Friday, October 19, 2012

Running Safely In Color

Happy Friday – any big plans? I’m going to the local high school football game tonight because I like to try to pretend I am in Friday Night Lights. I just hope I don’t wind up pregnant, in a fight, or doing something under the bleachers I will regret.

It doesn't happen that often, but don’t you just love it when someone does something for you and they don't want to be paid, complimented, stroked or given any other kinds of favors in return?

This happens every once in awhile – like I’ll be at the Starbucks drive thru and the person ahead of me will buy my coffee. More often than not, however, it’s the opposite. Someone will rush to get ahead of me in line, or ignore me when I say hello or beat me up in a dark alley. Probably the reason it doesn’t happen to me more is I don’t do it for other people all that much. Yeesh! I’m such a selfish turd.

So, I thought it was such a nice gesture when Calee from Life Plus Running took the initiative to create these amazing graphics based on a post I did a few months back after my cousin Sherry was killed while running.

shut up   run-01

shut up   run-02

I just love how she made these graphics colorful, simple, to the point and eye catching. Calee also did a post on boring me and these tips this week and you can find it HERE.

I’d love to get the word out even more about running safety. So, if you feel so inclined, please “pin” one or both by clicking the pin button at the end of this post.

Do you follow one or all of these tips? I try to, but I haven’t yet taken a safety defense class. I also do still run with ear phones.



  1. This is great and a great reminder to all. Consider it pinned.

  2. I like the colors of this graphic too.

    I have never really been good about carrying my cell phone when I run. I think maybe I need to get a SPIbelt or something. And I almost always wear a pony tail. Maybe I should switch to some sort of bun. Thanks for the safety tips and reminders.

  3. I did get my Starbucks for free on Wednesday! I'm sure the girl that works there sensed that I had a very shit start to my week!
    I do try to not be alone while running, carry mace and have law enforcement self defense training. I am going to leave the headphones for now. Having Jessica Ridgeway go missing in the neighborhood and a girl running close to being abducted a few months ago has me freaked out. Not sure what to do about the ponytail, not cutting the hair short.

  4. Yay! I'm glad I could help you get the word out.

    And I'm not a turd sometimes. I try not to be. I try to use design for good. The last good deed I did for somebody was to help my friend Sarah get her nutty butter labels printed today so she wouldn't have to print/trim/stick them onto 100+ jars herself. :)

  5. Great reminders - I try to follow most of these but still run with headphones most of the time; and always wear a pony tail - never thought about the hazard of wearing one.

  6. Great reminder. I run with a group now but I used to run on my own. When I ran on my own, I carried a whistle. I always run with my head up and I always, ALWAYS make eye contact with people.

  7. It's pinned. I'm working on a blog post about some unsafe running/walking habits I've observed recently. Stay tuned. Thanks, Beth.

  8. Definitely pinned it! Also, pinned a few other things on your site. Esp the SUAR stuff.
    I try to be safe as much as possible especially since I have to run at night. Great graphics!

  9. I paid for the person's meal behind me in line at Wendy's the other day... it was so much fun, and made my day to see the mom poke her head out the window, trying to figure out who was paying. I didn't know her, but that made it all that much more fun. I need to do that more often.

  10. I hate that there have to be posts like this. I hate that we need to be reminded that not everyone is "good" out there in the world. I hate that I have to fear for the future and well being of my one-year old daughter who's only concern should be the light up belly on her monkey that sings.

    It doesn't need to be a perfect world. Just one where people are kind to one another.

  11. I definitely wear a ponytail - unless it's 30 degrees. I've been running solo lately - don't have a BRF right now - and I'm 50/50 on listening to music/podcasts while I run. Love to switch up my route - the scenery helps keep me occupied and then I don't want the music/podcasts as much. If I run without music, though, I rarely carry anything (so no phone). Guess I need to think about a spibelt.
    I'm with PavementRunner - stinks that we even need to think about this!

  12. I had someone do something incredibly nice for me today...our receptionist came up to me and told me she put in a "fake" patient for me in my last slot so I could leave on time. I see a ton of patients, don't complain about it, but it is so nice that someone noticed. I was speechless! Which is good because I don't want to get her in trouble...

  13. This has made me so glad that I can't grow a ponytail (although I'm sure that the ownership of one makes you look like a better, faster runner). Short sodden hair is so much harder to grab - yay!

  14. Thanks for the tips! I think I am aware of most of them except the ponytail one. That's a tough one when you have long hair! What are the alternatives??

  15. I am very blessed to be able to run on a guarded military base with many miles of running paths. I would much rather travel the 10 miles to the base to run rather than constantly be looking over my shoulder in my own neighborhood. I am more terrified of dogs than humans, though. Once got charged by a pit bull while pushing my baby in a stroller. That was 16 years ago, and I and my chiropractor are still dealing with the repercussions to this day!

  16. I pinned it. Except, I'm new to Pinterest and I kinda suck at all thing tech so I put it in the wrong board. {sigh} It's going to take me all day to figure out how to move it...

    And stupid things I've seen people do while walking/running: Last summer, I saw a woman walking down the street while holding a book straight out in front of her with her left hand (reading) and in her right was a cigarette. On soooo many levels.

  17. Two things my stepdad made me do that I'm thankful for: After I got my drivers license, he made me change a tire in the driveway all by myself before I was allowed to take the car. And number two - he made me take a self-defense for women class and he talked the girl next door into taking it with me. We have both used skills learned in those classes. Her on her university campus and me leaving a late shift at Mcd's when I was 19. Those moves have stuck with me and I think I might even take one again. I think the best part of the class was that they had someone take a run at you in possible situations. If someone grabs you by the shoulders, if someone grabs you from behind, if someone already has you on the ground, where their weak spots are. It was really incredible.

  18. Thank you for the excellent advise. I do run alone but in the mornings and I stay on well travelled streets. I have changed my routes so a pattern doesn't become obvious. I would like to emphasize trusting your instincts. If something doesn't feel quite right then cross the street or change direction.

  19. A friend of mine convinced me to download the bSafe app (available on Android and iPhone, I believe). You can choose people who are your "Guardians" who will be notified when you go for a run/walk. You can choose to send them coordinates of your location or you can have your phone send them real-time routes you're taking. It will also let you send an SOS alarm to those Guardians if you're in need of help.

    My fiance was very happy when I signed up for this because I know he worries about me when I'm out running, even with my women's group.

  20. Thank you so much for sharing the bSafe app Happier Heather! I'm the woman behind bSafe - developed it after I had felt the need for it too many times!

    There is actually a Timer function under Follow Me inside the app too. It let's you define a period after which the alarm will automatically trigger if you are not back in time and all your Guardians will be given access to your whole route from the moment you start Follow Me with a timer til you turn the alarm off.

    If interested all you runners can test bSafe Premium out for free here> Would really appreciate you sharing the app if you like it!

  21. thanks for sharing it. it is quite easy to understand and I would like to print it out for a friend.

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