Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Out of the Saddle

Thank you for all of your heartfelt comments on yesterday’s post about my dying dog, Lucky. Weird to think a dying dog is “Lucky,” but I like to believe that he has been Lucky to be with us, and us with him. Even when I am not talking about farting and running and inappropriate things, you still read and respond. I appreciate that you take time for the silly, the gross,  and the serious sides of me.

I agree that I will know when it is “time” to let him go. I sort of equate this to how people told you that you would know when that right person was “the one.” I had faith in that type of knowing and knew immediately I when I met Ken that he was “it.” A strange comparison, but I do think my intuition will also tell me when it is Lucky’s time. In the meantime I am loving him up. The weirdest thing is that my parent’s dog, Brindle, is also dying right now. Lucky and Brindle are best friends and spend a lot of time together.


Moving onto the lighter side of life. I’ve been trying to mix up my workouts quite a bit lately and adding in more swimming and spinning.  My first love is running, and I get into modes where that is all I do and then my body gently reminds me to stop having an eff’ing closed mind and to expand my horizons.

Today Ken and I tried a new spin class. I’ve been to quite a few spin classes and I can’t say I’ve ever had this experience. Maybe I am not well rounded enough in the spinning world. We spent the first 20 minutes out of the saddle, climbing and sprinting. 20 minutes. Not sitting and spinning. Try it. It is not easy. Or, maybe I am just a spinning pussy (<- that sounded weird).

Tomorrow I am heading back to my beloved trails. Trail running has become my favorite thing because:

  • It’s challenging as hell. Maybe even more challenging than being out of the bike seat for 20 minutes
  • It’s gorgeous, peaceful and beautiful
  • You get to see all kinds of animal scat (Guess which one this is? Hint: you may find a piece of Goldilocks's hair in there)

Blueberries on your oatmeal anyone?

  • The landscape can be your bathroom and no one really knows but you, your running partners and the rabbit whose hole you crapped in
  • The soft and varied terrain feels easier on my old bones

Here I am on Thanksgiving doing some trails and I’m really feeling as happy as I look until I fell off and my skirt went over my head exposing my under parts (just kidding).



Did you just “know” when you met your significant other that they were the one? YES! When I met Ken, I had been with someone else for 7 years and the relationship always felt like work. With Ken, it just felt right and easy. That’s how I knew.

How do you mix up your workouts? I spice things up with hot yoga, time on the trails, intervals in the pool, spinning and doing climbing on my bike in the nearby foothills. Keeps things tres interessant! (That’s French in case you were wondering. I am very sophisticated and I bet you didn’t know I was a French major).

What did YOU major in? I was Political Science and French undergrad, then got my Master’s in Social Work.



  1. I have added spin to my workouts as well. I enjoy being out of the saddle. I feel like I work twice as hard.

  2. I did not know when I met my fiance that he was "the one". We had such a horrible first date that I left in tears, so I figured Id never see him again. Then I got strep, then an ear infection. We only texted and talked on the phone for 2 weeks, so when I finally got to see him again, it wasnt so strange. I knew he was the one on that second date. But our favorite story to tell is our horrible first date. :D I cant believe now we have been engaged almost a year...just 4 months to go.

    As far as mixing up workouts, Im horrible. I started running after looking at my moms wedding dress (in April) and decided I wanted to wear it. I quickly because addicted. I do manage to get in 2 days of core and strength workouts, but I mostly just run. Starting in January, I plan on having one "cross training day"...but I havent figured out what to do yet. I used to be an avid mountain biker, so maybe that...although I used to end up in the hospital a lot, and Id like to avoid that.

    I majored in Mathematics and Secondary Education. Taught freshmen math for a year, then entered the civil service as a computer scientist. Best move I ever made. Better schedule, less stress, and I met my fiance on the job.


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  3. I knew my guys was "the one" when I met him. Funnily enough, we were both seeing other people at the time, but I still knew it was him, even though it wasn't the right time. We met up again about 2 years after that and were married about 18 months after THAT. Coming up on our 20th anniversary, which makes me feel very happy, but old!

    I'm terrible at mixing up workouts. I know I should, but I just don't. I'm such a bum about trying new things.

    I got my bachelor degree in Computer Science. Since that was 20+ years ago, it might as well have been in Basics in Abacus.

