Monday, July 23, 2012

I Finally Got Off the Pot

I took my own advice to sh*t or get off the pot and got a new running watch. I mean, I’ve been talking about this purchase forever: HERE and HERE. I can be such a cheapskate about spending money on myself. Probably because I am so selfless. Hah – got ya! I am actually a cheapskate about spending money period. What? We don’t need more toilet paper! Can’t you all just re-use the napkins from last night’s dinner? I mean, I’ve been making my own tampons for years!

I took the watch buying plunge because I couldn’t resist the promotion Garmin is having right now – $50 back when you trade in your old watch (only certain models qualify). Read about it HERE.

After lots of research, mostly on the DC Rainmakers blog (if you don’t go here for your gear reviews, you are nuts. This dude is so thorough it hurts. I still don’t know if he can make it rain in D.C., however), I decided on the Forerunner 210.


I chose this one because:

  • It has a feminine outline in teal – c’mon you know you buy cars and shoes based on color.
  • It provides “instant” pace vs. just lap pace. I am used to this with my 205 and can’t see giving it up.
  • It does not have a bezel. I am a weenie. Bezels intimidate and annoy me.
  • It fit my price range ($180 with free shipping after the $50 cash back and a 8% promo code I found). That’s $70 extra dollars for toilet paper. Or tampons. (Watch retails for $249 normally).
  • Can be used for running or cycling. Or swimming if I don’t want it to last very long.
  • Has a heart rate monitor. Yes, I am going to start heart rate training soon. Don’t get a boner.
  • Is sleek and small enough you could wear it as every day watch if you want to be all full of yourself.

I got the watch online at Heart Rate Monitors USA. They had the best deal I could find. If you want a promo code for further discounts, you can find one here.

I am so used to wearing a large piece of machinery on my wrist, that this one felt like a delicate tennis bracelet from Zales. It’s like the 205 had a baby or something.


It feels different in part because the watch doesn’t bang up against that weird bone in my wrist that sticks out – I don’t know what it’s called but if you are an anatomy freak or an orthopedic surgeon you can let me know.

I’m going to give this baby a whirl on my early morning ride tomorrow and my run on Wednesday. Call me crazy, but I am simply having a good feeling about it. Probably because the dogs like smelling it more than each other’s butts. Weird!


I’ll let you know how it goes because I know you won’t sleep until I do.

Make any fun purchases lately (running or non-running)?



  1. Awesome! I've had the huge 305 for a couple of years and I've been thinking about the 210 for when it dies. Keep us posted on how you like it!

  2. We just bought a butt load of cement to build our own rock wall in our backyard. Super exciting!!

  3. I just got the 210. I think I'm in love...but hey, running is my boyfriend.

  4. I just bought my first running skirt. Yep, that's me, keeping up with fashion!

    BTW, educate me, what is a bezel?

    1. Some of the Garmins have this circular control that goes around the watch, and that's how you make selections instead of pressing buttons.

  5. I ordered my 410 from the same place! It's doesn't have that sweet color detail, but it's about the same size. I LOVE it, but I hate how it feels on my wrist. I can't stand a tight watch, so I have to wear it where it wiggles around a bit, so I'm fidgeting with it a lot. ANYWAY. In spite of the fact that it's only a couple of months old, I'm already saving up to buy MY BIA (!) next spring! Excited about the security feature and what looks like a potentially way more comfortable fit.

    1. Yes, I'll hopefully be trying out the Bia too. So glad it got the backing it needed!

    2. Whoa! They made it? SO EXCITED for them!

    3. Yes, they got $408K in funding. It should come out in the spring.

    4. They got 90K in funding that last day to make it. Backing the Bia was my treat to myself. I am also cheap, and choosing the watch and go stick was not (for me). But I love the idea behind it and can't wait to get mine next spring! I sometimes have to run alone and think this concept is wonderful. Anything we can do to be safer (even though it completely pisses me that I even have to think about it).

  6. Thanks for the review! My 305 has been acting really funny lately and I'm worried that I might have to replace it one of these days. I am all about getting a good deal and it looks like you found one. (I just can't justify spending $250+ when I can get something just as functional for cheaper.) Let us know how it works on runs!

