Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Boost

I did something very un-me-like yesterday. Can you tell what it was? Doubt it.

I know you're thinking that I must have gotten a boob job due to my voluptuousness. But more likely you were too busy wondering how it is possible that someone with female parts and estrogen could possible have a body like mine - that of a twelve year old boy (minus the obvious appendage).

What I did was go in for some airbrush tanning, for the first time ever. I have a friend who has recently lost a lot of weight. She has been doing some self improvement things and wanted to tan, so I went along. Check out this tan line. No one else in the state of Colorado in December can boast this (except for the friend who went with me).

Phew - didn't show any crack.

Yes, it is kind of queer that I chose to go in the middle of winter when there is absolutely zero chance that anyone (but my lucky husband) will get to see my bronzed bod. But it is what it is.

This was kind of an interesting situation. I went into Tiki Tan in Longmont and was greeted by Jennifer. Apparently she and her husband, who is the lieutenant of the Longmont fire department, own this place. I told you Longmont was small.

She took me back to this room that was not unsimilar to a Conoco gas station bathroom. It was clean enough and had a toilet and a tent for the tanning. Jennifer came in and told me that she was a nurse also so that if I wanted to go completely naked, while she airbrushed me, it would be fine (I guess nurses see a lot). I opted to keep the bra and underwear on (hence the tan line). The thought of someone who I didn't know airbrushing my privates was a little much. Even someone I did know airbrushing my privates would be a little much.

You might be wondering why I didn't opt for the tanning bed. I have only been to tanning beds once and that was in college when I was getting ready to go the Bahamas for spring break. All the girls said we should do it to avoid getting burned. Because I do what people tell me, I did it. I'm pretty sure I made friends with melanoma during that time, but I did get a deeper tan than I've ever had before:

That's me on the left with the ruffles and the perm.

Oh, and just because I was going through old photos of the Bahama's trip, here's when I won the limbo contest.

That's me with the afro.

Do you ever do stuff like this? Tanning, pedicures, botox, cosmetic surgeries?

Oh yeah, this is a running blog, so let's move onto that.

Yesterday, my Yogi tea had this to say:

Immediately, because I am obsessed with running, I made the "most impossible challenge" the almighty marathon. Yes, it's true that overcoming that feat brought me unmeasured accomplishment and happiness (only to be compared to squeezing two 8 1/2 pound babies out of a small opening).

Today I am giving a huge shout out to Super Feet, makers of insoles for runners. They have the best return policy ever. You have 60 days to return/exchange their products if you are not completely satisfied. Today I exchanged my green Superfeets for blues (greens had too high of an arch), just shy of the 60 day mark. I had cut up and used the insoles for the past two months. Yet, with no questions asked, I was given a brand new pair. I love a company that stands by their product. This is how they keep and gain customers.

Drinking: Hazelnut vanilla coffee from Einsteins


  1. nice tan, and a great look back at the past! Good to know about the Super Feet! That's amazing!

  2. Great tan and no sun damage! Score!

    Love the old photos. I think I had that same bathing suit. Gotta love ruffles.

  3. I've always wondered about spray tanning, much better choice than getting skin cancer. Of course who knows what chemicals they use....

    I love flashback photos...and Yogi tea.

  4. No tanning or surgery for me, but I do wax some stuff...does that count??

    Love the old pics!

  5. The airbrush tan makes me thing of the episode of Friends where Ross gets spray tanned. I went to a tanning bed once and left after about 30 seconds because it completely freaked me out. I'm meant to be pale, I guess.

  6. I tan all the time but I'm thinking of canceling my membership in January, I feel so guilty tanning and I know it's bad for me so I just need to stop.

  7. You can tell us ... the real reason you didn't get the full-nude-airbrushing is cause you just got the lightning bolt on your betty!! Paul :-)

  8. i used to go to the tanning booth in college a lot :-/ baddd. now i spray tan for events (like when i am in weddings) or things like that. i used to be a regular pedi girl too until i became a runner. i could use them now but i am either too embarrassed or missing toenails haha.

  9. Dang Paul! You totally called me on it. I didn't want her to see the new green bolt on the Betty.

  10. I never do stuff like that - tan, massage, pedicure... I bet some of it would be fun though. I am happy you went the fake route and didn't use the tanning bed!

  11. I love pedicures. I get mine at a local tech school so they are only $6.39 and that includes a foot and leg massage!

  12. I rarely do stuff like tanning, manicures etc. I do want to try the air brush tanning some day, I just worry about how it will look on me cuz I've seen some weird ones...
    Yours looks awesome though! Even if you can't really show it to anyone, doesn't it just feel nice to be tan in the winter?

  13. Lovely tan! I used to work for a tanning salon, so I've done my fair share. But now I'm way more "fair." No one would believe me if I said I worked at a tanning spot.

  14. I never used a tanning bed becasue I feel like I get enough sun just running for hours at a time out there! I did get an airbrushed tan last year for the first time. It was really cool--you go into a booth totally naked and no one has to see you. Then you hit the start button and it does the job. It looked great until I ran a 24-hour race! I was laughing so hard becasue the stuff was sweating off on my compression socks and bra! Hey, but I looked good so that's all that matters right?!!!

  15. i had the same swim suit in college...and today am going to get my betty sugared!
    ever done that?
    hubby likey.

  16. Nice tan line! I'll be rocking one of those soon... if I manage to get any color with my SPF 50! No skin cancer for me.

  17. oh i love the old photos!! you limbo girl!

    i did tan off an on in KC during the winter, like one time a month because honestly I think it made me feel better...I get a little SAD and for something reason I felt those few sessions helped when I was getting really like damn I need sun

  18. Wow! Those pics are GREAT - I wonder if you could still win a limbo contest...hmmmmm....
    I have to admit...I am a girly girl. I get my nails done and a pidicure every two weeks like clock work. I don't have any of the dreaded toe issues like most runners so I keep my toes lookin' cute!
    But I do have red hair so tanning booths and spray on tans would just look bad!!! Never tried them either, I just burn!
    Although, a lightening bolt does sound kind-of fun...
    Have a good weekend!

  19. Hey, you had flat abs before you ran! Give back that Popener!

    Instead of tanning booths, I just roll around in coffee grounds like a dog to get my color.

  20. And those aren't your old photos either. I found footage of you exercising from way back then:

  21. Nice tan line - and I can concur that you ARE the only one doning a tan line in Colorado, aside from your friend. More snow on Monday -- I'm so tired of it already. The fro from way back when made me laugh....we all have those lovely perms!