Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What’s Going On This Week (in bullets cause it’s fun)

  • I ran 16.18 miles today. It was supposed to be 20. The cock-six (tailbone) hurt. STILL. It’s been 10 days since I fell down the stairs and injured it.  I figured better to stop early than to run the ol’ cock-six into the ground (sounds dirty) before my marathon in 18 days.


  • I farted in Target and ran into the shoe aisle.
  • Ken and I just started binge watching Mad Men on Netflix. How have we not watched it until now? Oh, and by the way, the 2nd season of Orange Is The New Black starts on June 6, 2014. You’re welcome.

  • Yesterday a woman at the gym (who does childcare, she wasn’t working out) was having a heart attack as I left the building. I sat with her until the paramedics came. Scary. I was relieved I didn’t have to use my CPR skills. I’m always nervous I won’t know what to do. Hopefully she is okay.
  • My brother lives in Kiev, Ukraine with his family. If you watch the news, you know why I’m worried.

  • It’s an early birthday for me as I got two surprises in the mail today:

A case of X2 Performance (which I now swear by with my training). Dave Scott just partnered with X2. Pretty cool:


And, a SWEET care package from Clif Bar (why do my kids think Shot Bloks are for their dining pleasure? Kids – they are not gummy bears!). If I look like hell that is because I am in a long run coma. I’m really excited to try the recovery drink.


  • The freaky baby made a surprise appearance in the pantry. I actually hid it in there then ended up scaring myself. (isn’t it fun to look in people’s pantries? So random: peanut butter, seaweed, Luna Bars, Girl Scout cookies, parmesan cheese, and soy nuts).


  • I read this book. You’d think as a social worker I’d have heard it all, but I am always astounded by choices some parents make. Memoirs are my favorite genre and this one did not disappoint.

Now it’s your turn.

Best book you’ve read this month? This one ^^^^

Have you ever had to do CPR on someone? No

Best series you have watched recently? Homeland Season 2 and now Mad Men

Tell me 3 random things in your pantry. I told you.



  1. I'm reading a book on addiction right now. It's helping me to understand my husbands alcoholism.

    Never had to do CPR. thank goodness. My BIL did though as a raft guide. The guy ended up dying. I can't imagine that either.

    I don't really watch any series. I am missing out on so much apparently. Walking Dead, Breaking Bad etc.

    In my pantry: biscoff, girl scout cookies and wasabi peas.

    1. @ltlindian Can I ask what book and is it helping? My husband is an alcoholic and I have little to no sympathy left for him. He has been to rehab (30 day stay in Oct 2012) and now worse than ever. Last few weekends have been kind of awful. My son is asking me to leave him and my daughter asked randomly the other day "what would our life be like without daddy?" Thank you.

    2. Bless your heart, that is a lot of pressure~ on you and the kids. I wish only good things for you and your kids and I hope you can find some resolution that brings your family peace.

      For both of you ltlindian and tweetsweet.

  2. Im reading The Sandcastle Girls and it is really eye-opening.
    CPR on a calf does that count? Oh and a dog.
    Parenthood consumes my home at the moment, as does House of Cards.
    and Im glad you're able to run again.

  3. If you worked with children like I do, you could just fart at will and blame it on the kid. Not that I'd ever do that....

    Surprisingly I haven't had to do CPR very much in my career. That is because we try to recognize impending failure and intervene before it happens...

    3 random things in my pantry: life cereal, sun dried tomatoes, candy canes.

  4. Book- & Sons by David something...didn't google it so I don't know his last name....
    CPR- no, but I have reached in kids mouths (other people's children) as they were choking on grapes/oranges/whatever. I also gave a lizard mouth to mouth once. He still died.
    Series- Six feet under
    Pantry- I don't have a pantry but there are lots of marshmallows leftover from a school project in my cupboard that I snacked on when I got home.

  5. Yes. I have done CPR on people, part of the job.
    3 random things in the pantry- canned chipotles, lentils and a bottle of mag citrate.
    I am rewatching The Killing and enjoying Downton Abbey.

