Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Running Is the Meaning of Life and a GIVEAWAY!

It's snowing like a mother. We might just have a white Christmas after all. Here's Ken doing his manly duty and telling me we don't need pictures of this. But "toughsky shitsky" as my dad used to say (and sometimes still does when I'm a brat).

I've spent a lot of time since being injured wondering why running is so much better than any other thing I can think of. Why don't I get the same rush from cycling, swimming or miniature golf? I think I've figured it out.

I'm reading "My Life on the Run" by Bart Yasso. Great book, by the way. In the intro he sums it up well, "When I started running, I started dreaming. It couldn't be helped. The mind works as hard as the body does during exercise. It knows its role during these lonely interludes - to inspire, analyze and fantasize."

This is it in a nutshell. Running gives that much needed physical release, but it does something fantastic to the mental condition as well. In plain talk, it makes you feel like you can. Can move. Can accomplish. Can meet goals. Can get it done. The real magic is in how this translates to everyday life. You get confidence. You get creative. You get ballsy. You get to be even more of yourself.

I was happy to find out that according to Runner's World's book "Run Less, Run Faster," qualifying for Boston is actually realistic for me (qualifying time of 3:50:59; age group 40-44). They say that if I can:

I might just be able to get there. Of course it will take the usual blood, sweat, tears and poop, but it's a possibility, my friends.

I do not, however, plan to kill myself training for my May Marathon. I will work hard, be sensible and do my best. There will be no 2010 Boston for me regardless, so if I don't qualify in May for '11, I've still got some time. This injury business has made me afraid. I simply do not want to find myself not being able to run ever again. While this may be impossible (I found out about 60-65% of all runners are injured during an average year), I'm going to do everything in my control to stay healthy:

  • Take calcium supplements with Vitamin D: 1,000 mg/day
  • Do major core work and cross training
  • Do no more than 3-4 runs per week. Each run with a purpose (speed, tempo, long)
  • Follow the 10% rule
  • Stick to running trails and dirt roads as much as possible to lessen impact
  • Ensure adequate rest/recovery
  • Listen to my body!
  • Get massages everyday
  • Go on the Hollywood Cookie Diet
  • Get a breast reduction to reduce back pain.

Okay, those last three are lies, but funny anyway.

Plus, if I can make this cake, I think I can BQ any day. If only. I'm no Martha Stewart (except for the jail part), but this looks pretty damn good:

Who likes Starbucks? I've got a $150 gift card for you. Just kidding it's only $10. What do you think I am, rich? Just become a follower (1 entry), or if you have no interest in being a follower of this lame blog, leave a comment telling me either your best injury prevention tip or how running has made you more ballsy, creative or outstanding as a person (1 entry). For a third entry, link back to my giveaway on your own blog. Good luck!

Drinking: Not drinking anything. Am parched. I made up a new drink last night that I will be drinking at 6pm Mountain Time. Mix 2 parts Grey Goose vodka with one part sparkling Izze grapefruit. Put in martini glass. It does not disappoint. If it does, toughsy shitsky.


  1. We are getting hit with snow too!

    That sounds like a good book. I am worried now too, after I couldn't run for 2 months. I just take it nice and slow and only run 3x a week.

  2. I'm already a follower! I'm in!

    I am a HUGE believer in vitamin D. My son and I both take it and we haven't been sick, while my hubs has been hit hard twice this fall. My son, by the way, does those gross 2 yr old things, like chewing on toys that other germy kids have just chewed on. So, power to the D!

    You can totally get that BQ.

  3. Thanks for the book suggestion. I'll add that to my list next year (in a few days).

    As far as best injury prevention tip? Forefoot running. I used to think it was just some fad running thing, but it's been the longest (3 years) that I've run consistently without injury.

    If you don't buy that, then I suggest ice baths. Best thing I ever do for recovery.

    Thanks! (I follow you on my Google Reader!)

  4. I love me some Starbucks . . . especially when I've been up wiping my 20 month old peanut's snotty nose because she's too congested to sleep! :(

    Well you're following my #1 rule to avoid injury and that is not to run EVERY single day. Your plan sounds like the FIRST training plan. Nice. My #2 rule is consume something with carb-ish & protein in it w/in 30 minutes after a run. My favorite is chocolate SILK in those wonderful kid size containers. Otherwise, some kind of latte or whatever floats your boat works well (gray goose? Mmm maybe. That drink sounds devine btw).

