Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's On Your List?

First off, Rachel is doing a great giveaway - A signed copy of Rules for Runners! So check it out.

Do you ever wonder if running is taking over your life? It might be if you:

  • Plan your poops around your runs (to avoid a mess in the drawers or a roadside crap)
  • See or hear the word "marathon" anywhere and perk right up even if it's referring to a series of shows in a row on TV (ergo - a "Christmas Story " marathon)
  • Disappear when your new issue or Runner's World comes (maybe you're in the crapper pretending to poop or maybe you're combining the pre-run poop with some good reading)
  • Gravitate towards and feel a kinship with anyone who runs. Even if they are five years old.

Me? This is how I know running has taken over my life. Without even trying or thinking about it, my Christmas list turned into this (yes, I still have a Christmas list. Ken and I still buy gobs of stuff for each other on Christmas and birthdays. There is nothing like saying "I love you" by spending tons of money on crap):

1. Subscription to Women's Running Magazine

I am a woman and I run, so seemed appropriate

2. Book: Brain Training for Runner's

So I can get my brain on board with my upcoming marathon training and marathon running. In case you didn't know, the mind is a powerful thing.

3. Capri Running Tights

I only have one pair. They smell.

4. Cheetah Running Skirt from RunningSkirts with matching headband

My new thing is this: just like how you wear crap clothes all day everyday, but then you go to a party and dress up? I am going to wear crap running clothes every time I run, but when it comes to races I am going to KILL IT with my outfits. Yes, I'm going to dress up. NEVER in a costume, mind you, but just in cute running clothes. Why? I don't know. It's just something to do and maybe it will make me faster. And we all know cheetahs are fast. To go with this sweet outfit I might also get a cheetah on my Betty. (JK).

5. Stability Ball

Everyone needs a big orange ball. Okay, we all know that the only thing I have going for me is my abs. Boobs? I'm a barely "A" cup. Butt? Saggy at best. Legs? Stumpy and short. So I figure I'll continue to pimp those abs with this stability ball and I will also, hopefully be strengthening my core for better running. Apparently there is some correlation.

Do you see a common theme here? It's all about the running. All of it.

What's on your list?

Drinking: Starbucks Christmas Blend

Number of times I used the word "crap" in this post: 6


  1. I love my stability ball and I love when you use the word crap. You've just made my day by saying it 6 times.

    Love that running skirt.

  2. My whole list is running stuff too. I asked for a big box of vanilla gingerbread gu. And arm warmers.

  3. My list is mostly running stuff, too - shorts, capris, new pair of my Brooks Adrenalines (a girl can dream), even a 20-min massage for after my half-marathon in Feb (can buy ahead of time online for race day).

    Your abs are so inspirational, it is downright ridiculous. I'm going to Target after work to buy a stability ball. And then I will USE IT.

  4. You crack me up!

    I like the idea of looking good to race. It will probably scare off the competition!! You know, those young girls who will see you and whisper to their friends, "look at HER! She must be a serious runner! Just look at her outfit!"

    I will have to dig out my ball and actually use it if I can have abs like ours!!

  5. On my list:
    15 lb Neoprene weights
    The Eat Clean Cookbook by Tosca Reno
    Clod gear running gloves
    Cook Yourself Thin book
    The Runner's Rule Book
    Salad Spinner - DORKY but true!

  6. I'm with you on all of those. Even when reading blogs (like yours) as soon as I see it's a running blog I'm like, 'ohhh, a runner!'
    I feel kind of bad about wanting all running stuff this Christmas because I know a few things my mom is getting me and I'm a little disappointed it's not running related and that makes me feel like a crappy person.

  7. haha, I am guilty of bullet point 2 and 3!
    Hmmm.... this year I want a huge supply of Clif Shot Blocks

  8. Bullet point 1 1? Oh fo'sho.
    Bullet point 2? Well I DO blog-stalk. Busted.
    Bullet point 3? Had to cancel my subscription (trajedy I know!) but oddly enough, Trail Runner mysteriously started appearing in my mailbox so the disappearing act continues.
    Bullet point 4? My 19 months loves to "run" to get the mail . . . I call it mommy/daughter bonding.

    As for the stability ball . . . Um I have had mine for YEARS . . . so you're telling me if I actually USE IT I'll get abs like yours? ha! You are my proof that this post baby muffin crap is not permanent!

  9. Perfect Shut Up & Run post: lots of poop and crap!
    I like to think that I make my husband and relative's lives easier by wanting all running things: one stop shopping baby!
    I really need a new jacket to wear when it's windy and raining - I keep coming home looking like a drowned cat. Hope the cheetah crap makes you faster - let me know, I need some help too!
    Oh, and for the stablity ball - that thing is a monster, and yet I keep asking for more!

