Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Dog Did It

Yay! I won, I won!! Thanks to JoyRuN I am now the proud owner of a Popener and some tasty popcorn. At least my abs are good for something:

Before I get too heavily into my own stuff, major congrats to you BQ'ers out there: skinnyrunner and aron. Awesome and incredible job this past weekend.

I've signed up for the Colorado Marathon on May 9, 2010. There is no turning back now. Coming back from the stress fracture, I am only up to running 25 minutes or about 3 miles at a time. I figure if I slowly up my weekly mileage without upping my speed or frequency, I should be okay. You know me, I'm all about that ten percent rule these days. I have 150 days train.

I think I'm going to make up my own training plan. I will run 40 miles per week and do it all in one day.


Not sure which plan to use. Whichever one is going to be easiest on my body and allow for cross training. I'm sure you are all waiting with bated breath. Is it "bated" breath? Or "baited" breath? Or "baded" breath? It's like that saying, "for all intents and purposes." For my whole life until I turned 42 I thought it was, "for all intensive purposes." And I even have a master's degree. I am going to sue the University of Denver for negligence. I am still dumb after all of those credit hours.

What training plan did you use for a race and what were the pros and cons? The one and only marathon I ran I did with Team in Training (TIT for short), so they provided the plan. I'm a bit lost.

When I got up today, it was -15 degrees. I thought about running outside. For a second. Then decided that I would not look good running a marathon in May if I had no fingers. I went to the gym instead and hung with the weirdos. Myself included. No one talked on their cell phone near me. They know I will take out my AK-47 and shoot them dead if they do that.

Here is some Christmas cheer from my family to yours. NEVER forget how much I love farts.

I have to admit, everytime I watch it, I laugh out loud.

Drinking: Yogi Detox Tea


  1. Yay! Congrats!!!!!

    I only recently learned that it's "for all intensive purposes" - and now it drives me bonkers when people use "for all intensive purposes". Like I am SOOO smart because I fugured it out at 26. Hahaha.

    I'll be rocking the weirdos at the gym tonight. It snowed all night/day then melted. I don't do cold slush.

  2. Bated breath...but it is commonly written baited breath these days. Bated is short for abated. Shakespeare first used it in the written form (Merchant of Venice, I believe). OK, enough channeling my mom.

    Can't wait to read about your training for Colorado Marathon.

  3. THANK YOU! I totally thought it was 'intensive purposes' too until recently! PHEW, you MADE MY DAY.

    Congrats on winning joy's contest, nice abs!! Looking forward to hearing more about the training plan -- coming back from stress fractures is no fun!

  4. Delurking . . . just recently found you and have enjoyed your blog so far. I also know you've posted about this before but the Furman First Training plan has not let me down marathon training wise and I LOVE to run too. The "off" days can be cross training (bike)OR easy runs just not the hard core workout they post. Just food for thought . . . I used this program after a few injuries and have been injury free since having followed it and ran a marathon twice!!

  5. I seriously just laughed so hard I almost peed myself at your Christmas card! LMAO!!!

    Congrats on winning the contest! Yay! You def got me beat with those killer abs!

    Can't wait to see how you do with the training and race! Yay!

  6. Congrats! I've been rockin' the gym with the wierdos for a week---I am not adjusted to the cold weather and now the real cold comes in today!
    Ok please, let us know you awesome ab secret--I know run but any other helpful hints would be awesome!!!!

  7. You better watch, girl. The Johnson's popcorn might make your abs look more like mine ;)

    Happy & healthy training for Colorado!!

  8. Congrats on your popcorn win! I love me some good ole popcorn....lowfat no butter of course (whatever). Glad you are officially signed up. They cashed my damn check, so I guess I'm in too. Hope we both make it girl!

    Love those pics from your below post. That dress kicks ass on you!

  9. Eeeks, my daughter's a freshman at DU; I'd better have her transfer. ;). Congrats on the popcorn win - very fun!

  10. Congrats on winning the contest, nice abs! :)

  11. I also have a masters degree and up until last year thought it was "all intensive purposes". :) I also used to think "play it by ear" was "play it by year". Enjoy your popcorn!!!

  12. Too funny, I think you are the only person who has ever "accused" me of being an English major. I'm far from it...I'm a chemist. Give me chemicals, fire and a lab over writing a proper sentence any day!

