Sunday, October 7, 2012

I Love Beaver (Creek)

It got cold here on Friday, like really cold. Actually, Thursday evening we dropped from 80° to 30° in about 2 seconds. Colorado has issues.

Saturday morning came with snow and 28 degrees and pretty much all I wanted to do was lay on my heated couch (Now wouldn’t that be great? Why don’t those exist??), watch a reality TV marathon and eat Dots. But, I had committed to present at a Girls on the Run Conference in Beaver Creek, Colorado (about 2 ½ hours away) and I wasn’t going to miss it. Plus, I just really wanted to drive my new car (which by the way rocks on mountain roads).

The drive up was messy and gross. I used good driving safety and took pictures while I drove on icy roads. (To my son who is learning to drive: do as I say not as I do).


Once I got closer to the Continental Divide, the weather totally changed. The Denver area was socked in with crap weather all day Saturday, but those of us in the mountains were loving life.


I got to the hotel where I was staying and where the conference was being held.  I was really hoping for a Motel 6, but it looked like this instead.

I gasped for JOY when I got to my room. Check out this view. That little patch of green is actually a driving range. How cool is that? And, I don’t even like golf.



I had two beds to myself and I couldn't decide which to sleep in, so I set my alarm for 2:00 am. and switched beds in the middle of the night.


I don’t know about you, but I never stay in hotels alone. But, in the past week I have been alone in hotel rooms twice: once in Frederick, Maryland and once in Beaver Creek, Colorado. It’s kind of weird and kind of liberating all at the same time. Free time to nose pick, fart, do the moon walk– whatever (not that I do those things).

I got to the hotel just in time for an amazing brunch put on by Girls on the Run and the keynote address. We went to our first break out session – I chose one on easy meals to freeze. We made wraps with all kinds of ingredients to choose from. Score! Did you know you can freeze fresh spinach? That’s what I was told, but I’m not sure I believe it. I put it in some of my wraps and I’ll let you know how that goes.


Next I led a break out session on training for your first full or half marathon. Not sure if anyone liked it, but I had fun.

Later, my friend, Julie, who live nearby came to meet me for coffee. We are both very tan. The valet man needs to learn how to take pictures.


Coffee turned into wine at a local bar and that worked for me. Afternoons are for wine, not coffee. Right? We could walk to the little village from our hotel.  And, yes it was cold enough to wear down coat.


I slept like a baby (except for that 2:00 a.m. wake up call to switch beds- that was a joke, btw), and went out to run a few miles on the local trails near the hotel. I then met up with a few others and we took another trail run that kind of blew my socks off because it had all of my favorite elements: climbing, outstanding views, Aspen leaves. The trail system isn’t confusing at all:

Later, we had a wonderful brunch and a little expo where I sold some shirts. 


Here’s what I think, if you care: Sometimes you get around women and it is cliquish and annoying because this is how women can be sometimes.  Not the case here: hands down, this was one of the nicest groups of women I have been around in a long time.  I was kind of worried because I didn’t know anyone, but I met some amazing people, and everyone was so warm and open. Plus, they all drank beer and I liked that.


So, thanks Girls on the Run of Western Colorado for hosting me and letting me be a part of this amazing weekend! I hope I wasn’t too boring and that no one smelled that thing I did in the elevator.

If you could order up a run with all of your favorite elements what would it be? Road or trail? Hot or cold? Rolling or climbing or flat? Morning or afternoon or night? 5 miles or 10 miles or more? I’ll take Trail – Cold - Climbing – Morning – 10 miles.



  1. I went to the Berthoud Oktoberfest on Saturday... that's like running, right?

    OK. Fine. I did bitch and moan and carry on this morning, and finally get my ass out the door. I like to go 3 miles, with hills, in the cold. I like to run on empty roads... the kind where I can just go down the middle of the road without any traffic to bother me. In the summer I run in the morning, in the winter, I go during my lunch.

  2. OMG, I am not even blonde and for the last several weeks since starting to read your blog I thought you had the very unique name of "Suar"! It was not until I saw your items for sale and thought " wow, that's a little conceited that Suar has her name on a sticker... That I realized DUH! Shut UP and RUN

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah, the winters are brutal but there are so many great things about Chicago that you won't see anywhere else in the world. Magnificent architecture is at the top of the list. As for running, if you were there this morning you could have seen a 2:04:38 marathon!

    2. No reason to live in Chicago. We have nature's architecture and great weather year-round. And you live and train at altitude so when you run at sea-level you feel like a rock star!

  4. Such a tough life. That bed decision thing would have totally ruined my weekend. I would have been huddled in the corner crying and overwhelmed with making the right decision but not you. The decision to change in the middle of the night - genius!!

  5. I'd have thought you would have stayed in the one bed till you farted in it, and then switched to see if you could go two for two.

  6. rolling road or smooth(er) trail, brisk morning, bright blue sky, four miles...five by the end of the month. :)

  7. I would take trail, cold, flat, morning and 10-12 miles :) Sounds like a great weekend and a great conference!

  8. Single track rails, cold, rolling, 10 miles and morning. Wow, what beautiful place you live in!

  9. I think it would depend for me - if it was a run for a PB I'd take road, cold and flat, and morning. But if it was 'for fun' I'd take trails, cool and rolling.

  10. I'll take Trail-Hot-Climbing-Morning-10 miles, with a side of post-run massage, please. To go. Thanks.

  11. Trail, on the mountain, about 15-20 miles, with and river / Dam to swim in, and yes it must be hot, because I would end up swimming ever if it wasn't!!!

  12. Looks like a blast.
    Insane views.
    Loooove non clique ish groups.

  13. Spectacular views--wow! Sounds like a fantastic weekend.

    I have said over and over that one of the things I treasure about my running group of girls is the complete lack of drama. It just doesn't exist. I think the key here is that we all have "something" in our lives (running) and that helps keep the nonsense at bay.

  14. I love cool, rolling trails in the morning, but seeing as I live in SW FL I got hot, humid, flat pavement. Hmph, time to move back west!

  15. Road, city, 10 miles, private bathrooms, rolling streets conveniently blocked off, 65-70 degrees, mostly sunny, early morning, with a nap and a side of whatever the hell I want to eat following my run.

  16. That is so pretty! The leaves changing is something we don't experience in the South. :( I would love to run trails, but there aren't any nearby.

  17. I have been running since July, but I have a feeling I'm going to prefer the cold weather. I don't have "trail" experience but I do like a scenic view!

    In reference to your swag table..I really like the long sleeve black tee! But I don't see it listed in the "store" section. I would love to purchase one! =)

    1. I like the black long sleeve also! Please let me know if avail. Thanks!

    2. I like the long sleeve too.

  18. Wow great photos!! The temps dropped here too but not that drastically! I did enjoy the cooler temps on my long run this weekend it's amazing how big of a difference that makes!

  19. I'd take a rolling trail run, under five miles, during a brisk, autumn morning.

  20. That place is seriously beautiful. I would order up trail-warm-afternoon-under 5 miles-jury is still out on rolling or flat. Depends on whether or not I'm in the mood to die or not. :)

    Wait-can I change warm to freezing cold? Just had another hot flash at the age of 41-really?


  21. Such a great organization! I am a running buddy this year for the first time and helping to plan the Seattle auction! :)