Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Might Have Invented Mom Jeans

I am not sure how it happened but yesterday my son, Sam, turned:


That says “15” in case you can’t decipher my candle design drawing.

I spent a good part of the day watching videos from the day Sam was born and the first few years of his life. This is a sure fire way to make yourself cry and to notice how dorky you were 15 years ago. I think I invented “Mom Jeans” back then.


Hello, my name is Sam and I am very happy I did not inherit my mom’s pointy chin.

We had a great night of celebrating. Sam is not a cake lover (not sure how I gave birth to someone so defective) so he wanted a chocolate ├ęclair dessert. If you haven’t made, this go do it now. It has 5 ingredients, is a crowd pleaser and is one of those comfort foods that you could eat all night until you are sick. Plus, it requires no cooking , just chilling!

Now I am faced with the reality that he gets his driver’s permit this week. I definitely picked the wrong year to buy a new car.

6:30 a.m. this morning came dark and early and very cold. I did not want to get out of my new bed, and I was thinking I was glad the time changes next week. I hate it getting dark earlier in the evening, but I love the brighter mornings. 

I grabbed a huge cup of coffee and Ken and I drove up to Walker Ranch outside of Boulder. It was looking quite a bit different than it did a couple of weeks ago:




We did the usual 7.5 mile loop. Ken hadn’t been with me to do this run before and just like I had the most crappy run two weeks ago, he had a low energy run today. The only difference is, unlike me he did not cry and hate running and question if he was even meant to be a runner. He just chalked it up to a bad day and was over it, like immediately. 

One day I would like to be a man and not wallow in things, not beat myself up and not have a period.

I did this run exactly five minutes faster than I have before, despite sucking wind big time and watching my heart rate soar all over the place. Overall, I still had an average heart rate of 160 bpms, and with these crazy hills and 1,700 feet of climbing, I am good with that. This is the third time I’ve done this run in three weeks and while it kicks my butt, I can tell it’s making me stronger.


Here I am trying to look stronger.

We ran through tons of snow and dealt with some windy conditions, hence my hair:



No one (except one lone mountain biker) was out there today, which meant I could squat where and when I wanted with no fear of being caught. 

Here is where Ken became unsure if he was having a good time:


The best part was coming home to donuts. These have become a post run staple for me after my Sunday morning runs.


Now I’m tired. I’m going to make Chicken and Dumplings for dinner. Ken and Sam are going to the Broncos game, but I will watch it from my warm couch where wine and my fireplace are nearby and where I don’t have to wear pants if I don't want to. But, I probably will.

Has the weather started getting colder where you are? Are you looking forward to the time change?

Anyone dealing with the effects of Hurricane Sandy? I hear she’s a bitch!

Did you race or run long this weekend?



  1. Yep, Sandy is soaking us, thank goodness it held off for yesterday's 5k. Looks like work is canceled for tomorrow :( Sadly, I don;t get paid for days off. Ahhh, I only wish running up a mountain could gain me a doughnut but no, it would still find a way to add a few lbs.

    1. Co-sign on the doughnut. I hate that my husband can run the exact same distance and burn twice the calories.

  2. Happy Birthday to Sam! I did my longest training run before the Rock & Roll Las Vegas marathon yesterday -- only 5 weeks until the race! One more 20-miler to go.

  3. It's started cooling a little here - we were only in the high 80s today ;(

  4. I guess you could say it's cooling off here in Sunny California. I think it's supposed to be sunny and 78 here. Brrrr, haha!! I am currently sitting here in shorts and flip flops. I do however, like the brisk mornings. It's been about 50 degrees in the morning, perfect for a great run! I just wish I wasn't on the injured list with Plantar Fasciitis right now, I might be able to actually enjoy those cool mornings.

    Since I can't run very far at the moment, I volunteered at a local half marathon. They help keep me motivated when I want to just crawl in a hole and feel sorry for myself because I'm injured. waaaaaaa! Ok, enough with the pity party!

