Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gifts Runners REALLY Want

Do you have a runner in your life besides yourself? Ever wonder what runners really want as gifts? There are the cutesy answers like new knees, speed, a firm ass and to not mess my shorts, but what are the tangible and materialistic gifts that the runner really wants?

Hint: It’s not this:


I posed the gift question on my Facebook page the other other and quickly got over 150 responses. A quick tally revealed the top 5 gifts we crave:

#5. Massages – This is the ideal gift because it is not something that people will necessarily buy for themselves. Most of us view the massage as a luxury and we try to put food on the table and a roof over our heads before getting our body rubbed down for an hour. Massages run anywhere from $50-$100 per session, but usually if you buy them in packs of 3 or more you can get a discount. Happy endings are optional and may increase the cost (and the tip).

Tip: A lot of times you can get great massage deals through Living Social or Groupon too.

#4. Winter Running Gear – This is a no brainer. Snow, wind, sleet, freezing rain and plunging temps are upon us. Everyone loves a new pair of toasty tights or a stylish long sleeved running shirt. Throw in some cheapie gloves from Target, an ear warmer, some wool socks or a few hot packs and you’ve got the perfect gift.

Running Winter

#3. Running Shoes – There are a few sure things in life:  death, taxes and that your running shoes will wear out and you will need new ones. Shoes are a tough thing to buy for someone else – but, many runners stick to the same shoe if they have found one that they like. So, all you need to do is sneak into their house/room/closet at night with  pad of paper and a pencil and write down the brand and size of their current shoe. Hopefully you will not get shot or arrested in the process.

Tip: Great online stores for running shoes (these usually have discounts and sometimes free shipping):

Running Warehouse
Kelly’s Running Warehouse
Road Runner Sports

#2. Race entries – This is a genius idea! Like massages, running races can feel like a luxury. Especially these days when it costs $950 for a 5K where you get a brown banana and a bag of crumbled pretzels at the end. If you have a runner in your life, pick a local race and sign him/her up. If he/she is really out of shape, giving them a race entry is also a great hint to help them get off their asses. You might get your face punched, but at least you tried.

And the number one gift that runners want this year…

#1. Garmin GPS Watch – Yes, we’ve become obsessed by paces, heart rates and race times. Everyone wants to know how fabulously or how shitty they are doing at any given moment.

Garmins range in price from $129 (Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS) to $459 (Garmin Forerunner 910XT) and offer a wide range of options and features. I have something in the middle: the Garmin Forerunner 210 (with heart rate monitor). It is the perfect watch for someone who races and trains consistently, but doesn’t need a million bells and whistles. I got mine at Heart Rate Monitors USA because they have free shipping often have good sales.

Tip: If you can wait until the spring, the new Bia Sport (made specifically for women) is coming out. It’s a GPS watch in a slim, lightweight and feminine design. An extra bonus will be that with the push of a button you can alert someone of where you are if you get into a dangerous situation. It will probably retail for about $299.

So, there you have it. Happy shopping. If you want my address where you can send me the above five gifts, just email me.

Any other gifts you would add to the list? What would you like to see under the tree this year?



  1. The massage is my #1 for sure!! I often lay in bed at night with my aches and pains thinking how much I would love a massage and next payday I will treat myself to one but payday rolls around and kids need new clothes or starting a sport and there goes mama to the back burner!! I don't mind but would be nice if all that is remembered when it is time to buy a gift for me:)

  2. Did you know that Road Runner Sports owns Kelly's Running Warehouse? The same shoes almost always cost less at Kelly's Running Warehouse.

  3. I've added the Hamilton Beach Scoop individual coffee maker to my list for when I travel, and a transition towel from're so cute!

  4. YES YES AND YES!! :D Oh, and who doesn't love new smartwools and cute sweats!? Add a Keurig and we're GOLDEN

    1. Oh, I love me some Smartwool. :-)

  5. I asked for a race entry this year!

  6. Great post! Also, folks can use the code "RUNBLOG10" (from at running warehouse & get 10% off all orders =)

  7. As a massage therapist I appreciate this!!! I fall into the same category...I rarely wanna shell out the dough for one when I'm outta town. I got a Garmin last Christmas and LOVE love love it!!! Merry Christmas! Hope Santa is good to you:))

  8. As a massage therapist I appreciate this!!! I fall into the same category...I rarely wanna shell out the dough for one when I'm outta town. I got a Garmin last Christmas and LOVE love love it!!! Merry Christmas! Hope Santa is good to you:))

  9. So true! My kids, ages 11 & 9, keep asking me what I want for xmas. I say anything I can use running (socks, headbands, tank tops) and they keep telling me "No Way Mom, that is so boring!"

  10. Love those gift ideas! Especially 1,2 &3!

  11. Bondi headbands and GUs are great stocking stuffers

    1. Thanks for the idea on GU as a stocking stuffer! Great idea!

  12. I've asked for massages exclusively

  13. I keep telling my husband I'd like a year's supply of Nuun and Gu, and yet he keeps reminding me we didn't win the Powerball.
    He is getting me some Pro Compression socks, though. Such a good man.

  14. I would add some sort of identification that list of gifts. That gives contact numbers, allergies, etc if you can't speak for yourself. I got mine at Road ID, but I am guessing there are others out there as well.
    The Kidless Kronicles

  15. I would love to have my toenail back that keeps falling off, and I would love to not have my glam hurt the day after I run.
    Seriously, my favorite gifts would be money or at least the promise of a bia sport, and a set of sessions with a CHI running trainer. Oh, and patience, I would love some patience. And good health, and happiness, good report cards, socially well adjusted child and to remember to put stuff on the calendar so I don't show up on the wrong dates for things. Now, those would constitute a Christmas miracle.
    Amy P. Philly runner.

  16. Great ideas! I want arm warmers, hats and gloves for Christmas. I would love it if would offer gift certificates, but they don't right now - I would love to give a few and of course receive a few. A running and nutrition coach would also be a great gift. Race medal hangers and Bibfolios are great too. All on my wish list this year as well as my gift list to my son!

  17. I hope someone gets me some massages. Aaaaahhhhh.

  18. The best gift I could receive would be my orthopedist telling me that the stress fracture in my left shin is completely healed and that I can resume running. Everything else would be icing on the cake.

  19. Did you steal my Christmas wish list? At least I know I'm normal!

  20. I would definitely LOVE the shoes and the race entry fees!

    I went ahead and bought my Garmin Forerunner 10 and love it! Merry Christmas to me!


  21. I'm still kicking myself that I didn't get in on the Bia Sport Kickstarter campaign!

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  23. I just bought my husband a golf ball muscle roller, got pretty good deal on it, hes been wanting one for awhile and i finally found one! :)

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