Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Gym Cures What Ails Ya. I Promise.

Ken and I went out last night to a benefit for the humane society. There was free wine. Need I say more? I woke up feeling the wine and nothing including coffee was taking the edge off. So I went to the gym. Yes, you heard me right. I went to sweat it off. And it totally worked. 6.8 miles in an hour and I felt like a new woman. That "shut up and run" mantra really works. Even when you're hung over. You should try it.

I was tagged by Heather at JunkMiles to do the famous "eight things," so here goes:

8 Things To Which I'm Looking Forward:
1. Las Vegas this weekend
2. An early bedtime tonight
3. Breaking Bad
4. Being done with this damn work report
5. Sitting on the back deck, looking at the mountains, beer in hand - c'mon summer
6. Getting the grout cleaned in the mudroom
7. Kenny Chesney in July
8. A possible BQ this fall

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Watched Sam & Ken run a 5K
2. Baked a death by chocolate cake
3. Went to Emma's piano recital
4. Pretended to be listening
5. Wore a cool new dress
6. Got blisters (from new shoes I bought to go with dress)
7. Had sex
8. Didn't run - shut up!

8 Things I Would Like To Do:
1. Write a book
2. BQ
3. Get my libido back
4. Figure out my life's work
5. Keep running
6. Learn how to play Texas Hold 'Em
7. Win big in Vegas - for ONCE
8. Avoid the swine flu

8 Shows I Watch
1. Breaking Bad
2. Biggest Loser
3. The Hills (you heard me)
4. Survivor
5. Oprah
6. Entourage
7. Office
8. American Idol

8 People I'm Tagging

Play along.


  1. Sweating it out has worked for me before, but it has also backfired and had me on the floor. Nice job!

  2. I'm with Marlene - I've had it go both ways :)

    Glad it worked out for you - & thanks for sharing your crazy 8's!

  3. Okay, I've played along. :-)

  4. I've heard a hangover run can work out quite well...although I've never tried it myself!

  5. I like your sweat it out method! Have fun in Vegas this weekend. :)

  6. Have fun in Vegas - my fiance is having his bachelor party there this weekend. Too bad you can't be a spy for me! We won almost $600 playing Texas hold'em in Vegas last year-it's incredibly fun. (& easy to learn)

  7. Have a great weekend Beth! Win big for us all!!! Tom loves Texas Hold' Em, and could play poker for hours...a cold beer and cards, and he is a happy man! :-)

    Thanks for tagging me...if I get my act together I will try and get my lists up this week...if not, it will come soon! It was fun reading about you, but then you are always a kick...that's just Beth!

    Ok, I know most of your readers are elite athletes, like yourself, but if you don't mind a fat middle aged mama like me reading and commenting, I will be back! hee hee

    I'm slow...really would be nice to say I run, but it is really a jog...sometimes a fast jog, but I'll get there. I have been in 5K's, 10K's, and a half marathon, and all of them have been S-L-O-W...BUT, I am going to shut up and just do it...running, jogging, never mind as long as I'm moving. Once I get back into shape, I'll be back for speed advice, but for now,just keep telling me to run, or jog as the case may be! (6 days in a row all starts with one step...)

    Thanks for the encouragement Beth! :-)

  8. P.S. Any suggestions for good upbeat music for running? I need some new songs for my I-Phone to keep me moving at a better pace..Crazy Train is getting old...

  9. Denise - I've got lots of music advice. Not sure if any of them are what you want cause it is so personal - that is, what gets you pumped up, but mabye in a future post I will post what has worked for me. Different music for different workouts.

    Also - don't worry about being SLOW. It takes patience. I started out very slow and with time got faster. I am still not at all speedy, but my timing has improved from my former 10 minute mile. Trust me on this - if you just keep running and increasing your distance, your speed will pick up. Don't worry about that now. Just ran a pace that feels comfortable and one that makes you actually enjoy running. Speed comes later, in my book.

  10. I am in total agreement that a good sweat fest can cure a hangover!!! Works everytime (unless there's vomit involved and then you ought not to be running). Alright, I'm tagged, I'll go update my list. Tara

  11. Hmmmm, I need to shut up and run. Really need to.

  12. Back again! My fiance is staying on the old strip at Binion's. It's gonna be a wild time - I'm interested to see what shape he comes home in.

    I might post an abs pic after my 30 day Shred challenge - I took before pics so I might post both.

  13. Have a blast in Vegas! And hope you get that big win too!

  14. One of my best five mile runs was when I was sweating out the beer from the night before.

    Viva las Vegas!

  15. Very fun.
    Good luck in Vegas. I've never won big, but I don't play big. My ex won big once and I took all his chips and locked them in safe without giving him the combo. That's a big win in my book! ha ha.