Sunday, April 29, 2012

8 Tips for Running When You Don’t Feel Like It

First of all, you don’t have to feel like doing it. You just have to do it. The action comes before the feeling. If you wait to feel like it, you may be waiting a long time.

I get asked a lot: “How do you get motivated to run?” My answer is always the same. It’s kind of like sex experts say, “It’s only hard if you make it hard.”

Our brain has a story about everything. When we don’t feel like running, our monkey mind chatter has excuse-related stories: It’s too hot. It’s too cold. I’m too tired. I’m too busy. I’m too constipated. If we follow the story and let it run our world, we sabotage ourselves.


Excuse #49: I’d like to run, but my tights are giving me a wedgie.

If you are truly struggling to get out the door, try one or all of the following:

  1. Shut Up and Run. Did you think I’d start this list anywhere else? Stop being a baby. Provided you are not vomiting, wheezing, injured, or about to become injured, ditch the excuses for why you aren’t running and go do it. The longer you give your brain time to talk your body out of going for a run, the better the chances are you won’t do it. Don’t over-think things. Lace up your shoes and go.
  2. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane. Think of the last time you didn’t want to run but went anyway. Remember how you felt after the run. 99 out of 100 people say they feel better after a run and never regret having done it. Those are pretty good odds. The leftover person who did not feel better doesn’t count because they were probably lying.
  3. Make Contact. Call or text a friend or family member and tell them you are going running and you’ll let them know when you are done. Be specific. “I am going to run at 2:00 a.m. after last call at the bar and I will  be done by 2:30 a.m.” This tactic is a good one when being accountable to just yourself is not enough.
  4.  Plan a Meet Up. This is so obvious and overused it is boring. But, the reason I include it is that it works. Plan to meet someone or a group for your runs. This is one time when being the victim of peer pressure is very effective. People will hate you if you don’t show up and you’ll hate yourself.
  5. Spice It Up. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a couple of incentives to get out there. Let’s face it, even if you really love to do something, you can have off days. That’s why there are books like “Adding Spice in the Bedroom.” So – add some spice to your run. Put a few new tunes on your iPod. Plan a small reward for yourself once you finish the run (Cinnamon Dolce Latte perhaps?). Wear a new piece of running clothing.
  6. Change Your Attitude. Listen you whiner, you get to run. There are many people who can’t even walk. There are some people, like babies, who can’t even crawl. Take a look around: half the blogging world is injured. Be grateful you can get out there and stop your bitching. Not that I would know anything about being injured.
  7. Find Inspiration. When you are in a slump, quickly pick up a book/magazine or pull up a blog that motivates you. Some of my favorites are Matt Long’s book “The Long Run” and the blog, “Marc and Angel Hack Life.”
  8. Take 10. If all else fails, give yourself permission to head out for ten minutes and to turn around if you cannot take another step because you are just that unmotivated. Something physiologically and mentally happens when you start to run. This transformation is so powerful and immediate that you usually want to keep running. Odds are you will not turn for home after ten minutes, but if you do, at least know you tried. Then email me and I will berate you for a half hour (JK).

Got any tips to add to the list?

What blogs, books, magazines, websites do you find most inspiring? Please share because I think most people will find them inspiring too.



  1. I try to remind myself about the last time I COULDN'T run (sick, injured, etc.) and how badly I wanted to. In all of those times, I swear I will never take it for granted again but it's easy to forget...

    1. but I'm constipated like a bull

  2. I actually just had a this "talk" with a friend. Motivation is a joke... it is discipline that makes you walk out the door. To swim, hit the gym or run... It is discipline that makes you do a workout at home... People piss me off with excuses. Motivation is the thing that lingers in your brain like a drug that induces a guilt when you know you could have but you didn't. Love this.... Hope your ass gets much better over the next 6 months!!!

    1. Wow, the voice of empathy has spoken. Don't tell me, you're a therapist, right??
      Jokes, you're clearly either (a) a 'roid-raging muscle man, or (b) an overpaid sales rep. Or perhaps you're (c) all of the above....

