Monday, October 15, 2012

Do You Leak? Why It Happens and How To Stop Peeing Yourself on the Run

Most of us have a bodily function issue while running. For some it’s snot, for others it’s poop. Then there is sweat, puke, and sometimes blood. But, let’s not forget that one golden fluid… 

Many women have confessed that they wet their pants while running. I suppose it can happen to men too. There is a fancy name for this: stress incontinence. For some it is a slow leak, for others it is a gush.

It can also happen while jumping (check out the pants of some moms who get on their kids’ trampoline), coughing and laughing.  I spoke to one woman at a party on New Year’s Eve who confessed that tinkling herself while running almost made her give up running completely. Yes, this is what I talk about at parties over martinis.

If you have this problem, know that you are not alone. It is common for women to accidently squirt urine while running, so be content in the fact that you have many pee-soul-sisters out there.

But, why-oh-why, does this happen, and what can be done about it?

Why You Pee While You Run:

  • Duh, you have to go.
  • Did you have a baby, or two or five? Your pelvic and sphincter muscles might have become stretched out and weak. They can no longer hold back under pressure.
  • Are you old? Sometimes these same muscles can weaken with age.
  • Are you overweight? Extra body weight can put additional pressure on the bladder causing leaks.
  • Oops, you’ve prolapsed! Your bladder can actually tilt out of place, so if you’re having this issue, you might want to talk to Dr. Beaver, your OB/GYN.
  • Tired muscles. When you run the muscles around the bladder can weaken, causing you to leak.
  • Injury to the urethra. Ouch. Did someone punch you?
  • Some medications.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption. Remember the guy who peed next to me on the plane? I think this was due to alcohol, not weak sphincter muscles, but I didn’t ask. Hopefully none of us are drinking heavily then running.

Risk Factors That Make It More Likely You Will Pee Yourself (from HERE):

  • Being female

  • Childbirth

  • Coughing over a long period of time (such as chronic bronchitis and asthma)

  • Getting older

  • Obesity

  • Smoking

So, basically if you are an older, overweight mom with bronchitis and a love for cigarettes you might be doomed.

How To Minimize or Stop Peeing While You Run:

  • Firm up. It’s boring but it works. Do Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles in your pelvis and sphincter (your husband will also thank you for this for obvious reasons). You can do these while sitting at your desk, while driving a car, while watching a movie, even while reading 50 Shades of Grey. And, no one will even know it! “Hello there man changing my oil! Did you know I’m doing Kegels right now?”  Look HERE for as simple explanation of how to do it.

  • Make sure you are empty. Pee before you go out. As much as you can. Use this tip to get out every last drop.
  • Poop more. This helps avoid constipation which can lead to more pressure on the bladder.
  • Wear a pad. Yep, it sucks but it’s absorbent.
  • Avoid foods that irritate the bladder like spicy stuff and carbonated beverages.
  • Wear dark clothing. In my opinion, runners should always wear dark clothing below their belly buttons. It’s a simple safeguard against getting made fun of for all kinds of reasons.
  • Check with your doctor. If you do have a prolapsed bladder you can actually get a device to wear while you run that puts your bladder back into place.
  • See if the medication you are taking has side effects that might be causing you to leak.
  • In extreme cases, there are medications and surgical interventions available to ease or eliminate symptoms.
  • Learn to laugh at yourself. It happens. It just does.

I don’t mean to make light of this issue. I just wanted for those of you who pee their pants (and are not two years old) that it is very common and nothing to be ashamed of.

Have you had problems with peeing on the run? Has anything helped? This is one problem I do not have. I make up for it in other areas.


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  1. Thank you for this Beth. Pee'd my pants on a 9 miler this Saturday. I need to just get over it and pee in the grass. After mile 6, my bladder just slowly leaked until it was comfortable. Never mind that my black running tights totally gave me away. Wearing a pad when I run is a MUST. Not sure what else to do. I'm convinced that I delivered my bladder when my daughter was born and that there's nothing in there. I'm going to address it with Dr. Beaver soon.

