Sunday, August 29, 2010

Slow Down or Pay

Okay -  who is going to take the plunge and get me to 700 followers?? You know you want to be #700. Give into the temptation.

You know how people say, “Don’t bite off more than you can chew”?

I think that’s crap. I totally recommend biting off more than you can chew if it’s your favorite kind of cake, cookie or donut. If, however, you are taking bites of canned and soggy French cut green beans or yesterday’s egg salad sandwich that you left under the seat of your car, forget it.

This month I have completely bitten off more than I can chew. But, being of the black and white cookie variety with frosting (God, I love those), I have done it willingly and with zest. I am all about taking on too much it is indeed the stuff that I am passionate about and that which keeps me feeling alive.

We are all busy, I know. Just ask your friend how he/she is and they will commonly sigh and answer, “Busy,” or “Spread too thin.” It almost seems to have become a competition about who can be the busiest. I am a firm believer that if we are crazy busy it’s usually because we’ve made choices to be there. Thus, stop yer bitchen (SYB).

Sure - work, kids, and life are busy regardless, but all of the extra time we spend on texting, blogging (indeed), surfing the ‘net, and all the other stuff we cram into the “empty” spaces in our day do pile on. Not to mention all the garbage we say yes to when we really mean no (soggy green beans).

Instead of saying, “I’m busy”, I choose to say, “My life is very full.” Somehow that puts a positive spin on it and makes it seem as if the things I am busy with are the things I love. Which is the truth.

But, back to the past several weeks. How did I think I was going to cram in Running a Day with Dean Karnazes, training for that Running a Day with Dean (and my upcoming marathon), running a half marathon, being the logistical coordinator for a 1, 200 person 5K in Denver (with Ms. Jill’s help), working my part time job, being a loving and available mom who doesn’t strangle her children, and existing as a devoted wife?  I thought I could do this because I’m demented. I have an elevated perception of what I can handle. Lesson learned.

I did survive. Last week was a blur of handling 60 volunteers, stuffing 1,200 goody bags, and driving to and from Denver. Yesterday (with the help of practically every family member and friend I have plus many extra blogger friends and selfless individuals) we successfully pulled off the Skirt Chaser 5K in 95 degree heat. I was there for 12 hours. On my feet. Bossing people around. Sweating.

Things got remarkably better around 5:30pm when the beer started flowing (Jamoosh - Dales Pale Ale and Mama’s Little Yellow Pils by Oskar Blues). I had three. My bossiness got sloppy yet more laid back. I danced with my kids. I just found out volunteer Lynne (who is a hoot, loved meeting her!) caught a site of me dancing (I’m blushing) and posted this video and a great race recap on her blog (that’s my mini-me dancing in the pink skirt up front):

I never said I had rhythm. Lay off.

My favorite thing about the race besides the beer, great volunteers and dancing with Sam and Emma? Porta potties that flushed. Best invention ever. Not sure where the shit went, but it went. Weird how when you into a porta potty your mind screams “Do not look down!”, but you are grossly drawn to the shit-filled hole. Kinda like a car wreck. With the flushers, no car wreck.

It didn’t hurt to get a paycheck at the end of the day too.

All of this action, lack of sleep and physical activity has taken it’s toll. I am fatigued.  I have a huge cold sore on my lip. I have to have gum surgery on Wednesday to remove some cysts in my upper mouth. I had the major squirts on Friday and while running I actually had to squat in a gathering of low bushes along a busy road because it was either that or down my leg. Those construction workers are still talking about it over their salami sandwiches and Lays chips.

My newest ailment? I woke up this morning with a numb left hand. Not completely numb, just from my wrist to my thumb and forefinger. I am pretty sure it is not a stroke because I did an 11 mile trail run and am feeling fine. But it is something not normal that probably warrants a visit to the doc. Anyone ever have this? You know I’ve already Google-diagnosed and it’s not pretty.

I am disintegrating a bit, but I will persevere. When your body says “Woah” you need to listen loud and clear. I’m listening now. I swear.

Thanks volunteers!! You made the day a success and I loved meeting you all.


  1. Excellent lesson for all of us. And I so agree...we need to resist the temptation to complain about our busy schedules b/c the only one to blame for too many commitments is ourselves.

    Now about that dancing...Elaine from Seinfeld came to mind! (and I only say this b/c that's pretty much me too!). Congrats on pulling off a successful race. Feel better!

  2. yay for surviving! i think that this is a lesson i can totally learn from. i have the hardest time saying no and keeping myself from doing too much.

    but you pulled it off with class lady :)

  3. You're still alive! LOVED finally meeting you, but pretty bummed we missed that dance sesh ;)

    We definitely need to get together for a run soon, we're training for the same marathon!

