Friday, April 17, 2009

Wine and Jelly Beans

So you know how I'm running the Horsetooth Half Marathon in the foothills west of Ft. Collins, CO on Sunday? Well in true Colorado fashion, we are supposed to get a major winter storm today and tomorrow. My question is, even if it's not snowing on Sunday - what if there is a foot of snow on the ground? Surely the race will be cancelled. This race is already a monster that adding a foot of snow on the ground would make it that much more insane. Have you ever had a race cancelled for weather? Should I just pull out the Yak Trax?

In an effort to keep refueling and to stay fit, I've been changing my eating habits a bit. Now everything that I eat, I view as fuel and energy. I am not abstaining for anything in particular, but am asking the question "how will this make me feel after I eat it" first. My body is very sensitive to food - too much dairy or fat will send me racing for the bathroom or just make me feel like crap for awhile. So yesterday, here's what things looked like for me - some of you might cringe with how not healthful this is, but so be it (oh and I can't/won't take pictures of everything I eat like some of you. First of all, my food never looks as good as yours, second I am just happy to get this blog out in it's most primal form; can't imagine taking and loading all those pics, but I'm impressed!)

Breakfast: 2 Kashi strawberry flax waffles with almond butter
Mid-morning snack: Tall latte
Lunch: Tortilla with hummus, spinach, carrots, applewood smoked cheddar; cantaloupe
Snack: Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich
Dinner: Another tortilla - same as lunch but with turkey; apple (small dinner cause I had a meeting)
Snack while watching the Office: popcorn, jelly bellies, wine

Don't you love how I end my day?? Jelly beans and wine. So much for fuel. I laugh at myself. Things went downhill from the flax waffles. Everything in moderation, right? I moderately at handfuls of jelly beans and moderately drank some wine.

What fuels you the most? I just eat what sounds good for the moment. Not the most precise plan.


  1. They canceled a race in KC recently because of weather. Although it wasn't because of the actual weather, it was because all the cops and national guard that were supposed to patrol the race had to work the streets. But Kansas folk aren't nearly as tough as you Colorado-ians.

    Stay warm!

  2. I like Fruit Loops. So healthy, I know.

    I was supposed to run a half marathon in this winter that was shortened to a 10K because it was too cold. I didn't run -- too far to drive to pay $40 to run 6 miles in the 30 below weather.

  3. Last year one race out here was cancelled due to a serious thunderstorm-- I'd have to think they'd cancel races for a foot of snow!

    I could never post my meals because they're pretty much the same thing, day in and day out. Yawn. But I think a glass of wine is darned fine fuel!

  4. When I was training for Boston 2006, I was scheduled to do the a 5k in February as a tune up. This was when I lived in Michigan. I woke up on race morning to 30 mph winds and snow. I immediately went right back to bed, warm in the knowledge that those weirdos would have the race anyway and that I wouldn't join them. People in Michigan like to pretend it isn't cold or snowing. I was right on both fronts, they had the race and I wasn't there.

    Traditionally, my meal the night before a race is pizza and two beers. Nothing scientific about it, I just started doing it one time and it stuck.

  5. Macker - I really like the pizza/beer thing. Just so happens we are going to a pizza/beer place the night before my race anyway, so I have no choice but to partake. If the weather is any where near as crappy as it is today for the race, I'll be staying in bed. I've already got my race shirt so I'll just say I did it anyway :)

  6. oh no!!! that sucks about the weather :( good luck this weekend!

  7. I suck at fueling. I've been so good about oatmeal for breakfast, but this morning - went for junk & coffee - it ended up being a fantastic run!

    I'm also now a firm believer in beer the night before. It's been working so well for me.

  8. I am new, 2 years, into running organized races and one year into distance so no I haven't experienced the inclement weather issue. I imagine it can be very disappointing but it brings me to a thought I'm learning regarding running. Everyday is different, you can do everything in terms of prep, training, nutrition, etc. and we can't control it all. I recently ran my first marathon and didn't account for the idea I had been on antibiotics for 20 days prior to recover from pneumonia/flu when stated my time/pace expectations. Part of the great thing about learning is it teaches us to reach out of our comfort zone and accept what is (Yoga) and do our best (ambition). Sometimes going with the flow is all you can do. Okay, enough about the philosophy, I could opine about it all day. I want some jelly beans and of course wine but it's only 8 a.m. in Virginia. Happy running everyone!