  6. ended up doing 6 minutes of CPR at mile 22 of the Honolulu Marathon last December on a fellow runner who had collapsed!! being a nurse, I was okay with the whole CPR thing... but not prepared to do THAT at mile 22... or to finish up the race after doing THAT!!!! I am currently obsessed with True Detective on HBO... oh my!!! It is soooo good!!! I have some kale chips.... every kind of nut butter ever made... and one random can of Wolf Brand Chili in my pantry!!!
    Hope that tail bone gets better, girl!!!! That is some crazy pain!!!! :(

    1. I can't believe you still finished the race! Your an animal! That's a lot of adrenaline.

  7. I can't wait for Orange is the New Black! Already watched Mad Men, loved it. Not too thrilled with last season.
    Best book recently, "Sex Change: a memoir of marriage......blah blah" can't remember the rest. I needed something to feel not so alone having an ex husband that recently announced he's transgender. No wonder it didn't work out! Not a lot of support on that.
    To go along with my crazy life I have done compressions. Quite a bit. ICU nurse. So I guess it's kinda my job. Never as a bystander, but I would. All the while screaming, "call 911, call 911" in a Down and out in Beverly Hills style.

  8. Thank You for letting us know when Season 2 of Orange is the New Black is released. I cannot decide if I like it, yet I can't stop watching it.
    As and emergency room nurse I have done CPR, but never outside of the hospital setting. Speaking of memoirs, and you being a social worker, I think you would possibly be interested in Sickened: The Memoir of a Munchausen by Proxy Childhood by Julie Gregory. Very interesting read. I read it in nursing school.
    In my pantry is canned, homegrown peaches, green beans, and roasted red pepper and tomato soup.
    I sure hope your coccyx feels better soon :)

  9. I love the bullets, and I'm totally stealing this in a few days :)

  10. Best book this month- the Fault in Our Stars, good story, but lots of trendy vernacular made it a bit irritating at times.
    I've had to do CPR on several people. Your muscle memory kicks in, the first time you do it you're like whoa, I don't know what just happened...
    The second season of House of Cards has started, so watching that, trying not to get AS obsessed as the first time around ;)
    Three random things in my pantry- a case of pineapple that moved all the way from Montana to Arizona with me, a package of dried mangos, and a CD player (?)

  11. The best book I've read this month is Life After Life by Kate Atkinson. I couldn't put it down.

    I'm glad to see that we prefer the same kind of peanut butter! Skippy rules!

  12. Um... So I blog stock you because
    A. Your pics of Colorado remind me of home
    B. You are in inspiration and I hope to one day be at your skill level
    C. You are awesome

    But didn't know until this post you are a social worker....l me too!

  13. CPR - I was a volunteer firefighter for 9 years, so yeah, been there done that. The outcome? Win some, lose some. Nothing stands out in my memory more vividly than the first time someone's ribs cracked under the pressure of CPR. Granted, she was dead before we got there, but we are required to go through the motions. Still haunts me to this day. The times that the patient actually came back to life from my actions make it worth it, but don't make the nightmares any less bad.

    That having been said, congrats on the Target fart! Been there, done that, too!

  14. Best memoir ever: The Glass Castle (they're making a movie!)
    Best series: Breaking Bad

  15. I love Mad Men! Also love House of Cards, so glad season two is on netflix now.

    I haven't had to use CPR, but my husband had to use the Heimlich maneuver on my stepdad a few years ago. He was choking on his steak cause he as laughing as he was eating!

    Three random things in the pantry--sees candy, chipotle peppers, couscous.

  16. Best Memoir: _Wild_ by Cheryl Strayed!
    Three things in my pantry: Earth Balance Coconut Peanut Spread, Sweets & Beets Terra Chips, Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce!
    Best Series: Homeland, Orange itn Black, and House of Lies.

    Love your blog funny lady!

  17. If you've just started to watch Mad Men, you have dozens of hours of great entertainment ahead of you; it's a richly textured masterpiece. It's also one of my three favorite shows ever, along with The Sopranos and Breaking Bad. The conclusion of Breaking Bad still resonates in my mind. I'm not sure that we will ever see a better series.

  18. Oh MAN! Homeland Season 2 was AMAZING!! And I cannot wait for Season 2 of Orange is the New Black. Dying of anticipation over here.