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  2. I have major issues with this 2 weeks before my period. I asked Dr. Beaver about it but he didn't have an answer. He suggested I do kegels. I do them but haven't seen a change. I seriously peed my pants at the finish line of one of my races. I looked down and saw it coming off my legs. I basically gave everyone's legs around me a golden shower. I was wearing black shorts, thankfully.

    1. Check out the Total Control program from the Women's Health Foundation out of Chicago. It is more than kegels and can help you strengthen your pelvic floor and regain muscular balance.

    2. Yes last two weeks of cycle for me as well...must have something to do with drop of estrogen? It's annoying as heck!

    3. Its ok to pee while running, it is NOT ok to shit yourself while running. stop to shit, but just keep running if you pee. only immature assholes have negative opinions about it OR make a scene about it if it happens. One of my female friends ALWAYS wets herself if we run more than 3 miles at a time. She doesn't care anymore. It is going to happen and it is more unhealthy to just stop running, even if for a short minute and half, then start running again versus just pee while running and then rinse off when done....shower when you get home or to the gym though.

  3. So so so true. Sad and true.

    One thing I've noticed is that when my glutes and quads are strong (read: when I'm actually lifting weights regularly), it happens way less. And Kegels have never worked for me. Ever.

  4. I haven't peed while I've run...but with #3 due any day now, it's something I've been thinking about for running postpartum. Anyway, in my internet readings, I read that squatting is good for those pelvic floor muscles too! {In fact some argue it's better than kegels--}

  5. I agree with the dark clothing advice.

  6. I occasionally pee while running but jumping jacks, jumping rope and box jumps do it to me every time!

  7. Haha! I sprinkle, I actually seem to pee more when I do Kegels (is that possible?).
    On a funny note when I went to the ER to get my foot taken care of after I DNF'd Sunday (and yes I sprinkled before hand, lol), They wanted to do a pregnancy test before they threw me in the x ray and gave me one of those fun cups with a spill control/handle on it. Well I dropped it on the stinking bathroom floor, followed by a round of very loud obscenities. Apparently the handle comes off…. OOPS! Good thing I was well hydrated ;)

  8. I haven't had this problem yet. I'm trying to figure out how to run backwards and pee at the same time so my average pace won't slow down. For some stupid reason I don't stop/ auto pause it...some technical thing, but I forget why.

  9. What else is there to talk about at parties over martinis?

    Agreeing with 'allbecause' on the glutes and quads strength affecting things. Mine are weak. I notice that when my hip flares, I pee more freely. I don't really care anymore. That may be gross…but I don't really care that it's gross either!

    This was quite informative though. Really glad you posted this :)

  10. I use to all the time and had surgery to correct it.... Boy was that a mistake... Hole in bladder, catheter for a week and 1/2, problems peeing when I sit but I still leak a little when I run.... I wore gray once.... Learned my lesson.... Only dark for me!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I would rather just live with incontinence that only occurs when I am wearing black lycra than go through that!

  11. I pee'd myself from laughing at some of your rock!

  12. Two words... Running skirts They hide everything!

    1. Not when you're wearing a color like cobalt blue that gets darker when you pee your pants, or skirt in this matter! I'm totally speaking from experience...when I pushed it towards the end of the RNR DC half, I literally pushed a gush of pee right on out. I totally blamed it on the "sweat" from racing!

  13. One more joy of motherhood! What I hate is the feeling of needing to pee while jogging when I know it is basically empty (as in I just emptied it before I left and like 5 min in I feel like I need to go again, but if I stop and try - almost nothing will come out). Black shorts/pants it is!

  14. black bottoms, had the bladder surgery, and take a pee pill. all better than peeing my pants every time i run...although, on occasion, it still happens during a race when the adrenalin is high.

  15. My dog has urinary incontinence, and we give her a pill twice a day. It works well! I have often wondered (because I am a woman of a certain age) if this pill would work for humans. I have been tempted to recommend it to my "friends" but have refrained from doing so for fear of malpractice...