  10. This year I want to avoid anyone in a Cheetah Running Skirt...

  11. I totally wear my crappy running clothes when I train and try to spruce up for races! :)

    I need to get the Women's Running subscription too! (And I totally read all my running mags in the loo) :)

  12. I think I always twitch when I hear "such-and-such marathon" on TV.

    Looks like a great list. I want to cute racing outfits too!

  13. I am a sucker for running gear. I rarely buy regular clothes, but running, swimming and biking gear...oh, yeas!

  14. I only have new running shoes on my list! I wish I would have put Yaktraks on there!

    My poo schedule is so messed up. I wish I could figure it out! I always think about if I will have to poo when I run.

    I devour my RW as soon as it comes. LOL!

  15. Gosh, I really wish I had enough control over my poo to schedule it around running. I just cannot poo on command.

  16. Ooooo, you'll love that running book - I take it everywhere I have a big race and I read page 160 over and over a billion times. Digging that running skirt! What I'd like is an endless paid-for entry fee to all races I want to do. Oh, and travel expenses!

  17. It's all about the running skirt, I say! You're going to kill it at the races in a cheetah print! :)

  18. LOVE that cheetah skirt! Hope you get everything you are asking for!

  19. I love my capris and i totally get giddy when i hear people say they run- then i talk their ear off and they probably think i'm crazy! however, most of the time, they love talking to me too! yay runners!

  20. I have all running/biking/swimming stuff on my list too!

  21. Oh my, you are so hilarious! I can't even type correctly I am laughing so hard!

    My list was pretty much the same - clothing and gear. I think I may have thrown in some cooking stuff to make it seem like I wasn't totally obsessed.

    Great post!

  22. I didn't give out a list, but if I had there would be a lot of running things on it. Well, I'd ask mainly for clothes because I don't have much for running in the cold weather.

  23. I told my family to get my GU for stocking stuffers. They have no idea what to make of me now.
    I am all over gift cards as well to our local running store so I can pick out fun run stuff.
    Runningskirts have plaid running skirts out now as well. I really want one of these as I love those.

  24. Arm warmers--getting
    20lb kettlebell--got (cardio and weights all in one on those cross-training days)

    New running shoes were on the list too, but I took them off b/c my husband was bummed that my Christmas $ allotment would've been gone with just 2 items. I'm going to get them anyway in the next month or so.

    I've never tried any of the gels, but then I've never run more than 10K and then only once (so far).

  25. Thanks for the link on the blog, yep, three entries for you!

  26. If you're going all animal print, might as well include the feet with Dirty Girl Gaiters (it's the gateway to trailrunning, hehe).

  27. Googling Dirty Girls might be a problem, so here's a pic: http://cache.snewsnet.com/snews/images/items/DirtyGirlGaitersSM.jpg

  28. I asked for a stability ball, too!!

  29. I asked for a Nike+ sportband (or a gift card for the Running Room so I can go get one), and stretchy pants from Lululemon (or, well, a gift card so I can pick some out!). I might pick out white stretchy pants from Lulu for Capoeira, which is my winter-cardio solution since the weather here is quite variable and I'm still too much of a wimp to run in bad weather :/

  30. Howdy! I used to live on CO recently I moved to Washington state. I miss a lot of my running pals out there. Where you part of any running or triathlon groups? I was a member of tri club CWW

  31. Stability balls are great and you can do more than just abs on it.

  32. I just finished looking at an email from RunningSkirts.com. They have so many things on my wish list!

    I hope you get everything on yours. I am sure you have been a good girl!!

  33. Hmm, I think I am obsessed too. I will get a box of running books from Amazon and some new compression running shorts. And my proudest moment this year was a tie between my BQ marathon time and my 5 year-old completing her first fun run. Merry Christmas :-)

  34. What a great list! Since I am new to running, all of my things seem to be running related too! I want a Garmin, pants, and a smaller butt :-)

  35. Hi, I came across your blog by sifting through others. I am new to this whole running blogging thing but I am really looking forward to reading more of yours. I am so jealous of your amazing abs..mine were getting close. Due to the loss of sunlight in the evening and our snow and cold I am not able to run my normal weekly miles. I feel like my tummy is turning into jello! I also have running stuff on my Christmas list:)

  36. I have a pair of Vibram FiveFingers on my list. We'll see how barefoot running goes!

    I use a stability ball to sit on all day at work - hope you get one!