    Hugs to Lucky and Brindle.

  4. Hubby and I grew up together. We or at least I wasn't ever interested in him. He moved several miles away while I was in high school. He would come over on the weekends to visit. One day he was getting ready to go back to college and had a ton of $ in his wallet. He opened the wallet to show me something, I saw all the cash and said "Where are you taking me?". He said "anywhere you want". We've been married for 29 years.

    Mixing up my workouts is a problem. I do Pilates 2x week but thats the extent of it.

    AA degree in Dental Assisting but now I am a HR bad HR jokes please!

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  5. I met my husband a year before we started dating. He knew I was the one ;) When we met up a year later, the stars must have aligned because I knew he was the one. Been together almost 10 years, married for over 3yrs. No kids, yet, but looking forward to that someday soon!

  6. bear scrat? I watch to much Buying Alaska -they don't get that close to it though!

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  7. that is so awesome that Lucky has Brindle! So good to have a buddy. You will know when the time is right with L. We have had to put down 2 of our 4 dogs (other 2 had heart attacks. crazy, huh?) It is really hard but you know you are doing the right thing. My hubby (who I knew was "it" from day one - twenty + yrs ago!!!) always says "We treat our pets better than we do our family." Maybe it's just our families;).

  8. I didn't know my hubs was "the One" until the third time we started dating ;) We started dating twice...then I moved out of state for college. Then I moved back and we started dating for the third and final time :) That time I knew he was the "one"!
    I try to add in swimming and strength dvd's and yoga dvd's into my running mixture. I'd LOVe to find a hot yoga class in my area, but I'm having a hard time finding one.
    I first went to college for horse training, then accounting, and finally Nursing!!

  9. I apparently need to wear a helmet when I do those stand-up sit-down fight fight fight spin classes. I always get my foot caught, and I always nearly fall out off my bike.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I knew within the first 3 months that my hubby was the one. It was like you said, I just knew, deep down inside that he was it.
    I cross train with swimming on a regular basis and I'm finding that I am really loving it. I also just got a computrainer so I've started using that now that's it's bloody cold and I'm too much of a pussy to ride in this weather. Riding on that is really freaking hard!
    I majored in Fine Arts. Now I'm babysitting photographers (I'm a producer at a photography studio). Uh-huh. Makes total sense to me. :)

  12. I also love trail running. Good thing too because I really do not like road running. It was a natural transition for me and my hubby. We were hikers before we were runners and now we are rediscovering the trails we loved as hikers.
    That is definitely Bear scat. Looks like our GA black bear piles. They do love berries.

  13. Totally knew my husband was the one. I didn't even do it on purpose. All of the sudden I just thought, "When I marry him..." and then I was like, WHAT DID I JUST THINK?! The weird thing is that later he told me the first time he thought that, too - and it was the exact same day! The day after Christmas 2004. Crazy.

    I don't vary my workouts. Thus, I am injured. Boo, I suck.

    I majored in fine arts and got a doctorate in pharmacy because I'm completely nuts.

  14. Standing up on the bike is SO HARD. The weird thing for me, though, is that at the time it feels like torture but just a few hours later I hardly feel like I've worked out! It's never as satisfying as running, that's for sure.

  15. I too am a spinning pussy. At least when it comes to the standing climbing part.

  16. There are still times I think my first Girlfriend was the one for me, the problem was she didn't!!! I think it's about both of you knowing...

  17. We do tertiary education a little differently over here. We can go straight from school into our final degree. I did Veterinary Science. And now I sew for a living. That was five years of hard study well spent.

  18. As soon as this marathon is over, I am going to spend a month doing lots of crosstraining. After doing two tris this summer, I completely fell off the crosstraining bandwagon in favor of marathon training. I do love running above all else, but I like the benefits of other sports, too. Hopefully I won't have a spin class where I have to spend 20 minutes out of the saddle!

  19. My husband and I were best buds in high school, and my parents always asked why I didn't date him instead of all the other losers I brought home :) My reply was that I was going to marry him someday, but wasn't ready to settle down just yet. We finally started dating in college and were married a few years after that.

    I go to spin class(or as my 8 yr. old says, the class where mom learns to rotate) 1-2 times a week , use the stairmaster or elliptical another 1-2 times, and strength train twice a week as well. I probably need to mix it up even more, as I'm still battling various injuries!