  16. Thank you so much for exploring this topic! This problem has plagued me since my very first run. I've tried kegals - nada. but, let's face it... I'm a middle-aged mom of 6. A little incontinence is par for the course.
    I do feel that it has gotten better during the run. It is only when I come to a stop suddenly after a hard run that I absolutely cannot control the flow. Black Under Armour is my friend.
    In all the races I have been in there are men and women who come in literally soaked in sweat - so a little urine won't be noticed. I do take a change of clothes on every training run and race, though.
    And as another runner stated, skirts are my friend. Not only do they cover my soaked crotch, They also provide a little cover when I squat!

  17. Saw a sign at the Baltimore Marathon this weekend at mile 10 that said, "if you haven't peed yourself yet, you've already won." :-)

  18. Oh I am so happy someone finally mentioned this!! I have peed my pants running for the first time, of all things, during the Melissa's Road Race 10k a few wks ago, while running (or rather sprinting) downhill. I felt so badly but had to keep on running. The only thing that saved me was pantyliners, I had them on for another reason. *ahem*

    From now on, if I ever run commando underneath my running bottoms, I will always wear pantyliners.

  19. I peed from laughing too. You kill me. And my kids are wondering what's so funny about Dr. Beaver.

  20. Ahahaha, "wear dark clothes." So true.

  21. Squeezing is pleasing!!! Hahaha. Now if I have to pee, I find a place quickly. There is no waiting or I will pee my pants. Getting old is so glamorous! Can we talk about peri-menopause next?

  22. Is there an app? Pee your pants counts?

  23. Damn, I am not sure I can give up the cigarettes!

  24. I kegel while I run. It also helps pull my posture back into a correct position because as I get tired, I tend to turn into Igor.

  25. Equal time for men. Incontinence is often a problem for men who have been treated for prostate cancer. I had a radical prostatectomy (surgery). I hated doing Kegels but they worked. The most important thing is that I have been cancer-free for more than 15 years. Even a little bit of pee can piss you off but cancer can kill you.

    1. Thanks for some male input and I love the last line. Let's keep things in perspective!

  26. Thanks for this post, I don't feel so alone!
    I pee in my pants when I'm racing and I'm really pushing myself as fast as I can go. The first time it happened was after I crossed the finish line & I was so embarressed I stopped running for a couple of years. Now I just wear black capris and splash water over chest so I look 'sweaty' all over. Love racing in the rain!
    It isn't a problem with training runs, but I have made an appointment with a specialist physio/pilates clinic later this week to see if this will help as I fear the situation may get worse... I'm almost 45 & don't have any children to blame this on, so must be just getting old. Might try to work more on glutes/quads as well.

    I fessed up to my husband & now our little joke when I've been racing and I'm happy with my time is "Yay, I pissed it in" which is Aussie slang meaning "smashed my goal time"


    1. You are so not alone! I commented on this before, but my last 5K, as I crossed the finish line for a PR, I had to fight with the volunteer NOT to take the chip off my foot because pee was streaming down my leg. She was trying so hard to be helpful... I finally barked between gasps for air, "I will urinate on you!" She snatched her hands away fast :) Let us know what your physio says!

    2. Hi, ladies...I an a new runner again because after the birth of my daughter (12 years ago) I could not run without peeing myself--a steady slow leak but it would last the entire run. I gave up for 12 years and then got a urethral sling installed. It changed my life. I have been running again now for a year and haven't had one drop of leakage. Even when my bladder is full there's no leaking. If you consider surgery, follow the recovery recommendations PRECISELY. It is long (6 weeks) and there can be no lifting, no exercising, no vacuuming, etc but the results are totally worth it in my opinion. Just a positive note for those considering the surgery.

  27. Loved this post! None of us are alone :) I am also one of the runners who pees at the tail end of a race or hard workout. My roommate in University used to come to my races and after every race tell me she was just watching my crotch to see if I'd peed. She was a softball player, just didn't understand! :)

    I've followed your blog for a while but never commented, however, you should know yours is my favorite of all running blogs. Love your humor!

