Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Got a Boob Job!

April Fools, a day late. Sorry if you were really excited.

April Fool’s Day is one of my most favorite days of the year. I am usually the perpetrator and not the victim. I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you.

My favorite was the  the year Ken and I wrote a letter to a friend telling her that her breast implants had been recalled. We went so far as to put the logo of the implant company on the letter (we took a wild guess at who it was and were right) and drove to Denver to mail the letter. We told her that her implants had rat feces in them and would need to be replaced. Mean, I know. She fell for it - hook, line and sinker. She came to my house waving the letter, yelling, “My boobs have been recalled!!! F*ck!” She took it very well after we peed our pants and told her the truth. We are actually still friends. And her boobs still look great.

It is risky to be my friend, child, daughter, sister and wife, but it can be fun.

Yesterday I woke up kind of sick, with lots to do and not much energy. When Ken reminded me if was April Fool’s Day I knew we had to do something to the kids. Ken suggested telling them the dog died. What is wrong with him?  I decided to tell them I had just seen a naked man running down the street and he was coming towards our house. They both ran to the window and waited anxiously because who doesn’t want to see a naked man running with his junk flapping in the wind? They waited for a bit until we broke the news. It was a weak attempt at April Fool’s but, it was something.

What’s the best practical joke you’ve played on someone or been the victim of?

BTW, I feel better today, thanks for asking.

A few people have said I look like Teddy on Grey’s Anatomy. I don't watch the show, so I Googled her. What do you think?


I’m not sure I see the resemblance, maybe a bit in the mouth and nose. Do you? I’m the one on the right. You probably knew that already since I don’t have a watch like hers.

Happy Saturday,



  1. I love April Fool's pranks! A few years ago I called my mom after I went to a doctor's appointment that was scheduled on April 1. I told my mom that they had found cancer so I was going to have to come back for more tests. She started crying and I immediately had to tell her it was a joke. She yelled at me, saying that telling her I was pregnant would have been better! I was 20 at the time and definitely not married. I'm more careful about my pranks now!

  2. I totally see it. You look like you could be related.

  3. You. R. Evil.
    your poor friend! LOL what a joke :P
    I can't claim any good April Fool's jokes as perpetrator but I have fallen victim to a few doozies. This year involved a friend and her husband and a pregnancy announcement…they have 8 kids, one of which is 7 months old. I still don't know if they are or are not pregnant! And one year my whole rowing team including the coach all told me that our race across the country in 2 or 3 days wasn't going to happen because our entry had been lost. I completely believed it but surprised them all by being really mellow and zen about the news :)
    Has anyone ever tricked YOU, SUAR?

  4. Now I'm wondering what's in the other half of the photo of you.
    I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to April fools. I think lots of the "jokes" are cruel, and sometimes cause genuine distress for the victim.
    Oh, and you're better looking than whatsernose in the other photo. But then I don't think many actresses are particularly good looking.

  5. Damn April Fool's. I was looking forward to the pics. You are in trouble now SUAR. BTW, check out my latest post and add some farting humor or something.

  6. Love your blog, was directed here by runtothefinish. Your bluntness is awesome and you're right "no excuses, just do it" I am a new runner and in the past have done just that: I made excuses. But no more!! Thanks for the inspiration! Look forward to following you!

  7. I have never pulled an epic april fools prank, but I feel that I should start working on it.

  8. Just finished photoshopping some boobs on you and NOW you resemble Terri or Teddi or whatever her name is.

  9. I see it.

    I love it.


    boobs by boston!

  10. The boob thing is hilarious! I may have to use that one in a couple of years with my friend who just got hers done-it's brilliant!

    I LOVE that Marjorie is still wondering! haha!
    My husband hacked my blog this year. Then linked it to fb. With the pregnancy announcement. obviously with 8 kids I'm always pregnant, so plenty of people were left guessing. Time for payback! I had my pregnant friend pee on a stick for me, then blogged the fact that the joke was on him-complete with picture of the positive test, and that he didn't know he was really announcing a pregnancy, he was just a month and half off with his due date.
    The man spent the greater part of the evening trying to figure out if I really was pregnant. He thought it was just a payback prank at first, but after tossing the positive pregnancy test at him from the bathroom he was pretty darn confused. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him squirm. Is that mean?

    My parents put a for sale sign up on their house one year, the listed number was that of the local zoo. After being an established part of the neighborhood and community for decades, a lot of people called about the sale. The zoo answered the phone a lot that year.

  11. i see it. and i LOVE that actress. i don't watch grey's but she was on 24 and she was probably one of the only females i didn't hate hahah

    wayyyy too funny about the boob prank. it sounds like you need a sense of humor to be friends with you ;)

  12. Just got my Runner's World, and you're quoted in it!

  13. Yes, I see the resemblance. We convinced a guy that his Asian tattoo said "Bean Curd" once - we took a Chinese food menu and added a pretty convincing picture of his tattoo to it. He was so ticked off - until we 'fessed up.

  14. Yes! You are awesome! Perfect joke. I froze my kids' cereal and then put fresh stuff on top for breakfast. Not as good as naked men running towards our house but it was age appropriate which is good for me. :)

    I enjoyed the conversation we had while taking dumps together at the side of the road in The Manly Runner's novel today.

  15. My 11 yo daughter taped the sprayer in the "on" position on our kitchen sink yesterday. Lucky for me my husband was the one who woke up first and went to make coffee. There was alot of yelling and screaming...

    I saw your quote in my "Runner's World" today. I started following your blog about a month ago and it's been a great motivator. The wind was blowing me off the road today when I went on my tempo run and I thought about your ride.

  16. TWIN! im so glad you posted this because i couldnt figure out who you looked like!!!

  17. My birthday is April Fool's Day... kind of a permanent joke!

  18. I think my parents were playing an April Fools joke on me when they named me Jon Holmes, other than that, nothing memorable.

  19. You definitely look like Teddy.

    When I was a senior in high school, I drove to school early, then called home and told my parents my car went into the ditch. Before they hung up the phone, I made sure to tell them it was an April Fool's joke. I also played the "I'm pregnant" card when I was in college. But then they retaliated a couple years later when they told me my cat had died.

  20. All of us love April Fools, most especially me, who's been making that day so memorable by playing practical jokes on almost everyone that I know! Haha! Well, last April Fools, I've also told everyone that I got a boob job. I even bought a boob enhancement bra, just to make everyone believe that I had a breast augmentation. At the end of the day, I still told everyone that I was joking, but I do enjoy having bigger breasts, so I'm playing with the idea of getting a real boob job soon. And next time, this won't be a joke sweetie!

  21. i stapled all of my husband's money together for april fools. :) it's my favorite april fools joke.

  22. You do kind of look like her! Take it as a compliment.

  23. I am in the minority who does not see it..I hate being on the receiving end of April fool but I do love reading about stories of others who got pranked!!

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