Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Champion Giveaway Winner & Jockstrap

Okay you giveaway and running clothing whores. It's the moment you've been waiting for. The winner of the ultimate Champion giveaway is:

Kelly @ Beginning Running! She was #331 out of 402 entries

Congrats Kelly! I know you are getting back to running after having surgery in 2009, so it's nice to have some new clothes. Also, I know your neighbors are tired of seeing you running around naked, so I'm glad we could help out. Email me with your size preferences (refer to the original giveaway post) and your address. Again, congrats to you!

And stay tuned. I've got another pretty cool giveaway coming this week where 10 of you will have the chance to win. Those are some good odds.

In other random yet exciting news:

*My toenail finally fell off from my half marathon in August. Here it is. I chased my kids around the house with it for good measure (I also do this with my sweaty shorts after Bikram yoga. I'm pretty sure my kids have nightmares about some psycho woman with gross toenails and sweaty shorts hunting them down. I never claimed to be mother of the year).

*Tempo run this a.m in 20 degrees:

  • Mile 1 (warm up): 8:44
  • Mile 2: 7:59
  • Mile 3: 7:57
  • Mile 4: 7:55
  • Mile 5: 7:46
  • Mile 6 (cool down): 8:54
  • Mile 6.01: puke, gasp, cuss
So, suck it winter! You're not going to get the best of me after all.

*Ever wonder what people google to find my blog? No? Well, I do. Here are some beauties (and no, I did not make these up).
  • ladies room poop
  • bear crap road
  • blueberry juice erection
  • co-worker putting laxative in my food
  • guy runs in poop pants
  • how long until my jockstrap smells
  • jockstrap farting
  • marathon poops in hand video

Wait! There is a marathon video where someone poops in there hand? Hold on while I visit youtube. I'm back. That is too gross for even me to post. Seriously. You can watch that one on your own time.

Aren't theses searches the best? I mean what kind of people sit around and google this stuff (sorry if it's you). My favorite might be jockstrap farting. But I am still wondering how that search got someone to my blog. I never talk about farting.

Drinking: H20


  1. Good job on your tempo run! Woohoo!

    The toenail is just gross...so are sweaty bikram yoga pants!

  2. Congrats Kelly. Farting... are you sure you didn't talk about that earlier?

  3. Thanks for actually showing the random.org for the #. I'm always curious how all you bloggers go about with the giveaways...Someday maybe I can even host my very own...hmmmm!;-)

  4. "Co-worker putting laxative in my food"


  5. Ha ha ... I chase the kids with my sweaty hat and offer lots of hugs and kisses when I come in from my run, so I can join you in the worst mother of the year awards! LOL

    Love your blog :)

  6. That is hilarious! I absolutely needed the google laugh!

  7. Thank you for putting a smile on my face. After a rough day I am feeling better already.

  8. Great run...you are freakin' fast!

    So..how do you find out what people goggle when they find your blog???

  9. Blueberry juice erection is my favorite.

  10. But you talk about jockstraps? LOL

    Congrats to Kelly!

  11. I must have missed the blueberry juice one....should I google that one or not? I'm a little scared :) !

  12. haha your hillarious! great job on the run and ewww 20 degrees! Congrats Kelly!

  13. This is a great site to read about the things I barely dare to think about. So funny. I love the searches. Actually, I found your blog by simply searching under super running blogs. So enjoyable in an odd way :)

  14. I have to agree with the jockstrap farting-that's awesome. Anything to do with farts makes my day. My job being in a hospital just explains my sense of humor!
    I get people looking up either "cabbage", "faucet-ass" or "diana faucet" to my blog. I feel sorry for this person who's name is "Diana Faucet"........

  15. Sorry, comment got away from me there. I really need to check out google analyitics, I haven't done that in a while. Although I doubt I can compete with farting jockstraps. But not much can!

  16. Wowzie, you are super speedy on the tempo run. I did 2x3.5 at 7:53 and was gasping for air at the end and thought I was going to pass out. Gotta love a good tempo though, huh? Are you long running this weekend? If so, and you wanna hook up for some miles, holler. I can run anywhere. Anyway, funny what you find people google to find you. Hahah.

  17. 'Grats to Kelly!

    Oh I LOVE checking out the Google Analytics... yours definitely take the cake. There are some wack-jobs out there.

    Also, killer tempo run!

  18. The "Guy runs in poop pants" search did not originate from Oakton, Virginia, by any chance, did it? No reason...

    The toenail picture is ummm....(heave).

  19. I got here googling "puke, gasp, cuss."

  20. Congrats to Kelly.

    I am still giggling over this post. So funny. I love the diverse ways to find your blog.

    Toe nails are so over rated anyway.

  21. nice tempo run speedy! you rock!

  22. Haha I love seeing what people search to find a blog- not only that it leads to your blog, but that somebody actually entered those search terms :)

  23. Hahahaha, I love that someone else checks their searches makes me feel less weird =p
    With the title runblackgirlrun, I get some people looking for some real inappropriate things, especially the week my post was about butts. Oops!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my contest...I look forward to reading more.

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