Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shut Up - But Not in a Mean Way

Yep I've changed my blog title. Here's why:

The single most thing on everyone's mind seems to be fitness, weight and eating. Am I right? I know it's on my mind a lot. Lately I've run into so many people who say things like:

"I want to run, but I can't get motivated."
"I don't have time to run."
"I would run, but I hate it."
"I could NEVER run a marathon."
"I want to exercise but...but...but"

I have said these words myself over the years. What I have found is the more time you put into rationalizing why you're not working out, the more likely you are to ditch it altogether.

I used to hate running. Why? Because I was doing it wrong. I wouldn't work out for a month, then I'd go out and sprint and start cramping and be sick to my stomach. I decided running was "too hard on my body." But guess what? Last year I decided to train for a marathon, and in 16 weeks I went from an occasional runner of three miles to a marathoner. I decided to do it the "right" way and to actually train and to make that a priority.

I know I'm preaching to the choir here. You are all dedicated and disciplined runners. But I'm sure you have times when you don't want to get out there. But you do and that's what distinguishes you from so many people who are stuck in excuseland. Many times I'm not in the mood to exert myself. That's where "shut up and just run" comes in.

Now I want to know:

How do you pump yourself up for a long run, when you just don't want to do it? How do you motivate and inspire the people around you?


  1. This is too funny. I just had lunch with a friend and we were bitching about everyone we know who makes excuses like this...

    When I have a long run I don't want to do, I try to give myself something to look forward to AFTER it's done (bad, I know) or run it on a new, interesting course!

  2. When I don't want to do a long run I tell myself I just have to do 2 miles and then if I really want to quit I can. The first 2 are usually the hardest for me and I never have quit. I also listen to a new audio book or podcast.

  3. Honestly, I find a lot of motivation in knowing that if I skip or shorten a long run, I have to 'fess up to the bloggie world. :)

    Love your new title!

  4. Love the new title - I have a running shirt that says the same thing.

    To motivate myself for a long run, I think of a treat I can eat after burning all those calories. Nothing like nachos and a margarita to get you out the door!

  5. Great post! I get annoyed by all the excuses too and just want to tell them Just get up and do it!

    To motivate myself, I just think about how much I will regret it for the rest of the day/week if I don't get out there. This also works when I am thinking of stopping my run earlier. The fatigue of one more mile doesn't feel nearly as bad as regret the rest of the day.

  6. Last year I ran a half marathon with Team in Training.. we raised money for cancer research and I think that has a huge part to do with where I get my motivation. Whenever I don't feel like running, I just think of all the people who would LOVE to go for a run, but can't.. and think of how lucky I am.

    Another thing I do is drag myself to the gym or drag myself to just get started running, and after you start it usually gets a lot better from there. If not, then I'll just stop.. I think of it as my body telling me that today isn't the day for a run.

    Hope that helps!

  7. When I don't feel like running, I tell myself that I'll feel better when I get out there, and if I don't, I can always turn around and come back home. I've never turned around! (Okay, except the one day when it was like 5 degrees and ungodly windy and snowing...but I wanted to run!) Anyway, getting out the door is the hardest part, so as long as I get out, I'm good to go.

    It also helps that I like to say "I ran five miles today!" or whatever when people ask. Selfish motivation, but it works.

    I'm working on getting other people involved in running...trying to get a friend to register for his first marathon! I keep emailing him the race website and little marathon tips. It's going to work sooner or later!

  8. I have been on injured reserve for so long, I have forgotten about rolling out of bed much too early to embark on a long run.

    That said, I set a goal to do 15,000 push ups this year. Some mornings I wake up and the last thing I want to do is a push up. But I still do them. Do you know why? Because I tell myself that right now, it's all I've got and if I don't do them, I will be a slug - which is unacceptable.

  9. I wasn't feeling it last night and my motivation came from my wife. She told me to suck it up and go run. At that point, I had to do it. I also found myself saying a mantra while running. It was "Shut up and run". Thanks for the new mantra.

  10. ohh i like that :) i am all about no excuses, just get out there and get it done!

  11. Hey Beth!

    Love the new title and your rationale behind it! I am so behind on blogging so I haven't been by either of your blogs in awhile...I have lots to catch up on!

    This was a great post for me to read today as I finally told myself on Tues. night..."No more excuses, just get up and do it!" So, I got up EARLY, because there are no excuses at 5 a.m.

    I will keep it up, and I know from the past, once I am able to hit 4 miles on the treadmill, I'll be back on the road again...4 miles on the treadmill is plenty, and then out in nature is the way to go! I'm a distance girl anyway, and although it's slow, (half marathon time was 2:33) it's Ok...JUST DO IT! :-)

    Can you send me your training plan that you mentioned so I can form a goal? Do you know the dates for the B B race?

    I am so excited for you to do another marathon...I know you will qualify for the're that good, and I know it! :-)