    2. I take it ^ Anonymous didn't go for a run today, baby.

    3. So you didn't run?^

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  3. Love it and so true. Although, I'd add a final one that maybe it's time for a break from running. I took some much needed time off and it felt like I'd never get back. It was just what I needed to rediscover my love of running again. And, see? I made it sound romantic.

    1. Good point. If you've been training hard or running consistently for a lont time and it feels like only an obligation and not something you WANT to do, maybe time to back off for a bit.

  4. So true. I was out trail racing yesterday and being a big baby because I was slow. Then I kicked my own butt and realized running is a gift.

    AWESOME list!

  5. Thanks.. I needed that.. ;-)

  6. I love the "head out for 10 minutes" idea. Because even if I head out for just ten minutes, I'm still ten minutes from home and have to come back. And if I'm feeling that "meh," I'm going to want to get home fast, so... Blammo! Instant 20 minute run. :D

  7. so needed that ! I have had zero motivation lately!!!

  8. Great list! I was having a low-motivation weekend this weekend, so I switched up my routine and swapped a long road run for an in-the-swamps, off-road trail running adventure. I was covered in mud by the end, but it was fabulous!

    Inspiring books: The Long Run by Matt Long... If that man can run a marathon after being hit by a bus, 10 miles in the Florida summer heat seems like no big deal.

    1. Love that book too and always think of him when I am dealing with my weeny injuries. Well, weeny compared to his.

      Love your tip about changing up your route. Sometimes even just running your regular route backwards adds some variety!

  9. #6 really hit home! On my hour-long drive home from a Half Marathon today, I was thinking about how GREAT I felt (endorphin high) nad that led to the my incredible sense of gratitude that I'm (almost) 50 and I CAN run a HALF! And, by the way, thanks for turning me on to Marc and Angel Hack Life!

  10. You can take wheezing off the don't run list. I always seem to wheeze and just adjust my inhalers (makes the lungs stronger- or I tell myself that :)).

    I just put on my shoes, walk out the door, and remember my son who has a severe heart defect and can't run. One day he won't even be able to walk around the block with out a transplant. It works everytime!

    Also I only listen to my audiobook when I run, so I'm usually dying to know what happened next.

  11. Love the list...#3 hit home for me for tonight! I won't talk myself out of it if I have someone to be accountable to. Tonight at 7:45 p.m. it was still 85 degrees - but I texted a friend that I was going out for a run and would text when I got done. Made me run a little faster, too :)

  12. Hang a calendar with BIG squares somewhere you will see it a lot. Mine is in the bathroom lol
    Put a big red cross on the days you run...then if you miss it, it will be BLAZINGLY obvious that you missed it, and that anal retentive part of my brain will HATE seeing that nasty empty square......
    it will bug me when I try to sleep, it will be in my mind while I'm at work, it will laugh at me when I get home...
    Am I a little nuts???

    1. Oh I LOVE this idea! I'm a total visual person! Im so going to go print out a calendar for May right now! lol :) Thank you for this idea! :)

    2. OMG THANK U THANK U THANK YOU! Here are the tips i'm using 5, 6, and 7. My treat is making my cal! Thanks! Now I have to go for that run so I can use that idea! I can use that for other workout related things too! Thanks so much!

  13. Thank you so much for this, you really don't know how perfect your timing was for me to hear this. I sat inside all day today, a rainy, dreary day, and decided to feel sorry for myself, thinking "it may as well rain today, you suck at running anyway." I always feel better after I get out, even at my slow, sloth-like pace. I will look back at this list on those days when I just feel like I can't do it.

  14. "Take a look around: half the blogging world is injured." Hilarious! I hate to take comfort from others' injuries, but hey, at least you guys are inspiring us non-injured folk :)

  15. As always an awesome list!! My number 1 is always the music ;-) #2 is look at the dog, mine is always so excited to go, sometimes compensating for my lack of excitement!! Also, I think it is OK sometimes to give yourself a hall pass. Sometimes a day OFF is just what I need to make me want to move and groove the next day!!

  16. I am so borrowing this. I hate to run at the best of times, but with an injured shoulder I find I am sooking more and more...

