Thursday, April 28, 2011

Favorite Things–April 2011

I did my first installment of favorite things in March. I loved it so much I am doing it again. One of my favorite things is doing a favorite things list. Do not mistake the SUAR “favorite things” for the Oprah “favorite things.” There will be no screaming, passing out or giving away of free stuff.

Here are this month’s faves:

1. These sweat pants. Because everyone needs little Shut Up and Run on their ass.


2. Skinny Girl Margarita. Have you tried this? I’m not a fan of the super syrupy sweet margaritas, so this is welcome change. Although I’d prefer a home made drink, this is a decent substitute. Tart, light. The perfect summer cocktail. Downside: not many liquor stores in our area carry it yet, and it’s pricey at $13 for a 750 ml bottle. 100 calories for a 4 oz serving, but who drinks only 4 oz?


3. “The Gift of an Ordinary Day.” When you have 8 minutes and a giant box of Kleenex, settle in for this gem:

4. This tank top from Twist Yoga Wear. Stacia was so sweet to send me this as a “congrats” gift after Boston. Love her. Thinking I’ll wear it for the Bolder Boulder 10K at the end of May. If you want to order one, click HERE.



5. These shorts from Forever 21. Because a girl has to pretend she two and a half decades younger than she really is. I love these. And they were $9.80. Warning: these are the kind of shorts where one needs to beware of camel toe.


6.  My new post run snack – whole wheat tortilla with Nutella and peanut butter. Layer on the PB then the Nutella - THICK. Wrap it up and pretend you’re smoking it, then it it.


7. Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. Supposedly this stuff penetrates the hair shaft (that’s what she said), restoring shine and softness while strengthening. Argan oil protects from styling heat and UV damage while creating soft, seductive, silky perfection. I got mine at Walgreens for $7.99. Smells simply divine.


8.  Dunkin’ Donuts coffee from Costco. Pre-ground. 40 oz for $19.99. Now all I need is a Muchkin machine.


9.  “The” Boston Jacket. ‘Nuf said:



10. Odwalla Choco-Walla Bars. I’ve had Odwalla bars in the past and haven’t been impressed. These were in my schwag bag from Boston and are very tasty. Not quite a brownie, but they have huge chunks of dark chocolate in them. A great afternoon snack or pre-run treat packing 210 calories, 39 grams carbs and 4 grams of protein. They sell them at my grocery store for $1.00/piece.


11. This Athleta skirt. Comfy, girly, marathon worthy. I love the color and the ruffle effect. If you decide to get one, order one size down. They run big.


12. Lastly!! These tickets. Emma wanted to go so badly. I was a mean mom and told her it sold out, when I had really bought tickets through Stub Hub before they all disappeared. She cried. On her birthday my friend Joie and I dressed up in blond wigs and cowboy hats, serenaded her and gave her the tickets. I would show you the video, but it could be used against me. Mom of the year, right here.


Got any new faves this month? Do tell!



  1. I love Odwalla bars! They are my favorite

  2. Love Nutella... eat it right out of the jar!!

  3. Nutella. Food of the gods. That is all.

  4. That jacket looks all kinds of good on you. Jacket envy.

    At the risk of displaying a decided lack of worldliness, I've never tried Nutella. I get the feeling I'm missing out on something magical. I may need to give it a try, but somehow I fear it will all go wrong in a Narnia / Turkish Delight kind of way.

  5. Love the twisted tank! WTF...where's the finish. Same thing some days!

  6. I need that shirt!!! The link isn't working, WTF?

  7. I would love for you to try one of our shirts! i have tried to follow other blogs....your the only one I am still following! Keep up the fun!! :)

  8. Why is camel toe talked about in a negative sense? Maybe I'm the wrong guy to ask that question.

  9. I absolutely love that tank; maybe some e-shopping next! And I would totally sport SUAR across the booty. (Kinda appropriate placement, no?)

  10. I took my daughter to a Hillary Duff concert about 5 years ago. It didn't totally suck.

    Gotta disagree with the Dunkin Donuts coffee. Maybe it's my sophisticated pallet, but couldn't get behind it. In the same section of Costco, they sell S.F. Bay Coffee which, in my opinion is way better.