    Third entry . . . well you'll have to check up on me for that one. :-)

  5. I think your blog is hysterical! I've been reading for a couple weeks now. We have a lot in common. I got injured while training for my first marathon (supposed to run NYC in Nov) and I'm recovering. I ran 5 miles on Monday too and it was my longest in quite awhile. So sad, but baby steps right??? I like your plan. I have a similar one, but I'm not entirely pain free yet! Look forward to reading more...

  6. Mmm I love Starbucks! I'm a follower!

    My best injury prevention tip is a couple rolled into one: always listen to your body over everything else...everything! Treat any pain as if it's serious until you're sure, and if you're prone to an injury or recovering from an old, be sure to ice, stretch, etc!

  7. I follow your blog via google reader. I think the only 100% injury prevention tip is running slow and very little. But who likes that? I think all runners go through injuries, it's part of the sport! Over the years I have learned to pay attention to the little aches and pains and baby myself. I also rotate my running shoes, take ice baths, roll on my foam roller, and do at least 1 h strength training weekly.

  8. I am a new follower.

    I do not run. I walk and do other things. But I have DVT and well I must wear a compression stocking to have a good day on my legs. I used to dance before this happened.

  9. Hi there, I have been following your blog for a few weeks and have left you a few comments:) I was a flight attendant for five years and spent time in Colorado:) I do not have any real injury prevention tips but I can tell you that running has changed me. I have not been so passionate about anything like running for such a long time. I look forward to my runs and I still get butterflies in my stomach before races. I feel I am empowered and experience such an elation from running! I know that I am healthier than I was two years ago. (Long story) I feel like I am firming up everywhere and I know I am stronger. (My only complaint is that my boobs are getting smaller and I wasn't big to start out with!) Also, I am now a goal setter and look at things in a positive way:)

  10. Must be a great book, Bart Y is profound!

    Count me in, already a follower!

    I will heavily vouch for the FIRST plan, if it says you can BQ, YOU CAN. I took great comfort in that part of the book and was not let down. BELIEVE IT!

  11. Oh and some injury-prevention advice. Mine pertains mostly to weak hips/tight hamstrings/IT issues as that's what I've dealt with.
    This link covers it, I swear by the yoga poses

  12. I'm already a follower and am now a first time commenter; I can no longer claim that I am just a stalker. I love Starbucks! I think that rest days are the most important factor in preventing injury, followed closely or maybe tied with listening to your body.

    As a new blogger I will also make an attempt to link your giveaway on my virgin blog :-)

    Happy Holidays and happy running.

  13. I'm not an avid runner unless you count chasing a 2 year old (or letting her chase me).

    My best running tip for my circumstances and all the other moms, too, is to keep the pathway clear so you don't trip on Legos or other such unfortunate toys. Ouch!

  14. I'm a follower.

    I liked the quote and I agree completely. I think I've learned to push my body further than I ever personally thought it could go. It really is amazing.

  15. i need to read that book, i've heard it's really good...and good luck with your BQ training, it sounds like you have a smart plan...a massage every day would be nice, if you could afford it...and probably good injury prevention too...

  16. Thanks for sharing the intro to the book, SO TRUE!!!

    You are going to do great in 2010 and you're going to amaze us all much like you just did with that cake! Who knew you were going to go all Betty Crocker on us?!?!? I thought this was a pooping blog! LOL! J/K

    Best Injury Prevention Tip (cuz I'm already a follower): R.I.C.E after tough runs whether they hurt or not!

  17. Dibs on the candy cane!

  18. Good book!

    My ballsiness is in doing what makes me happy instead of what the world may view as 'attractive' or 'beautiful' or 'girly' - being ballsy and being a girl CAN go together!!
    Merry Christmas!
    following you...creepy

  19. I love the cake! That looks beautiful!

    Well, scanning some of the comments, I am already breaking a rule of injury prevention because I do run almost every single day. (And have for years.) So maybe my injury prevention is routine?!? I know running makes me a better person. It has helped me to understand that I am important and not just all the things I do for everyone else in my life. Running allows me to take time for me. I didn't have the courage to ask for anything for me before I ran. Now I know that I deserve some time too.