    We always seem to like the same books so I will have to add that one to my list. :)

  19. Happy Birthday!

    - Fave book: The Burgess Boys, by Elizabeth Strout
    - Never had to do CPR, but I'm trained in First Aid and scared I'll have to use it too!
    - Best Series recently: 30 Rock!! And I also am on the Mad Men bandwagon. I luurve the love rat Don, and Peggy too
    - Pantry: Cadburys Cream Eggs, Porridge, and Ginger

  20. I'm reading Glitter and Glue right now.
    I almost needed to perform CPR on a guy who passed out from choking! Luckily, the EMTs showed up just in time.
    Best series? Breaking Bad!!!!!
    Kashi cereal, taco sauce and Annie's Mac and Cheese
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mine is March 21 :-)

  21. Book: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King.
    CPR: No, knock wood, thank goodness
    Series: How I Met Your Mother
    Pantry: Oatmeal, graham crackers, coffee

  22. Raisins, walnuts, Metamucil
    Reading nothing until 10-mile race I'm directing is fini.
    No CPR but like you stayed with person until EMS arrived - I think it was an anxiety attack
    Wishing you well with the coxis healing.

  23. Best book you've read this month? I just downloaded the entire "Vampire Academy" series to my Kindle - I haven't read them yet but I'm excited to start. Kindle + Treadmill = double the endurance.

    Have you ever had to do CPR on someone? No - thankfully.

    Best series you have watched recently? Finished Leverage. Parker, Hartison, Elliot and Sophie became like BFFs to me, I actually physically missed them when the series was over. (And in the beginning I found Sophie rather unbearable, so that says a lot.)

    Now we're watching Warehouse 13. So. Good.

    Tell me 3 random things in your pantry. Hot Rotel (by the case), Fiber 1 protein bars, 6lb bag of gummy bears my kid won for selling the most "butter braids" at Christmas for her school's fund raiser. The red ones are all gone and now the remaining bears are hard, dried up little sugar bricks.

  24. Best Book: Chi Marathon. I don't know if I totally buy into it, but it is an interesting read and gave me some more things to ponder (as if I needed any more random thoughts rolling around in my head).

    CPR: Yes. I'm an EMT.

    Best series: Homeland, for sure! Can't wait for season 2 of Orange is the New Black - thanks for that reminder!

    Pantry: Coconut oil, about 1/4 bag of butterscotch chips, and that same box of Premier Protein bars you have in your pantry pic. ;)

  25. Your training schedule called for a 20 miler with 2.5 weeks to go before the LA marathon? That's pretty serious. Are you going to taper, or ramp up from your injured status - that's always a dilemma.

    As far as the target emission - awesome! I'm finding that Kashi go lean crunch works better than brewer's yeast in that department.

    1. Hey Joe - no my plan actually didn't call for the 20 miler - but I had to skip it the previous week due to my injury, so my coach advised doing it this week. It will be tapering from here.

  26. Best book this month: The Midwife by Jennifer Worth (it's a memoir!)
    CPR: I'm certified, and I teach Silver Sneakers, so I am always fearful I'll have to use it, but luckily, I haven't yet.
    TV: My husband and I just binge watched Alias (Jennifer Garner, kick-ass spy).
    Pantry: Chia seeds, peanut butter, refried beans... is that random enough?

  27. CPR: I have actually had to do it a few times. SCARY as shit I tell you.
    TV: My fiance and I just finished Breaking Bad
    Pantry: Peanut butter, Goldfish, and Mac & Cheese (yes I am 26 years old).

    Glad you were able to get a long run in, even if ti wasn't 20 it is still good training for LA!

  28. wow - i hope your brother and family are ok!
    I just finished reading With or Without You. It was a good one. Try Jeannette Walls, Halfbroke Horses, the Glass Castles. It makes you wonder how parents can be so selfish, but great reads!

  29. Crop duster!!

    Book: Working on Divergent. It's interesting ... not exactly age appropriate, but I like to read books a few months before movies come out. That way I have the fun advantage of knowing the story line, but it's not so fresh in my mind that I'm disappointed by minor discrepancies.

    Have I ever had to do CPR on someone? No, thank goodness. My ultimate fear.

    Best series I have watched recently? Supersize VS Superskinny (the UK version of our Biggest Loser or Extreme Weight Loss - but much more realistic and scientific).

    3 random things in my pantry: Wheat pasta, home grown/canned tomatoes, and scented candles from three Christmases ago. I don't know why they're in there, but it makes the pantry smell nice I guess...

  30. Best book you’ve read this month? Infidel.

    Have you ever had to do CPR on someone? No, thank goodness. It's been ages since I took CPR. Probably need to take a refresher.

    Best series you have watched recently? I don't watch TV, except for a little of the Olympics.

    Tell me 3 random things in your pantry. RX Bars, kelp noodles, canned coconut milk.