  4. I disagree - you weren't demented, just a bit deluded. It comes from running too much and from making decisions while oxygen deprived. And as for the injury - carpal tunnel syndrome, DVT or tumour. You so wanted to hear my thoughts on the matter didn't you? Trust me I'm a vet - who hasn't practiced in 15 years.

  5. It is not likely a DVT because there aren't deep veins in your hands. Also, you are constantly moving your hands and the blood flow isn't stagnant. (I work in critical care as an RN) It could possibly be a pinched nerve. I do hope it's nothing serious. Great job with organizing the 5k. You deserve rest!

  6. Sorry I'm someone who seems to catch people when their doing things they don't want posted on youtube! Hey you told me how to do it so you knew it was coming! It was great meeting you and it was a fabulous day. Thanks for the fun!

    Kid:"It might be a tumor."
    Schwarzenegger: "It's not a tumor!"

  7. I hear you on the full life...nice way to put it for sure. Glad the Skirt Chaser went well!

  8. love the video!!!goof!!! i have a full life as of late too! wooot! better than being empty!

  9. Full life is good. I am afraid I would be depressed if it wasn't.
    What a cool video!

  10. Full life is amazing...and porta potties that flush?? Serioulsy? AMAZING!

  11. I too love the "my life is full" comment! I really wish I could have met you and been able to volunteer for the 5k, but I'm glad it went well and I'm sure you did an awesome job!
    I asked my husband, who's a dr., about your numbness and he said that it's probably carpel tunnel syndrome. :( Hopefully it's just a pinched nerve or something!
    Good luck with your surgery this week!

  12. I get hand numbness often. A trip to the chiropractor typically alleviates it. Seems the more fatigued and sleep deprived I am, the worse the pinched nerve symptoms.

    Thanks for another great post. Take care of yourself.

  13. Jamoosh approves with your beer selections. You may now continue on with your life.

  14. Love this post! I hear the "I'm soooo busy" whine all the time and its always moms that are doing the exact same stuff we all have to do. I just wish I had the guts to say "suck it up".

    Your life is nutty compared to some of the women I know, yet you seem focused and happy (and damn funny). "My life is very full" does sound positive. I like it and I'm stealing it. Thanks.

    Skirtchaser sounds like so much fun. I was sold just hearing about the girly energy and the skirt. Food, beer and dancing? Awesome!

    Have a great week and take it easy for a few days!

  15. definitely sounds like you need to slow down a bit!! as for the hand, carpal tunnel? i have it and it gets worse after being on the computer for a while or even after a long run from the way i hold my hand held. hope surgery goes well this week, doesn't sound like much fun.

  16. I like this: my life is very full. a much nicer way to say it!

    heal quickly. sounds like your body is fighting back. :) nice dancing!

  17. Your life is full and since I've been reading your blog, I'm not so sure you would have it any other way.
    Sometimes just a day or so of laying back helps. As for the numbness in your hand, prob. just a pinched nerve like Leah said. Don't worry about it...although you probably will until the Doc says "don't worry about it".
    Take care and use this day to simply breathe and appreciate all that you have accomplished.

  18. porta potties that flush? brilliant!

  19. You took on a LOT! Glad to hear the 5K was a success!!! That is no small gig.

  20. OMG!! Glad you survived - you were defintely super woman these past couple of weeks! I hope your life calms down a bit or at least tops off for a while ;)

  21. PHEW! Hang in there. I wish I could have run your race. It looks fun, but I was getting ready to hear Billie Joe swear a lot. :)

  22. Um, yikes? Hope the gum surgery goes well.
    I've hd the numb hand thing and it has always been from too much typing or weird sleeping positions.

  23. Whew I'm tired after reading about your week!
    Please get the numb part checked out and get some good sleep this week! Loved your have plenty of rhythm!!

  24. Just found your blog and cracked up immediately at the 'major squirts' sentence. :)

    Also, had the numb hand thing when I was pregnant and get tingles sometimes when I run. A phenomenal body therapist I know told that the preggo incident was probably because I was sleeping on my side w/my hand under the pillow & my head. And now it's holding my hand in one position for three or four hours on a long run... Nothing to worry about, but I'm certainly no medical professional. :)

  25. you have rhythm but no moves. We'll work on that.

  26. My life is full but I can always make room for the things that really matter. You're the same.

    Glad yesterday was a success. With you holding the reins, I'm not surprised.

  27. Did you learn nothing when I stopped over at Davis Shuffling off the Buffalo. Damn girl. Maybe I should've just shut up and run. Legs look good and I love the pink. 700 Club. AWesome!

  28. Good lord, girl...where did you find time to DANCE with all your bossing around? I know I was just too too too busy being sorta lost like the whole time :). Maybe cuz I only had a half of a beer - unlike. I think my stomach was protesting the 95 degree heat. Rest up we discussed, you don't need that long run right now as much as you need your rest!!!

  29. Can I also throw my hat into the "holy crap I"m so busy that I take conference calls while on the can" club?