  28. I don't really have this problem ALL of the time, but jumping rope does me in. I jumped rope when I pulled a muscle and couldn't run and, man, there were a lot of potty breaks! I always go before I run. After my first 5K, where I almost missed the start and didn't get more than a passing glance at the porta potties and I ran with a bladder-full-of-coffee I make sure to empty it.

  29. Yes, I too have this issue. One of the things that has helped has been to make sure I go right before I walk out the door and then insert a tampon before I run. Seems to hold up the bladder wall while I run. Simple easy fix for the time-being.

    1. Same here! If I put a tampon in for some reason it is the only thing to save me!

  30. Ahh motherhood and running. I had major problems with prolapse - bladder and rectal. Yes rectal. Not only did my bladder drop but my rear end fell through my hoo haa. Hello world! Made for some very uncomfortable moments. Had surgery to fix them both 7 months ago and I am now leak free! Was not a pleasant surgery, let me tell you, but it has given me a whole new quality of life, both when I'm running and just plain old living.

    1. OK hold on. Your butt fell through your hoo haa??? How does this even happen? I am fascinated. Please do a blog post or something on it.

    2. I wrote about it on my blog - check it out. I put a link to it on your facebook page. Oh it was fun!

  31. Yep, been peeing myself for almost 12 years now, thanks to the kids. It's not a horrible problem for me, but occasionally on a downhill, late in a run, there's not much I can do. And I hate Kegels, so I guess I'm stuck like this!

  32. I don't have a problem peeing myself, but I've noticed I sweat 'down there' and it may look like I peed myself...

    1. Yeah, have to admit I've had this issue as well!

  33. The only time I've had this problem was when I poured ice cold water over my head during a very hot, humid, sweaty race. The cold shocked my bladder, but thankfully I was wearing dark pants and the rest of me was wet from the water I dumped over myself. I doubt anyone notice.

    However, a good, hard sneeze will do it to me most often. And I do Kegels and have never had children. Guess it's the overweight thing...

  34. I pee all the time when I run. I just wear a pad and have done long distances without much trouble. I usually pee at the beginning of a run and then get increasingly dehydrated and then it's not a problem. I ran a marathon last year and did great and wore a pad through the whole thing. It's just something some people have to deal with and it's totally worth it. Don't hang up the laces, people. Just adapt! xoxo

  35. I sweat down here. I pee from time to time. I've learned to always wear black and often skirts or running dresses. I wear a Poise liner pad when I run (and if I think I'm going to laugh a lot or cough or jump on a trampoline). I pee 60 times (give or take) before each run. I've kegeled so much that the friction almost started a fire (they haven't worked for me as far as leakage though). And I've been known to take a cup of water at the water station or finish line and just pour it on me. Ooops...I look wet? Must be that water I just dumped. ;)

  36. On runs over 8 miles, I tend to leak a little. It's no big deal, I just shower and change when I get home.

  37. It's so good that we can all be so candid about our little quirks. I pee when I jump rope, do jumping jacks, but not yet for running. I have seen several people just completely unload their bladders while racing, and I get it that if you're really trying to get a qualifying time, that would probably work, and I would just let it rip. But tell me, do your shoes and socks get sticky from it?
    And BTW - there used to be a GYN here in the South Jersey area named Dr. Bush. I wanted to go to him just to say I did, but he wasn't accepting new patients!

  38. Funny how we try to NOT pee ourselves on a run and I hear that the elites train to pee themselves while running. I can't even imagine that.

  39. I wear a pad everytime...nothing worse than that feeling of it slowly dripping and yet you cant stop it like if i was actually peeing...LMAO

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. My 84 year old mother in law's gynecologist is HARRY BEAVER, MD. I am not kidding.

    2. My first OBGYN was Dr. Bush.

  41. I have also read that caffeine causes you to feel like you have to pee more often...maybe there is a link in that too?

  42. My last HM I missed the memo about where the last porta potty was going to be so I just stopped in someone's lawn, sat down, black shorts and all, and peed into the grass. All I could think about was, "I wonder if this counts as a misdemeanor if you pee in public, fully clothed?" I knew if I didn't releive the situation, the finish line was going to be messy.