    20 min. out of the saddle sounds crazy! I think resistance work is easier out of the saddle, but speed drills out of the saddle seem much tougher for some reason.

  20. I knew the second I started talking to my now husband at a bar he was it and I was so pissed because I did not want to find him yet...I was having so much fun being single for the first time in my adult life....but it was apparently time :)

    I am so sorry about your dog *hug* He is 'Lucky' to have you.

  21. I knew Jason was the one when I was driving somewhere. He turned his head to sneeze (thinking the window was down) and let a huge nose snot all over my window. He was so embaressed and I just laughed. That's when we knew we were meant to be together! I still tease him about this (11 years later).

  22. Sorry about Lucky and Brindle (did not see your prior post until today too). You will know when and your memories will get your through it. :)

  23. We were engaged in four days. I knew I would marry him the moment I saw him. That moment. It's been 26 years.

  24. I didn't "know" with my husband as soon as he did. The whole Army career scared me a lot. But he eventually convinced me and I still remember the moment I "knew."

    I have a childhood dog that's almost 15 years old now. She lives with my parents across the country and when I moved, I had to accept that it might have been the last time I saw her. I dreading the day that I find out from my mom that it's time to put her down. :(

  25. I knew my Chris was the One immediately. I absolutely agree that you know when you see them.

    The only cross training I do is laundry. I hate cross training... and laundry.

    I majored in Communication with an emphasis in Public Address and Journalism. I minored in Biblical Studies.

  26. I just tried Zumba (I sucked) and started thinking I might like to try spinning - apparently the YMCA has lots to offer...not just a place for me to make a monthly cash donation : ) (Yes I joined 3 months ago and just went for the first time this week.) I'm gonna stick it out with Zumba and see if I can get the hang of it. Otherwise no crosstraining for me.

    I knew my husband was *the one* the first time we met. I was at the end of a bad relationship and wasn't interested in getting into anything. But when I came home that night I called a friend and told her I met the man I would marry. We just celebrated 21 years last week.

    I'm sorry about Lucky. Hugs.

  27. Can't remember how I happened upon your blog a few weeks ago, but I'm hooked. The first few visits I had some really good laughs, but tonight I was saddened about your dog - though you did get me laughing again with the farts/inappropriate subjects and the "blueberries on your oatmeal" comments.

    For me, my husband wasn't "the one" right off the bat. When I met him, I'd just come out of a relationship that had left me worn out. I'd been with someone that had everything planned and wouldn't (couldn't) listen to what I wanted out of life. So, I broke it off, packed my bags and moved to France where I met my husband. And I'm still here not really making much use of my French and International Studies major - except for speaking the language.

    Mixing up my workouts - swim, run (trails), mountain & road biking, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, rollerblading ...

    Bon courage for Lucky et merci pour les rires.

  28. I majored in Latin with minors in Ancient Greek and Classical Civilizations.

  29. I remember the exact moment when I knew he was the one. About a week after we first met we were in the car going on a date and not saying anything to each other. Suddenly, I realized that for the first time in my life, I felt totally comfortable just sitting in silence with someone. That's when I knew.... and according to him that is also the last time I sat quietly (27 years ago!)
    I Xtrain with Zumba and "Make Your Body Work" strength training video workouts that I discovered online. I've only taken spin twice, but both times we were up off the seat 90% of the time. Maybe that's why I hated it!

  30. I majored in diapers, went straight into it. I thought I knew, then later questioned it, sometimes I still do but for the most part I'm sure he's the one ;)

  31. so sorry about your dog :( so hard to see them get old. i've had to make that decision twice and it is never easy. waited a day too long with the first and feel like i needed more time with the second, it's sad regardless. just remember that you gave him a great life and you'll always see him in other dogs - they way a tail will wag, the sound of a bark, a furry facial expression. enjoy your time and feed him the good stuff :)

  32. That is an impressive dump!

    I majored in Urban Affairs w/a minor in Religon. I thought about getting another minor in Politics so it would not be polite to talk about what I minored in, obviously. But that would have been too much work. I chose my major 1/2 because I liked it, 1/2 because it was easier than most majors (no capstone project!).

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