Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CSN Giveaway Winner and Orthaheel Shoe Review

The winner of the $100 CSN giveaway is #103/221 - Mollie from Eat, Run, Read! I’ve been reading Mollie’s blog for awhile now. You should stop by if you love all things eating (think hazlenut meringue cake, key lime cake, etc), reading and running. Mollie is an amazing cook – her recipes and descriptions of her delectable cakes will make your mouth water. She is always finding time to read something interesting be it fiction or biographies. On top of all that, she runs her butt off around the D.C. area and gives some great details about her routes and experiences. Mollie, email me at brisdon@comcast.net and I’ll be sure your gift card gets to you!!

It’s true I’ve been a bad blogger. I get stuff to review, I wear it, use it, enjoy it, then I realize – Oh, snap! – I need to review it. I’m usually pretty timely, but not always. You see, Orthaheel, makers of shoes to make you healthier and restore improved foot function, sent me these shoes to try out about two months ago:


Kinetic Sandal: $59.00

Problem was they were the wrong size. One size too big. I told them and they were to send out another pair, but it never came.  When I realized the new pair was probably not coming, I started wearing the larger pair since they fit okay despite being a bit big. I wore them during a time when I had pulled something in my butt (no I did not pull something out of my butt). Maybe it was my imagination or maybe it was a placebo, but my glute pain started subsiding and then was gone. Mostly I wore the shoes after runs as recovery shoes. They take some getting used to because the arch is exaggerated, but in no time my foot adjusted and they felt really good. Very comfortable. They’ve become my summertime go-to shoe. In fact, last night a dog peed on my Orthaheels. I’m not kidding.

~~~Tangent: This is the second time I’ve been peed on by an animal this summer. The first time was by a goat at my CSA farm. He peed on my from about five feet away and I still don’t know how he managed the projectile effect. Maybe he was just glad to see me? Ewww…~~~~~~

Here’s the scoop, in the words of the Orthaheel folks, about how these shoes work:

“Our feet were designed to walk on soft, natural surfaces like soil and sand. Yet today we spend most of our time standing, walking and running on unnatural, hard surfaces.

This loss of our "footprint" has resulted in a variety of pain and injuries affecting not just the feet, but the entire body. Unnatural surfaces force our feet to pronate (roll over) to gain ground contact, which flattens the arches and can disrupt normal knee function and hip alignment and increase pressure on the lower back.

Clinical and practical research has resulted in the unique Orthaheel orthotic design that helps "reclaim" your natural footprint by restoring the foot's natural (neutral) alignment, enabling the feet, ankles and legs to function as efficiently and dynamically as they were intended. Orthaheel's unique orthotic is built-in to our collection of sandals, slippers and athletic shoes, and it is also available as an insert for your own footwear.

Orthaheel products are supposedly ideal for heel pain and plantar fasciitis, moderate to excessive pronation, shock-absorbing support and stability, and low- and high-performance athletes. While you are not running, but are at the county fair or grocery shopping or walking your dog, they supposedly correct your pronation thereby improving knee function and hip alignment.

Pronated vs Natural Heels

Bottom line? Slipping into these babies after a long run feels awesome. They are comfortable and durable and will probably last several years. I like to believe they massaged the pain out of my glutes. Yet, they are one of most expensive flip flops you will ever buy. At $59 a pop, it is tough to know if the price is worth the benefits.  I will say that if you are looking for a comfy shoe that will correct your pronation while you do casual walking, this could be the choice for you.


  1. $60 for flip flops??!! Dang, these puppies better walk for you. Actually, I have another friend who has them and he loves them. I've been having some butt pain myself maybe I should try them.

    Congrats to your winner!

  2. I totally need some good supportive sandals! Will have to wait until $60 sandals are in the budget:(

  3. These sound awesome. I love to wear sandals/flip flops but I know they are horrible for my feet/legs. These would be a great option!

  4. I misread what you wrote as "$59 a poop." You'd be broke, girl!

    I like Mollie's blog. Running, food and books, but without my creepy obsessiveness in all 3.

  5. I have been trying to kick a case of plantar fascitis for months now. I literally roll out of bed and get into my running shoes so my foot is supported so I can rid of this. Wonder if these are worth checking out. But 60 bucks is a stinger. Love your blog, by the way : )

  6. those shoes sound like a win to me!!! i need a pair!

  7. Sounds worth it to me.

    YAY Mollie!!

  8. I've heard good things about Orthaheel shoes.

    and congrats to the giveaway winner. i'm jealous!;-)

  9. I have a nice pair of Spenco's that are very similar.

  10. I need those sandals to get through my shifts, but I'm a little leery of poop/blood/pee/vomit on my toes.

  11. Good review about the product...I love give away...:D

  12. I have some too, and I wear them when I'm out and about but don't want to wear running shoes.
    I like them, but they don't come in half sizes, so the 7's are a little big on me.

  13. 60 Dollars is nothing if the result is loss of pain, increased freedom to move...and your feet are your foundation. It's a small price to pay really, for painfree mobility. I had crippling PF, had to work standing/walking on concrete floors up to 9 hours straight on shift and the lace up soft leather Orthoheel Lady walker shoes I stumbled across at a pharmacy were life savers. Was like wearing wrap around, supportive slippers, light and comfy. Can't speak highly enough of them; would definitly give any of their products a go.

  14. What orthaheel running shoes would you suggest? I've had bunion surgery and was told to ONLY buy orthaheel brand for my particular feet problems, but all of their shoes have the name "walker" as part of their title. Have you tried any of them while running?