  17. Your #6 resonates with me. This video always motivates me. Ben Comen is my hero.

  18. I have never felt like NOT running...have been doing it for over 40 years with no excuses! So no, I guess I have nothing to add. I just love it.

  19. Thank you so much for this list. It is so easy to make excuses...but like you said, I never regret the run.

  20. I'm hanging this on my fridge. Before I was pregnant, I would hem and haw about my running. Some weeks were great, some weeks were dismal. Now that I'm going on month 8 of pregnancy, I'm DYING to go running again. Some control over my own body would be great. I'm adding it as tip #9 on my list: You're not pregnant anymore-get out there!

  21. I'd add unplug it. Sometimes I'm so tired of the routine I go sans music, sans a route, sans anything...I just leave and meander around the streets with no plan, no purpose...just to run!

  22. YOU inspire me to run. I live in a super HOT place, and so it's super easy to say "it's too hot," so I thumb through some blogs, and get the scolding I need. Also, my husband chides me when I hesitate to get out of bed in the mornings; my favorite thing he says is, "but I thought you said you were a runner. What do runners do?"

  23. Just remembering being injured and held on the sidelines from running for so long -- that motivates me to run now. Once it's taken away from you for a long period of time you do learn to love (or at least be thankful for) each and every run. Great post.

  24. I only have the injury holding me back. I really want to work out, to run...however, I was involved in a wreck four weeks ago and am waiting to get MRI's to see if I have what they think are a tear in my labrum in my hip and in my biceps tendon of my shoulder. It is killing me to sit back and not workout, but I cannot barely walk for a while without pain. I am going to find some workout I can get in one way or the other. Lol

    1. Just think Matt Long ran a marathon with that hip injury!

  25. I only have the injury holding me back. I really want to work out, to run...however, I was involved in a wreck four weeks ago and am waiting to get MRI's to see if I have what they think are a tear in my labrum in my hip and in my biceps tendon of my shoulder. It is killing me to sit back and not workout, but I cannot barely walk for a while without pain. I am going to find some workout I can get in one way or the other. Lol

    1. Very smart of you to refrain. I think when we are injured or potentially injured, it is tough to hold back. Yet, it is absolutely the single best thing we can do for our overall health. Good for you for keeping the big picture in mind. Running will be there later after you address these more serious issues.

  26. It might sound silly but whenever I don't feel like running I force myself to put on my running clothes and for some reason just simply putting them on gets me into the mind set to work out. Less than 30 minutes later I'm running. Always works!

  27. This is an awesome post. Thank you so much! Some of my motivation for getting out the door comes from wanting to be a good example for my kids. I want them to see how important it is to be active and I have to practice what I preach!

  28. Comparing that horrible, all day, no run feeling of guilt to post run glee is usually enough!

  29. Thanks for the rebuke. I have not run in months. !

    thank you.

  31. Such great tips! I love the community of Run Like A Mother/Train Like A Mother. I always find support and inspiration there.

    1. Yes, they have some great stuff going on over there!

  32. Thanks for the tips! I think #1 is my go-to. :)

  33. For me, it's the fact that I'm setting an example for my kids (especially my daughters). They think running is something moms are SUPPOSED to do and that being strong makes you pretty. THAT motivates me to keep it up. But honestly, I just hate excuses!

  34. I can so relate this morning....I really didn't want to go do my speed run...but went anyway...forced myself to and ya know what? I feel so much better now that I did!

  35. The fitness section on pinterest gets me running. Such motivational pictures. Also my own blog gets me out of the door. I may not have thousands of readers but knowing that I am going to report to SOMEONE out there if I did my long run this weekend, gets me moving. I mean I can't write a fitness blog and sit on my bum, now can I? Haha

  36. My mantra....When in doubt, run! It is NEVER a bad idea! Thanks for the list!

  37. I'll shut up now and head outside. Thanks ;)

  38. THANK YOU! I needed this! Yesterday was my long run day and I did NOT want to run. So I just shut up and ran! 10 miles later I was SO glad I went! Some days it is so hard to get motivated but I have NEVER regretted once I am out there and running!

