasn't such), but because most of the people doesn't see more than themselves. (sorry for my english).


  39. I echo some others: I sometimes am desperate to share my runs, especially my races (I just did the LA marathon). My hubby and kids of course were there to see me and they listened to all my fun details with interest. But my other family members, SIL, MIL, could not care less!! They did not even ask. I would love to share with them something that is such a huge part of my life, but I don't- they would say I was bragging, and so I share nothing. I always tell my own folks from AZ, but they love me and they care. My co-workers, I will wait until one of them asks, and then share a little, because I think they too believe me to be bragging.. So, bottom line is I find people to talk about running with, online, Facebook has helped me find all my running friends.

    1. Congrats on your latest marathon!

  40. I've learned to watch body language when someone asks me about running. I can tell if they are just being polite and want a short answer or if they are really interested.Either way I try to be more to the point than I was when I was a new member of this cult! I'm still obsessed ,but not many people really care. Do I care about my friend's experience's as an adult college student? Not too much. But I do like hearing about my sister's mountain biking thrills!

  41. I try to talk about it when asked, but then in some cases, actually change the subject. I want people to know it's ok to talk about something else. Almost a guilty feeling. With my running friends, the conversaion is more running focused though. I love to get new runners to talk about their running though, there's always such excitment.

  42. Your comment, "....maybe that's why I have a blog." reminded me of something I once heard at the start of a 50k race. "no one run's more than 26.2 miles who doesn't have a blog." While at the time I thought it was a gross exaggeration, I now believe it was actually more true than not. All runners of distances greater than 26.2 don't have blogs, but a heck of a lot of them do. It might be a way to quietly share (with any who care) that which makes "normal people's" eyes glaze over and think to themselves, "this person is nuts."

    1. That's right, and every one of those blogs is titled 'The Runner'.

  43. I also, try not to talk about running too much. Most of my friends don't understand how a person could go out and move their legs so fast for such a long period at a time, just for fun.

  44. I had to endure a Lord of the Rings Trivia Game night with some neighbours. I told them the next time we get together, I am going to torture them with excruciating detail about my training and every race I've ever done.

    1. Damn, a Lord of the Rings Game night sounds like a nightmare to me. To each his own, right?

  45. I have had someone seriously ask how long a marathon was and then ask how long the half was. Really?! I try not to talk about running too much to people I perceive to not care, even though I am busting to do so. I feel like everyone should love running and want to talk about it:)

    1. I was side-line cheering at a 1/2 marathon around mile 12 and a runner actually asked me how much farther he had to go. He thought it was 3 miles more!! Really, Dude??

  46. This post couldn't be any more perfect! You covered it all.
    I used to bring up the running subject myself since I'd rather talk about running than the other stuff people were discussing. Now I realize... "Geesh! Maybe that's why no one likes to talk to me anymore!" I've stopped elaborating on my running and simply saying "Yes, it's going fine" when asked. But secretly, I want to get into every nook and cranny about every run of the past month and up coming races. Oh well.

  47. I must talk about any physical activity too much, saw a neighbor after a night of too many beers and he asked me if I had been to spin class, done the 300 workout or swam a mile yet. Another friend wished me a happy birthday on Facebook and asked if I was celebrating with a long bike ride or run. Luckily I switch things up so they don't know what I'll be doing.

  48. I try to contain it with most people, unless they ask what I'm up too - and then, that's on them! I mean, they asked, right? Generally, I keep it quiet unless someone asks me a question about it. I probably get most of my bragging out with my blog, so when it comes to 'real life' situations it's not all bubbled up and ready to explode.

  49. I guess by definition, having a blog means that I share quite a bit. But maybe that's one of the reasons I started it...I truly do keep it quiet to my non-running friends. I have friends and even close family who don't even know I ran a marathon last weekend. And that's ok.

  50. I'm a newer runner (about a year) and I have to admit, I totally geek out whenever anybody asks me how my training is going or what race I have coming up next. I try not to initiate the conversation unless I know the person is a runner, but I think my good friends ask me about it because I'm passionate about sharing my experience. When a friend lights up about a subject, be it their child, their new job or their hobby, I think it's only natural to be intrigued. I think our society can lack passion so I believe it is important that we support each other in whatever makes that person tick. :) Also- like you said, sometimes training can consume our lives so if you ask me what I've been up to lately- I'm going to tell you I've been working my butt off and I'm proud of it!

  51. I've been doing this a long time so unless someone asks I keep it on the down low.
    But if they happen to ask if I did Ironman, I get butterflies and just pray they will ask me all the details. That is still so new and fresh to me so I love talking about it.
    So I guess it all comes down to the newness of it all.

  52. I like to talk about running - it's something that I really enjoy and care about, and I like to share it with people that I enjoy and care about.

