Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Make Your Wish Lists Come True {Sweet Relish Site Review}

I don’t know how it goes around your house, but every time Christmas or my birthday crops up, everyone starts asking, “So, what is it you want?”

For some reason, this is a tough question for me. I have no problem thinking of things I’d like while hanging out at Target (where I am supposed to  just be buying frozen waffles, but end up with $50 of crap not on my list). I also have no problem dreaming about stuff I’d like to own while hearing other people gush about their new running skirt, or that bestseller they just read or that new flavor of Jelly Bellies.

The problem is, I don’t keep track of any of it, so when the time comes when I finally have a few extra bucks to spend or when Ken lovingly whispers in my ear “What the eff do you want for your birthday?I have no clue.

Until now.


Ever heard of Sweet Relish? (No, I am not talking about that green chunky stuff you load on your hotdog at the baseball game).

I am referring to a site that was launched to help share what you like and see what others like. Sweet Relish calls itself the “secret sauce” because this is the piece that has been missing from your shopping experience forever.

Confused? I was at first. Let me break it down for you.

Basically, Sweet Relish is a place to set up your wish lists – books you’d like to read, running gear you’d love to show off, gifts you want to remember to give others at some point. You give each list a name (i.e., one of mine is “What I Need to Read”) and you start adding items from around the web. It’s SIMPLE to add things. When you find an item on Amazon, Athleta. Lululemon or ANYWHERE, simply grab it with your relish button and add it to your list. After you add them you can easily share them on Twitter, Pinterest, etc. with just the click of your mouse.

All you have to do is register, get a relish button for your tool bar and click that button each time you want to “save” an item to your lists! I am technologically challenged and if I can do it, you can do it.



Most of you know, I don’t spend much time on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Honestly, I simply do not have the time to devote to this blog, my job, my family, marathon training and all of that social media stuff. The nice thing about Sweet Relish is that it is not something you have to tend to everyday or keep up on. It’s simply a place to keep track of your personal wish lists, or even those items you repeatedly buy and don’t want to forget (make up brands/colors, shampoo, types of running socks, etc.).  Plus, it makes it super easy to shop for others if they post their lists! Major time saver.

Here’s a sneak peek at my Running Must Haves List:


Want to see all my relish lists? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours (click on the link to see my list).

Following me is easy on Sweet Relish – just go HERE.


What would you call one of your wish lists? Go make one! If you do make a list, let me know. I want to check it out.

Are you easy or tough to shop for? I think I’m easy in the sense that everyone knows I like running and books. And gift cards.


Fine print: I was sponsored by Sweet Relish to complete an unbiased review of their site.


  1. That's a cool site for sure, I will have to add my list. I just pop a 'sticky note' on my laptop and erase the things once I get them. Rarely anything is erased, but when you're training for a half IM and a 50 miler all at once, the list seems to be endless. Thanks for the tip. And I love your list :). Those shorts remind me of some we have at Athleta. If you need anything....

    Trail run soon???

  2. You're right, social media can be so overwhelming because I feel like I always need to keep up with everything. I like that Sweet Relish can be a social tool if you want to see what your friends likes, but you don't have to stay on top of it 24/7. Love your Running Must-Have's list!

  3. Oh I need to sign up for that. So cool! Sometimes I forget things that I want, so this will be perfect:)

  4. Very cool!! I use the Amazon Wishlist feature and love it! Love, love, love the banana saver :)

  5. really? its that hard to navigate Pinterest or Instagram? the same amount of effort goes into each site. i wouldnt normally make such a statement but c'mon neither is better than the other and, it takes no more time to operate one than the other. my only conclusion is that maybe you're being compensated to promote 'Sweet Relish. Don't get me wrong i follow your post religiously. I just want to point out that either choice is as easy as the other, and you can post almost anything nowadays to any page you want. no one has to spend hours now posting anything. If you have the time to spend on Sweet Relish then in all reality you can spend the same amount of time on Pinterest or Instagram and accomplish the same thing. (meaning) obviously someone can look on your Pinterest page and see what your intersested in also.

    1. I suppose it's all about personal choice. Different sites offer different things.

  6. Why didn't I think of this? It's brilliant! I'm tough to shop for, so I'm sure my husband will thank you!


  7. what happened with today's blog post? Quite disappointing. As far as I can see, sweet relish is a worse looking clone of pinterest...

    1. "Quite disappointing" - unfortunately must agree. I'm sorely missing my daily dose of trailside, squat in the bushes humor. :(

    2. Sorry - I suppose everyday can't be that.

  8. Easiest person ever to shop for! I really like anything!!!! Will definitely be checking Sweet Relish out.

  9. I agree, this looks like a wanna be Pintrest. You could get SO SO many more followers if you used Pintrest.

  10. yep, same concept as Pinterest (I just made a "wish list" board on there to go with my pictures of cats and food that I also randomly collect)

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