Monday, February 22, 2010

43 Things on My Birthday

Running tip: Don’t stretch too deeply before you run, or you’ll risk pulling or overstraining a muscle (like I'm doing in this picture ->). Wait until you are about a mile into the run, and stop to stretch. You’ll be nice and warmed up by this time. And, as always, don’t forget to stretch when you’re done!

Guess what? Today is my 43rd birthday. At the risk of being overindulgent, here are 43 things you might not know about me (in no particular order):

1. One time in 8th grade I got so mad at a boy that I peed in a cup and threw it at him

2. I went to high school with Greg Kinnear and Edward Norton

3. I’ve had two miscarriages

4. I used to deal black jack

5. I had Toxic Shock Syndrome when I was 17

6. I went to high school in Athens, Greece

7. I nearly drowned when I was 23 while swimming in the ocean at the Outer Banks of North Carolina

8. I worked at 7-11 for one week (no, I was not fired)

9. I hate it when people recite quotes from Monty Python

10. My favorite TV show in the 90s was Beverly Hills 90210

11. I was a French major in college, and spent a semester living in Paris (1988)

12. I had two friends in high school who were sisters. Their names were Cheddar and Swiss

13. My favorite movie is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

14. I met my husband in the back seat of a 1959 Ford. No we weren’t doing the deed

15. I don’t eat ice cream

16. I didn’t start running until 2008

17. My dog has three legs

18. Ken and I moved out to Colorado on a whim in 1993 from VA. We never left

19. I once competed in a gymnastics meet in Cairo, Egypt

20. My real name is Elizabeth, but I go by Beth

21. I was named after Beth in Little Women

22. I used to be 28 pounds heavier

23. I am bow legged (guess it was that extra 28 pounds)

24. Ken and I got married in my parents’ backyard in Columbia, Maryland

25. Two people killed themselves with a shotgun on the path behind my house when I was ten (I didn’t know them)

26. I’ve never seen the Sound of Music

27. I was almost on the Dr. Oz Show in September

28. I’ve never been to California

29. Both of my babies weighed about 8 ½ lbs.

30. I have a vomit phobia. It’s called emetophobia. I went to therapy for it.

31. My grandfather is still alive. He’s 95.

32. I almost had a mountain lion encounter in 2001

33. I don’t have a favorite color

34. I was accepted into the Peace Corps in 1992, but didn’t go

35. My first car was a Fiat Strada

36. I’ve never liked Pink Floyd

37. I’ve lived in 9 different cities (Chicago, Columbia (MD), Athens, Harrisonburg (VA), Paris, Washington, D.C., Richmond, Denver, Longmont

38. My two dogs were poisoned to death by the Greek police when I was 15

39. I’ve been in two earthquakes

40. My great uncle (once removed or something) was the oldest person to fly into space. He did this in 1972 at the age of 51

41. I didn’t get my period until I was 16

42. You can’t imagine how much I love my kids and how proud of them I am

43. I don’t mind getting older

As your birthday gift to me, tell me one unique thing about you!

Drinking: Kirkland coffee roasted by Starbucks


  1. Wow you're a way more interesting person than I am. I was married in Columbia, MD too! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope it's fabulous!

  2. Happy Birthday!! I too am Elizabeth, but I go by Libby :)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Great list - I love random factoids.

    One uniqque thing about me: I only have one tonsil. I had my adenoids removed when I was young due to some breathing issues and the surgeon "slipped". At least he didn't cut out my tongue! And no, my parents never sued. I COULD BE RICH!

  4. Happy birthday! Hmm, interesting fact about me? I'm born on Valentine's Day. Ok that's not so interesting. How about I was once on a Japanese Fuji Film commercial and to this day have never seen it.

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday! It's my little sister's b-day, too! And Washington's! Butch Cassidy is my fav movie along with the Sound of Music, LOL!
    One interesting fact about me, hmmm....I went to Catholic school for my whole education, from kindergarten to college, with four years of H.S. in an all girl's. I wore a uniform for 14 years of my life!
    Enjoy your day!!!

  6. Happy birthday! Random thing: I broke five bones in one year - ankle (tripped on stairs), both wrists (fell backwards), wrist again (fell forward), femur (car accident). I'm a LEETLE klutzy...