    What I simply can't understand is why talking about running gets such a bad rap. I don't see the complaints, and even anger, about people who talk at length about other things in their lives. Someone can go on and on about model airplane building, comic books, their kids' grades, what the cat did, making stained glass, scrapbooking, or whatever and no one says a thing. But let someone talk about some hard physical activity - be it running or triathlons or hiking or weightlifting - and suddenly they just need to shut up because, really, no one cares about how you ran 26 miles in 3 hours or how you finally broke 300 pounds on the bench press.

    I will listen politely and engage in conversation about basketball (which bores me to tears) with someone who loves it. That person should be able to do the same when I talk about running.

  53. I usually only talk about it when people ask… and when they ask, they usually start to regret that fact that they ask pretty quickly. I mean, by the time I’m done (am I ever done?) and they’re running for cover, I’ve usually asked them why they aren’t on my Ragnar Team… or at least taking one of the volunteer spots.

  54. I usually keep quiet. My coworkers don't know I'm training for a 1/2 marathon because they have been negative in the past about my running. Why should I let them kill my buzz? I mention it sometimes on facebook but try not to go overboard -although it is my page and I should be able to say whatever I want.

    On a seperate note - my daughter was working on a letter she was writing for a college thing and she stated that she has completed 2 half marathons and when my husband proof read it he asked did she really need to specify "half." Umm, yeah!!!

  55. One of the reasons I as a new runner read your blog is because you are down to earth and don't take yourself to seriously. I mean on occasion you have whined about a bad run but nothing too over the top like some running bloggers. I like your take on it all alot, although I think you could stand to not make so many bowel movement references :-)

    on a whole, runners are annoying in my opinion. Nobody cares about your PR but you. To me running a 10 minute pace is just as noble as runner-esque as someone who runs 6 minute pace. Im just notn impressed. My biggest pet peeve with runner talk is people that complain at race times that most people would love to have. annoying.

  56. I TRY and keep it to a minimum with a select group of people. My husband is actually invested and interested in my progress and we talk about it all the time. I have maybe 2 friends that I talk to about it because they're so supportive, even if I suspect they don't give a sh*t.
    Might be the reason why I also started a weight-loss blog... no one cares about how much kale you ate or how bad your feet hurt unless they can relate.

  57. Im training for my first half marathon that takes place in 3 weeks. its what i wanted to accomplish in my 50th year. I cant stop telling everyone im 50 and i cant shut up about my training. imma total dork. i guess i'm just proud to be in good shape for my age. i joined a running group so i can talk to them about it and not bore my husband and friends to death.

    i also have a horse and run a senior dog rescue that i can talk your ear off about as well.



    Amen sister

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  60. I saw that Jimmy Kimmel, pretty funny stuff! I also didn't watch it live, but the next day because I love his show! I am humble and quiet about running. Used to race collegiately and thats all my friends and I talked about, which was a hard adjustment to come into the "real world" and have almost all non-running friends. I understand people don't have the same interest in running so I try not to talk about it until they ask. But when they do, it's on like donkey kong and I probably annoy them! Some are intrigued by running and ask a lot of questions and that always makes me feel good!

  61. I heard about the Kimmel comment and almost immediately disregarded it. Your post is spot on however. I just complete my first half marathon last weekend (in less than 2 hours I might add-Woot!), and really didn’t have a lot to say about it, because none of my friends run. But that is what my blog is for, if I can get around to writing it. I do find that more and more people that read my blog do end up asking me about running and diet because of it. And even then, I try to just answer the question the best that I can and move on. I’ll talk about whatever I want, but luckily for my friends I’m just enough of a private person, that I don’t care to discuss my running with people that I know don’t care. Great post.

    1. TGWTB - congrats on your sub-2 hour finish!!

    2. Thanks. A lot of the stuff I've picked up from your blog has undoubtedly sped up my learning curve, and very likely will continue to do so. Now to pick a new race...or distance. Hmmmm? Happy Training SUAR.

  62. Love the meteorologist reference! Too funny!

  63. I try to know my audience, like not talking about my kid too much to people who don't have them. But even though I'm a runner and a mom, I don't want to hear about running and kid stuff non-stop from other people, either. Those things are a part of my life, but they're not my entire life.

  64. I talk a little about it on facebook and a LOT about it on my blog and don't feel the least embarrassed. I'm not doing it to brag (ok, maybe just a little) but to keep myself accountability (I often post that I'm going for a run to make sure I do it!). Also, because many friends have told me they find my posts inspire them to get off the couch and get some exercise. In any case, it's a big part of my life so it would feel weird not to mention it.

  65. I try not to go overboard with non-running people but I do catch myself crossing the line. "Oh you live in Hopkinton? Speaking of which, I'm running the Boston Marathon". Or, "thanks pizza delivery man, I really earned this one. I just ran 18 miles, because I'm training for the Boston Marathon". So I guess I do need to tone it down a bit. Guilty.