  39. I like good old-fashioned bribery. Coffee's usually a good motivator, both before and after running (if I'm struggling, sometimes I'll drink it before heading out - if I'm struggling to find motivation, sometimes I'll tell myself I can get a cup of coffee on the way home). Usually by the time I'm done running I don't even care about whatever treat I've promised myself.

  40. When I'm looking for inspiration, I read your blog, of course. :-)

  41. I do a few things. I organize long runs with a group of friends so they definitely hate me if I don't go. Even when I start the run as a hater, I'm definitely having a good time by mile 3 or 4. I have acquired a great collection of workout clothes I feel great it...and only will fit if I keep working out. And I have a few great workout playlists of songs I'm only allowed to listen to when I run so I'm always excited to listen to them. Although after seeing the "I'm sexy and I know it" video, that song isn't as exciting as it used to be. Now I just think of banana hammocks gone wrong (are they ever right?) and Ron Jeremy...

  42. I love your list! My motivation comes from a version of your number 6... All day long I hear clients and athletes give me excuses as to why they haven't done their exercises (rehab) or why they're not seeing results (fitness). I refuse to be one of those people! If you're going to have a reason to not run/workout, it had better be a really damn good one! For example: the aliens came and blasted crop circles in my neighborhood and now the military is all over my house and I'm quarantined in my house and the power is out so I can't use my treadmill or any workout dvds.

  43. Excellent article ! I also update my playlist and am contrantly changing it up with new motivating music ! I also read Runner's World, Oxygen and Triathlete magazines as they can provide motivation when you need it !

  44. Perfect! Yesterday I did my first 20 ever. I wanted to quit after 12 (well after 3 really). I would add pride to that list. You GET to be proud of yourself after every single run. Also, your blog name is my new mantra. I literally start telling myself to shut up and just run....

  45. Great list Beth, you always have inspiring posts. Your readers add comments that most people can picture themselves thinking. I try to discipline myself to do the things that will help me with the big picture in life. Running or any form of exercise is good for the mind and body:)The things that you do today will effect you tomorrow.

  46. Great list! I so want to be a role model for my kids the way my dad is to me. He taught me to swim when I was about 4, ran for years and took up golf when running didn't work anymore. I also love watching Jamie Moyer. 48 years old, playing in THE show, kicking a$$ and taking names of kids half his age.

  47. Number 10 is probably my go-to if my mojo is ever waning. I have to say, though, that I have yet to really lack any motivation for a run since returning from injury, 'cause like you say, I GET to run. That's a gift.

  48. I love your lists. Always helpful and fun at the same time.

    If I'm running long I prefer going alone most of the time, but the truth is I lose my motivation after a couple of weeks if I don't plan to meet up with a group.

  49. Great list! Having a running partner or someone to keep you accountable can be a big help. My latest bit of motivation to get out and run is the woman I met during my half marathon yesterday; she had a stroke 2 years ago at the age of 37 and was told she might never walk, let alone run, again. Yesterday was her 9th half marathon since that time. I have NO excuse for not running!

  50. I try to head out early in the day before my excuses start to add up. If I wait too long, it gets harder and harder (twss) to get out the door.

    If I am feeling really wimpy, I log on to Daily Mile and seeing all the status update of everyone's great run gets me out the door.

    1. Amy, I agree. Just getting it done right away in the morning. Otherwise, I always "overbook" and the run gets pushed off the list.

  51. #1 is right on the money... the list could have just stopped there! I enjoy the solitude while running. It seems the more we add to our plates, the less we truly just listen.

    Speaking of needing motivation though, someone out there please tell me how to cure myself of ITBS!! Am seriously tired of feeling like my hip is that of an 80 yr old! Advice please!!

  52. Been retweeting the crap out of this post! Love it. SUAR. Bottom line. Just do it.

    Think of those that are injured and would trade places with you in a heart beat, right?

    And, I'm sorry its sooooo ugly where you live. ;)

  53. I love this list! I've been pretty lucky in the motivation department lately, but I am going to keep your list handy for future use. #8 is probably my favorite tip.

