Monday, February 10, 2014

Keep Calm. You Only…

Here is a sweet story of irony for you (I think this may qualify as situational irony, but I am not sure. I’m no English major):

For two months I have been running on ice and snow, about 40-50 miles per week. For two months I have not fallen. I have not hardly even slipped. Yay for me.


And, then what do I do?

Last night I fell downs the stairs on my way to do my nightly house check (oven off, doors locked, coffee made for the morning). Basically, my feet slipped and I bounced down several stairs on my coccyx (one of those funny words in the dictionary). If it didn't hurt so freaking bad, it might have been really funny.

What is a COCCYX you ask (pron: cock-siks)?. It is a fancy name for tail bone. The area right above your butt crack. The area just below where tramp stamps appear.

If you have ever injured your cock-siks then you know how much it hurts. I cried. I iced. I heated. I did not take up Ken’s offers to go the ER, but just watched the Walking Dead and cried some more. I bet getting your head chopped off by a sword hurts more than a banged up coccyx.

By morning I wasn’t in as much pain, but I am so, so sore. Today was supposed to be a 6 mile run, but since you should not run with an impaired coccyx, I thought a rest day was in order. So, I drank some coffee:


Of course I have self diagnosed on Google. I have learned that I need to sit on a donut (that gets kind of messy, especially when I try to eat it at the same time – I’m flexible that way), ice, rest, take ibuprofen, and avoid long periods of sitting.  I’m assuming it’s okay to lay with a Heidi on your back.


Oh, and some lovely info I found online: “If your tailbone is sensitive during bowel movements, eat more fiber to soften your stools and drink water to flush out any constipation.” Another perk of a bruised coccyx! Painful pooping!

I am not sure what the lesson is from this. Some possibilities:

  • Wear Yak Traks in the house
  • Move to a ranch-style home
  • Gain a lot of weight in the coccyx area so I have more cushioning for next time
  • Do not do a nightly house check and stay awake all night wondering if I left the iron on (OCD)

I am trying not to panic about my training. I am at my peak for LA Marathon training and things have been going so well. I am going to assume each day I’ll be less sore and can resume my running. I know these things can take a long time to heal. This SUCKS.


Have you ever injured your tailbone/coccyx area?

What’s the last household injury you had? Before this one I sliced my finger coring a pineapple.



  1. I have done that. We have wood stairs and I slid down 7. Hurts like a b!!!! Took me about a week before I could run well. Even after that, when I would start to run, it hurt for 1/2 mile and then I was fine. Good luck!

  2. The lesson? Make Ken do the nightly house check. or install "spy-cams" around the house that you can watch from bed.

    Tailbone injuries suck. fell on it ice skating and yowza-ouch! That is why i'll only skate with my hockey pants on.

    feel better!

  3. Your January 14th post was prophetic..." The last thing I need is to break my ass bone '..Who Knew?

  4. Ouch! I feel your pain as I broke mine two years ago while taking a snowboarding lesson. It still gets uncomfortable while sitting on hard things or staying in the same position for a prolonged time. Take it easy!!!!!

  5. Oh, I fell playing hockey. So, so painful. But, I kept playing. Big mistake, since I collided with someone and fell again, on the same spot. Wow. Not fun. Hope you recover quick.

  6. You crack me up! Sorry for your coccyx. Yes, I fell ice skating when I was youngish and hurt my coccyx. I remember not being able to sit for a while. I can't imagine running with that injury. OW! Here's to speedy healing!

    My best injury actually took place in my house. I was running to answer the phone and caught my pinkie toe on a full cardboard box. (No, not a hoarder's house.) As I answered, I looked down, yelling in pain. My toe was sticking out at a 45 degree angle. The girl on the other end of the line was my friend's daughter. I said emphatically that I just broke my toe getting the phone, to which she replied..." Well, I'm calling to see if you can help me with my Spanish." Um...I think a trip to the ER is in order. I got to the ER, where the doctor asked me if I tried to straighten it myself. Do people do things like that????? I wasn't a runner when this happened. Maybe if I had been I would have been able to avoid the box with my catlike reflexes. (Or, more likely would have been moving slower due to after-workout soreness and would have avoided slamming it in the first place.)

  7. I had a chair pulled out from under me and sat right on the edge injuring my tailbone. This was almost one year ago and I am STILL dealing with it. So much so that I have gone through Chiropractic care (yes, he "adjusted" my tailbone by digging around in my crack) and am no onto a Physical Therapist that will adjust it internally. Yes, she will do just what you can imagine.....

    I FEEL your pain!!!!

  8. If it makes you feel any better, I fell *up* the stairs last week and had a week of forced rest due to an injured ankle and knee. Yup, real smooth. That's me.