    I love the reward of donuts after your run! I'll have to get some and reward myself after I can finally do a long run. Extra motivation to continue to rest and heal!

    Happy Birthday to Sam! I have one that has had a license for a couple of years, it's still scary.

  5. Definitely not getting colder over here. I had my first run of the season where my shirt ended up at least a kilo heavier than when I started. Heat and humidity - the bane of any runner's existence.

  6. No time change or Sandy here in AZ. I don't know how that is going to be!
    Ran 8 this weekend.
    The Kidless Kronicles

  7. Happy Birthday Sam!
    Yesterday Husband and I ran 15+ miles to train for a very tough trail race next month. We have been doing long trail runs every weekend and strength does sneak up on you when you run tough trails regularly. I am surprised with my progress over the last few months. We had a beautiful day in the GA mountains yesterday 60's and misty on the trail. Today was like a switch was turned on. Cold windy, chill you to the bone kind of cold. Now we may see the dreaded "wintery mix" that Meteorologists get all excited about. Boulder may be able to handle winter snow and ice but in Georgia it's a BIG deal. Hope it's a little warmer November 17. :(

    October 28, 2012 3:50 PM

  8. Has been cold here all week. -8 degrees celsius which is about 18f I think? Lots of snow, but nasty wet snow instead of the dry powdery stuff we usually get. Never mind, off to Rock and Roll Miami Beach in a couple of weeks!

  9. Yesterday I ran the CSU Halloween 5K. I had that moment of, "I won't need my gloves...I'll get way too hot!" and that was followed with a mile of, "I'm going to lose my fingers in Fort Collins!" which then included mile 2.3 of, "I'd be so hot with gloves on!"

    Is it May yet?

  10. Happy Labor Day to you, and Happy Birthday to Sam. We're getting Sandy, supposed to hit NJ late Monday/early Tuesday. Already my daughters school was canceled. I ran 6.2miles yesterday in town, doing my first 10k in two weeks. Oh, and thanks for the info, that eclair cake looks GREAT!

  11. Crazy to look at your pictures of snow when I ran 13 miles yesterday in 84 degree heat due to Santa Ana winds here in Southern California. Two more weeks til my first marathon!

  12. It's just started to get cold in Louisiana...and by cold I mean in the 50s. I made chicken pot pie soup to keep us warm!

  13. Sandy's arriving here tomorrow. I spent the day using as much electricity as I could, case ways we don't have any the rest of the week. (Every piece of clothing I own is clean now)

    Congrats on your run, glad you're feeling better! I'm afraid of donuts, afraid they will cancel out half my run. I don't have the metabolism you do though. And thankfully I don't have much of a sweet tooth.

    Happy Birthday to your kiddo :)

  14. I ran long today. I planned on 3 miles, but felt good enough to do 10.

  15. We've had perfect weather recently! It snowed a few weeks ago and the temp has hovered around 25 or so ever since, with sun every day! I'm wicked excited for the time change, even though I'll probably end up adjusting in like a day.

  16. Amazing how fast all those years go by, isn't it? I can't figure out how my daughter just turned 14. Happy birthday to Sam!

    Love "gaining" an hour, even though my youngest doesn't exactly sleep in. By the end of the day, I can't figure out where that hour went, though.

    Weather in MD (DC suburbs) has been really nice. Today was 58* and cloudy when I ran Marine Corps Marathon. It felt like good running weather, but the humidity was pretty sneaky, making me sweat buckets but drying instantly in the wind. It's always an inspiring event, though!

    Schools are already closed for the next 2 days, my work is closed for tomorrow, and even the gym is closed! ACK! Good thing I'll be sitting around "recovering," which means it's 5:00 somewhere :)

  17. I ran my first ever 10 mile race today! The weather was incredible (60 with a slight breeze) and my body felt good for the first time in weeks! Plus, I ran faster than I even dared to hope! Sometimes it just all comes together like that. Much of the time I'm left feeling like a poser. But not today. Today, I feel like a REAL RUNNER!
    Happy Birthday to Sam! I've been through the Learning Permit stage 4 times now - so it is survivable :) Good Luck!