  7. Happy Birthday!

    I got married in Portland Or with 12 people there, including us and the minister and the photographer. Perfect.

  8. you ar every fortunate to have a grandparent sill in your life.
    long genes.
    Happy Birthday.

  9. Happy birthday! I can't believe you've never been to California! You've never taken the kids to Disneyland? Well, speaking of the state I grew up in, one of my favorite places to go is Lake Tahoe. Chris and I were married there - on the lake no less! (On a boat - we weren't skilled enough at walking on water. Ha ha.) When I die I want to be cremated and have my ashes scattered over the lake (if they'll allow it).

  10. You are one interesting person!

    I sleep with my eyes half open.


  11. Happy Bday! Interesting fact....I met my hubs at 19 in our first week of university and still with him MANY yrs later.

  12. Happy Birthday! You keep getting cooler and more interesting...

    Hope you have a great day.

    My fact: I got engaged shortly after my dad died unexpectedly. My now-husband and I took at two-month trip out west (he took a leave of absence from work, I had just finished grad school and was unemployed) where we put 10,000 miles on our rental car, hiked and camped in national parks, and just escaped reality for a while. It was such a weird, bittersweet time, but also a great experience for me and my husband and I will always be grateful to him for planning the entire was completely therapeutic.

  13. Happy Birthday!!!
    Something unique about me is that I am an artist, I actually had one of my paintings on display at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston. I was 17 at the time and have yet to paint anything even half as good since. It was a painting of a hairless cat coughing up a hairball. Ha ha!

  14. Happy 43rd birthday! Great post!

    Something unique about me? .....

    I come from a very large family - both sides combined I have 18 aunts and uncles (not including spouses) and 42 cousins. There are 9 great grand kids now, with one on the way. Yep. More than half of my family come from a conservative German family - my mom's side - explains the large number of Aunts/Uncles!

  15. Happy Birthday!!!

    I met my husband at a Mormon church dance despite the fact that neither of us is Mormon.

  16. Happy Birthday, Beth!
    From someone who is even older....

  17. Happy birthday! I was born in Columbia, MD and now live in Carroll County. Hooray for the Maryland suburbs!

  18. I should read a bit more before I post...
    My one fact is: I have lived in Columbia, MD for the past 26 years....

  19. Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day!

    I actually live about 15 minutes from Columbia, MD. Something interesting about me:

    Because my now sister-in-law was on MTV's Sorority Life I have gotten the chance to walk through the MTV house the girls stayed in (let me just way WOW) and had to sign a waiver to allow my face to be shown on TV because I ended up on screen with her and some of the other girls.

  20. Happy Birthday Beth! So nice that you don't mind getting older, I love that. I don't either, but some people around me are freaking out that I am turning 30 this year, but I am looking forward to it!

    I too am a Colorado transplant (originally from Portland, moved here for my job, that I should be doing right now) and I am still learning to run in the snow and ice

  21. Oh yeah!!! Happy Birthday to you! I love the 43 thing I did not know about you . . . some of which I can relate to. FYI - My hubby is told at least once a day that he resembles Edward Norton! :-)
    I used to be a television reporter/producer for PBS in Sacramento. I had my own segment that involved me doing crazy insane stunts such as riding in a gyro plane, flying from a trapeez, flying a glider plane. Best job I ever had!

  22. Happy Birthday!
    Lets see, I met President Clinton the day he was leaving Arkansas to go into his first term in office.(He went to my Grandparents church) I was 10 and I shook his hand and yelled to my parents that I just shook President Bush's hand. Oops.

  23. Happy Birthday - I'll let one loose in your honor soon after departing Denver International this morning.

  24. Happy Birthday! One thing about me? Hmmm. How about certified genius (IQ 174) but locked myself in a dark bathroom and couldn't find the lightswitch or the door lock. I had to be rescued.

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  26. Happy Birthday! Love the list!

    One unique thing...
    I was on ClownTown USA (think Bozo Show) when I was around 12.

  27. Happy Birthday girl!!! Loved all the unique facts!

    My unique fact: I won a trip to Florida when I was 10. During the trip I told my mom I would move here when I grew up and I did.

