Sunday, February 24, 2013

WIRP: Week In Random Pictures

Please tell me I am not the only one who has random pictures on their phone. Just a bunch of boring stuff from the week. It’s a snow day here – I have nothing better to do than show you these pictures (kind of like SR’s phone dump). Then Ken and I are going to indulge and spend $1.30 at the Redbox to watch “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” Snow days are the best.

Acupuncture Thursday. Yes, I do have underwear on. How many needles can you find? There are six – did you miss the ones in my toes?


On my birthday I got a hair cut and my stylist put “beach waves” in my hair. I am very proud that Emma perfected the act of photo bombing at such a young age.


Also, on my birthday – free car wash and detail. Check out my hot rod. Mid-life crisis at its best. It’s always good to do this right before it snows.


Here’s Emma hanging out with our guinea pig, Betty Sue. Yes, Betty Sue is the size of a small dog. Maybe I’ll cross breed her with a poodle and get a guinea pigoodle. Perfection.


I did a 12 mile run on Saturday. Freaking freezing at 14 degrees. No, I did not photoshop the color of the sky.


At least I didn’t choose to run on Sunday (today) as a huge storm move in. I spent the night with girlfriends in Denver and got up early to drive home in this. Thank goodness Howard Stern was interviewing someone interesting on talk radio (Brandy from the Real Housewives. Did you know she had her vagina re-done? Who does that?).


When I got home I made a veggie egg scramble followed by red velvet cake and it hurt my stomach. Another good reason it was not a long run day. That would have been ugly. LSR (long shart run).


Lastly, I got really excited because my new swim suit came in the mail yesterday from Victoria’s Secret. I’m not going to lie. It’s nice to dream of Mexico right now.


What’s your favorite way to spend a snow day? Reading by the fire, watching a movie, drinking hot tea or a hot toddy.

Did you have a long run or race this weekend? Where and how far?

Bikini or one-piece? I’m a fan of the bikini. I figure that even if I don’t have the best body out there or look like a 20 year old, I’m still proud of what I’ve got!



  1. Fave way to spend a snow day same as yours but add a glass of wine in there. Or coffee with Baileys.
    20 miler this weekend and sucked. But life goes on.
    Bikini bikini bikini. I"m right there with you. I'm proud of what I've got-it looks pretty darn good for almost 42!

  2. Glad you made it home safe in that snow, shudder.

    Snow day - long run on tmill, surf the net and have breakfast. Then tea and books! (and then TV and yummy snacks in the evening) Sounds a lot like many of my Saturdays - I'm so lucky.

    Yday did 14 mi on my tmill with a few miles faster pace.

    I've done a 1 piece for years, but maybe should try a bikini. I'm pretty - well, let's say I'm an ectomorph - maybe one of the more athletic two pieces from Athleta would flatter me more. Of course, I only use a suit once every few years for some vacation. Usually have to buy a new one every time as things change, fabric/elastic decays, or I can't find it.

    Happy belated bday! Cute hair. Would your mom care to share the awesome-sounding banana cake w/ caramel icing recipe? It sounded sooo good. Also, could you do a post or two on acupunture - for what, how you decided, how you found a person, benefits, etc? It's one of the few things I haven't yet tried, and it seems like I'm seeing more runners who find it useful.

  3. Snowed in this past Thur and may be Mon or Tue with the storm you are getting now. Spent Thur doing my taxes and Fri doing mostly nothing. I tend to enjoy the "nothing" more - though hot chocolate always makes it better. No long run because not safe without sidewalks, but got on the bike trainer for an hour yesterday and probably will again today. I prefer a tankini - the best of both worlds. Easier to go to the bathroom, but more coverage. I didn't wear a bikini even when 20 and thin.

  4. Welp, I actually had a race. This is my first race back after tearing my hamstring on Thanksgiving day! It may not have been too smart, because this is the first week I have felt relief from the pain, but I eeked out a 1:31 half . So - that was my long run!

    And I wish I had a snow day. I miss snow. All we get here in NOLA are hurricane days.

  5. Bikini!!! and I am almost 50! My long run was only 6 miles. I love a good snowstorm. We haven't had a good one all winter and I live in Montana of all places. Watching a good movie or tv series and popcorn is my favorite way to hunker down for a blizzard.

  6. My favorite way to spend a snow day is snuggled up on the couch with my girls, some hot chocolate and a good movie! No races this weekend, but I am having surgery to remove another Morton's neuroma tomorrow, so I got my last run in for a few weeks...It was a gorgeous day for Feb. in Wisconsin, and enjoyed every step, even with the $@%$# neuroma!

    I'm not bold enough post-kids to go with a bikini (the hole from the navel ring that I had in a former life stretched to the point of becoming a second belly button during pregnancy, and is better kept under wraps) so I settle for the more modest tankini :)

  7. Snow days? Same as yours (+wine) or skiing!

    I am all about the bikini. The stomach skin may not be what it was before kids, but I am fit and proud of it at 40yo, and honestly just more comfortable in bikinis!

  8. I want that swimsuit too -- love it! My last one from Athleta did not hold up well for how darn expensive it was. I'm glad to know VS has some nice ones.

    Today I got a PR in the Brea 8K! I was worried about it being a "B" race during my marathon training but it turned out to be a good confidence booster.

  9. Snowday? Reading!

    No races this week.

    And yes, I have a billion and one photos on my phone.