  43. Oh, and one other tip to help with pee control: Take your time when you pee. By that I mean, don't strain to finish peeing real fast. I used to find myself rushing to get a pee finished, but Dr. Beaver told me that only weakens your bladder muscle and strains your urethra! Horror. Now, I take as much time as necessary for it all to flow out, then only strain to get the last drop (after Beth's bendover trick). Happy peeing!

  44. Only wear black bottoms.
    Never jump rope
    never jump on a trampoline
    and cross your legs when you sneeze

  45. Not a problem yet but I've got two strikes against me: female and getting old :(

  46. I have embraced my peeing. My running friends (all men) call me Mrs. Peabody, and I have come to accept it. I find that when I need to go while I'm running, I become focused on that instead of my surroundings. I don't enjoy the run as much. I have never tried wearing pads...I'm worried that they would feel bulky and dislodge from all the sweat and friction down there and I'd never know the pad was riding out of the back of my shorts!

    1. Ha-ha," pad riding out the back of my shorts " reminds me of my early teen-hood when I was positive everyone could notice my big lumpy pad! Whew...those days are gone...forver.

  47. Ladies, I have been in quite a few races and I never, repeat, NEVER, EVER notice my compatriots "wet down there". I just think everybody is sweating all over! So please don't worry that everyone is noticing a little wee-wee. I concur with the black down below. Always.

  48. I pee when I run because well.....I just want to. I am not one to stop for porto-s and just want to keep on going so I go on the run.

    And BTW - that woman winking reminded me of MissZ for some reason. Not sure why but it was the first person I thought of when I saw that picture.

  49. I only pee if I cough while running (or cough when not running for that matter) but I wear a pad anyway as it was a big problem when I was overweight, when I laughed, coughed, sneezed whatever. Time to start strength training for the bladder as well I think.

    1. I pee myself whenever I have a coughing spell from my allergies. When the cough reflex gets bad; my pee just gushes and I can't stop the flow. So; you're not alone.

  50. I'm so excited that I WON!!!! Thank you so much for choosing me. :) I did a happy dance in my chair when I found out. Also, I've never peed my pants on a run, ever. I have, however, pooped my pants. I guess I have the "poop more" tip down...

    1. What?? You didn't pee your pants when you read that you won??

  51. I bookmarked this article a few years ago. Said, "NO" to kegels for runners. They could make it worse. We need to work on glutes.

  52. Fluctuations in your hormones can affect continence- so after you ovulate, and as you get closer to having your period, you're more likely to leak than earlier in your cycle when things are ramping up to their peak levels.

  53. Incontinence doesn't have to something you have to deal with. All though it is common, it is NOT normal. Check out the American PT Associations section of women's health Here you can find a PT who specializes in this area of practice and can help a patient with incontinence out and give up pads forever!

    1. Don't we wish the medical community (and PT) could do what they say they can, there are so many exceptions!

  54. I once asked my doctor about stress incontinence and her advice was to not drink when I ran. Seriously! She'd rather I be dehydrated than bare the shame of a little accident. The woman is obviously not a runner.

  55. Hadn't had the peeing problem, but the pooping....well..... What in the world???

    So I've decided to:

    1. Eat less and lighter and healthier (mostly)
    2. Cut back on diet pepsi and drink more water

    Hoping that will help! :)


  56. Great post Beth!! Loved reading all the comments. Glad to know I am not the only one:) Question which pads stay in place the best?

    1. Disposable All in One Adult Incontinence Briefs (with tapes)
      Basically Adult Diapers

  57. Wear a tampon. It pushes your bladder up to where it needs to be. It doesn't completely solve the problem, but it really makes it better.

  58. I have the answer!! I had this issue after kid #3 and almost have up running it was so bad. Then I read a tip somewhere that change my life. The Diva Cup! I used it during my periods but when you run it puts pressure on your urethra and stops leaks. Like 100%! LOVE IT! I never run without it now!

