Monday, February 1, 2010

Let's Talk Shots

Question of the day: do you ever lose the remote, cannot find it, then realize you slept with it in your bed all night? I'm pretty sure we didn't spoon.

It is 8:26 a.m. in Longmont, CO. It is 19 degrees outside. I am waiting for it to be at least 65* before I run. Well, let's get real, I'd settle for 25*. It does look frosty, yes?

Thanks for those who asked about my foot. It was, as my friend Clair says, "talking to me" a bit last week after a speed workout. It hurt the same way it did with the stress fracture, so in my very rational way I sobbed and cried and decided I would never really run again because I would never heal from this injury.

Once I calmed down and took a few days off, I tested it on Saturday with a six miler. I brought my phone and was fully prepared to call Ken to come rescue me if it started acting up, but it didn't. The run was slow (9.08 min/mile), but I was absolutely pain free. My POA (Plan of Action) now is to eliminate speed work for the time being, to only run if it doesn't hurt and to see the doc on Friday. This injury thing is very tricky, but I will say I've learned a ton about listening to my body and taking care of myself throughout this process.

Sometimes I do odd things like visualize the bone fusing together and the site being fully healed. Do you ever want to be better so badly you start to employ these tactics?

On Saturday's run I was treated to some new songs I put on my iPod. I am a big fan of listening to the 30 second sample on iTunes and if it has a good running tempo, I'll buy it and load it on (without having heard the full song). On Saturday this brought a surprise to my virgin ears when I heard this gem of a song, "Shots" by LMFAO. It starts like this:

If you not drunk ladies & gentlemen
Get ready to get f^%#! up
Let’s do it, Ha Ha

Ok, I'm rolling with that. But then it goes to this:

The ladies love us
when we pour shots
they need an excuse to suck our c%$#

And I'm getting a bit put off. You guys know I'm not a prude but, I mean really. Is this the stuff people really listen to?

Then we got to this point:

The women come around everytime I’m pourin’ shots
Their panties hit the ground everytime I give em shots
So cups in the air, everybody lets take shots.
If you feelin’ drunk put ya hands in the air & If you tryin
to f&^% put ya hands in the air
Now say “I’m f%$#!ed up”

I know that listening to this song is not supposed to be an exercise in analyzing the culture of our society and how it's sunk to new levels. But when you start talking about doing shots and pulling down your pants and you know that our middle schoolers (and younger) are listening to this stuff, doesn't it give you pause? It did me. After all, this song is #57 on iTunes, so people are buying it. At least good girl Taylor Swift is still beating it by a mile.

Maybe I'm in an uproar because I have kids who might hear this stuff at some point. Even if we don't allow our kids to listen to it, there's a pretty good chance they'll catch wind of it out in the world somehow. I certainly don't pretend that hearing this song is going to be the one motivator for them to do shots and pull down their panties, but if our pop culture is promoting these things, and these people are supposed to be our icons, what then?

On that note, let's talk music. I got an email from some folks who are working with the London Marathon. They are trying to come up with a soundtrack for the marathon (which will later be available on iTunes) and want our help to make it a global exercise. They want runners to submit their favorite running songs. If you'd be so kind as to let me know a couple of your favorite running tunes ("Shots" anyone?) then I'll submit a list. C'mon play along.

Well, it's 29* and I can't put it off any longer. Do you like the green shirt? It was on clearance and it's almost St. Patrick's day. Do you like how I can never take a picture and look normal?:

Drinking: Old coffee


  1. Dressed for a bad "Matrix" sequel, I see. Or is that redundant?

    Currently running to Lissie's "Little Lovin'" which has the refrain: "Why are you running?"

  2. That song sounds awful!!!! It wouldn't motivate me to run at all.

  3. I totally use visualization for loads of things.. Keep seeing those bones fusing. It will work!

    Yuck to a lot of todays lyrics! Sex means nothing to the majority of this generation due to a society that says things like that are ok. Not for me or my house! I don't live in a rosey colored world, I live in the real world but I chose what is acceptable to demonstrate and teach to my kids. If enough parents do the same than maybe things like morals and love and compassion will continue if not we are headed toward a ME society. In that future, who is going to care enough to take care of those in need?
    Gee all that from a trashy song. Where did I find that soap box??

  4. You are cracking me up!

    Have you tried running to Lady Gaga? It's fabulous!

  5. That song is ridiculous! LOL! *Delete*

    I'm glad you listened to your body and stepped off. I nixed speed work completely during my Chicago training because it was killing my ITB every time I tried it and I ran a great marathon. Nixing speedwork is no the end all. You want to finish in one piece and that is the most important part!

  6. I love starting marathons to "My Time" by Fabulous. It gets me both amped up and does not allow me to start too fast. Other faves include: "Your love is my drug" -KE$HA "Monster" - Lady Gaga "Rock & Roll" -Eric Hutchinson "Girls on the Dance Floor" -Far East Movment and "Girls just wanna have fun" -Miley

  7. YES! I am all over that! Our kids are listening to that stuff too. I totally dig the music and then i hear the lyrics and have to scream "S*#T!" and run out the door.

    I love me some GaGa and Black Eyed Peas - but I chose the 'safe' version for fear a 9 year old girl will do rump-shakin in my living room to "Shots".

  8. Wow, it looks like a beautiful day in Colorado! Great picture! I also love the picture of is so Beth:) Have a great day!

  9. I can't stand some of the lyrics these days.... how is that music???

    I love me some T-Swift, though!