    Check this out. Today I get a text from my kid, "I love Boulder, the school, the people, the cute town".

  11. what an AMAZING mom! freaking awesome birthday present surprise.

  12. Spreading nutella and PB on anything is going to be good. Love the sweats- slash-your cute butt!

  13. I hate Taylor Swift - but that is the sweetest thing ever! Being a mom is so awesome sometimes :)

  14. Take an Odwalla Banana Nut bar and microwave it for 10 seconds. Tastes just like banana nut bread fresh from the oven. Yum, yum!

  15. Yeah, what 2Slow said... my husband swears that camel-toe is nothing to be ashamed of ;-) I'd be more worried about my ass hanging out the back... those puppies are SHORT! lol

    So this tortilla/nutella/p.b. thing... wouldn't a crepe be better? Or are we getting cross-cultural?

    I may try that 'poo. I have very dry hair and that looks quite moisturizing... that thing about the shaft... let us know if it's true.

    What a sweet and poignant essay reading and photo story... :)

    Those tix do get you nominated mom of the year... but that the presentation you describe cinches the award for you!

  16. Nutella - I eat it with a spoon right out of the jar! Why interfere with the flavor by adding other stuff? :)

    I did a favorite things post on my blog and linked you :

    SO jealous of "The Boston" jacket. I'll probably never qualify (especially now that it's going to be harder), if I ever got one, I'd wear it all the time. In the summer, in the rain, in the shower. EVERYONE would know that I ran boston!

  17. Emma will remember that forever! My 10th birthday present was tickets to New Kids on the Block - still ranks as one of the best gifts ever after being told I tickets were sold out and I couldn't go.

  18. Those shorts look good on ya ( i would have to worry about camel toe *and* droopy butt cheeks in those). But, the SUAR pants? I could get behind--or in--those!

  19. As a runner and blogger I can honestly say I have only really encountered two of your favorite things. I enjoy peanut butter and whole grain bread with some raw honey, but I have also used whole grain tortillas.

  20. Just found your blog!
    I think the boston jacket is one of my faves too! Congrats :).
    I think my fave thing for April is blogging bc I just started haha. I feel like now I have a billion friends who all like to run too...pretty sweet!

  21. Well, since I want to be just like you....
    I love the tank and the skirt, but I couldn't find the tank on the website, and the skirt isn't available in my size. Bummer!

  22. OMG i am sooooo jealous of the t.swift tix. can you be my mom?!?

    and YUM DD coffee. <3

  23. you should be glad you don't live in Canada, $13 for any liquor in 750ml sizei is a GREAT deal.

    Love your favourite things..

  24. Put some meat on your bones woman! For a second all the pics of you had me envisioning Sally Struthers on some African help infomercial!!!

  25. Beth- you look awesome, love it! Twist Yoga Wear here ;-) Sorry so hard to find on the website but here is the link to the WTF...
    @anonymous LOL ;-)

  26. I need that tank! Skinny girl Margarita! I'll have to look into that. Sounds a little better than my current "Fat Bastard" Chardonnay. I hope you are sleeping in that Boston jacket:)

  27. #3. Buzzkill. Was pumped for a hard run before our family camp trip, now I'm weepy...looking over at my perfect little(ish) boy wondering when I'm going to have to start counting beer bottles and tapping the phone line. Crap.

  28. The camel toe comment resulted in coffee spewing out my mouth AND Nose, and covering my keyboard.
    At work.
    Damn, how to explain THIS to the IT guy?


  29. The margaritas use to be called "Skinny Bitch". I was so disappointed in the name change.

  30. Yep, I like those shorts, too.

  31. I love this post! I'll have to come up with one of my own soon.

    I have also had my eye on that Athleta skirt and knew I should have gotten it when it first came out. I checked the other day and they were sold out. :(

  32. Sunny days...they seem to be few and far between up here.

  33. I love the WTF tank!

    AWESOME on the Taylor Swift tickets!!! Emma must have been soooo excited!

    I'll have to look for the Skinny Margarita mix. Do you watch that Bethenny show (the chick who created it)? I watch it occasionally when I need a good doze of trash.

  34. best birthday trick ever.

