Sunday, December 27, 2009

What's In Your Secret Drawer?

More often than not, I always ask for books for Christmas. Might seem boring to some, but when the monumental holiday is over and there is that inevitable Christmas hangover (not in the alcohol sense, but in the sense of so much activity and excitement then..............quiet. But who am I kidding - let's not leave alcohol totally out of it), I like to have something leftover to indulge in.

This year's books included:

Rules for Runners by Mark Remy: We all know about this one. Excited to read it to see what rhymes with Saucony ("rockin' knee) and when/where to go pee and crap depending on urgency and location.

Olive Kitteredge by Elizabeth Strout: I'm a voracious reader of all books and have read her previous book Amy and Isabelle. Am excited to read this one about a retired school teacher living in Crosby, Maine.

Animal, Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver: I've read all of Kingsolver's books, my favorite being the Poisonwood Bible. This one's non fiction and about when she and her family vow that for one year they'd only eat food they grew themselves or buy food grown nearby to their homestead. Go Ma & Pa! Yeah, right. Can't see doing that, but I'm glad she did so I can read about it.

Brain Training for Runners by Matt Fitzgerald: Guess what? The brain controls it all (although you men might disagree). Train your brain to help you recover, run in the zone, maximize performance, resist fatigue. Oh, and to run a 2:09 marathon. I'm pretty sure the brain can do that too.

Oh, and I also got a Kenny Chesney calendar for days when the books just won't do. I'm not a huge country fan, but I love me some Kenny. That tight little ass, that crooning voice and that 28" inch waist are more than a woman can handle. Not to mention the bald head and rumours of gayness, but we won't talk about that. Here's one of me with Kenny.

Here's one taken at our beach house in St. John. I made that necklace for him out of white Smarties:

I got to thinking (uh oh). The books and items on your bedside table (and maybe in that secret catch all drawer) tell a lot about a person. Here's what I've got.
  • The remote - need I say more. I'm a TV whore just like the rest of you
  • Pictures of my kids because no matter what anyone says they are the cutest and smartest of them all

    Glasses - yes I wear contacts by day, glasses by night (Nine West)

  • Clock - It's actually a Zeo sleep system/monitor. My cousin's husband works for Zeo and I was going to be on the Dr. Oz show in September to talk about mom's sleeping and Zeo. Really I was. It fell through, but they still sent me one. Pretty cool. I'd rather be on Tyra to talk about my beaver anyway (see below).
  • Books: Guide to Distance Running, Tales of a Female Nomad, and all those books above

And in the secret drawer (here's where it gets interesting):

  • Milk Duds, Jujyfruits - more often than not I can be found stuffing my face with bad movie candy right before bed. I like it to sit on and rot on my teeth all night.
  • A stuffed beaver - this is the biggest mystery. I know not why it's there except that at some point I'm pretty sure it was a joke between me and my husband
  • Motrin - I'd like to say it's for running aches and pains, but it's really for wine aches and pains
  • Notes my kids wrote to the tooth fairy - they are always negotiating and asking her questions like when she started her period, etc.

So you know this BEGS the question. What's on your night stand and in that special drawer? Keep it clean if you want, but you know I can handle it if you want to share all.

Giveaway update: I will be picking a winner using my special picking system in a couple of days. There is still time to enter.

Drinking: Starbucks Christmas Blend


  1. I love the tooth fairy note haha, that is so funny!

  2. Love the books! I'm such a bookie. I'm a fan of Kenny too, but then I like most things country.

    Hmmm, my bedside table doesn't have anything too alarm clock, lamp, running clothes/watch needed for the next morning (roll out of bed and they are there waiting for me), Spooks my bear, and a note Punky wrote for spooks. There is no secret drawer that I know of, but if there was I'm sure I'd have interesting things in it.

  3. Hey no that's ME with Kenny Chesney! :0

    You are killing me here. Ok in my nightstand: various books and old magazines, a school directory, a Cruise Ship guide circa 1998, an errant puzzle piece of President Andrew Johnson, the box from my Polar watch, an unopened Princess (the castle kind not the vacation on a boat kind) notepad and various emery boards.

  4. So many new titles I now want to check out! The stuff in my secret drawer is lonely and could use some company.

    I wear contact too! Blind sista's unite!

    Time to submit my comment, I've got a giveaway to go enter! So much to catch up on!

  5. Ok the note to the Tooth Fairy is absolutely classic. From a non mom perspective, your kids really are very adorable. Read Runner's Rule book in two sitting...LOVED it. I'm pretty sure you will too

  6. My nightstand (grandfather's, ca. 1890): top has hand-made dust ruffle (ca. 1930), gooseneck lamp (ca. 1940), clock radio (ca. 1990), one used Kleenex.

    Top drawer: loose photos of family members and old girlfriends (or old photos of loose girlfriends), newspaper obits, scraps of paper with jotted e-mail addresses.

    Middle drawer: projects half-finished (such as lists of books to read; proof that there are but 14 distinct convex pentagonal tilings). Also Bibles: NRSV, King James, Vulgate, Hebrew/Greek.

    Bottom drawer: billfold that should've been thrown out, sterling silver napkin ring, VHS re-recording of super-8 family films that should be digitized someday, letters in German from 1940's from distant family members wanting to be sponsored for American citizenship. Key to the REAL hiding place.