  28. Cheddar and Swiss?? Really?

    Happy Birthday! I love birthdays. Ok, random fact about me? hmmm..I have Coulophobia. Yep, I'm terrified of clowns. Mom tried to surprise me at my 5th b-day with a clown. While he was making balloon animals for my friends I was hiding in the corner crying. Thanks Mom.

  29. I love your list - I knew I favored you for some reason (besides your poop humor). I live in Rockville, MD.

    I have an identical twin sister, who lives in NC. She was always the "pretty, skinny" one. I am now much, much (she just happens to be pregnant) skinnier! Oh, and we are VERY competitive. Ha!

  30. COOLEST LIST EVER!!! That was highly entertaining (per usual!) Happy birthday!!! Fun fact: my photo was in the "Spring 1990 The World of the Children" issue of Life Magazine (twice!)

  31. Happy Birthday, and I too love these random facts about people I don't know.

    My random fact: I lived on a sailboat for 10 years in the Caribbean.

  32. I didn't get my period till I was 15...and my best friend lives in Columbia, MD (I live in Timonium). But those aren't too exciting...hmmm well monkeys make me INCREDIBLY uncomfortable. The more human like, the creepier. Seriously I hate them.

  33. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Beth!!! Wooohoooo! If we have time after our run, we MUST get a treat at Starbucks to celebrate!! :). I love your fact about you ... so fun, funny and interesting. I'm not sure I could come up with 47 facts about me on my birthday...

    Unique fact about me...probably not unique but after giving birth to my twins, I caught an infection from an emergency c-section with #2 and I had a fever of 108 for many days after. I was in the hospital for 12 days after and the doctor were worried I wasn't going to make it. I'm glad I did :).

  34. Happy Birthday. You are a much more interesting person than me...without a doubt. Interesting (or not) fact: I used to teach piano and since I stopped I have rarely sat down and played.

  35. Happy Birthday!

    Umm, I hope you never get mad at me lol.

    I love love love Dr. Oz. I'm even a fan of his (and yours) on FB.

    Vomit phobia? I think I have that. I've never thrown up, well maybe as a baby, but never again until sadly last summer when I had too much to drink (on an empty stomach) at a concert. Yeah, I don't drink ANYMORE and I hope I never ever ever throw up again. Yucky!!!

    Fun list and happy birthday again!

  36. Happy Birthday!Love it that you are a proud 40 something woaman :)
    I have one blue eye, one green eye :) Enjoy your day.

  37. happy birthday! and in regards to #37, i'm in harrisonburg now! :)

  38. Happy Birthday! wow you are one interesting lady! Love it!

  39. Happy Birthday!

    Let's see...I'm going to go with old people. My great-grandmother's brother is still alive and he's 98. It gets better though. He license expired when he was 96 and when he went to the DMV to renew it they took him for a really long road test and he passed. And the renewed it for 5 years! He'll be 101 when it expires next.

  40. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! WOOHOO. I just happened to run 4.4 miles this morning. 4.3 of it was obviously in honor of your birthday. The last .1 was to grow on! ;)

    I don't eat ice cream either. I secretly dream of having a baby girl so that I can name her Elizabeth Anne. I've survived cancer, so I don't mind getting older either. I celebrate every year because I know that life does not offer guarantees.

    I would not be a person that you would want to run with. I throw up a lot when I run.

  41. Happy birthday! Your story about peeing in a cup is cracking me up....

    My middle name is Beth (not Elizabeth). Have a great day!

  42. Happy birthday, Beth! Love your list and blog.

    My sister lives in Utah, 6000 miles away from me. I miss her dearly. She is also a US citizen, but I guess that fact is more about her than me.

  43. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. love the facts and the pics along side. funny as always :)

    i'm the oldest of 6 kids and all our names begin with the letter k

  44. Happy Birthday!! Hmmmm one fact about me, I like to eat my sandwiches in a circle. I eat the crust all the way around, then the middle AKA the best part. I'm so weird!! ;)

  45. Happy Birthday Beth! One fact about me is that I can cross one eye.

  46. Wow. Quite the list. I stopped by for the first time yesterday and immediately saw plenty of poop humor, so follow I did!

    I don't really have anything interesting to say about myself...pretty lame. How's this: I plan on being an Ironman in about a year and a half...and I haven't done any swimming in about 15 years.

