Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yes, Pole Dancing Is Considered Cross Training

You guys crack me up. In my last post I told you how much I hate anything to do with vomit and then you proceed to write me graphic stories about when your kids/husband puke. For me this is like a bad wreck on the highway. I cannot turn away! I must read every vomitus detail. Thanks for that!

Today I am trying to be a good little runner, so I went and did my least favorite form of cross training: swimming. bethsuit

{Underwear is optional, but I always wear it because I might get into an accident and I don't want to be caught without it}.

When I got home, Ken and I had a deep discussion:

Ken: How was it?
Me: Okay.
Ken: Did you have fun?
Me: Sure. Back and forth. Back and forth. 86 times. I fell asleep and almost drowned.

Actually I am being dramatic, it wasn’t that bad. When I swim I like to do specific workouts to keep it interesting and this was today’s:

Warm Up: 200 free, 200 kick, 400 free
Main: 7 x 150 @ 3:00 min with 20 seconds rest
Cool Down: 100 kick, 100 pull, 100 free
Total: 2,150 yards

Find 50 swim workouts HERE

I don’t know how long it took, but it felt like forever. Maybe 50 minutes? I worked on my flip turns which meant I got lots of water up my nose and gagged a few times.

Many fitness websites tell you why cross training is important. Go to one of those for the specifics. But, if you want to know why I think cross training is important, read below:

  • It helps you not get injured which means you can avoid being a bitch to your friends and family.
  • It forces you to shave in areas you might not otherwise.
  • You get exposure to things like pool locker rooms where naked older people engage you in conversations (great story that happened to Ken HERE).
  • If you cross train enough, you probably will then want to do a triathlon. All the cool kids are doing it and tris seems to be the trajectory for runners who get injured and start cross training (I just like using the word “trajectory” in a sentence. Makes me sound smatr).
  • You meet a whole new breed of people, which means a whole new slew of unsolicited advice from strangers. YES!
  • You get to buy even more gear such as a bike, a swimsuit, goggles, bike shorts, bike shoes, stand up paddle boards, yoga mats, etc. You might also need to join a gym. Money is no object when it comes to your health, eh?
  • You will develop new muscles you did not know you had. I have doing tons of breast stroke with hopes of developing breasts. I know it is in my future.
  • If you think outside of the box, you can introduce things like Pole Dancing to your cross training repertoire and use your stripper name. But, be careful. Kids are watching.

The back story about this picture is that the mom was at Home Depot during a snowstorm
and people were fighting over who got to buy the last shovel.
Her daughter then drew this picture. Sure. Right.

There you have it. I hope I have convinced you to add variety to your life.

What’s your favorite form of cross training? Running. Oops sorry. I suppose cycling, but only when it’s warm.

Ever taken pole dancing class? Some friends and I did once a few years ago. I sucked.

Do you triathlons too or just run? I do both. I love tris, but the training can be time consuming. An Ironman is on my bucket list for sure!



  1. Favorite Cross-Trainin? Zumba. It can be like pole dancing if you do it right (ha!)
    I will never do a tri because I do not swim. I can't even get my face wet in the shower. Yes, I'm screwed up.

  2. Thank you for brightening up my day with your dashing swimsuit photo :) Love it!!!

  3. I love pole dancing! I have so much fun with that cross-training. And it's an awesome workout for my semi-weak arms!

  4. That picture of you in your bathing suit is HILARIOUS. Love the underwear.

    I used to hate swimming but now I really like it. Maybe because I've gotten better. I also really like strength training.

    Can't say that I've taken a pole dancing class. I think that would be a recipe for disaster. I envision myself sliding down the pole upside down and smacking my head off the ground. Because that it something I'd totally do.

    I do triathlons as well. I've got 2 Ironmans under my belt. They were both huge time suckers. All I did was eat, sleep, train and try to stay awake at my desk during the day. ha ha.

  5. Favorite cross training - mountain biking. I ran a marathon on 11/10 and can't seem to get my run on since, but the cycling has been great.

  6. I love biking... only when it's warm though.

  7. Weight lifting is my favorite cross training. I like cycling too. I have a huge fear of swimming and water going up my nose. I hope to someday be able to swim well. Perhaps if I wear my underwear. That is awesome!! You crack me up!!!

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  9. I love pole dancing I Practice on my pole at home.

  10. All i want to do is write a sane comment.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! Swimming is awesome and the people are always interesting, especially in the locker room. Some people will have full conversations while nude while others scurry to the restroom to change.

    Ruth Kazez's 50 swim workouts is my go to site. She has workouts that are challenging and vary from workout to workout so you're not doing the same thing everyday. My only vice is that sometimes the yardage is inaccurate. Sometimes it says 2000 yds and it is a couple hundred more or less. Same with the 3000 yard sets.

    I took my niece to the pool last night and she donned a swim cap for the first time (of course I documented it on my blog!). She is too freakin' cute. Water baby for sure, but she really loves running too. We'll just get her on a bike and be ready for a little triathlete!

  11. I actually enjoy swimming! Ok... so it's repetitive, but it's also relaxing to be in the water. (Maybe I need to find a job with less stress?)

    Triathlon: Used to. Hate the biking. Now I just swim and run.