  9. I did manage to bruise the hell out of my tailbone after ramping up and tree and flipping my ATV on top of me....Exactly 5 minutes after I said 'The great thing about my ATV is that you can't flip it over no matter what you do". Oh, the stupid things we say......

  10. I broke my tailbone delivering my firstborn 14.5 years ago. Still can't sit for longer than 3 hours in a hard chair but other than I am right as rain. Hang in there.

  11. Ouch, ouch, ouch. No fun. Looks like Heidi is taking good care of you, though.

  12. I broke my coccyx when I was 8 months pregnant. Hurt like hell and there's nothing they can do for it. Hope you heal quick!

  13. Broke my tailbone falling from an 8ft high rafter, landing on the concrete below-hurt like heLL!
    BTW, adorable pic of you and Heidi napping.

  14. I have hurt my tail bone a few times - once playing soccer, again 3 weeks later while it was still bruised while another soccer player saw fit to dump me on it on a non-padded indoor field, and once when I fell off a horse and got "nicked" in the tailbone by a hoof. I hope yours heals fast!

  15. Omg. I have hurt my tailbone too and yes, so damn painful. So sorry to hear it. Heidi is too adorable and what a great friend she is.

  16. I have not broken my coccyx but did take off the tip of my finger with a vegetable peeler.
    Not really the same, is it?

  17. I have not broken my coccyx but did take off the tip of my finger with a vegetable peeler.
    Not really the same, is it?

    Why does my daughter continue to use my computer and change my google acct?

  18. Hope you heal quickly!

    This is similar to how my mom broke her foot several years ago: We were staying at my aunt's house, talking about all the cousins going ice skating the next day. My mom was walking down the stairs, saying that she didn't want to go with us, because she was sure she'd fall on the ice and breaking something. Then she falls on the second to last step onto the concrete basement floor and broke her foot.

  19. I stepped on a lego last night. Those things really hurt!

    Also, last night I was reading Good Housekeeping and saw a familiar face in an article. :)

    1. Really? I didn't the article was out yet!

  20. I hate to say this, but sore, broken, bruised tailbones are awful. I have broken my tailbone 3 times - once showing off at a party in high school (round-off, back tuck - overrotated) and during each of the births of my two kids. I also feel down stairs once and bruised my cheek next to my tailbone so badly it was literally the color of tar. I could not run because the shaking of the cheek with every step brought me to tears. You should definitely not push it - from what you've written here, you are prepared for the LA Marathon - you'll probably fly just by virtue of how nice the weather will seem compared to training. ICE, ICE, ICE! And I hope you heal quickly!

  21. Oh, ouch! I feel for you, having had a pretty nasty coccyx injury myself. Back in 2010, I made the mistake of taking my daughter roller skating just two weeks before my first half marathon. I got a little crazy and ended up falling hard on my tailbone...I'm ashamed to say that I introduced many innocent children to some colorful swear words that day. Anyhow, sack out for a while on some frozen peas and take lots of should be up and running again in no time!!

  22. I kinda know how you feel, I was training for a hilly half and doing great (lots of time on the bike and with weights as cross training, tons of hill repeats, seeing lots of muscle) and then I got a concussion and was told, no more physical activity. None. Only walking. It's driving me crazy and I feel like a blob!
    Just remember that any injury or pitfall is temporary!

  23. Yep, busted my tailbone ice skating at Lake Tahoe a decade ago. My dad broke his years before that, he went to the doctor and got, "Well, there's not much I can do - I can't put it in a cast!"

    I don't remember my most recent household injury, because I am a klutz and usually get about one a week.

  24. I did....messed up running for months! sorry :( it sucks! Be careful when you do run that you don't end up hurting something else when your stride is all messed up and you're protecting an injured area;)

  25. Let's hope it's one of those things that heals up quickly!!!
    Thinking of you!

  26. That picture is too sweet!

    Feel better soon! I know sitting on a donut (or travel pillow) helps!

  27. Broke my sacrum last year when I fell off a horse. If you have a neck pillow, sit on it with the opening toward the back. It makes sitting in a chair way more comfortable. Also with the pooping, if you think it might hurt take an OTC stool softener. My doctor said it was better to take it than not need it as opposed to getting "backed up" and dealing with the pain.

  28. Fell on the ice a few years back and did what you did - ouch! Had to sit out a half-marathon I had signed up for, so instead sat in the hotel ballroom eating Lindt chocolates....wait, I may have gotten the better deal there! Anyway, it was extremely sore immediately, but slowly got back to normal. No residual effects! Hope you recover quickly and get going on that ranch (btw, that's what my house is!)

