Thursday, August 20, 2009

Feeling Helpless

What's the stupidest or most random way you've ever injured yourself?

It's ironic. I can run long distances and contort myself into all kinds of yoga poses all without much pain or discomfort. So guess how I hurt myself this week? Let me set the stage:

It's Tuesday morning. A beautiful morning. I decide to get in some miles on the treadmill prior to yoga class. I go in early, set up my mat in the yoga room to save my spot and hit the treadmill. I have a great run and arrive in the yoga room all perky and talkative with my fellow yogalites. Class is starting and I realize I could move my mat over to give myself more space. I lean over, twist, grab the mat and pull. Sweet mother! Something gives in my back and takes my breath away. I lay on my mat, helpless. My teacher notices. She tells the class to keep up the sun salutations for a moment and kneels beside my lifeless body. "You okay?"she asks? I manage, "Just give me a minute. I hurt my back." "Put this ball under your ass," she says "and do a restorative bridge." "I can't," I say. "I can't even lift up my ass." Meanwhile the class is on their 29th sun salutation and beginning to grow weary of that move. Someone gets me Motrin. Everyone starts to diagnose: "Oh it must be her sciatic nerve" and "I know someone who knew someone who was on the toilet and reached for a magazine and the same thing happened" and "I think you've just pulled your scrotum iliac out of joint." Do I have a scrotum?

So I lay there. And lay there. The class goes on. I think if I just lay here through a few more downward dogs I'll be fine. I try to get up. No dice. I lay there some more. Finally, I manage to stand up and walk to the side of the room. The class claps and cheers as if I am some NFL athlete who has been down on the field with a concussion and has just managed to move to the sidelines.

Two days later: still lots of pain. Lower back and to the right, just above the right glute. Yet way deep in my back in places I didn't even know I had muscles. Running is completely out of the question. I tried that yesterday and made it 436 feet according to my Garmin. 2 calories.

This is where a runner with some races on the books starts to panic. Shit! Hood to Coast relay is a week from tomorrow. Crap! I have a half marathon in a month. Holy BQ! My marathon is in 89 days!

But even bigger than the races is the psychological/mental component. Running is a part of my day. Almost everyday. It centers me. It helps me work stuff out. It makes me feel productive. It takes me out into nature. It makes me a better person, inside and out. It's tough to not get that fix everyday. Not being able to run is a true test.

So friends, tell me, what's the most random way you've injured yourself? How do you cope with not being able to run?


  1. I don't really cope well. Unfortunately I kind of force those around me to cope because I'm such an unreasonable bitch when I can't run. I'm like a dog. I need exercise every day or I get aggressive and anxious.

    Sorry to hear about this random injury. You should pay a visit to the doctor. You don't want to f$ck around with this so close to HTC.

  2. I eat if I can't run. A LOT. Haha, not a good thing to do, and not a good thing to advise.

    I hope you feel better just in time for your races! Maybe you could get a massage? Shoot, this really sucks!

  3. 2 years ago I was at my running peak and had just completed my first 7 minute mile on the treadmill. I was so stoked. I turned around, looked at the ladies on the treadmill behind me with oozing pride, stepped off the treadmill and crumbled to the ground. I had twisted my ankle on the come-down and broke my foot! The worst part was, none of those b:%&#es could take a break in their workout to help me to my car!
    I am just now getting back on the band wagon. It sucked!!

  4. Oh, that's the worst when it happens out of no where. Take it easy.

    when I was younger I used to like to throw super balls against my bedroom wall. Well, I chucked one so hard that I had to duck real fast to avoid it coming back at me a million miles an hour and pulled out my back. I was laid up for a week!

  5. KAH-RAP! Oh man, rest and rest and rest some more, have you consulted a chiro? I'd definitely consider a chiro/witch doctor/holistic doctor if you aren't feeling better in a few days.

    I sprained my ankle last year stepping down to the lower level of my deck and stepping square onto a blasted tennis ball. The pain brought me straight to the ground, I even needed crutches for a couple days. I was side lined and thought for sure marathon training was out but thanks to ice and a lot of rest I was back up and running (literally) about 5 days later. But oh boy do I know what you are talking about and that helpless feeling. Sending healing vibes your way!

  6. Ruh-roh! You better get thee to a doctor. I stub my sore running toes on doors all. the. time.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  7. During a softball game last summer I was running from second base. THe batter hits the ball and SMASH! right into my ankle. The worst part is, I saw it coming and did this weird skip thing to life my foot higher. Wouldn't you know, the ball hit the ground and bounced UP to hit me. Ugh.