  47. Happy Birthday! I used to suck my tongue (which makes a little clicking noise) until I was about 25. The first time I went camping with my now husband, he thought it was some kind of animal getting ready to attack.

  48. Well I am proud to say I KNEW some of these 43 things. Makes me happy to know you even more. I have known you almost 20 years now. I'm sure I am the envy of the small country that follows you. Happy Birthday!

    Okay... interesting thing about me. I cried during my eighth grade commencement speech - I wore a bra at age 9 then had a breast reduction at age 32. Boobs are so overrated! And I pooped in my own yard DURING THE DAY when I was 31 years old.

  49. I used to be afraid of Fire Drills in 4th Grade.

  50. Happy BIRTHDAY......I like randomness, and I competed gymnastics for 15 years but have never run a day in my life! Until now..

  51. Happy Birthday!!!! I have a question. Have you ever had knee pain when running? If so, how did you "treat" it?

    Random fact about me...all of my major injuries in life occured when I was riding a bike. First, my lip went through a handle bar and second, I broke my arm.

  52. Happy Happy Birthday! One unique thing about me: I was held up at gun point during a bank robbery and put into the bank vault!

  53. Happy Birthday! I'm happy to know 43 new things about you.

    One thing about me: When I was young my mother had to have blue jeans specially made to fit my skinny frame. (Wonder what happened since then?!? Oh yeah, hips and a butt happened!)

  54. This should be "43 Reasons you are cooler than most bloggers." Hee hee. I didn't realize there was a vomit phobia!

    Happy Birthday!

    I can never come up with unique stuff about myself. I guess that I lived in Rome? Kinda lame...

  55. Happy Birthday!
    That was an awesome list, I'm turning 48 in a few weeks, but there is no way I have 48 "neat" things to list.
    My unique thing? Hmmmm, I'm the genealogist of the family and absolutely love being in cemeteries!

  56. Happy Birthday!!

    Unique fact...I am faster than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, green GU makes me sick

  57. Happy Birthday. Nice list.

    Even though I earned my varsity letter in track as a Freshman I was prevented from any high school sports because I was caught smoking by my coach. (Rather than provide guideance he simply kicked me to the curb.) I never ran competitively again until 2009 which was 28 years later.

  58. Happy Birthday you spring chicken you!

    One unique thing? well here's 2:
    I have 2 implants, but not the boob kind.

  59. Happy Birthday. Long time reader, first time commenter.

    Hope you are having fun!!!!

  60. Happy Birthday, fellow Longmonter!
    Unique thing about toes are webbed! Pics will be on my blog one of these days

    Happiest of wishes to you!

  61. Happy Birthday!!! 43 never looked so good.

    "Rain drops are falling on my head...."

    Interesting fact about me - that song from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was the focus song my parents sang while my mom was in labour with me. That, and "You Are My Sunshine".

  62. WOW - you have had an intersting life - Happy Birthday and 43 more! I majored in French in college and spent my junior year in Nice (with a mointh in Paris) so I should say Joyeux Anniversaire.

    My unique fact - I've never eaten peanut butter or drank milk (beside the baby bottle).

  63. Happy Birthday!!! 43?!? You dont look a day over 30- no joke!!! :)

    SOmething unique... hmmmm.... I have a birth mark on my right upper thigh/butt cheek. Its a number 12. Im not kidding either. :)

    hope you had a great day and dont think im too weird for sharing such a fact!

  64. My sister wouldnt' get out of the bathroom before a family trip so I peed in a bowl and blamed it on a neighbor.

    My dad believed me....

  65. Happy Birthday. Interesting thing about me - I have never been to North Dakota. Okay, that one doesn't count - maybe? :)

  66. Happy birthday!

    On my second birthday I lit one of my pigtails on fire by turning my head too far when everyone was singing "Happy Birthday". My dad slapped me in the head, blew out the two candles on my cupcake and then my mom cut off my hair. It's all on video and yes I was on America's Funniest Home Videos. Didn't win. :(

  67. wow that was one of the most interesting lists ever! what a life you have had.