  13. I never thought I would come to your blog and get a real lesson I could use! Thanks and congrats on the popcorn win you lucky girl!

    I have used the smartcoach and last year I used the Pete Pfitzinger training plans.
    Both are good about the 10% rule but my biggest complaint is that they have you running a lot of your runs so much slower than your goal pace for marathon. That may be a good thing for you though. This last marathon I ran I did a hybrid of the two and came up with my own- taking elements from both. Pfitzinger gives you a lot of options on how many miles you want to run to how many weeks you want to run so that is a great book to use. Also, lots of cool running information in it like what all the specific runs do for you. Hope that helps! Any other questions feel free to drop me an email :) Very excited for you!

  14. For our running group, my friend designed this plan, and the group followed it and everyone ran a successful marathon (our group runs by minutes, not miles, so that the slow and fast runners finish together on our out and back routes). Sunday was cross training day:

    Week 1: Tue 35 - Wed 35 - Thu 35 - Sat 65

    Week 2: Tue 35 - Wed 35 - Thu 35 - Sat 80

    Week 3: Tue 35 - Wed 45 - Thu 35 - Sat 60

    Week 4: Tue 35 - Wed 45 - Thu 35 - Sat 100

    Week 5: Tue 35 - Wed 60 - Thu 35 - Sat 120

    Week 6: Tue 35 - Wed 60 - Thu 35 - Sat 120

    Week 7: Tue 35 - Wed 65 - Thu 35 - Sat 135

    Week 8: Tue 35 - Wed 65 - Thu 35 - Sat 150

    Week 9: Tue 35 - Wed 80 - Thu 45 - Sat 120

    Week 10: Tue 35 - Wed 80 - Thu 45 - Sat 180

    Week 11: Tue 45 - Wed 90 - Thu 45 - Fri 30 -
    Sat 150

    Week 12: Tue 45 - Wed 90 - Thu 60 - Sat 135

    Week 13: Tue 45 - Wed 100 - Thu 60 - Sat 220

    Week 14: Tue 60 - Wed 100 - Thu 60 - Sat 165

    Week 15: Tue 60 - Wed 90 - Thu 45 - Fri 30 - Sat 120

    Week 16: Tue 60 - Wed 120 - Thu 60 - Sat 240

    Week 17: Tue 45 - Wed 65 - Thu 35 - Sat 90

    Week 18: Tue 35 - Wed 45 - Thu 25 - Sat Rest -- Marathon next day!

  15. I also used Smart Coach from Runner's World for the first one and peaked at 45 mpw. I'm starting Pfitz on Monday - the 18/55. I for sure will be crosstraining 2-3 days a week. I think the the plan calls for 4-5 days of running with some tempo/speed work and much "recovery" running. Good luck! I also have friends who swear by Higdon's plans.

  16. Congrats on the win!

    I use my own plan when training for a maraton, it's called the "I run way too freaking much" plan. Sorry I just want to run a lot.
    I am not much help. But some of these other comments are quite insightful.

  17. Now if I can just get people to know it's kith and kin, not kissin' kin.

    But then, I got an engineering degree... and then got a dictionary to find out what flanges and grommets were.

    Congrats on getting the Popener! You even are the first to beat me on the bad weather news (only -5 here). Way to take away my thunder.

    I've posted my marathon schedule: 85 miles per week, 7.5 min./mile. 2:50 goal.

  18. Congrats on the win!

    I love the FIRST program. Used it for my marathon last year and plan on using it (with some added hill training) for my marathon in the spring.

    And I think it's "bated." But I'm not sure. And I've got an English Degree, a master's degree, and a J.D. Stupid higher education.

  19. hey thanks for the shoutout.
    i like your 40 mile/1 run training plan. sounds solid...

  20. Take care of yourself and go get that maraton!!

  21. Based on your times, you should ace the marathon. Those abs. I run and run but I need to stop the bowl of ice cream each night.

  22. Hey, I made your blog list! Top o the world, ma! At least top of the list, if I post often enough.

  23. :) yay! I'm excited for you to run Colorado! i cant wait to see pictures- i bet its breath taking!! :)

  24. YAY for signing up!! very excited for you :)

    i use pfitz and i really like it. he has a 12 week program, so that would start at the beginning of february for you. i really like his approach and you can always back down miles or take off a day if you wanted. i hear hal's programs and runners world are great too! good luck deciding :)

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