Friday, December 2, 2011

That’s One Way to Warm Your Seat

I am a risk taker. I like to do things that scare me. So, I decided to fly to Vegas out of a different airport just for the hell of it. Well, in truth it was cheaper and closer. I don’t know if you have ever flown through Denver, but our airport is as big as the small county of Luxembourg. I don’t know what I expected from this smaller scale airport. I certainly did not expect it to be this:

The terminal:


The boarding area:


There was even a book exchange:


I had a seat towards the back and had to enter the plane off the tarmac through what I call the “butthole”


But the fun did not stop there. The plane was 99% cowboys going to a rodeo in Vegas and 1% skinny white runners like myself. In fact, a cowboy sitting next too me drank too many beers in the shack (terminal) and actually peed in his seat. I am not kidding.

It was a pretty day to fly, however, even if my row had piss in it. I looked down and saw my house. See it? It’s the one along the golf course which is to the left of the lake.


I had a vodka tonic on the plane because I am going to Vegas and the party starts now with piss cowboy in the seat beside me (who had a jack and coke, just in case he needed more liquids).

Coming into Vegas always makes me happy:




I made record time checking in and meeting up with Aron to walk over to the Wynn for a chocolate milk meet and greet with some favorite bloggers:

Skinny Runner

Hungry Runner Girl

Runners Rambles

Run Like a Mother gals Dimity and Sarah

It was a blast to hang with these girls. Janae is hands down the nicest girl you will meet. Sarah (Skinny Runner) is down to earth, funny, easy going. Dimity and Sarah are laid back, knowledgeable and freaking authors. Aron is all at once sweet and level headed and an amazing athlete.


 Team Refuel did some Q&A with us about fueling, training, getting motivated, etc. We hung out in this most amazing Wynn suite drinking chocolate milk, eating fried shrimp and talking about running. What’s not to like? Then we all laid on the marble table because we could.


Check out this video we all made:

After I had a dirty martini the size of my head. I’m now sitting around at my gorgeous room at the Venetian waiting for my BFF Erika to arrive so we can really get this party started.


Life is good when you have a crapper that looks like this. I could do some serious damage in there (toilet behind door on the right):


There is nothing bad about any of this. I could have done without the guy pissing his seat, but that just added character to my day.

Ever had anybody do anything weird next to you on a plane?



  1. Never had anyone do anything remotely as weird as pissing their seat next to me! That's a first! I've had drunks hitting on each other across me, but that's it. Love the room, very nice! Have tons of fun and good luck! Can't wait to read all about it!

  2. Laughing hysterically about your flight experience--after reading this, I will never complain about crappy flights again. (Well, probably not...) This was the perfect thing to read to put a smile on my face after a long week!!!

  3. Oh, I don't say that I'm jealous very often but I'm jealous! I want to be there too! So fun! And you got to meet so many great ladies. Your room is beautiful! And the story about the pisser was hilarious. I know the day will come when these trips will be easier for me but for now...I'll just read about them. Have so much fun Beth!

  4. I totally cannot believe the guy peed in his seat. I hope that isn't some sort of sign of things to come :P I had a feeling that Janae is just super super sweet.

  5. Don't you just hate it when the cowboy next to you has a problem with stress incontinence?! Gross.

  6. Wow I am not sure if I could have stayed next to the cowboy, knowing that his britches and seat were peeeeeed on. I would have had a drink, for sure.

    Looks like a beautiful suite!

  7. lmbo. nothing beats the stale smell of pee. ugh. nope, i usually sit by the window, which means I always sit by the overweight, exhausted business man who sleeps and snores the whole time so I can't get out to pee. oh, and he always leaves his tray table down. ughhhhh.

  8. Holy crap, that is hilarious! (for me) I have had drunks next to me, but they never pissed themselves....

    Have tons of fun and best of luck!

  9. I once flew on the morning of New Year's day. Bad idea. Never again. The guy next to me was hung over (still drunk) and puked...

  10. I feel like I'm missing the internet social of the year! Half the social media world and all the cowboys seem to be in Vegas this weekend.

  11. I am going to piss myself from laughing at the guy that pissed himself. That is hilarious.

    I wish I could have heard this conversation or did he even acknowledge it.

    See you soon.

  12. AHAHA I wish you had described a) the moment he peed himself, and b) what he said after he peed himself. There's just no classy way to get past that. Also, does he pay extra for that?

    A little kid's puke got on me once (his mom stopped reading him Harry Potter and he went berserk), but for whatever reason seeing someone piss themselves seems SO MUCH WORSE.

  13. Too much. Do you ever have a normal day? :)

  14. i can't believe the guy pissed himself !!! i once was on a lfight and i brought some reese's pb cups to enjyou the little ones...and an old man yelled at me that the UNwrapping of them was making too much noise and that i was a spoiled brat ....he was nutz. his wife was with him and she didn't say a was so strange, the rest of the folks around me where quite happy when we got our bag of pretzles to eat.....everybody ripping at their bag and crunching.....the guy was an asshole.

