Sunday, April 19, 2009

With Hills Like These, Who Needs Enemies

Let's just say I'm recovering from this morning's half marathon. With hills like these, my body feels pretty beat up.

I will say that it was an amazing race with scenic views. The good part about going up all the hills was flying down them. I lost my running partner in the beginning and put in my iPod. For some reason the dance mix of "Everybody Dance Now" was doing it for me, so I replayed that one about five times. Funny, I know. You never know what will motivate you. I will say with all those hills we were afforded incredible views:

The climbing was intense to say the least, but I stayed strong the whole way, only feeling pretty fatigued by mile 11. And guess what? The course info said there would be "Hammerhead gel products" which I assumed were gels, so I didn't bring anything to eat. Turns out - no gels, no food, just this stuff called Weed that is the Hammerhead sports drink. It was so watered down, it was pathetic. So that probably killed me stomach, having nothing in it but the banana and peanut butter sandwich I ate at 7:00 a.m. Note to self: bring own gels regardless of what is promised.

All was going well or so it seemed until...I had MAJOR toilet issues. Only didn't make it to the toilet, I'm sorry to say. At the risk of being too graphic and giving too much info (which we runners tend to do on occasion) I had quite a load by the time I got the finish line. It was just plain GROSS. I said "hi" the fam, then immediately headed to the porta potties and did the best I could do to clean up which meant throwing away part of my outfit. Don't know WHY I didn't ask Ken to bring me a change of clothes. Note to self: ALWAYS bring change of clothes for the end. You are obviously not potty trained.

Anyway...all of it was worth it as I did the race in 1:52 and I was totally psyched about that. Pace of 8:32!!

Me At the Finish - Can't Even See the Load!

So now I am nursing a still-upset-stomach. Weird cause I had NONE of that during my full marathon. You just never know what will come your way during a race. And guess what, that stomach kept even me, lover of all beer, to decline my drink at the end!! I did lay on my bed all afternoon watching "Nights in Rodanthe." Thought I had earned that one.


  1. Wow congrats on finishing the half marathon!! Those hills look SO insane!! 1:52 is my PR in the half too =) Except mine was probably run on a MUCH flatter course! Congrats!! And don't worry about the stomach problems.. it makes you seem like a super intense runner! Congrats again!!

  2. so true you never know what your body will decide to do on any given day!! You had a great time though and man look at those hills!!

    i have been doing daily ab work since your post, so lets see if I can't get me some of those abs

  3. Awesome job! Thank goodness you were wearing black on the bottom. :)

  4. congrats! That's a good time on a course like that. Bodes well for your BQ.

  5. 1:52 WITH hills - sweet!

  6. Oh no!! I'm sorry your body didn't behave itself, that's a bummer you missed out on the beer. Congrats though, I drive those hills almost every weekend in the summer when we go boating and I'm just in awe that you ran them, wow!

  7. Congratulations on a great time 1:52. Sorry to hear that you weren't able to partake in the after run beer party. Those hills look pretty intense and quite picturesque. I hope you get a chance to celebrate when you are feeling better.

  8. Very impressive!! Very! Those hills are scary to look at.

    Sorry about the stomach problems. I have them all the time, it seems.

    Btw, sunny in Ft. Collins now. How cool is that?

  9. OMG those hills are insane. AWESOME job!!!!

    so sorry about the tummy issues :( gah

  10. I'm so impressed! Those hills look formidable!
    I liked reading your experiences, and I feel I can really learn from them. Like always bringing your own gels and such.

    You look great finishing, even knowing about the load...

    Thanks for dropping by!