  18. First up, I Love the snow, while here it's getting hot...
    Sandy is just to far from from us, and my brother is inland
    Race, yes 15km race number 160!!! and a long run (have a marathon in a couple of weeks.

    Happy Birthday SAM

  19. Sandy gave me a 54 degrees, perfectly cloudy, slightly windy 7.15 mile run - one of my best runs this year.

  20. Happy Birthday, Sam! Happy Mom-iversary, Beth!

    Ran my first race in rain (5K) last night. Also, the first time I ran a race with both of my boys (my youngest is 7 and this was his first 5K). We all finished! We are anticipating the hurricane here within the next 24 hours. Maybe.

  21. I love this post. I just wish I was there now for all of it. Every. single. bit. love the wine, football, warm couch image. I think I am salivating.

  22. great post. as always i'm cracking up. glad to have found your blog and shared it with my girlfriend. we both love it. keep up the great work. can't wait to make that dessert!!

  23. Happy birthday to sons favorite bday cake is the eclair also. You should try adding a cup of creamy PB to it, its delicious.
    No running for me, still nursing a mortons neuroma issue.
    Its a bit cold here in Missouri and im not looking forward to time change....makes me want to go to bed at 7.

  24. It's getting cooler in North Carolina and I'm kinda ready for it. I have to hit the road at 5am to get my run in, so it will be getting colder and the time change won't help much for me.

    I ran 21 miles on saturday for the first time ever and it went pretty well. I recovered very well and hit the road on this morning for 4miles. My first marathon is in 3 weeks. excited and nervous!

    Happy Birthday to Sam. I'm not ready for my oldest to be that old yet. Can't imagine the driving thing for sure.

  25. Happy Bday to Sam, he has grown up so much! Been evacuated on coast of NYC...ocean meeting was time to clean out the basement anyway!

  26. For a second, I thought the picture where you said "I could squat without fear of getting caught" was one of those find Waldo pictures!!! Thank you for not making it a find me squatting picture!

  27. Love the post - love to run long/hard and then finish it off with donuts!! I totally agree - when it is cold, football is much better from the couch with plenty of wine nearby!!! Hope your son had a great birthday!

  28. That cake sounds so good! Thanks for the laugh. I love your sense of humor!

  29. Every day is an adventure in what not to wear here in Ottawa. We have had +22C on Friday to -2 a few weeks ago. Shorts or tights, short sleeve or long, gloves or not. Saturday I ran in capris, a short sleeve and arm sleeves and the sleeves were off by the 4K mark. Sunday I ran in capri's and a long sleeve t-shirt, it was the same conditions and I froze and need a vest or jacket. I guess I will be layering and taking off as I go. To make matters worse I go to Disney Wine and Dine half in 2 weeks and it will be warmer then home and I am packing for hot and cold weather.

  30. My son turned 15 in August! He also started high school, on his birthday! I went for a run after he left and for some inexplicable reason, I couldn't breathe. When I stopped I started to cry. Now he's driving. These milestones are hard, for me at least!

    I've been in Southern Florida this week, and it is windy, an effect of Sandy. I hear it is windy in Chicago too. Should be an interesting flight home tomorrow. I was kind of hoping my flight would get cancelled so I could get "stuck" down here! Your snow picture was a reality check...

  31. The weather changed here in Utah last Wednesday, and we had snow in the Salt Lake Valley, but now it's back up in the 70's. I love living in the mountain west! That trail run looks pretty hairy, can't blame Ken for doubting the fun.

  32. My son, Sam, also turned 15 a couple months ago and wouldn't you know it I also bought a new car this year! What were we thinking... My son also doesn't like cake - so weird. We usually have birthday pie but next year I think we will have chocolate eclair dessert!

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