    Pole dancing: I saw a studio near where I used to live, but by the time I considered taking classes they closed. I figured there was a raid and it was a front for other activities... ;)

  12. I love pole dancing! I have done it for 5 years and it helps your hamstrings from staying right after long runs. But you have to be careful not to over stretch as that can hurt both running and pole dancing.

    Plus.... It's a fab sport to make you feel nice & sexy!

  13. Wow... your warm up is my entire swimming workout. Shockingly, I have found swimming to be my "favorite" form of cross training, using the word "favorite" loosely as I really despise all forms.

    I love all of your reasons why cross-training is important. My favorite thing is being hit on by the 65 year old guys who normally populate the pool at my Y. (sarcasm)

    And you're totally right about the trajectory thing. The only reason I do any of the swimming or biking is because of my broken foot... otherwise I would have continued on running every day like a fool.

  14. I'm a triathlete first and foremost, so it's tough to consider activities "cross-training." I'd go for Yoga though. I did a yoga class this summer before every long run and each run was awesome!

  15. My favorite form of cross training is probably biking or strength training. All group fitness classes held at my gym are fair game too. I have done pole dancing a bunch of times and loved it! Shake that money maker :-P lol

  16. Another vote for Zumba or other dance classes as cross training. I dropped the cross training during my marathon training (NO TIME!) so I am excited to get back to it soon. I'm also looking at aerial classes, like the stuff they do in Cirque de Soleil. That would be fun.

  17. When I swim laps, I just get in and swim, kick, swim, kick, swim then go home. I don't even push anything...I figure it's not going to make that much of a difference, I just use swimming for recovery. Maybe I ought to push it some now and then? Nahhh. I need to get on my bike more, too. Ugh, I shouldn't have read your post today - now I feel guilty! :p

  18. I started running so I could do a triathlon but now I like to do both, tri's June to Sept and running events the rest of the time. I love to cycle as cross training, the speed and the buzz is great. I use to swim as a kid so that comes naturally but the laps do get boring.

  19. My favorite cross training is sitting on the sofa thinking about how far away the gym is.

  20. Ha ha! I think I've seen that b4 and it's awesome! My fav cross-training is CrossFit or HIIT workouts. I love intervals as a change from running so it works!

  21. I love the OFP! That's how it is in my house! Some thing about me--- I love to be in charge at work, but not at home. I try to be a good parent but I am a better friend- I love my kids and my dogs with my whole heart - and reality and HGTV keep my calm!
    Shanna Jo

  22. I'm a runner who aspires to be a triathlete. I've done a few supersprints, but I'm hoping to do a few short courses next year.

  23. I can't master a flip turn either... I always end up choking and gagging and it's embarrassing, so I don't practice very often.

  24. Seriously, I enjoy your blog so much! Nice swimsuit!

  25. Seriously, I enjoy your blog so much! Nice swimsuit!

  26. I love your humor. You're like an athletic Ellen. Only with a husband.

  27. My favorite for now is the elliptical....feel like its a great cross train. Of course I love your posts!!

  28. Cross-training..NOOOOOO! If there is no running, then there is no training. While I admire tri-athletes, I am FAR too lazy to have all that extra gear/equipment/clothing. Just thinking about it is cross-training enough. The only other exercise I do are push-ups (someday I'll accomplish the clapping push-up; I just wanna do one!) or maybe Jillian Michaels. Sometimes the Xbox stuff. Hey, wow, I'm cross training! woop!

  29. I love to run. My body does not like the way I run and therefore, cross training is needed. Swimming was impossible until I got the courage to join the masters swim at my YMCA. After 3 1/2 years, 2x per week, I'm just making it out of the slow lane to the next lane up. Have mastered a flip turn - not pretty but it does the trick. Did my only half iron this past fall. No desire for a full. I'll stick to sprints and olympics and eventually, just run and swim. I recently had a vision of running our local 10K with a grand daughter. My children are 19 and 21 and better not be bringing home grandchildren any time soon.
    I do like that I can buy more cute stuff to support my habits. Tried hot yoga last month. Even while knowing that it would not be a keeper, I surfed the 'net for cool yoga bags.

  30. Funny thing, I don't really run, but love your blog. You crack me up. I did my first tri in August and want to do more now. As for cross training, I will try anything...TRX class is my favorite, I've done the bar method, spinning, boot camps, Zumba....any other ideas are welcome

  31. Bouldering indoors!

  32. What’s your favorite form of cross training?
    Unfortunately it's been PT stuff a couple times this year :(

    Ever taken pole dancing class?
    No...my wife won't let me :)

    Do you triathlons too or just run?
    Right now just running. I did do a handful of tris a couple years ago, but I really suck at swimming, though I did manage a 3rd in my AG at the last tri I did.

  33. I've been forced onto my bicycle in the last week due to injury. I'm still running, too, of course! Swimming, tried it , seemed to make my back hurt. Pole dancing,yes, only without the pole in my bedroom for hubby. I have the shoes. Thanks for the laughs.

  34. Glad I found your blog. You are HYSTERICAL. I'll be honest, I still can't allow myself to freely release gas...not even around my running partner of 7 years! I love that you put it all out there!

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