  20. I'm already a follower +1. WHOO! I've been doing yoga to make sure I'm as limber as possible to help avoid injuries. I've also recently determined that my weak hips are to blame for my injuries, so I'm going to start doing some hip strengthening exersises I snagged off Frayed Laces' blog. +2

  21. The cake looks delish!

    I'ma follower!

  22. I want the giveaway so I can order at the Starbuck's drive-thru while you are on my cell phone. Been a follower since before day 1. Injury prevention? Yoga.

  23. Oh, an check out the smaller-tits. I HAVE had breast reduction and for us formerly large-breasted women, it's no joke! Injury prevention? Get rid of breast tissue.

  24. I'm a follower. +1

    Strength training has really helped in the injury prevention department for me. Maybe also Tequila? Naw, definitely building muscles. +2

  25. Merry Christmas to the entire, "Shut Up and Run" Family! We wish you a wonderful day celebrating Christmas and are sending lots of good wishes for fast runs, healthy bodies, and joy in 2010! Merry Christmas friend! :-)

  26. Who likes starbucks? ME, ME, ME!! I’m already a follower so count me in,

  27. I follow the 10% rule when I increase mileage and it has treated me well (when I follow it). In addition to the 10% rule – lots of stretching!

  28. Hi! I'm a new follower.

    I've had some IT band issues, and the best tip I've received/utilized is to invest in a foam ruller. Hurts so good.

  29. I be a follower, and fellow Coloradian - does that give me extra points :)?

    I run 6 days a week generally - have for years! Except when tapering or recoverying. I ran 4 marathons, Mt. Evans and Pikes Peak Ascent this year and was okay. I just think that every body reacts to the stresses we put on it differently. It doesn't mean, though, that we aren't all one step away from an injury. I like to swim one day a week, it's a good stretching mechanism and great for the wear and tear on our running bodies. I also try to stretch a lot, but know I don't do as much as I should.

    Hope you had a great Christmas. At least it WAS white!

  30. hey!! merry christmas to you and your family! I will let them know the names you suggested---hopefully we will all agree on one--- the poor pup needs a name already!

    as per your starbucks giveaway!!! is my entry: running has made me believe in myself more. I always thought I was the "slow" one in the family and that I just wasnt good enough. but then I decided to train for my first marathon and I learned that I had so much dedication and devotion inside of me. I refused to give up. but even a day before the marathon- I got nervous. didnt think I could possibly run 26.2 miles. but when i got to the starting line I pumped up the rocky soundtrack (haha truly I did!) and I told myself that I had trained long and hard and that I WAS FAST DAMMIT and I would run the marathon with flying colors and that is jus what i did! finished in a time of 3:39 and BQed. and now I take that same attitude and use it in every situation in it with school work or whatever....

  31. "Inspire, analyze and fantasize." That takes on a whole new meaning since my last post was on thoughts of dating a giantess!

    I haven't thought about qualifying for Boston since I had to run 2:50 to qualify back in 1984, before said giantess was born...

  32. Love love love the "Toughsky Shitsky" - I'll be using that one if ya don't mind!

    Injury prevention - hah! - it's a big part of my I've got a million...but if I had to choose one then I'm going to the obvious, but not so obvious since many don't seem to do it enough or properly - STRETCHING - and I mean STRETCHING AND BREATHING INTO THE STRETCH. Holding the stretch for 20 secs and holding your breath and being tense and stretched doesn't count people! By the same token, stay hydrated, eat well and enough and get enough sleep...oka, I'll shut up now. Love your blog girl :)

  33. Also I think my best injury prevention tip is probably stretching!!! and strength training. Though I wouldn't take my advice, I have been out of running for 6 months, grr!

  34. I'm also in the 40 age group looking to run my 2nd marathon and qualify for Boston. Last year I ran my first marathon with a 3:53 and my 5K and 10K times were around your times. I think you could run a BQ marathon and should go for it.

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