    1. I could not find your comment earlier but I just want to say THANK YOU!!!!! I was literally in tears last week when I got home; I am training for my 1st 5k(WRA in May), after losing over 30pounds and getting myself healthy again. I will be 50 this summer and have had this issue for 19 years after the 1st of my 2 kids was born. It was mostly just a coughing or sneezing problem until I started running. When we went to running 30sec/walking 3 min. I literally could not do it without being soaked before we were a quarter of the way through with our 30 minute session. Last week running 45 seconds, it was over before I hardly began! The morning after I read your post I inserted a SoftCup before I left for my morning run and OMG!! Not one drop in my pad, and I ran 1min run/2min walk for the whole 30 minutes! I am ecstatic!!!!

    2. We are now running 3minutes walking 1 minute for 30 minutes and my problem is still solved! Again THANK YOU for this post!!!

    3. Hi - I am working for a firm looking at solutions for women who are active and have some urinary leakage. We would love to speak with you to gain a better idea of what the needs out there are. If you would be agreeable to do this - please email me on
      Thanks you very much and I look forward to hearing from you.

  59. What a great post! I find that Poise pads work the best for me. I also heard that vaginal weights help with doing kegels, but I haven't tried them out yet.

  60. I'm 15 and i tinkle most days when i'm awake but it's when i'm asleep that i'm worried about. I still wet the bed occasionally. my mother doesn't really understand though she has five children. i'm scared of what might be happening to my body. though some of the reasons have cleared up that thought some. Can anyone give me some advice on what to do?

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. Kayla, go see the lady doctor (Dr Beaver). Tell your mom you want to go and then talk to the doctor about it. It may be embarrassing to talk about it to someone, but it will be worth it so you can clear up the problem. You really should have it checked out. Plus anything you say to the doctor is confidential!

  63. Thank you for this makes me feel 100% better

    1. Hi Sara - I work for a firm that is looking for novel solutions for women with urinary leakage. If this is something that occurs for you, we would appreciate if we could have a short discussion with you, either via email or phone, at your convenience. If this is ok, please do drop me an email on Thanks very much!

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  65. Thank you for this post! I'm currently training for my first triathlon and after two children my bladder is pretty much worthless. It's so comforting to know that I'm the only one. :) What would you do for a triathlon though? I was thinking of sticking a pad into some booty shorts and slipping those on after the bike (and before the run), but does anyone have any other advice?

    1. Hi Teresa - We are a firm looking at solutions for urinary leakage like what you mentioned above. We would really appreciate if we could have around 15 minutes of your time to have a quick chat on what your experience is and what kind of products or services you might be currently using. Feedback from you would be really helpful to us as we try to develop a solution that better meets your needs. Do email me on if you would be willing to communicate with us. We would love to give you a call at your convenience, but if you'd prefer chat/email, that would work for us too. Thanks very much and we look forward to hearing from you. Take care.

    2. sorry my email is

    3. Teresa - I run triathlon, too. Try a tampon - the largest size they make. The pressure against the urethra will stop the problem on most days. I've used them even during a full Ironman - no problem. Miracle cure for me.

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. Whew I'm not alone! If I keep doing the jumping jacks and skip rope (with pad installed) will I eventually stop squirting? Or do I have to do the kegals too?

  68. Keep up your kegels and try the electronic Kegel8 pelvic floor exerciser to strengthen those pelvic floor muscles - Many videos on youtube for Kegel8, and they sell direct to the US. Like them on Facebook and receive and additional 10% off your purchase - start getting your life back!!!!!

  69. website for the Kegel8 electronic pelvic floor exerciser is: - hope this helps all my sisters in life out there - and EVB running shorts for women with leaks - them come with a discreet place for a pad - are coming this May 2013 - look them up on Google -

  70. Just happened to me at the gym-- I ran under 1 mile and the whole time I was like why does it feel wet in my hot pink shorts?? I was enjoying my run but stopped and ran into the restroom-- yup. Soaked undies and wet spot on shorts. Left immediately, looked it up online and found this fabulous article-- thank you!! I have no kids but drank and smoked for a good many years. I blame it on that as well as needing to strengthen quads and do more kegels. And dark pants forever now.. Thanks again everyone who commented too- needed that affirmation that it's fairly normal!

