Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Giveaway Winners and Photo Contest – Please VOTE!

The winners of the giveaways are:

For the female: #256 Meg at MOrfit. In her comment entry she said, “I would love to win that gear because I really don't have any running gear. I run in what I wear to the gym for everything!”

For the male: #459 Wild Bill who uses a duct taped Camelback he found on a trail. Dude needs some gear!

Email me at brisdon@comcast.net with your addresses and sizes and I will make sure your stuff gets to you as soon as possible so you can start looking like real runners and be done with the dorkiness.

Now for the picture voting. You guys had me ROTLMAOWPMNAPG (Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off while picking my nose and passing gas). Seriously, the pictures were good, but your commentary of your own pictures is what made it the best!. So – you can vote for one guy and one gal. Only vote once. Winners will be announced on Sunday, April 18.

GUYS (only five submitted): 

1. Kristen says about her fiancé, George (AKA Buzz Light-year), “He is insane and has no running clothes. He actually ran a 5K like this.”

I hope his run took him to infinity and beyond. I bet you get some serious crotch sweat in that thing. I think George almost looks like Obama in this picture.


2. Suzy writes about her husband, guy in the orange, “ He will only buy two kinds of running gear: shoes and sunglasses. All other clothing is selected randomly from his closet. His base layer is whatever cotton, long sleeve shirt with too short sleeves he grabs out of his drawer. On top he puts on his reversible basketball tank that is black and orange that he bought back in the mid-nineties. He tops it all off with a bright orange hunting hat.”

While this isn’t a totally outrageous get up, it’s still kinda creepy. I like how it matches the jogger.


3. Wild Bill’s girlfriend (Funderson from Brilliance Wasted) explains, “My sweetheart Wild Bill is RIDICULOUS when it comes to his running gear.  We went to the desert this weekend and here is Wild Bill in all his “running gear” glory.  YES those are cotton socks and YES he really runs in those shoes and has done for several obvious years now.  The pants are cut-off dirt biking pants  and the shirt (sans elbows) is his ONE actual piece of technical gear that he procured in the lost and found at the hockey rink.  Also see  a picture of the camel back he found.  He swears it isn’t a kid-sized one…just “mini”…..”

Oh Bill, I love the duct taped Camel Back. If only it was a camel toe. Show us your face, Wild Bill!


4. Dax from Dirty Running says, “This is me as a fairy. Sorry no camel toe.”

What about a moose knuckle?


5. Dennis says about his photo, “Whoever said good things come in small packages was dead wrong. I am large, in charge and in need of some new running gear as you'll see by the attached pictures. Even if I don't win, I won't hold it against you. I'll keep reading your blog even if I'm thinking bad thoughts the entire time.”

Nice, Dennis. Well, maybe I’m already thinking bad thoughts about you or something. Do you have any pupils in your eyes?




Oh ladies. You did not disappoint! I got so many entries and had to narrow down to the top 10. As the Bachelor would say, “This is by far the most difficult decision I have ever had to make.” The photos were all really entertaining, and I give everyone so much credit for taking on the challenge.

1.  Jen at Setting U Free wants you to know, “Here is my funny shot – even my dog thinks I am crazy. Courtesy of my 5 year old… who DID NOT want to take this pic.”

I just can’t imagine why a 5 year old wouldn’t want to see his mother this way. So odd.


2.  Victoria from Vickismalls describes her get up: “That is a COLORADO t-shirt, ma'am. I'm not above ass kissing. I have family in Denver and I think they gave me this when I was a child. It wasn't always a barely-covers-the-boobs shirt. I also showcase the iPod earbuds going down and under my shirt, making it look like they are in my crotch. The Georgia O'Keeffe prints in the background round out this vagina theme.”

Oh Victoria. You know how I love a good vagina theme. And Colorado would be proud of those big boobs.


3.  Amanda from Run To the Finish says, “Well this was as crazy as I could think of.”

Pretty crazy, Amanda, especially if you are leaving the house.


4.  Aimee over at I Tri To Be Me says, “Here are some photos and reasons why I need new running gear.  1) My shirts are so worn out that they have holes in them.  2)  My shorts are poofy and make me look like a man.  I assure you, I do NOT have a penis!  3) My head is so small that all the hats/visors I get from races are way too big to wear.”

Crap, I was really hoping that was a penis!


5.  Sarah from Skinny Runner describes her outfit this way: “"Grandpa" compression socks and an outfit made in Ronald McDonald's dreams.  so fug.”

Sarah, the only redeeming thing going on here is that you are a Marathon Maniac. Other than that – well, pass the quarter pounder with cheese.


6. Crazy Clair of Own Your Backbone wants you to know, “I need running clothes and gear so badly.  I have been hiding in the woods my whole life.  I am from the movie Nell.  After I learned to speak and not grunt the old craggy shit holed me up in a no-tell motel. Here's me learning how to use my running shoes. The reason I need the gear is I'm tired of drinking out of shit-infested streams along the trails of my 20-mile daily workouts.  I end up farting like a loon.  A little purified creek water would be nice.

Clair, I’m pretty sure Nell didn’t have those muscular jambs like you do. As for farting like a loon, I don’t think running clothes are going to help with that.


