Thursday, January 10, 2013

My New Boyfriend, Alex

Today was one of those days I definitely needed a little more of an ass kicking to get out the door for a run (but, it was cold and icy!). Problem is, I am the only one here in the mornings, so I have to leave it up to myself to kick my own ass, which is tricky.  This basically involves remembering I have a blog called Shut Up and Run and that I would be a total hypocrite if I didn’t stop bitching and start running.

Turns out this was one of those glorious runs where everything fell into place. I’ve usually pick a couple of things (no more than 2) to work on while I run. Lately it’s been keeping my cadence swift and light, right at about 180 steps per minute. I was nailing that one today, if I must say so myself. I have also been working on proper alignment (a la Chi Running) and today my body felt good and like I might actually be running with half decent form. This was nice because only a couple of days ago, I was looking more like the girl in the yellow jacket (is she related to Honey Boo Boo?).

One of the things I love about running is there are always surprises. Weird smells, strange people, gorgeous sunrises/sunsets, unexpected farts. Today was no exception. Remember in yesterday’s post when I joked about finding nickels while running? I can’t say for sure I ever really have found a nickel while running, I just picked that coin because it was the first that came to mind. Well, you guessed it, today I found this at mile 5:


WEIRD (cue Twilight Zone music). The nickel’s from 1970, when I was 3 years old. I was a bit cuter then, but I still had the same damn long second Morton’s toe (do not be jealous of our velour couch).


So, just like we all know, you never ever regret a  run (unless you are injured and you are stupid and you run and you hurt yourself worse – guilty!). So, if you are debating getting out there, just kick your own ass ever so gently and get out the damn door.

Ah, one more thing. In case you want to see the goofiest pictures of me ever and learn about my new boyfriend, Alex, head over to Livestrong where I did a review of the new Nike + Kinect Training Program (for Xbox 360). Review can be found HERE.


Do you have a Kinect? How do you like it? We just got his one when I did the review. The kids and I have actually had  a really fun time with it (the Just Dance games are hilarious).

Do you pick things to work on while you run (form, breathing, etc:)?

Ever find anything interesting on a run? One time I found a man standing and peeing in the middle of the road while he stared me down. Good times.



  1. the track one day, an older gentleman decided to take a break from his run to urinate in the cluster of trees nearby. Needless to say (in my world anyway), I slowed way down during that lap. Wouldn't want to humiliate him anymore than necessary.

  2. One time I found a Baume & Mercier wristwatch. It was and still is working. But a nickel is pretty sweet.

  3. My husband has the second long toe thing going on. He got it from his mother.

    I'm a lot more into interval running than distance, but there are still things I like to try and remember to work on. One is going as far as I can without breathing through my mouth (you covered this last week, I think). I got the idea from my mom who told me some story a couple of years ago about how some Indian tribe would make the boys coming of age run a certain distance with a mouth full of water and they had to spit the water out at the finish. True or not, I don't know, I just thought it could help my lungs.

    Another thing is that I can't run within at least two hours of eating or I will get a side ache every time, even after only a half mile. I lessen my chance by waiting, but I still tend to get them from time to time. I've researched the causes and there are tons of ideas out there, but I found the main answer is that there really isn't an exact explanation. However, I did find some suggestions on how to try and prevent them. Strengthening your core (of course) but I knew that wasn't my problem, so I tried the suggestion of each time you exhale do so when your left foot lands. This actually works for me, so that's another thing I focus on.

    Lastly, I run with my dogs most of the time, so I have to try not to lean my body back and get a weird form when I'm pulling on their leash when they are going to fast. =)

    I find neat stuff on my runs quite often. The nice expensive rubber bungee cords off of hay trailers, coins, toys, an oar, dead animals/skeletons, a full box of matches, I don't even know what else. The coolest thing I've found was a 1940's Military Issued Everdry Steel Match Case with the original wood matches (still dry) on a mountain in the backcountry of WY. That was on a hike though, not a run.

    Wow, I'll shut up now.

  4. Just realized your about the same age as I am! Your too funny! Love reading your stories!! I'll definitely check out your review!

    Just in case you want to check out my blog..
    I'm not funny like you... but I try to keep it real..