    I'm a one piece and/or tankini girl, though I have a few bikinis on hand for those random days when I decide, "Today shall be a bikini day." THOUGH since I've lost so much weight, I just tried on all of my bathing suits: All but three are too big. Oops?

  10. I love a snow day! I love just sitting in front of the tv watching snow updates and then taking a nap :)

  11. you have a great body...I saw show it off!

  12. Favorite snow day activity: drinking hot tea and reading anything
    Today's run: 10 miles on the treadmill because the wind is blowing 30 mph
    Swimsuit: definitely a bikini, otherwise I spend the whole time pulling
    the suit out of my wahoo

  13. I had a 5k yesterday and PR'd my half marathon today! Great weekend, happy belated birthday. -Stephanie

  14. 'Fess up - Betty Sue is on illegal performance enhancing drugs, isn't she?! I've never seen a guinea pig as big as that - ever.

  15. I like a 2 piece bathing suit, but find those two little triangles are just (mentally) insufficient for me. I don't have much to cover, but definitely prefer a sports-bra type top...

    Unless I'm doing a swim workout. Then I wear a 1 piece. Which I sometimes double-layer, thus making it a 2 piece? Kind of? Either way, it's a really attractive look, I can promise you.

  16. No snow day here in cape Town...(33*C on the cards today!!!) and I wear a one piece, (or a no piece at home) some how I don't think a bikini would do it for me...

  17. I love acupuncture! It is my first step to alleviate any health problems. I swear it cured my tendinitis in my foot within a single visit. Good stuff, eastern medicine.

  18. Snow days here mean never leaving the house (for me anyway!). Games, movies...
    Bikini all the way - and I'm drooling over your new one!!!
    Love the picture dump - BTW, you have gorgeous hair (I've only seen it up in other pictures).

  19. Love that bikini! Did 11+ miles yesterday, 72 degrees 100% humidity, just brutal and ended up walking way too much.

  20. oh my goodness. I was totally skeved out seeing those needles in you!! gross to me!

    I like to get really cozy/comfy with my daughter and watch movies and snack all day:-)

  21. Fun to see those pics!
    I like to bake and curl up with a book on snow days.
    Did 10 miles yesterday.
    Love the bikini. I can't wait for Spring Break either.

  22. I did the Disney Princess Half-Marathon this weekend. I HIGHLY recommend if you just want to have fun. And what's more fun than grown adults running in Disney character costumes and tiaras??? It's definitely not a race to run if you want to ACHIEVE a good time (too many people), but it's the best race to run if you want to HAVE a good time.

  23. If EVER there was a Pittsburgh pet, Betty Sue is it! Go Steelers!

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  25. Love the pics. Can't believe how big that guinea pig is! Yowza

  26. I tend to cook and bake when I'm snowed in, as long as the power doesn't go out! I also take boring pics of food after I cook & plate it. If it looks pretty anyway.

    No long run for me this past weekend, just a shortie. I'm sooo itching to get outside & run again. The treadmill is great to have, but I'm really looking forward to nicer weather.

    Stupid blizzard.

  27. Hell, if I'm home on a snow day, I'm cleaning till I'm wrecked and then movie time. Then I raid the fridge for things I would normally never fix.

  28. I love the random pics. :)
    I did a 12 mile run this weekend. I've been working on picking up my pace, so it's been fun!
    I'm a fan of the bikini. I'm ready for a hot summer day too!

  29. a true snow day, curled up with a good book is my favorite way to go...but since I moved to Florida the only time I see snow is during a visit back home and I'm usually stuck in a car on a very long ride cursing the weather

  30. Hello, yes, to the bikini. I don't have a 20 year old body but I've got a pretty damned fit 50 year old body and I'll be flaunting it as long as I got it. hahah! (For example, see my blog here:'s. I'm completely shameless!)

    Snow days are for running, shoveling and sitting by the fire reading and dreaming of all the warm places I'd like to visit one day.

    Thanks for another fun and inspiring post!

  31. No snow days here in FL, but I'd be a hot tea w/ honey and good book sorta gal:) Tankini as well....the ole tum tumm didn't quite go back to normal after my 2 boys. And I ran a 10k on Saturday at 10 weeks prego:) Got a 15k in 2 weeks, then I'm gonna scale back a bit.

  32. Your hair looks great!

    I love spending snow days curled up in a blanket with a book or a movie and soup for supper!

    My "long" run this weekend was 4 miles. I'm getting back into it after pregnancy and then I started too quick and got injured.

    No bikinis here! There was about a 1 year period when I was in college that I was comfortable in a bikini. Then I got married and pregnant (and have had 3 babies now) and I'm not going back.

  33. I like to bake on snow days. Thursday was one o f those days. I made peanut butter oatmeal cookies. Good, would have been better with chocolate chips, but I have up chocolate for lent

    Tankini for me. Lost a lot of weight and the tummy isn't pretty.

  34. I'm so glad it doesn't snow here! I'm going to try for a 7 mile run, we'll see! I haven't worn a bikini since I was 18. I tried some on at Target and just laughed! Tankini or one piece for me!

  35. I love to stay home with movie in a snow day except skiing.The guinea pig is really large.
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  36. Love your blog! I wound up here looking for new HIIT workouts and somehow read half of your posts... so fun! I actually have 3 guinea pigs, they are all male and they are huge. One is over 3 lbs. He is a total beefcake... must be lifting weights when I'm not looking. Also love the swimsuit!

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  38. I've done a 1 piece for years, but maybe should try a bikini. I'm pretty. I only use a suit once every few years for some vacation.
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