  29. My husband used to walk down the stairs in socks and slipped to often, so now he wears driving mocs for more traction. I also wear shoes on the stairs since they are carpeted and a bit slippery, what were you wearing on your feet?

  30. I've done this too! I still refer to it as the time I broke my ass. I fell on ice while going out to start my car because it was too cold out. Learned my lesson - a little cold for a minute vs a broken ass!
    I hope you heal up soon! Nobody likes a broken booty!

  31. Maybe you need the phone that the dad has and his son shows up and says that he stopped at the house and the dad has to use his phone to turn off the music, lights and lock the could probably program it to turn the stove and iron off too :) Think of how much fun that could be! You are in your bedroom and you keep turning the lights on and off

  32. I once missed a step and in catching my balance came down on my toe so it was straight up and down. I broke it so bad they wanted to put a pin in it! I didn't go that far. I was in a walking boot for 6 weeks and still cant bend that toe. Scary thing is I was carrying my daughter down the steps who was only 6 months old at the time!

  33. I fractured my coccyx 24 years ago. The last thing you want to sit on is one of those hard a donuts used for hemmorhoids. It will put pressure on the coccyx. I used foam rubber for years, but have recently purchased a seat cushion designed specifically for coccyx trouble. I fractured my coccyx by missing the top step coming down stairs and landing on my coccyx. I couldn't breath, I wanted to die. Recovery was around 6-8 weeks. During this time, even blinking made me hold my breath. I use the word recovery loosely. This injury still bothers me today. I can run without issue, but sitting for long periods of time or even some surfaces are very uncomfortable. Hopefully, yours will not be more than a mild bruise.

  34. That's how I announced to my family that I was pregnant! I slipped down a flight of stairs and got so scared the first thing that came out of my mouth was "Oh, No! I'm pregnant" (Yes, it was my first pregnancy.)

  35. Oh, Beth...several years ago, I came bouncing down the stairs to join my men for movie night. Unbeknownst to me, on the stairs, was a small metal ball..a game piece from one of my sons' games. Yep, I stepped on it and my feet came out from under me. Since you've just done this, you know the scary feeling of falling down the stairs. I landed on my coccyx and then tumbled to the ground. Everything went black. I did hear a loud gasseous noise release from my buttocks as I hit the floor.

    No one moved from the couches. My husband called over to me, "you ok?". I just groaned in pain. I couldn't move. My husband didn't move. My boys didn't move. The dog came over and sniffed me, and left. I just laid there, in too much pain to move.

    To this day, when we retell the story, what stands out? No, not that I couldn't sit down for a week after that. No, not that I couldn't ride a bike for 6 months after that. What stood out was the fart. Yep. The reason no one would get off the couch to help me was the fart.

    Nice family I have! Just don't have gas, then maybe they'll get up to help you....

  36. I hurt my tailbone while trying to learn how to snowboard. Ow, ow, ow.

  37. I recently slipped coming off my bike in cleats at a pedestrian crossing with about 6 cars looking on. Landed straight on my coccyx and had to limp across the road, get on the bike and make it to work on time. It hurt a lot, but within a few days I could run with no issue again. I hope yours feels better soon!

  38. Ouch, hope you feel better soon! And I think Heidi is the happiest dog on the planet!

  39. I feel your pain! I suffered the same injury slipping down the stairs a couple of years ago. I think it took a solid 6 months/almost a year before I didn't feel anymore tailbone pain. Hopefully running should be fine in time for your marathon (certain ab workouts and yoga poses are a different story). You're dog is super cute!

  40. I´ve done just the same and it hurts like hell! I even thought I´d broken my back and had to go to hospital för xray.
    Get well!

  41. It's always the way! You train on ice and snow and then end up hurting yourself in your own home. Sorry that happened!! I've never bruised mine but I did just cut myself with a very sharp knife the other day. It's a small but very painful cut. Good luck with the donut sitting:-)

  42. One of my friends is out with a fractured coccyx after an icy fall - so be careful, and if the pain gets worse consider a fracture.

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  44. I fractured my tailbone when I was 21 sliding off a slide at a waterpark and I hit the bottom of the pool. I had trouble walking for days it was so painful. Most recent home injury was stepping on my son's baseball that was left on the basement floor and I didn't see it since I had a load of laundry in my arms. I felt my groin pull, being all dramatic I yelled at him this better not ruin my Boston training! (It hasn't TG).

  45. I haven't hurt my tailbone but my mom and 2 aunts did while tobogganing! We were on a large 5-person sled, hit a bump and everyone moved about 4 inches back. Because I was the last person, I went off the back of the sled but everyone else landed hard on the support stringers. All were in big time pain. Especially my tiny aunt that is the size of a bird and wears size 4.5 shoes. No padding = big hurt!