    Hmmm my interesting thing would probably always default to our wedding ending up in a parking garage

  68. Happy 43rd birthday!! I love it when bloggers post interesting information about themselves!! Thanks for sharing:)

  69. Happy Birthday, Beth! And thanks for sharing those interesting tidbits about yourself.

    Interesting fact about me:
    I don't have to shave my arms or my legs. I am hairless like that. Haha.

  70. Happy birthday! Love the list of facts!

    Something interesting about me is that I've known my boyfriend since middle school. He asked me out every day of 10th grade and I always said no!

  71. Happy Birthday, I hope it was a great one!


    I love the 43 interesting facts.

    One about me? When I was about 9 or 10, I lit the carpet in my bedroom on fire by burning a sheet of paper. I then tried to move my bed to the middle of my bedroom in an effort to hide it. Not so smooth. Was very, very busted.

  73. Happy, Happy Birthday To You! That's a great list you shared with us. I have never seen the Sound of Music either and I don't miss it one bit. There's a fact about me. Hope you're having a fun day!!

  74. Happy Birthday! If I had know it was your birthday I would have paid off my daugther to pick your name out of my shoe =P

    Hope you have a great day and NEVER get mad at me. Number 1 is CRUCIAL!!!

  75. Happy Birthday Beth! Cheddar and Swiss? Seriously?

    I can't eat a Kit Kat the normal way. I have to eat all of the chocolate off of it and then eat the wafers one by one. Before I eat the wafers I have to lick the chocolate from them too. Same way with a Reeses PB Cup. YUMM.

  76. I grew up in East Tennessee, helped teach my French grandmother how to write in English (I gave her spelling tests!), and love otters and koala bears!

  77. Big happy bday to ya!! Eat a cupcake or two :>

  78. Happy Birthday!
    I once broke my arm while climbing a tree and didn't tell my parents... until my dad was playing with me 3 DAYS later and grabbed me by the arm, he thought he had broken my arm !!

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. Happy birthday!!!

    To complement your mountain lion almost-encounter... I almost encountered a bear on a mountain in Alaska in 1997 (I think, give or take a year). My family and I were hiking up a mountain and there was apparently a great view of a glacial ice field at the top. We got about 50 yards from the top and a couple came running down telling us to turn around, there was a bear coming. We saw its cub on the path on the way down... Lesson learned: never come between a mama bear and her cub.

  81. Happy Birthday, Beth, you young thang!

    Loved this post - you have led an interesting life!!! I have to say, though - Cheddar and Swiss? Geez, I thought it was bad when I went to school with two sisters, Windy and Stormy!

  82. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My husband and I too moved to Colorado on a whim in 2006. We haven't left YET. We'll see what the future brings.

  83. Happy Birthday Beth!
    Wow, you are one interesting woman...

    I speak French, English and Italian :)

  84. Happy Birthday!!! I loved reading all about you! :)

    My interesting thing...hmmm...I spent every day after school on my dad's dive boat growing up in the Florida Keys :) I'm an ocean kinda girl.

  85. Love this post!! You are so fascinating and have lived such a cool life thus far!!

    Let's see, last year in February I had surgery for Compartment Syndrome. If I would've continued running I could've had permanent nerve damage in both my legs, resulting in them becoming paralyzed.

  86. One interesting thing: hmmm.

    My family has lived in Canada longer than it has existed as a country.

  87. Happy birthday girl!!! This is the best list ever, how are you going to top this next year ;) Ummm, as for me, the doc misjudged my head during my mom's c-section and I ended up needing stitches as soon as I was born. Rough start.

  88. happy birthday! what a great list. :) you are truly an unique individual. I love the super random photos accompanying the list. :p

  89. happy birthday...great post...lmao at unique thing? i'm a twin and when i was born my parents didn't know they were having twins until the delivery (sonograms weren't a standard practice back then)

  90. Happy Birthday!!! i love the list!

  91. You don't eat icecream?!! I eat icecream and like it with peanut M&Ms but hardly ever eat it because I don't want to put on weight - there's my unique fact.