  10. I'm with you about that song. I feel like listening to offensive music totally kills the experience for me. Personally, I like to listen to Lady Gaga when I run. Although listening to her makes me want to dance and it's tempting to stop running and just start dancing on the side of the road. That could be interesting...

    And I don't know if you're into free stuff or not, but I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog if you're interested.

  11. There is a ton of garbage out there. I hope that by helping my son make good choices now that he will avoid some of that. If that doesn't work, then a monastery will...

  12. That song is scary. I've done that before, though -- just listened for a good beat and then put it on my Zune (I'm a M'soft wife, we have Zunes), only to listen to the whole thing while running and think, "Um. No."

    I love The Ting Tings "That's Not My Name" and Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough," and Gwen Stefani's "What You Waiting For." :)These three always perk me up on a run.

  13. Oh, nice. Why do people listen to that?!?!

  14. I think of my two year old daughter listening to that stuff some day and it makes me want to lock her in a closet until she's 40.

    29 degrees sounds as good as 65 to me! Okay, well maybe not quite. But close.

  15. Yep those lyrics put me waaay off. The kiddos instantly sprang to my mind as well. Thankfully Thing 1 was busy cheering Taylor Swift on at the Grammy's last night. May it stay that way...
    Glad your foot is feeling good. Easy does it!

  16. Egads, that's a disturbing song. And to think I have twin 14-year olds who probably hear that garbage. Smart move on the foot, great advice to yourself!

  17. That was painful to even read! Can you get your money back? LOL!
    Good job on listening to your foot...if you want to make it to the finish line, you're smart to stay in tune. And visualizing the healing process may not make it go faster, but it will def help your sanity!

  18. i'm so glad the run was pain free. and you're so right, it's really important to listen to our body. i know i don't listen enough and it's something i really need to work on.

  19. Nice lyrics. I'm so happy my 12 year old daughter really likes Country music! What do I like to run to? Hmmm..... I still love Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run"... it's the best running song ever! Then anything by Lady GaGa or the Black Eyed Peas.

  20. I love anything by Owl City, Ke$ha, Lady GaGa or Black Eyed Peas. Also, techno music and running seem to fit well.

  21. I do the same thing when I'm searching for new music to run to, or for music mondays, I'll listen to the 30 second preview. I've come across that song a few times and considered downloading it because it does have a good beat (fast) in the background, but I can't stand somebody screaming "shots shots shots!" at me while running ... just doesn't blow my skirt up if you know what I mean.

    Of course I listen to a crap-ton of horrible music too, things that will make you blush, but I get what you mean. Sometimes though, I need to feel gangsta dirty and mean when I run, and most of those songs do the trick ... haha.

    I love Lady Gaga and currently Bad Romance is one of my favorite running songs. Never gonna get it by Akon, Remember the Name by Fort Minor, Run this Town by Jay-Z and Supermassive Black Hole by Muse are some of my favorites.

  22. Gorgeous pictures! I think you are wise in laying off the speed work for a bit. I laughed at your visualization because when I'm injured I try it ALL, I just can't stand being down! Hang in there girl, lots of long , slow runs won't hurt you and hey, you're out there having a good time!

  23. the remote is in my bed every night lol... the tv stays on all night too :)

  24. I feel for you. I too had a stress fracture (mine 5 years ago) and to this day, I can feel the pain where my stress fracture was. I think mine's all in my head though. Definitely good to play it safe.

  25. What a gross song! I have actaully never heard of that one before. My 6-yr-old likes Taylor Swift and I love her music too. Hmmmm... my newest additions to the ipod running playlist and TicToc, Black Eyed Peas "tonights gonna be a good night" and Miley Cyrus "party in the Usa", which is sooo cheesy, but has a good beat. :)

  26. Good idea to give the speedwork a break. Get the foot sorted first. Lyrics like that make me nauseous and I don’t need that on a run.

  27. Ha ha! Your pictures always make me giggle!

    Yes, the song is a little off... I love "Where the Streets have No Name" by U2 early in my run, "Fake It" by Seether, and "Bleed It Out" by Linkin Park towards the end.

  28. I cannot help but notice that you didn't say you were "positive" you and the remote didn't spoon. If there is even a twinge of guilt, you must confess. Don't worry we won't judge you (out loud).

  29. That song is totally F*cked up man. I wouldn't want my kid listening to it, but I'm sure that she has heard worse unfortunetely.

    Have you listened to Lady Ga Ga? She's one of my favorites to run to.

    I hope that foot holds out girl!

  30. I have worked in radio the past ten years (adult contemp, christian and now country), the lyrics these days to some of the songs are nutso. More so on the top 40/Urban side but there are some country songs too that you are like WTF?!

  31. Holy crap that song is bad. I'm not a prude either, but seriously kids listen to that! I always get moving when I hear "Just a Girl" from No Doubt or pretty much anything Green Day.

  32. Right now I like running to anything by Lady Gaga.

  33. Yeah, I'm not going to lie.. I totally looked up that song. You're right, it totally does have a good beat.

    The other day in PHX it was only 40 degrees. Burrrrrrrr. ;)

  34. ha, of course, the guy is grabbing his junk on the CD I guess it is to be expected. :)

  35. I have been telling myself my knees are getting stronger. I don't know if it is the positive thinking or the physical therapy that is working, but I'll do whatever it takes.

    As far as music goes, Katy Perry's Hot N Cold is great; Lady Gaga has a lot of great running tunes (Let's Dance, Bad Romance); and U2's Beautiful Day is perfect for a marathon.