    I love that Athleta skirt... ruffles!

  35. That's what she said! hahahaha!

    Great list of favs. PB + Nutella can never go wrong. Your SUAR clothing definitely takes the cake fr "must haves", but the WTF tank is hilarious!!

  36. Dunkin Donuts is a MUST HAVE for me in the morning. And I am loving Skinnygirl Margaritas too (I like the tart taste). And who doesn't love Nutella!

  37. Hmmmm, I cguess my latest favorite things are the books I'm reading and my new gym pass (I rejoined Lifetime Fitness). Do you have one out there? Where did you buy the running skirt? Can you believe how much Bethany Frankil sold her Skinny Girl Margarita business for? Like 140 million! Crazy awesome!!

  38. Love seein you in your very own Boston jacket!

  39. nutella, pb and tortilla - yes, a new snack for me to try. I already love nutella and pb! Running skirts, skinny girl Margs (got a bottle in the fridge as we speak) and i use the same shampoo! Okay - gotta start looking for those walla bars!

  40. That Athleta skirt skirt and the WTF shirt are greatness! I'm pretty sure I need to use my kids lunch money for next week to buy both of them right away!

  41. My Faves:
    1) My 5-Fingers
    2) My clamp lamps that fit on my cap for night runs. Running, not diarrhea.
    3) Spring time runs.
    4) RunKeeper iPhone Ap. Again, not diarrhea.
    5) OTC Allergy meds
    6) Neutragena 70 SPF Oil-Free Moisturizer
    7) The Royal Wedding

  42. Love the sweat pants!! I also love Skinnygirl Margarita but no one drinks just least not in my house!

  43. I am going to blow your mind with this one. Slice a few strawberries on your PB&N Whole Wheat Tortilla. Then toss in micro for 10 seconds....and just know that heaven can't be that good.

    Funny you mentioned CT because I thought immediately that these are shorts for CT.

    Odwalla only gets a brownie mention. Nice. Because you have to be special for a shart adjective.

    The + in Shut Up + Run is a target isn't it?????

  44. Right now my favorite thing is ELECTRICITY. I have new inspiration for my first marathon tomorrow, since I am a graduate student at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and live in another county where 35 died, and many more lost their homes. So, tomorrow I'm going to stop my griping about no electric, be IMMENSELY THANKFUL, and SUAR!

  45. You had me ooing and aaing and saying "cool!" until I got to the Taylor Swift tickets and then I went, "eh."
    Awesome stuff otherwise ;)

  46. If there was a men's version of that shirt, I'd be all over it...

    Taylor Swift is horrible live.

    I had Dunkin Donuts a couple of times. It was just meh... It's like Tim Hortons up here in Canada, the instant coffee of the perked coffee world. Go buy yourself some fresh roasted beans and grind them yourself. Infinitely better.

    And yeah, there's no such thing as an open jar of nutella in my house. It's either unopened or empty.

  47. That video killed me! I don't even have grown children, let alone any children, of my own and I just sat here crying for the last 8 minutes. Howeverrr.. it reminded me of Tina Fey's mother's prayer that I heard on the radio the other day:

  48. Seriously. Laughing hard here. It is NOT ladylike to snort, damn it.

    1. Blonde Ponytail's pb protein bar recipe, I don't follow directions but somehow they still taste good.

    2. Free Socks. Well, not technically free, but included in a swag bag at a race. Free99 is the best price ever.

    3. Burr Grinder, I grind my own coffee beans. That's how I roll. *Slurp*

    4. The Furminator. My dogs are shedding like crazy and if I don't get rid of their hair, it looks like I killed and skinned a squirrel wherever they lie down. NOT a good thing.

  49. Seriously, you have GOT to stop posting Shut Up and Run clothes if you aren't going to make them available in the "Shop" section for me to buy! It just isn't fair... :(

  50. I love the Morrocan Oil products. I've never tried the shampoo, but my stylist sold me a bottle of this oil stuff to use for heat protection. It makes my hair SO shiny and feel so good. And a tiny little drop does wonders for dry elbows too. A sweet little off-label perk.

  51. Don't be ashamed of the camel toe ladies. We love them ;)

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