  71. Glad to hear other people have the problems too. I ride horse competitively and when I go fast I do. I just don't want to wet my saddle. Hope I can get it under control but pads do help.

  72. Thank you for this post and thanks to all those who provided such useful comments. I'm not a runner but in a moment of athletic abandon I decided yesterday to join my young daughter as she was training for her school track and field tryouts. I ran alongside her for about 10 steps before I had to stop. I was in shock. The urge to pee was immediate. I am not overweight an had just gone to the bathroom before the going to the park. I don't drink alcohol or coffee or carbonated drinks - and I don't smoke. So it must be the fact that I'm in my late 40's and yes, I've had 3 kids. As I think on it, I have leaked upon sneezing. I will do the Kegels and hope this helps.

  73. This is such an incredibly common problem. I spoke with so many women that experience the occasional leak - especially while running and decided to dedicate my life making a better product soltion. It's called Knix Wear and it's a line of high tech women's underwear that absorbs moisture and eliminates odor. We just launched last week and are taking pre-orders at:

    Please check it out and let me know what you think. You can email me your feedback at: our FitKnix line was designed specifically for runners who leak.

    Finally, our product is designed to help but it's not a solution. Please know that pelvic floor physio therapy can really really help (up to 80% success). I second Gaby's repsonse and suggest you check for pelvic floor physio therapists in your area

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  76. thank you! thank you! thank you! I haven't gone for a run since I had my 3rd child 3 years ago, now with all this helpful information, I can finally get out to run again!

    1. p.s. I found a great black running skirt/shorts at Target today too. All this when I needed it most. I can't wait to get out there!

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  77. Thanks for everyone's input -- this was informative. I just want to add fibroid tumors can also be an issue in that, depending on location, one or more can add pressure on your bladder and not let you always empty completely.

    I really leaked last night on a competitive corporate run. I've worn maxi pads in the past for long runs but last night was only 4 miles. I stopped drinking fluids two hours before and thought I was empty but alas yeah for dark shorts!

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  80. Thanks for the great article! I can't believe there are so many other women who have this problem. I haven't tried anything for my problem because it just recently started happening now that my runs are getting longer. If a run is short and hard I'm fine. But when a run is longer with long intervals in it or something, I have a problem around mile 8 or 9. I'll try doing Kegals and see if that helps.

    Thanks again for the article.

  81. thanks you for this article! I just went running today after laying off for the past 4 months and was startled to find about 10 min into it that I was wet! I thought, "did i just pee myself?" I didn't even feel like I had to go nor when I realized what was happening could I stop it! This has never occurred before, maybe tiny leaks when my bladder was full, but never just leaking out! This article helped me, I am 35, I've had 2 kids vaginally, and Dr. Beaver had recommended Kegals for me before but for a different "issue" I'd been having w/my vjayjay since having said children.
    I'm glad i'm not alone. I'll go see Dr. Beaver again for words of wisdom and from now on wear a pad while running.

  82. Well I have just returned from a forces fit class. I run all the time and do not pee in my pant but try knee raisers. Star jumps and I'm peeing ..... Tonight was the first time I thought tena lady you might be my friend. I could do the leg raisers all 200 of them physically but the leakage really made me feel crap. Glad I was wearing black nylon. Pee is only another sort of swat yet I did freely dirty and was glad to get home. Is there anything we pee pee s do to sort this out?

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  85. So happy to have found this blog. About once every week or so, I completely pee myself as soon as I stop running. Not just a trickle, but full on peeing. Can't control it. Thank heaven for black dri-fit pants and panty liners!!!

  86. Happend to boys too! I am 15 year old boy on my last run i have drunk to much water before the race starts, so after 45 minutes in the race i feeled bursting. Normaly i have a realy large bladder but the water was enought to fill me up and i let some spurt of pee into my running shorts. It was enought to make a orange sized wetspot on my shorts. I was luck that i could hold the most piss in.

  87. I never peed when I ran...but, as a 53 year old man...I now go about once or twice a year...Also, being a diabetic (which I am) doesn't help, as it helps to have you feel like your mouth is dry more often, therefore you drink more...

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