7.  Meg says, “I had to threaten my husband with no nookie for a month just to get him to stop laughing long enough to take the photo. And yes...I actually went outside like this.”

Oh Meg, I’m so glad that your husband won’t go without. I hope you wear the outfit as part of foreplay.


8.   Barefoot Angie B describes her photo this way, “I have a serious potato going on (I’m guessing this means crotch bulge?)!  This is also ironic or funny or whatever since I am a barefoot runner!”

The potato make the picture. Without it, you are just some hot chick with high shorts. Nice ‘fridge magnets!


9.  Brooke in the royal blue unitard , “So this is what I used to run in with a shirt over. Then I got fat and now I am back to getting skinny and still have to run in my old clothing from the 80's. My shoes are old even and so I am not showing them because I am going to get new ones soon. And I am shy faced since being so fat that I really have a hard time exposing all. Just glad to get running again and hope to gain a new running outfit too.”

Brooke, this was a totally courageous entry. I don’t know a single person who could pull off this outfit. I give you some major kudos!


10.  Marlene says, “I may have had a little too much fun with this, and my husband may be pretending he doesn't know me.”

Oh, those crazy Canadians!


Thanks for your votes and good luck to the contestants! Results will be announced Monday, April 19.


  1. I voted! Unitard better win! Thanks for the comment yesterday beth!

  2. Go team vagina!!!

    I would love to see what kinds of Google searches land you new readers this week. Vagina vagina vagina. Just for good measure. I hope someone finds you by Googling that.

  3. How can you not vote for Brooke!!!?

  4. Oh man, there is some tough competition here. HILARIOUS!


  5. Wow, those are some crazy pics! They are so much braver than me...

  6. I was cracking up!!! I loved the pictures :)

  7. Fun! I feel for Brooke, I hope she wins!

  8. Wow, there are some brave people out there! The pictures are hilarious.

  9. Vote for me Barefoot Angie Bee!! Go for the bulge!

  10. i didnt even know unitards still existed so i gotta support that!

  11. These are wonderful! What a hard choice though...

  12. I loved the commentary that went along with the crazy pictures! Sooo funny!

  13. Oh are these good! Thanks Beth for coming up with such a fun concept...and to the rest of you for being brave enough to enter.

  14. Congrats to both winners! Some of those photos were hilarious!

  15. Congrats to everyone for being totally insane and submitting photos to this! I'm on Team Brooke. She totally deserves some real running kit.

  16. So much fun!! Thanks for putting this together, I'm crackin' up over here!!

  17. This post is awesome.

    Love it.

  18. I wanted to support the fellow Canadian, but seriously I think Brooke in the unitard deserves to win BOTH male and female categories.

    And Brooke also maybe deserves a little kudos for keeping one of those things around past 1985.

  19. I wanted to vote for The Crazy Canadian Marlene but it wont let me!!! :( Love the pics SOO funny!

  20. OMG THOSE ARE SOOO FUNNY!! I have no chance against the adorable and wonderful marlene

  21. Congrats to the winners! These pictures are so much fun. Great idea for a contest/giveaway. Thanks!!

  22. The pictures are great - each one of them is a winner.

  23. loved all the entries - brooke, i mean just wow! love that woman and her courageousness.

    claire - i randomly watched "nell" when i was younger for some reason. i'm pretty sure i was too young to be watching it.... i busted out laughing at that entry thinking of "tayyy in da winnnn"

  24. Awesome pictures. Anyone who can laugh at themselves like this group does deserves something.

  25. this is fun! Great entries, all!

  26. It's a tough choice for the girls so I went all patriotic and voted for Marlene!

  27. Thanks for that much needed laugh!

    Winks & Smiles,

  28. Wow... the competition is TOUGH!

    I am not above grovelling... so if I need to do that, let me know.

    Also, keep in mind how how embarrassed my 5 year old son was taking this picture, you will understand why I need to win!!!!

  29. Guys and Gals: Great photos. Such and entertaining blog. I try to look so like a runner every time I go out - I'm such a bore.
    I need to shed the modesty, have fun and look like I just got off the boat.

  30. Captain Picard could pull off the blue unitard.

    But Angie Bee for the win...that bulge has me worried/confused/interested/scared.

  31. My vote is for Jen in the fishnets! Please folks, think of the children! This is traumatizing on so many levels!

  32. My VOTE IS FOR JEN in the Fishnets. She looks more like a she Derby Rollerskater vs. a Runner. SAVE OUR CHILDREN and PETS. VOTE FOR JEN.

  33. Damn you for sending me that Taylor Swift video! I am a sniffling mess! :-)
    Why do they have to grow up!!!!!?????

  34. OMG, these pics are great! I totally vote for Clair w/ that damn camo suit on though.

  35. I vote for Jen #1. :) I love that her 5 year old didn't want to take the pic!!!

  36. Oh man those are some awesome pics! Major props for the self confidence to pull some of that stuff off!

  37. nice job w/all the pics and polling and everything. and cool new blog layout. very fancy!;-)

    i didn't get my pic in in time dangit...aw well, it wasn't as good as these ladies

  38. Great pictures! Ha, pretty awesome stuff.

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