  92. Happy birthday! Wow, all that in just 43 years. Fantastic list! I’ve only lived in one city, Johannesburg.

  93. Tanjobi omedeto gozaimasu! (Happy Birthday in Japanese)
    Unique about me...I climbed Mt. Fuji, walked on the Great Wall of China and ran my first marathon when I was 43 (last year). The 40s are awesome. We are FEARLESS!
    Lori Grant
    Misawa Air Base, Japan

  94. Haha! As for the implants, maybe there should be a contest!

  95. Happy Birthday to you! Love your list!

    Random about me - I am not a girly girl at all. My mom calls me her square child b/c I prefer dressing in hiking type clothing rather than skinny jeans and pink.

  96. New reader, here. How I missed your blog is beyond me...thanks for making me laugh:)

    Happy Birthday!

  97. happy Birthday.

    You life is so much more interesting then mine. Let me think of something about me....

    hmmm, while training for my first marathon in 2002, I caught a man masterbating in the Canyon (UT) sick sick sick
    then just a few months ago, I ran past a man, on MAIN STREET with his thing hanging out of his fly.... seriously... why me. Not very interesting... but oh well.

  98. Love this post! Hope it was a great birthday!!!

    Ummm...I started kindergarten late b/c my parents were hippies and were traveling through the western states in a green van. With me. They didn't think about the whole school thing.

  99. Happy birthday!!!

    My thing- I was the host of a syndicated kid's tv show in middle school and did local commercials. I was totally famous.

  100. My thing- I am a nice small town girl- I've never done so much as get a speeding ticket, but once I was on America's most wanted.
    Love your blog! Happy birthday! Love- Danna

  101. HAppy Birthday! Your list is the best! It made me laugh! One thing about me...I was a majorette in high school and twirled fire batons at half time shows. I almost did that in college too, but decided to run in instead!

  102. Happy Bethday!
    I am not very interesting.
    My shorts are though.

  103. Happy birthday!
    I just found your blog about a week ago and love it!
    I have the same vomit phobia. I just thought I was the only one out there. Thanks for putting a name to it.
    Out of curiosity, how do you deal with it now?

  104. Happy birthday!!

    Cheddar and swiss!?!?! LOL,

    1 unique thing!? What about 100! :)

    So, off of that list.... The town that I grew up closest to has a population of 120.

  105. They say bowlegged people make better runners. My husband and daughter share that trait.
    My dad once slipped a disk in his back from stretching like that. He was taught to stretch while placing his hands on opposite shoulders.

    Something about me: My college transcript includes at least 7 schools.

  106. Happy Birthday!

    I'm clumsy. I've broken my right ankle twice, broke my right toe, twisted both ankles, and had to have an op on my big toe.

  107. I somehow missed this post!!!!! Happy belated birthday! I loved your list...we have a lot of things is common. Hmmm...something about me. Here is an interesting one...when I was 17 I was driving to work and a man pulled up next to me and was obviously pleasuring himself...I will be forever scarred. I was traumatized at the time...but laugh about it now.

  108. I live in Harrisonburg too! Did you go to JMU?

  109. I meant to say I live in Harrisonburg, so wild that you lived there too!
    P.S. I love your blog!

  110. Happy Birthday!

    Unique about me? My wedding was on TLC's A Wedding Story. Ten years later I was on The Travel Channel's Great Cruises series. I'm not an actor or reality star - LOL - in fact I'm a former publicist and normally hide from the camera. Go figure.

    Winks & Smiles,

  111. Happy belated birthday!! (I am way behind on my blog reading.) I hope you had an amazing day!!

  112. Happy Belated Birthday! (sorry, took a little hiatus from blogging and reading this week) I really hope you had a great day! My birthday is in a couple of weeks and I may need to do this, too! I'll be 42, so there will only be 42 things about me..... hope you stop by and read it!

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  114. I guess I missed this post 3 years ago! All of this is true!? You really knew two girls named Cheddar and Swiss?

    You had TSS?

    Have you been to California yet or seen The Sound of Music? I need an update on both of those!

  115. I met my husband of 20 years in the bleachers at Wrigley Field. I went to high school with a girl named Melissa "Missy" Sippy. New reader - good stuff!

  116. I know this is a 3 year old post, but I want to play. Things people don't know about me:
    My father in law is Harry Potter.
    I have the same name as the lead singer of Train.
    My uncle died in the bombing of Hiroshima.
    I am half Japanese.
    I farted during my run tonight Nd thought of you.