  31. Book: Hotel On The Corner of Bitter and Sweet- excellent
    We're watching House of Cards- Season 2- also excellent.
    As a nurse, did plenty of CPR- not in many years.
    Random in my pantry- spices, dog treats ( don't have a dog) They are for visiting ones, and almond butter.

  32. First of all, I LOVE your blog! I get way too excited every time I click on the bookmark for it and see there is a new post. It makes my day!

    Best book you’ve read this month? I haven't read one yet but plan on re-reading Second Wind: One Woman's Midlife Quest to Run Seven Marathons on Seven Continents for the 3rd time. I love that book.
    Have you ever had to do CPR on someone? No
    Best series you have watched recently? Orphan Black
    Tell me 3 random things in your pantry. Spaghetti sauce, salsa, sprinkles.

  33. I haven’t read a book this month but I have read Runners World and Fitness Magazines from front to cover but only because I spent a lot of time in the bathroom, TMI?
    I have never had to do CPR on anyone and it scares the heck out of me to think I would ever have to.
    The best series I’ve watched recently is….Orange is the New Black, I know I was late for that parade but I watched the entire season in 2 days and I was mesmerized!
    Panty Random’s….Salted Caramel Gu’s, 5 types of paper plates, (why?) and hot hands, seriously, hot hands which makes us deranged because we live in Florida!

  34. Never had to do CPR for real. Best series recently is is Sherlock, and it's distant cousin, Elementary. I haven't read any good books lately. Not so much time to read, and my book club has had a series of duds lately.

    In order most used. Coffee beans, 4 different kinds of nuts, and granola. These are all related.

    Hope your tailbone is feeling better for the race.

  35. Best book: Game of Thrones
    Best series: Game of Thrones (see the pattern) and House of Cards, season 2
    Random stuff in my pantry: Green tea with pomegranate, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Lara bars, Joe's O's (Aka, "Cheerios" by Trader Joes).

  36. Your cock-six must be feeling a bit better...16 miles with a hurt are badass!

    Best book: The Testing. Think Hunger Games and Divergent. I'm a sucker for a good YA book. I'm a children's librarian, so I don't read big people books very often.

    CPR: No, thank goodness!

    Best series: I'm watching Sherlock right now. Cumberbatch is my current run porn. He gets me through those treadmill runs.

    Random stuff in my pantry: Cherry craisins, lemon Oreos, fruit squeeze-it things (not for the kids...for them!).

    1. Lemon Oreos sound good. Did not even know those existed!

  37. Reading Hidden America - kind of cool book about amazing people in nonflashy jobs all of the country

    No CPR ever luckily! I used to work as a supervisor in intramurals in college and I was always worried that I would need to - but all of the crazy stuff happened on other shifts!

    Series - we are fulling in between the new episodes of Walking Dead and Justified (great underrated show) with House of Cards!

    Congrats on the return to running! Injuries suck!

  38. Best book I've read in the past month was Orphan Train, which I learned about right here on SUAR, so thank you!

    My only series addiction right now is Downton Abbey. I'm obsessed. I tried watching Mad Men, but couldn't deal with all the cheating. However, I love the dapper clothing.

  39. Book: Cuckoo's calling
    CPR: No.
    Series Addiction: Ray Donovan and Shameless.
    Random Pantry: giddy YoYo chocolate, dried apricots, cashews

  40. Book: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
    CPR: no but taking a class next week. Had to Heimlich my cocker spaniel once when she choked on her food. It worked!
    Series Addiction: True Detective, General Hospital, The Walking Dead
    Random Pantry: Nutella, peanut butter, coconut oil

    1. Agreed. Loved it loved it. Best book.

    2. Love the book "Unbroken." Just saw the movie trailer released too (screenplay by Coen Brothers, directed by Angelina Jolie). Gonna be tough to watch - but hopefully good!

  41. I hope your brother is safe. A friend of mine in the Peace Corps in Kiev is keeping us up to date on all the news. So terrible and scary.

  42. I read a lot and a little bit of every genre. Right now I'm reading Fern Michaels (trashy-ish romance) about female vigilantes. I like memoirs, too, so thanks for posting what you're reading.

    CPR: Never had to do it; Pray that I never will.
    TV: I never watch anything on actual TV (meaning, as it's being broadcast) except sports or news. I am watching Hot in Cleveland on my Kindle while running on the treadmill. This winter has been so sucky (read: icy) that I've made it to the 4th season.
    Random Pantry: Pistachios, Tahini, Deluxe box of Betsy Anne Chocolates (best.ever.)