  54. I needed this! Thanks for the reminder....

  55. Love this list! Thanks for sharing.

  56. As simple as it sounds-- I really do think #1 is the most important. Just telling myself to "SHUT UP" and get out there.

  57. I love the caption - excuse #49 - fits the picture beautifully. I also will get cranky kicking myself out the door and usually resort to whining about my wardrobe choices. "I HATE tops that don't cover the entire midriff!", or "these pants, falling down, riding up? Make up your mind!!!" Just getting dressed for a run is a pain in the patootie but if I can get the dang clothes on, I literally shove myself out the door still bitching and whining the whole way. And then la! Bliss. Mile three usually is the kicker where I'm all good again.
    Thanks for the reminder that I am not the only one who will use any excuse to not run, and how CHOOSING to run over HAVING to run is always the best method.

    1. YES! I have more wardrobe malfunctions than any halftime show. And something too tight or too loose can ruin a good run.

      But...once I am comfortably dressed and out the door, I am golden!

  58. I love this list. I resonate with #10. I usually take it in even smaller steps: "okay, just get dressed and stand on the sidewalk" then "run to the corner" then go to that half mile point" .... etc, until I'm invested in my long run plan for the day.

    I think #2 is great too, because you can't actually feel the pain or aching or struggle again but you can remember how nice it was to cross the finish line of the race you trained for.

    (I think I'll get out there today - you convinced me)

  59. love it. sometimes you gotta let go and ignore your "feelings" and just get out there and do it. (said as im sitting on the couch, not running today)

  60. Great list here. I've become a big fan of meet-ups. It takes those somewhat artificial relationships that are online only and makes them real. Once you add a tone of voice to the words you see, it changes everything.

  61. I especially like number 2; I always feel better after exercising, I just forget about it. I have just started working on my goal for running a half-marathon (after hardly running my whole life... I tend to lose my motivation). I could use a list like this =)

  62. What got me out the door for my long run this past Sunday was knowing I'm scheduled to run my first 50k trail run in a few weeks. Yikes!

    For a full report on how it went:

    Thanks for all the inspiration! Hope you're back on the road painfree in no time!

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  68. Thanks for this i so needed to be told not to make excuses and just do it. I never used to make up excuses but have done for the last few months which has resulted in only running maybe once a week sometimes not even's too cold, I can't get out of bed....and so on.
    The same thing happend this morning I got dressed for running but really didn't feel like it, then I found this and thought that's it I'm just going to do it....and now I'm back from a 3k run and feel great. Thanks.

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  80. Love #6 !! "you don't have to run you get to run ." So many who can't.

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  82. I still don't wanna run

  83. Great post- thx. I have motivation problems, but have found that the simple- you don't have to like it, just do it! is suffice- when I remember it. Otherwise, it's good to look at the other neighbourhood men and see them getting fatter and more red faced as they come home from work and just go inside to watch tv- this really makes me keep going when times are rough:)

  84. Or get yourself some new bling. Just bought myself a new Garmin 220 Forerunner watch. I can't wait for it to arrive (I live in Istanbul and it is coming from the UK with a visiting friend in May). This is going to be an adventure (a. getting used to the watch / b. being able to use it and play with all the features before, during and after the run (I know, typical bloke and his gadgets!)).

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  91. Whenever I feel like sitting on the couch instead of getting out there, I go to Spotify and start exploring new release music to add to my running playlist. It works every time. Listening through the songs, it gets me "in the mood".

  92. Thanks I needed that! Out to run I go. :)

  93. I find this piece to be very aggressive and offensive. I found this post because I was looking for ways to give myself the confidence to run more, but all this did was make me feel inferior, angry and hurt. Comments of "just shut up and run" and "listen you little whiner" don't encourage me, they don't even make me feel like you care. I understand that others can't walk or run, but being yelled at like an Internet drill sergeant doesn't make me want to throw on some trainers and go run. Maybe next time you write an article, try not to sound so aggressive and rude.


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  140. مناسب‌ترین و بهترین کاندیدهای لیپوساکشن افرادی هستند که دارای این شرایط باشند شامل:

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