    Thanks for making me laugh every day!

  5. lol, your son's song is hilarious and he is very talented might I add. Impressive! I did find a guy taking a poop once on a run and he was thoroughly embarrassed. He quickly said, "Hi" and I just chuckled and said "Hi" back. :)

  6. The only thing I find on my runs these days are pieces of sole. No lie.

    My hypothesis is that Singaporeans wear their sneakers until they are so worn out (500 miles, anyone? Anyone???) that the soles are falling off. This leaves the trail near my apartment littered with bright pieces of sneaker sole.

    And that even feels sad to write "sneaker sole"... :-(

  7. I found a turkey Windsock on the ground at the end of an empty road the year I started running. It is still our only thanksgiving decoration.

  8. I too have Morton's Toe. I have learned that the toe in question is actually the big first toe. The syndrome is that the first toe is short, not that the second toe is long. In retrospect, I kinda like it. I wear a 10.5 running shoe - can't even think what size I'd need if the first toe were full size.

  9. I’ve got so much still to learn that I’m always working on something when I run. I try to focus on one thing until I get it. As a newbie, I first focused on basic form and just trying to breathe efficiently. Then I centered my attention on landing on my forefoot instead of my heel. Now I generally focus on pacing better, even though I just read your HR training blog from last summer and I’m thinking about going that route for a while. Oh, and for some reason I can never seem to remember to swing my arms as much as I probably should. It’s all a work in progress.

    I’m actually planning to record reminders into my 8 track recorder so that I can insert them into a playlist someday before my half marathon. I think it might help to hear my own voice chiming in between some songs to remind me to “take a deep breathe” or “relax your shoulders” or “don’t throw up.” I’m silly like that.

  10. I regret a few runs, but that was when I was injured and very stupid! I've learned my lesson!

  11. we have a kinnect that we use mostly for dance games. They are a blast. I will check out your review for sure.

    I thought I found a dead body the other day. I went to the firestation AND called the police. I was appalled that they didn't check it out FOR THE LONGEST TIME, and it was thankfully a rotten deer leg, but it was sticking out of a black trash bag, looking super sketchy. I guess it was just normal trash for being here in the country. Today was the first day in several weeks that it wasn't there, but instead, there was a whole dead deer. At least it was very identifiable as an animal and didn't scare me to death.

  12. One day my GD obturator will be healed and u can run again and we can compare notes

  13. Oh, I just love, love, love that picture. It's made me smile! Thanks for the laugh.

  14. It is interesting to me what I do see lying along side of the road that people have thrown out while driving. Over the last couple years I have seen lots of dead animals, syringes, cassette tapes, CD's, rubber balls, rubber ducks and occasionally some change.

  15. Since I'm mostly a treadmill runner, I don't find all of the cool stuff y'all do.
    We have an X-Box Kinect Live, whatever, it is called. I wondered if the Kinect Training Program was worth it. I don't get on it much (maybe ever) - the boys aren't interested in the kind of games I might be!

  16. Kids like the Kinect... I'm just trying to get used it. I'm too clumsy!

  17. Alas, we don't have a Kinect...we just got a Wii a year ago. We do enjoy Just Dance, though. Watching my older son, who has two left feet, dance to "Superstitious"...priceless.

    I've never found anything good on a run....I do, however, frequently see odd, random things in unexpected places. A half-empty bottle of BBQ sauce on the bike path. Or a pair of underpants. ???? I spend the rest of my run trying to imagine the circumstances that put those things there.

    1. I have found underpants too - thankfully, they were not mine.

  18. I find coins all the time on my runs. I believe they're the change that my dad is sending down from heaven. I try to work on my life issues while running, and there are times when I tell myself to watch my form, slow down, speed up, etc. I don't remember anything out of the ordinary on a run yet -- if I have I probably forgot it already.
    Thanks for putting a name to my long second toes. I'll call them Mort and Morty now!

  19. I have the shortest, fatest toes you'll ever see. I work on cadence and breathing. I cam upon a guy walking the railroad tracks in our town. That was a little creepy.

    I don't know if you follow Steve In A Speedo, but his latest Friday Funny is right up your alley. I by that I mean it's about poop. Awesomely funny poop.

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