    PS I love your blog, but I also love your readers. They all play along so nicely when you ask questions! Yours is the only one I read where I ALWAYS read all of the comments, too!

  43. B is for Burglar - I've decided to finally read this series by Sue Grafton
    Luckily never had to do CPR
    My favorite TV series right now is -THE WINTER OLYMPICS!
    My pantry has beans, canned tomatoes and a bottle of Tullymore Dew.

    Don't ever stop inspiring us, Beth!

  44. Just finished Ender's Game (I never read it as a kid)
    Have done CPR many times (the rib cracking thing is the worst part)
    I am currently watching Parenthood, love it
    Pantry- tequila, candy cane Hershey kisses and pita chips

  45. Binge watching Mad Men is definitely the way to go! LOVE IT.
    We have good friends in Kiev, I hope you're brother has found a safe spot to be.
    I just read the Hunger Games trilogy - I didn't want to since it's become a big thing, but I loved it. Now I guess I could watch the movies :)
    Shot Blocks mmmmmmmM!

  46. So the X2 Performance supplement - probably not good for evening runners? I'm having a hard time finding a good preworkout supplement that doesn't leave me laying around at midnight, still awake.

    Best wishes to your brother & his family, as well.

    1. Probably not as it does have caffeine in it. I don't notice it so much, but if you are sensitive to caffeine it might not be the best choice.

  47. Last book read was The Rosie Project- cute little "quick read" book that reminded me a lot of the Big Bang Theory. Also recently re-read the Odd Thomas series- love those books!

    TV series- Castle and Psych. DVR The Walking Dead but have to be mentally prepared to watch it, it so I'm pretty far behind.

    CPR: yes, a couple times. Work in health care, so it's a job hazard.....

    Pantry items: Hmmmmm, I'm at work right now so I can't look. I know for a fact I have Captain Morgan rum. I don't like wine, so that's my substitute. Also- Yoshida's teriyaki sauce. The kind that they only sell at Sams Club/Costco in the huge bottle. Very literally awesome-sauce!!! :-D

  48. Yes, had to do CPR on a woman in Center City Phila. Had my mouth guard with me too. And thankfully, because she threw up.
    Downton Abbey and The Tudors.
    Pantry has oatmeal, capers (not sure what I am supposed to do with them, they came in a gift basket) and cat treats, which is strange because I don't have a cat.
    Amy P. Philly Runner

  49. Book: just read Run Less, Run Faster on an airplane this week. Concept is three key runs- intervals, tempo, and long run supplemented with two non-weight bearing aerobic activities like swimming/cycling/rowing per week. You ever read this? Thoughts on this strategy? For my third marathon, thinking about trying it- need to shave off 13 minutes to BQ and high mileage and speed work really seems to stress my 40yr old body (and I have already had a pelvic stress fracture, a knee injury, and a badly bruised coccyx- 5 weeks to being pain free, by the way...)
    Non-running book: Wild by Cheryl Strayed is awesome.
    Pantry- grits (as every self respecting southerner should have), a bag of leftover Halloween candy in which all the good stuff has already been consumed, a box of excessive amounts of batteries because I seem to have a fear of not having them when I need them.

  50. Best book I've read this month -- either Beyond the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo or Life after Life by Kate Atkinson. My favorite memoir is The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.

    I was the first person to an auto accident. I froze when the people were wailing from their cars, afraid to look. I did have the presence of mind to call 911, but I was pretty disappointed in my fear reaction (and lack of other reaction). Luckily, it turned out everyone was okay.

    Pantry--quinoa, farro, chia seeds. Trying to get healthy. I'm experimenting with the quinoa, have yet to use the farro, and the chia seeds go into my recovery smoothies.

  51. Read the new Jonathan Kellerman book "Killer". All his books are fabulous.
    At 21 years of age, I performed CPR (with my best friend) on my best friend's grandfather who literally fell off the couch dead in front of us in Australia.
    I am finishing up "The Shield" on Netflix (LOVED it) and deciding on my next binge-watch.
    Pantry is filled with Costco-sized spices (courtesy of my husband), lots of cereal (recently re-discovered my love of Cream of Wheat), and Chicken In a Biscuit (call 'biscuit crackers' by my kids).