Thursday, April 16, 2009

You Tore What??

If you read my blog regularly, and I hope you do, you'll know that I espouse the benefits of yoga, not just for running, but for life. Keeps you stretched out! Builds bone density! Creates balance (both figuratively and literally)! Regulates your breathing! Prevents injury! Causes you to fart (seriously this link is funny if you're immature) uncontrollably in front of others!!

Today, however, I learned of a new yoga benefit. We were doing a pose - the layman's term is "hurdler" - it kind of looks like this (no this is not me unfortunately).

The main point is that you are holding your weight and splitting your legs. The girl who was next to me (Pam) is a dancer and she is disgustingly flexible. So she was doing this pose to it's utmost potential, really showing me up, when the teacher yelled out: "Hey look at Pam! She's getting a free episiotomy today!" Now if you haven't had kids and haven't had the pleasure of the episiotomy experience, feel free to check out the link. I don't think I'll go into the gorey details on this blog, if you know what I mean.

Changing subjects even though I know you love the episiotomy I got some samples from Stoneyfield Farm - their Greek Oikos yogurt - to try and to review on this blog. At the risk of sounding pretty cool, I think I am the best person to try and review this yogurt, because I lived in Greece for four years, and Greek yogurt was a staple in my diet. But more on that and my Greek adventures if you tune in next time...


  1. I think my heart skipped a beat and my butt cheeks clenches at the same time when I read the definition!

    No, do write more about it! I think it's a topic for another blog post.

    Yoga rocks!

  2. All I can say is that looks painful. I don't think anyone is supposed to be that flexible, are they?

  3. Um, the episiotomy I paid for was bad enough, thank you very much.

    Good for you if you can even get halfway into that post . . . I might be able to get there, but I wouldn't be able to get back out without some sort of mechanical assistance.

  4. Just reading the words "episiotomy" made me cringe. I wonder if that's how boys feel when they see another guy get hit in the balls?

  5. Oh Beth, you are so talented and GOOD! I'll pay you a million dollars if you can get me in shape, and motivate me to STAY there! Will you climb Long's Peak with me???? I want to do that...and need you to get me there! BTW, I left you an award today! :-)

  6. Thanks for the advice! Headphones are banned during my marathon, so I'm hoping the scenery and other runners will entertain me.