  46. I stubbed my little toe on our ottoman doing the Pennsylvani Polka last night with my 2 year old son! ouuhh wee! So much pain in such a little toe!

  47. When I was 10 my Mom kicked a hippity hop out from under me. She thought it would be funny. It wasn't. Even with ass cushion, a bruised tailbone hurts. For the record this was her only imperfection!

  48. I fell backwards off a chest of drawers that I was standing on to hang pictures, because getting a ladder out was too much of a pain...duh! Landed on my coccyx and immediately broke into tears. I was about 6 weeks from running my first marathon. Perhaps it was stupid, but, gosh darnit, I wasn't gonna let it stop me. I ran in considerable pain for about 5 weeks before it went away completely. I had already missed my first registered marathon the previous year because of a pelvic stress fracture, so I was determined I wasn't going to miss it. It was a mother of an injury, though. No joke,

  49. Fractured my tailbone giving birth to my youngest child. Thanks, son.

    Once the initial "pain all the time" stage is over, running and walking should be no problem. That takes a couple days to a week usually and you need Ibuprofen, rest and ice.

    However, years later I still have issues with sitting!! Not sure that will ever go away- but it doesn't interfere with running, so I don't worry about it too much :-)

    BTW- pooping is quite painful with a tailbone injury. It's true. Even now, I can feel pain in my tailbone area just from being constipated. Stool softeners are your friend.

  50. I did that a few years ago in the middle of the night. Shocked the hell out of me. I had to sit for a moment to make sure I didn't break anything. Luckily, pooping was not painful! Hope it heals fast!

  51. Ugh, that sucks. I think I have bruised it before, but the pain didn't last long. Just enjoy the extra rest day for now and poop softly! LOL

  52. Feel better!! It's the worst to be injured. Luckily I haven't had a household injury in a while, but I did roll my ankle pretty badly on the trampoline the other day. Oops.

  53. I am a skateboarder....yes at age 47, I have bruised my tailbone, it hurts, soaking in epsome salts helps. Last household injury was smashing my shin on a tool bucket Saturday night.

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. I fell on some ice last night and bruised my coccyx last night. My back also hurts a little. Falling hurts more the older I get.

  56. I've also done the slide down the stairs. Feet to big and down I go...hurt like heck. Also I'm famous for the toe stub into the wooden coffee table....broken/bruised toes, also hurt like heck. I blame it all on the big feet.

  57. Well this is all too fresh in my mind as I fell down the stairs in my house a few weeks ago. I too had a bruised tailbone, it was black and blue (still is a little). Definitely sore, and I couldn't bike for 2 weeks (mainly due to discomfort but my sports doc also didn't want me putting more pressure on the discolored area). Sucks, but I was running a few days after, just took it easy. My suggestion-- invest in a big box of icy hot patches. I used those a ton especially that first week.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. I am so sorry you're in pain! That is a terrible injury...I did it once when I was a freshman in college, during an ice storm where we still had class. I remember calling my parents that night, crying, telling them I felt like I had broken my butt and what did that mean! They prescribed lots of ibuprofen, advice I heeded.

    Last household injury was courtesy of my cat, which is the norm.

    Feel better soon, and don't worry about's a nice break for you and you'll come back strong.

  60. Ow! I've done this before...I ran downstairs in my socks and my foot slipped out from under me on the carpet. I bounced down the last few stairs on my bum. I couldn't sit down without wincing for a good few days after :)

  61. THE.WORST.SPOT.EVER to injure yourself. I would know. I thought I had a bruised tailbone from something, but it ended up being a cyst. Surgery was worse than having kids - I've had four, so I would know. IT is the worst area ever. It it is by far the most pain I've ever been in. I had to stand in my college classes because I could not sit before I knew what was wrong. I feel for you. No one can understand the pain unless they've felt it. It'll get better soon! Promise.

  62. Ouch! I am currently in PT for a coccyx injury. Fun times having a complete stranger all up in your a$$ crack, massaging that thing. On the plus side, after 3 visits we aren't strangers anymore. ;) Good luck to you!!!

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Two broken feet within two years... one in Boston (at least I was running) and one in Wellington, NZ. I should live in a bubble...


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  67. I just found this blog and I did that to my tailbone Sunday morning. Slipped on some stairs I could run up and down in the dark. No fracture (I did go to ER) and have taken time off from running (going on day 4 ~ this sucks. I still have pain, especially when sitting but am giving myself a few more days.
    I'm right in the heart of my marathon training for the Detroit Marathon so I'm bouncing between "it'll be fine" moments and "I'm never going to finish now". Trying to stay positive but it is hard. I take some comfort in knowing so many people have been there and have eventually resumed.....


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