  15. More details on the flight please! Did anyone else react/notice after he peed himself? Did he say anything? OMG I am dying. I flew from NYC to Boston on a weekday commuter flight and the guys next to me had spent the night partying and were flying back to the office for the morning. The one guy was so drunk/hungover that he kept getting up and puking in the bathroom. That was fun.

    Have a great time in Vegas! I am so jealous of the blogger meetups - you guys will have a blast!

  16. You never fail to make me laugh.
    You're room looks amazing....enjoy. Good luck and have fun

  17. I have actually spent quite a bit of time at that airport... my uncle flies a small plane and that's where he parks it when he's in town.

    And your room looks amazing. I am a little bit jealous.

  18. Jealous of the room, jealous that you are enjoy no snow while there is a ton here. Except for the pee in his pants cowboy (which I can't believe!!) it looks like a great trip. Good luck in the race!

  19. Nice room! I had a guy puke next to me before we even took off! Good luck tomorrow!

  20. Just laughed out loud at the cowboy pee story. That is the best! Loved the video--you all looked great.

    Have a fantastic race and fantastic weekend in Vegas!

  21. Wow.
    Just wow.

    Maybe peeing cowboy was scared of flying?

  22. Wow all my favorite bloggers in 1 place! You go girls!!!! Have a great run and I love the chocolate milk commercial!!!

  23. What a classic story. I love it and the photos.

  24. I think I would toss my cookies if anyone peed in the seat next to me.
    The weirdest thing I had was a guy who twitched the entire 4 hour flight. It drove me nuts because some of his twitches were large enough to whack me in the arm.

    I was reading your post to my hubby, he said you have enough material to do a stand up comedy act in Vegas. HEY! New job?! ;)

  25. I had a guy try to start a fight with a guy that was asleep in the isle of our plane due to being to drunk to sleep in the chair...which was delaying our landing because no one could wake him...the thing was the guy who was trying to start the fight was also half way through a bottle of rum that he snuck onto the plane...then left on the plane....because he had finished it during the I hate plane talkers!

  26. That video was adorable..that was what you guys were going for right? To be adorable!? ha!

    I want some chocolate milk right now...and you guys all look great on that marble table....looks like a fun bunch of gals!

  27. Wow on the pissing cowboy. Way cool on all the Refuel fun and SWEET suite. I've never had anyone else do something awful, but in 1999, I got food poisoning from some nasty Taco Bell before flying to Phoenix for a conference and puked next sitting between two very handsome young men. Absolutly mortifying! I did get it all in the baggie and they congratulated me for how neatly I had done it. LOL

  28. OMG my favorite bloggers all together! I hope you have a blast!

  29. help !!! i just sprained my ankle pretty bad on a run and i am training for miami half on jan. 29th !!!!

  30. Oh wow, that was so funny I read it out loud to the Hubby. Yet again, he does not get the runner humor. This is the man who didn't find it amusing when we boarded the plane through the poop chute this summer and I couldn't stop talking about the South Park where Cartman learns to use his digestive system backwards. Dry humor on that man, not wet and stinky.

    The worst plane experience I've had was a drunk who hit on me the whole five hour flight, except when we hit massive turbulence. He threw his arms in the air and screamed like it was a roller coaster. That was the moment I almost pissed myself on an airplane- but from laughing.

  31. I like how you drink your milk right out of the carton instead of those wimpy glasses like the other girls in the video. :-)

  32. OMG!! Have fun!! On a recent flight to Chicago, the lady behind me was clipping her fingernails. Gross. I heard the sound and actually had to turn around to see if that was what she was doing. Yep, sadly, it was. I totally hope you don't have to fly back with "pee pants!"

  33. Awesome post - Enjoyed the whole thing. I like a girl who takes risks, gets excited about the perfect shitter, practically gets peed on, orders up a giant martini and gets ready to run.

    My type of person.

    Have an amazing race!

  34. I either fly on really boring flights or am so immersed in my own little world that I'm missing out on all the drunk people! Have certainly never had anyone piss themselves next to me on a plane. At the opposite end of the spectrum, I was on a flight from Italy once where the chick in the seat next to me did not go to the bathroom even once. It was, like, a 7 hour flight. I'm sure I went 2 or 3 times. Bladder of steel?

  35. Is that the "Rocky Mountain" airport?? Looks almost exactly like the one at "home" (New Mexico) - one gate in, one gate out. Although I've never seen a "butthole" entrance. Hahah, oh man.

    Hope you gals have had a fun weekend in Vegas!

  36. Am I the only one commenting on the video? I watched and I was completely shocked by your voice.

    Not what I expected at all! I was thinking you would sound more gruff with all the poo talk.

    You need to do a vLog now as a follow up!