  7. Hey Beth! If youre talking about the bone on your thumb side, its the radius, on the pinkie finger side, its the ulna. Theres your anatomy lesson! :) Love the watch, I made the mistake of getting a Timex gps watch and I hate it. Live and learn I guess. Cheaper is not better in my instance.

  8. I just bought the same watch recently and it's great. Actually traded my old 110 in for it and just paid the difference... REI is awesome like that!

  9. Ohh I love it! I have the 205 and I hated how it swallowed up my wrist.

  10. I backed Bia and am excited to get my sports watch/go stick!! I have a Forerunner 110, but am really looking forward to April when my Bia arrives!

  11. I have the same watch. It was a tough transition as this watch has much more accurate GPS...and I felt slower:)

  12. I also have a Garmin 210 (although it didn't have the cool teal stripe when I got mine about a year ago - bummer. I love teal!) and love it. Granted it was my first GPS watch (I had only used Nike+ and various GPS apps on my iPhone previously) so I can't compare it to other Garmin models, but I have been so happy with it. Hope you love it too!

  13. love the new watch, and this post literally had me laughing..."I have been making my own tampons for years" BAHAHAHA!

  14. Awesome!!! You are hilarious and informative....don't get a boner! teehee

  15. Awesome!! I love reading your blogs.......sometime you should post about how those tampons are made. Or maybe not!

  16. Awesome! I have the 210'll love it. I've only had one minor fluke with it (just had to reset it once) but other than that, it's been great and does what I need it to do.

  17. That picture of your dogs sniffing your watch!! That cracked me up. What's up with that??
    I have the 110. I hate that mother effer because the way it hooks up to charge and transfer data is the biggest pain in the ass ever. If only I could get back the hours I've spent clipping the charging thing onto the watch, then waiting to see if it starts charging. Do it too many times unsuccessfully and the thing just gray screens, and restarts when it feels like it. Maybe the 210 has a better system.

  18. That bone on your wrist that sticks out: the ulnar styloid process. Probably called the "style-oid" because that is where you put your freakin' awesome new Garmin Forerunner!

  19. New toys are fun :) I think it's a smart and sensible choice. I wonder why Garmin never sends bloggers freebies?

  20. I occasionally get a cyst on that weird bone on my wrist. I like to sing it a song (to the time of "your kiss is on my list) - "you know the cyst, the cyst is on my wrist, you know the cyst is on my wrist.". Enjoy your new gadget! Glad to hear there is one out there that doesn't interfere with the bone - it's the main reason I can't wear one, so I'm looking in to this!

  21. The wife and I just updated our phones. Not a slick new running watch, but it does beat her old clam shell phone.

  22. I <3 my 210. Although it does not have the fancy teal. Now I'm jealous. ;) Have fun!

  23. You deserve a treat missy :) I don't care what people say colour is important! Super watch let us know how it goes

  24. Nice watch! Looks great on you!

  25. I haven't but my husband just bought a pair of Kinvaras. When we were out for a run he said "These shoes are making love to my feet!" Doesn't get any funner than that!

  26. I just bought these sunglasses ( because the colors matched my CTER race you tell me if fashion takes precedence over function in my life....haha!

  27. Lately my runner friends are making fun of me for not wearing a watch...and I don't want one. When I first started running, I used a phone app to keep track of distances but I would check it all. the. time. Now I just let others give me the average pace and total distance.

    Is a watch that necessary??? Just wondering....

  28. Okay Beth, I just saw this video, and immediately thought of you!:-)

    There are significantly more uses for a tampon than the box would lead you to believe. Mansome's resident survivalist show us how to start a fire using just a tampon.

  29. Becky got a Mustang GT Premium, I know you think non-running - but Mustang don't do FAT - so for me to ride around in my new ride I have to look good - that equals MORE RUNNING.

  30. I had a 405 for a while and the bezel wasn't so bad. That said, I finally bought a new watch a few weeks ago -- the 210. It was my first non-ebay watch purchase. Best investment yet. So simple to operate. Not sure I waited so long.

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