  7. Absolutely adore the note to the toothfairy - classic! My running bible is Brain Training for Runners (I re-read pages 158-161 before every race) and am using the marathon training plan out of it for Boston!

    On my nightstad: lamp, un-cool clock, sticky notes to mark favorite book pages, Carmex, iPod, Portland Marathon 1st place in Woman's group division plaque(can never remind yourself your team kicked butt that weekend! I use it as a little inspiration), tv remote, nail clipper, and a thousand books. Yeah...boring.

  8. As a new mom whose little one is just getting all her teeth . . . I often ask veteran parents "what did you do with your kid's teeth?" My dad still insists the tooth fairy still exists so I couldn't get a straight
    answer outta him. :-) Do people just toss them or do they save them in a ziploc and stash THAT away in their night stand drawers? Is that gross? :-)
    Just watched a good running movie (old school mind you) called Running Maddness about running the Western States Trail. Don't watch it unless you want to get "hooked" on running ultras. Also in that case, don't watch Race for the Soul either. Hook line and sinker.

  9. I have books on my nightstand too. And jewelry! No secret drawer. That Kingsolver book sounds really good. I hope we get to read a review!

  10. Hi Beth,
    I just found your blog thru Mamasweeds and wanted to say HI.

    As for my nightstand on top I have: A lamp, alarm clock/cd player, Thrive book with my journal on top of it, a gold B (I collect B's) and a frame with my kids pic in it.
    In the drawer is WAY too much really needs to be cleaned out, old journals, glasses (contacts by day for me too) and various odds and ends but nothing interesting.

    I'm off to check out the rest of your blog- looks like we have alot in common.

    Happy New year!!

  11. The tooth fairy note is priceless! I love that your kids leave the tooth fairy questions! make sure they never find it! lol

  12. more in common my friend - my kid has the same AC/DC shirt he wore on the first day of school!
    I need one that says "AD/HD Back in...was that a squirrel?"
    i used to love Kenny - then i saw him in concert and realized i could kick his a$$ and got over it - i need a man who can handle my roundhouse kicks.
    what is in my drawer?...wouldn't you like to know.

  13. Mmmmm I love me some Kenny too!!!

    As for my bedside tables I have a little organizer of sorts with all my running bibs on the bottom shelf and then a marathon frame with Spike & I framed on top, a vase with the flowers he gave me and then remotes. On the other one I have the current book I'm reading. No secret drawers. Sorry to disappoint. LOL!

    Great book titles you requested! I love me some books and appreciate them over all other gifts usually!

  14. YOU are always super hilarious! Happy holidays! The new year is almost here!

  15. oh, and I wish I read normal, interesting books more. It's all textbooks and websites.

  16. I have too much crap on my nightstand to list! Running magazines, quilting magazines, running books, frog clock (LOL), lamp, etc., etc.

    Secret drawer - hhhhmmmm - not really, just more junk that most likely just needs to be tossed - I think there might be some old organic vegan chocolate bars in there, but I'm too scared to look now!

    I'm a new follower of your blog and I'm loving it. Love the list of books, I'm especially interested in the Brain Training book. My brain is my worst enemy when I'm out there on the really long runs.


  17. In my special drawer: People magazines and other gossip rags that I don't want to claim (but secretly love). On the nightstand: David Sedaris, Dorothy Parker, Laurie Notaro books. I obviously think there are going to be a bunch of people not only seeing what is on the nightstand in my bedroom (hence the hiding) but will then judge me for it.

  18. What? No one admitted to a tube of KY? Come on people!
    Other than the KY, I've got books (various running ones, need to read Remy's), my jewlery box, my alarm clock that I have had since junior high, lip balm, lotion, cell phone plug and of course, the remote is on my side of the room :)
    Thanks for the book list!

  19. I just finished Olive Kitteridge and it was really good. I also got Animal, Vegetable, Miracle for Christmas and am excited to start it. Did you see she also has a new fiction book out too? Still in hardcover and I like to wait for the paperbacks . . .

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  21. OH I love reading!! it is one of my very favorite things to do and I have been wanting to read brain training can't wait to hear about it

  22. Wow... This made me want to vomit.. If my nightstand if reflective of me then I'm rotting and not really living my life.

    Lamp that doesn't shine bright enough to read by, alarm clock, a stack of books I've been meaning to read for months (one of which is running). One drawer is broken and both are full of, old camera, sewing kit, random old papers... It's a mess!!!

    :( I should think about this...

  23. fun question:

    on my bedside table: lamp, book, earplugs, eye mask, tissue, massage bar, lip gloss, glass of water.

    in the drawers: socks and boxers. and KY jelly ;)

  24. About 20 books (business titles, Malcolm Gladwell, Born to Run, In Defense of Food, etc), 2 deocrating magazines, 1 graphic design magazine, 1 lamap, a large plastic cup of water, and three black hairbands.

    The dirtay stuff is kept in hubbys nightstand--THREE drawers over there, plus it is convenient to be able to write off any weird stuff the kids find and ask about as "Daddy's weird stuff" :-)

    And for the record, I keep my kids' fallen out teeth in a ziploc bag hidden in my top dresser drawer, under the good stuff from Victoria's Secret. I figure that will scare the kids prying eyes from going any further. One must be strategic with these things, obvi.

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