    Hope your back is back to 100% too. I don't cope well when I can't run. :(

  8. Oh many girl! Take it easy and try not to stress over the running. Focus on getting yourself back to 100%

  9. I'm super clumsy.I always walk into things not paying attention.. sometimes i trip. The stupidest thing was a year or so ago i was putting on my bra... i couldnt get it to clip and i streatched way to far. I seriously did something bad. I dont know what but i could not move. I was in so much pain i started balling. My dad took me to the chiropractor *where i worked at the time* and he checked me out. Figured i pulled muscles all over the place and told me not to do anything for a week. I listened and got better. Ever since then i've been better about putting on a bra. I'm embarrased by my story but it is pretty funny. I hope you feel better soon! I'm down for the count for a minute with my plantar fascia giving me fits- so i can relate to your wanting to run. :)

  10. Oh wow, I'm sorry to hear this. I agree with mamasweeds about seeing a Chiropractor.

    Hmm, let's see random injuries... I was vacuuming and using the hose for the furniture. The vacuum cleaner tipped over and the pointy handle made an egg sized hole in my back above my left glute. A year later and it's finally going away. That didn't keep me from exercising though. But last Oct. I had to have surgery and I wasn't allowed to exercise for a month. No running, weight lifting, nothing! That made me nutty, but I wanted to heal properly.

    Hope you feel better very soon. I'll be praying for you.

  11. I was walking down a small hill in front of the dining commons at my college. It was September, no ice, no snow, not even wet (and I was in hiking boots!) I somehow twisted my ankle and heard a lovely popping noise. Yeah, I now have a tear in my ligament. I was down for a few days. I was on a rowing team at the time and I could do any jumping exercises for the whole season because I have to be careful not to do any further damage that would tear the ligament completely.

  12. Ha. That's awesome. I usually crack my head on something stupid at least once or twice a year.

  13. Injuries suck huh? I'm sorry to hear about your back and I hope that you are running soon.

    The most random way that I injured myself was eating celery and then running. I am not allergic to celery and I'm not allergic to running, but when I combined the two one time; I was in the hospital all night with exercise induced anaphlaxis. Of course, I didn't know what it was at the time. I wasn't allowed to run for two weeks until they figured out what was wrong with me. RETARDED!

  14. Back injuries are the worst. I hurt my back putting a bowl into the dishwasher. More proof that I shouldn't do housework.

    Hope you heal up soon!

  15. I AM SO SORRY! You should go see a chiro - I broke down last year when I wasn't getting any relief (I thought they we're a bunch of crap with "adjustments" and such) but mine just helped me with some massage, some muscle stimulator elctordes and how to stretch it. And I just pulled an ass muscle a couple of weeks ago and went and saw her again. After two sessions this week I am finally back to running. Give it a shot- you have a lot on the line!
    Oh, and I am in HELL right now not running. I am so excited to get off work and go for a run pain free. I haven't slept well in a week, and I think my hubbs is ready for a new wife! Good luck! :)

  16. That sucks! You should definitely see someone--I recommend a chiro who does ART--I can give you the name of the one that fixed me right up this summer when I injured the same-ish area on my left side. She's in Denver, but email if you want me to send you her info.

    I once broke my ankle/leg getting a piggyback ride from a guy I had just met. Well, technically, I got hurt getting dropped from a piggyback ride (wet grass). True story. Ended up needing to have surgery and got the scar and metal plate in my leg to prove it. (He did, however, send me roses the next day in apology...)

  17. I'm like the others - I don't cope well, and I eat more. ;) I have been trying to bike and use the elliptical but it is not as fun.

    I really hope you feel better soon. Did you visit the doc so he could give you lots of drugs?

  18. Oh man. I thought I'd be the only one getting hurt doing yoga!

    Do you have a chiro you can go to? I used to be leery of the whole bunch, but the one I go to has made me less skeptical.

    I'm a nasty overeating cranky b*tch when I don't get to run. Egads!

    Good luck!

  19. Oh, jeez. That's terrible -- I hope you are feeling better today!

    The most random way I hurt myself was one time when I was buying cheese. Just hanging out at the grocery store, grabbing some cheese from the cheese shelf. And I tripped over some I-don't-know-what. My ankle swelled and bruised right away and I was out of commission for (what seemed like) ages.

    Hope you are back and running in time to enjoy the relay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. When I was younger I wanted to be an Olympic jumper (not diver, jumper) and would often fill up the tub and practice. I completely missed my jump and split my chin open in the process. Dreams crushed.

  21. Hi! Just read your comment on my blog and wanted to respond. Would you mind emailing me so I can respond that way? I have some stuff I can send in an email that might help.

  22. Oops! Forgot to leave my email. LOL! (no "s" after "blog.")

  23. I ended my senior year of high school cross country season because I pulled a muscle walking to my spot on the field during marching band practice. I couldn't put any weight on my right foot and had to be carried inside to the trainer. Who I am sure laughed at me after I left. Gah.

  24. you mean a surprise later like a mop? :)


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