Thursday, March 14, 2013

Things That Make Me Go “WTF?”

Do you ever have days when stuff happens that you just don’t understand? They’re not necessarily bad or negative things (well, maybe kinda), but that stuff that leaves you scratching your head and screaming inside your brain “WTF??” Yeah, I had some of those today.

  • I visited the loo (I’m very sophisticated saying “loo” – I could have said “crapper”) no less than four times before my run today. Within five minutes of running I had to go again. What the hell?
  • I picked out some broccoli at the grocery store. While I was putting it in my cart I heard the produce guy say under his breath, “What a slob!” (yes, apparently referring to me). He stomped over the broccoli display and started rearranging the broccoli that I had apparently messed up or misplaced. Wow. I didn’t know the display was a work of art. Kind of made me laugh, actually. At least he takes his job seriously.
  • The car in front of me was weaving all over the place. As I passed, I noticed the guy texting away. When will people learn? Seriously. In my book, texting and driving is on par with drinking and driving (CNBC says so too). And, it’s not just about you – Mr. Texter Man. You might actually hurt someone else.
  • I went to get my hair highlighted today. I am not sure what happened – but after the first round I swear there were hints of orange in my hair. She did it all again and I it now looks great (or at least fine), but the whole thing took FOUR hours. No joke. And I didn’t even get a hair cut. At least I don’t look like Bozo. Do I?


  • I saw something small and black lying on the stairs. After going up and down the stairs forty million times I finally picked it up. Guess what it was? One of Lucky’s toenails. He has been gone now for almost four months. I swear I have no clue where this even came from. Some might think it’s gross (Ken did), but I love having just one more little reminder of him. Call me crazy. Can someone make me a necklace out of it (joke).


What made you go WTF today?

Ever go then have to go again when you start running?

Ever had a disaster hair cut or color?



  1. Send him to me. I have a good duct tape supply, and other fun stuff. He will either love you forever, or never go home again.

  2. I had the same experience with my hair about six years ago. My boyfriend (now husband) came to visit me while I was away at college. While he stayed at my house to take a nap and watch tv I went to go get my hair highlighted. My normal hairdresser in my hometown can cut and highlight my hair under two hours easily. I'm like "I'll be back in about an hour and a half or two." Three hours later I was out of the salon, with nothing but a few light blonde stripes in my hair (no cut/trim). The woman was a complete idiot too, I couldn't stand talking to her, or I guess I should say listening to her talk. I got back and asked my boyfriend "how do I look?"

    You look great. Don't be mad, but I honestly can't tell a difference at all. LOL Neither could I. Last time I ever put color in my hair.

    1. That does sound familiar. Actually, in person my hair color is MUCH different - just much lighter. Picture doesn't show it I guess.

  3. My drive in today made me go WTF people?? LA drivers are the worst any ways but many people with heads up many arses this morning.

    Yes ever since i started training for this half marathon i seem to have to go all the time. and i feel fat. please explain.

    i had a similar highlight experience where it wasnt the color we thought it would be so he redid it and it took forever.

  4. I too have had the highlights-gone-bad experience. I wanted to change from a darker reddish color back to my quasi-natural blonde highlights. Well, for some reason my hairdresser just put the highlights right over the dark red color, and you guessed it, I was smack dab in the middle of Bozo-land. So we spent an additional two hours coloring it back to my truly natural brown, and then highlighting THAT with the blonde. It took two years for the fried, triple-color-treated hair to grow out. Suffice it to say I will NEVER go red again.

    I love that you found Lucky's toenail. It's like his spirit was visiting you and left a clue for you to find! :)

  5. We hillbilly folk consider things like that toenail as a visit from the loved one that has passed. Lucky came for a visit!

  6. I have a co-worker who is really passive-aggressive and she's always doing stuff that makes me go WTF? We sit literally 3 feet apart and she'll email me to ask a simple question. WTF!!? All day long its stuff like that. One big reason running after work is good for me.

  7. Usually avoid the gym, but I'm injured and have been spending a lot of time on the elliptical machine. What's with the people who crank the treadmill up faster than they could dream of running and then hold onto the handles for dear life while their legs desperately try to keep up with the machine?

  8. My phone went flat overnight, meaning I missed my alarm, which just throws my whole day off.

    Then, when I was out training, I saw a guy ride by on a motorbike while simultaneously smoking a cigarette. Wtf?!?!?!

  9. I've been a hairdresser for 18 years, enough said. Thankfully, I'm USUALLY the one fixing disasters. =)

    My WTF moment of the day. I had a educated client in today that told me she went with her son and his grandma to get her son's haircut the other day. She then proceeded to tell me she never realized that there were so many salons in our little town. (Get ready this is good!) I agreed and she told me she wondered if there was some type of rule/law that if you lived in a certain area you had to go to a certain salon!!!!!!!!! WWWWTTTTFFFFFF??????

  10. I have lots of WTF moments every day, but I realized recently that I should laugh instead of getting agitated. For example, I liked your response to the broccoli guy.

    I have to go again about 30-50% of the time, especially if it's within 2 hours of waking up. It sucks, but luckily there are plenty of bathrooms on my running route.

