Friday, August 13, 2010

Giveaway Winners and A Typical Day

The winners of the Salonpas Giveaway are:

  1. Tokyo Racer
  2. Kathrin at Apple Strudel and Peach Cobbler
  3. Lindsey at 70.3 or Bust
  4. Tara at Colorado Runner
  5. Allie at That Girl’s a Running Fool
  6. Running Mom
  7. Trish at Options for your Life
  8. Angela at She Runs
  9. Steve Q at Run.Race.Repeat (did you really want to win? I know it’s not Vicodin)
  10. Zaneta at Runner’s Luck
  11. Runner’s Fuel
  12. Bobbie at Journey in Running

Email me your addresses so I can get your gift pack out to you. And congrats!


Now for some fun. Things have been a bit too intense around here. So…

A typical day at my house. Don’t even try to zoom in between the bubbles. Nothing to see here:


A typical conversation at my house. This one took place yesterday:

Sam: Mom, this might be a weird question, but do girls have boob deodorant?

Me: What do you mean? Like, where would girls put it?

Sam: You know, under the over hang.

Overhang? If only I could be lucky enough to have overhang. And who but a 12 year old boy could come up with the term “overhang”? I told him I didn’t know, but I think there’s some kind rackguardof powder available or something. Good stocking stuffer.

Here’s a question. If you were to make a boob deodorant, what would you call it? Mine would be Rack Guard. Hahahah. I make myself laugh.      

Tomorrow’s little half marathon in the mountains really snuck up on me. This race is a gorgeous one and I loved it last year (I actually just re-read my race report from last time. Made me laugh). The only drag was waiting at the start in 40 degree temps. I know for you people sweltering in humidity this sounds like nirvana, but it was so cold I actually enjoyed the warmth on the toilet seat from the person before me in the porta potty. Wish me luck!


Start line of the race (source)


  1. Good Luck at the race tomorrow!! Overhang...classic :) My husband will get a kick out of that one!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Good luck tomorrow!

  3. congrats to the winners. and boob deodorant? hahahah!!

  4. Good luck....and your pic makes me laugh! I'm just wondering who is taking that pic, and if your husband is ok with you posting it on're just TOO funny!

  5. Have a great race. Boob deodorant oh my god...

  6. Good Luck! Cracking up over the overhang....Kids are hilarious

  7. Winning the Salonpas thing feels a lot like the time I won a 5K by 4 minutes - I'm a bit embarassed.

    Time to explain to the kid the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. You reminded me of the girl who explained the "pencil test" for whether or not a bra is needed; she said she used a typewriter.

  8. Have a great race! We're having cold mornings here in NorCal and I'm just LOVING it!

  9. Good luck! Lovin' the overhang comment!

  10. Oh man, that is hilarious! "Overhang!" that definitely made my Friday laugh today!

    Good luck on your half!!!

  11. Awesome photo! Everyone reads in the bathroom!

    I think you have a brand new product line.

    Run strong and enjoy your race.

  12. I have never before heard anyone say they liked anything about a porta potty. As always...I read that kind of stuff here first.

    Good luck with the 1/2!

  13. good luck!!! i haev a half too. hope we both rock it.

  14. Someone should invent a anti-chaffing coating for women who are a little larger. Wait, I think someone already did that...

  15. I wish I needed some rack guard, but I have no "overhang", or cleavage for that matter.

  16. You had me at bubbles. I photo shopped the bubbles out.
    Thanks for the comment - I'm sure ai'll end up naked anyway - why not start out that way?!
    You are awesome.

  17. Thanks for the giveaway, just sent ya my info! Best of Luck on your half tomorrow! I LOVE your blog, makes me laugh!!

  18. Love the "overhang" comment and Rack Guard...ha ha! Are you doing the Georgetown to Idaho Springs half? I thought about doing it, but thought it was too close from my Half Ironman. I can't wait to hear how it goes b/c I may be adding that race to my list for next year!
    Good luck, good luck, good luck! You're going to do great!

  19. Congrats to the winers! I would buy 'Rackguard' if I had the overhang lol.

  20. I am so proud that your son is thinking about boobs that much. Good for him!

    Why were there bubbles on the edge of the bath? You must like to take a bath like I do....LIKE A SPARTAN!!! (Lots of splashing)

  21. BTW, so bummed that I'm behind enough that I didn't get to enter this. You should have waited for me.


  22. Those are some seriously impervious bubbles. nothing to see there!

    What about monkey-boob powder.

  23. Thanks for the giveaway!! I'll email you in a couple minutes! Good luck tomorrow! I hope you do well :)

  24. LMAO -- boob deodorant! I definitely have an overhang and can say the size doesn't cause odor, but the overhang does make me sweat extra. Boob powder might be better. :-)

  25. LOL!! Maybe it could be called "Boob Lube". Like most of the other posters, I don't have overhang and even when I was 50 pounds heavier, I didn't have it. After losing 50 pounds, I barely have bumps...LOL!!

  26. boys will be boys! LOL!!!!

    good luck tomorrow! :)

  27. Thanks for making me laugh out loud! Overhang! HA!

  28. Good luck tomorrow! If you see onebadmother (shana) and/or FatherRunner (her hubby) gives a high five from me (SisterRunner) and her kids (who are hanging with me)

  29. woo hoo!!!! I've never won anything before!!!!! I'm very excited to walk around my house and put a pain patch on my butt. My name is Jessica btw, 'cause I know you have all of your subscribers full names memorized. I leave rude comments that I think are funny on your fb sometimes.
    Being a proud member of the ibtc I have no need for boob deodorant either, but I've heard it can get pretty nasty up under there!

  30. Rack guard!!! Bwahahahahaha.

    I go for good old-fashioned baby powder.

  31. Way too funny about "the overhang" - I am loving it! Have fun at the race tomorrow - wish we could meet you all for lunch afterward - we'll have to try again another time! I bet you are getting pretty excited about your trail rendevous with Dean.......... :-)

  32. Yeah, boob deodorant. Nice. You know, it would probably sell well! I'm just sayin'.

  33. hilarious. i think i know where the rack guard needs to go - although i'm having sweating issues so i don't need it right now, but i have to 'overhang' covered!

    hope your race went well!

  34. Your son's "overhang" comment was so hilarious that I laughed out loud! Hope you had fun with your half!!