  66. I try not to brag about running and training. It seems a little narcissistic to constantly talk about MYSELF. However, it is rude to not respond when someone asks about a run or what you did over the weekend - and in those cases I tell them what I did. As for people asking about how far marathons and half's are, most are simply uninformed and are genuinely curious - take the time to kindly help them become informed. Last, I have run for charity several times and in those cases I do post on social media that I am training for, or have completed a race. Running for a cause provides some additional meaning to the training and the race beyond the simple joy of running and makes the entire process seem less about ME and more about others. Yours in running...

    1. I find running for charity the most lame. If you feel something for a charity, do something directly related to the charity like donate money n food directly or spend time with the elderly. What has your running has anything to do with charity?

  67. I belong to a group for runners on Facebook. I try to save my running chit-chat for that group. They get it and embrace it. However, I have found among my non-runner friends, if I don't talk about it; they ask about it! And I always wear my medal the rest of the day after a race - geeky or not!

  68. The reason no one wants to hear about running because face it it does not require any skills. Anyone can run. How far you run is a matter of how hard you train for it. In short most people can make a marathon as long as he trains for it. That makes it uninspiring. So stop bragging and fishing for compliments. The

  69. I am a runner myself but the reality runners have to realise it that it is not that hard. In my country there are noobs who go for a structured 12 weeks training and all can complete a full marathon with zero drop out rates. And if your friends are running shorter distances its not because they are inferior because medical research seem to support the views that the human body is not meant tp run such long distances and marathon can do more harm to your heart than u ever imagined. So why put your heart through abuse for some bragging rights? The people who didnt do it not because they cant. Trust me running requires no skills n most people know that. Thats why most merely pretend to be impressed just because you complete a marathon. Reality check for runners. Stop bragging. If its about personal achievement then do you have to broadcast to the whole world for sth everyone considered meh?

  70. I'm ignoring so many of my runner friends on Facebook because of their daily mileage counts. It has become quite an issue. I missed a friend having a baby because I was ignoring her because of her running habit. I have lots of habits and interests and I don't post about them daily on Facebook. It gets a bit old and yeah, it seems like bragging. I work out every single day 1-2 hours a day and I'm working toward certain goals and none of my Facebook friends know about it. I don't figure they want to know about it.

  71. I have nothing against running. Just some people who run. I'd rather listen to someone talk about other hobbies I don't share like model airplanes or knitting for that matter, because yeah, they are proud of their stuff, but they don't gloat or act superior because I choose not to build a plane or knit, and they certainly don't whine about injuries or a particularly tough run or which muscles are currently aching. You guys are not much better than a lazy fatty who sits on the couch, whom you turn your nose down at the most. They plague the doctor's office with their ailments and you plague them with all your dang stress fractures. Newsflash, you chose to do this to yourself for yourself, so I have no sympathy and I'm not impressed. Survive a concentration camp or drag your half broken body half a mile after a car crash to get help... some real life trial you didn't ask for and you mustered up the courage to conquer. Then I will be completely amazed and awestruck. I'm not impressed about the charity runs either or the "I run for those who can't" comment. I had a friend who had a family member die of cancer so she said she was running the upcoming marathon for him. Okay, so you had already paid the entry fee since like right after the last marathon you ran, and full on training and had already been obsessing about how you were going to fit visiting him before he died (just so you could tell him you were running for him because you hadn't seen him for like over ten years before then) and the funeral in between your training had he not been sick and died you would have run the marathon anyway. So how exactly was it for him again? The only time a model plane builder might "finish" a plane for someone is if it was a project they were working on with that someone like their father who passed away before finishing it. So yeah, not impressed. You want any praise from me how about giving up some of that precious me, me, me, just me and the road time and go volunteer at the hospital or community service or the site of some natural disaster. Also a model plane builder may show me his plane after he finished, but he won't ask me to sit and watch him build it. I had that invite from someone I had not heard from for about 4 years....she out of the blue contacted me to let me know she was running a race in my neck of the woods and instead of asking if I'd be free after to meet up for a meal or something, she asked me to actually come out and watch. Really? How many glimpses would I even get of you? And the constant pestering to try it, try it. "If I can do it so can you. " Yeah, I know! So what the heck is there to prove? I am perfectly fit and do not need 26.2 miles to prove it, or any public race or PR times for that matter though I do have a few sprint tris and long distance bike events under my belt. I did not ask anyone to watch though, did not pretend to do it for anyone other than myself, and did not pester anyone else to do it. Nor did I push myself to the point of injury so I could whine about it or try to make anyone feel I was superior to them for not doing the same. Like someone mentioned, pretty much everyone has the ability to finish a race, if you want to impress, go qualify for the olympics and bring home a medal.

  72. God I'm sick of facebook bragging about runs and marathons! Jeez it's almost as bad as travel pics and food pics.
    Are you really that insecure that you need Facebook validation for your exercise activities?

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