  11. Today I told my mom I am adopting a baby and I must have said it wrong because her reaction was more like I told her I was quitting my job to be a call girl.

  12. Got a hair cut one time that my husband told me "It'll grow out, won't it?" when I asked if he liked it. It really was an awful cut (at a beauty school when I was poor and in college). It took damn near a year to get the 10,000 layers all back to a reasonable length. Ugh. At least color is FIXABLE. And I've tried your "empty the bladder" tricks and going to the loo for #2 before runs - inevitably I either have to poop or pee while on the run. Have been known to double back to use my home potty as our neighborhood isn't conducive to sidewalk defecation.

  13. Everytime I bathe my girls one of them poops in the tub or on the floor after I get them out, seriously gross!! I really enjoy your blog!:)

  14. Oh my, I wouldn't even know where to begin with the WTF moments today. Thankfully I have (mostly) great coworkers & tomorrow is Friday. :)

  15. I am wondering if you were at an AJ's. Their produce displays really are works of art.

    I don't think it is gross. When we lost our cat, it took me months to clean the dining room chair where she slept. It had her white hair all over it.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  16. My WTF moment--Insurance salesman who "aren't trying to sell me anything" heck you aren't. My blood pressure is still up.

  17. I've had my boys tell me my hair looks orange (or blue or...) after a new color has been put in.
    You're nicer than me - I probably would have gone back to the broccoli after the guy straightened and picked out some more!
    And, WTF - I kept saying it one night and my husband looked at me like what are you doing around the boys -wow that's fantastic!!!

  18. On my way to work today,
    a semi in front of me on the exit ramp and guy on my bumper weaving like he wanted me to speed up! WTF

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  20. I have a cold and the other day developed this weird swollen lip/blister thing (not a cold sore). The only other time I got it was when I had a sunburn on my lip in Bahamas. So no idea what it is but definitely looks gross and has me saying WTF!

  21. Ahh I HATE seeing people text and drive. I don't understand how they think this is OK.

    For some reason if I'm running just for training, I don't spend much time in the bathroom beforehand. But if it's a race, those nerves kick into high gear and I'm in and out of the bathroom a minimum of three times. I don't get it!

    When I was in eighth grade a friend died my hair blonde (I'm naturally brown) with a box of hair color from Walmart. Let's just say it was pretty darn platinum (and luckily it didn't turn orange on me!).

  22. You know, my WTF posts are usually my favorite; other people's too! :)

    The hair looks awesome now, but what a long time in the chair! How many times can you talk about the weather or whose nailing who in town during four hours?! Yikes. (I live in Podunk. There is literally NOTHING else to talk about except religion and politics. Not even walking down that avenue...)

    Texting and driving: Stupid.

    And the produce manager needs a "Shut Up And Do Your Job" sticker. Seriously- who says that to a customer?! Rude. Crazy pants need a vacation...


  23. Gorgeous color. Perfect. Blondes are faster, I hear.

  24. I really like your hair color! I tried to do my own a light red color. I guess that color with my natural light brown did not mix well, I swear it was almost the same as the color you have as the background color here. For Halloween one year I decided to do a temporary, wash out, black to go with my witch costume. I had black hair for probably 6 months! I don't do my own hair anymore.

    I also believe that the toenail was a sign that Lucky came for a visit, probably to check in on you. Shortly after my dad passed last year we had a pure white bird that would sit on our roof or right outside the window looking into the house. It stayed around for a week. We had not seen it before or since. I believe it was my Daddy coming to make sure we were OK.

  25. Every day on the road makes me say WTF?? I did cut my own bangs a couple of years ago and that made me sat WTF??? I had cut them for years with no problem, but that day it took a turn for the worse. I would be happy to find a toenail or a tooth of one of our dogs if they ere gone too! It's a good sign!

  26. Discovering that there are tiny holes in the exact same place in ALL of my shirts made me say WTF?! Even the newer ones have these little holes. Weird.

    I found a couple of my cats' teeth when they were kittens... I just didn't think about them losing teeth like humans :)

  27. I had my hair hightlighted last summer then dashed out to a family reunion. My hair looked fine at the salon but when I sat in the hot baking sun it gradually turned orange...yes brighter and brighter each passing hour. By the end of the day it moved from strawberry to bozo to neon. I was horrified! I drove over to my hairdresser house and just pointed to my hair no words were ever spoken, several hours later it was finally fixed.

  28. The joke around our house is that when someday (hopefully a long way away) our little pug Lucy dies, we will still be finding her hair for a good 20 years later. That stuff just never goes away. :)

    Had to walk on my run last night to calm my tummy.....which turned into having to run in order to make it to the porta potty that was a half mile up ahead. Lose lose.....couldn't fun cause I had to go, but had to run to get to where I could go!! :)

  29. The one and only time I got my hair professionally colored, it came out PURPLE. WTF???? I do it myself now and it always looks at least semi-normal and it only costs $14.99.

    The WTF moment of the day: a camper truck that was loaded down with recycling and possessions (think the Joads from Grapes of Wrath or something similar) AND on the fucking dashboard was a CHICKEN. Totally NOT kidding. A living chicken.

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