Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Giveaway Winner and LOL’ing

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I read every single comment that is left on my blog. Most are encouraging, supportive and upbeat. Many are inspiring and motivating. Some make me scratch my head.  A very small percentage, usually of the anonymous sort, make me mad. Those few have a critical or angry tone that I just don’t understand. Then I have to remind myself (or Ken reminds me) that when you put yourself out there in a public forum, you open yourself up to that sort of thing. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind people disagreeing with me. That makes for good discussion and insight. What I don’t like is sarcasm and rudeness. I guess if you have to be sarcastic and rude in a blog comment, that’s probably how you go through life, and that's not an easy way to live. Like how I turn that around and make those rude people seem pathetic?

By far, some of my favorite comments are the funny and witty ones. You guys leave tons of those and I find myself laughing out loud (LOL).

As a side note, I don’t usually write “LOL” while texting or emailing because mostly it seems overdone. Like in those texts you get from people: “I’m getting my second cup of coffee today. LOL!” or “Someone drop a dollar on the ground. LOL!” I visually imagine those people laughing out loud while getting coffee, and it doesn't fit. Really? You order a cup of coffee and go into hysterics? That’s crazy making. Maybe I’m just too literal. Okay, I know it’s just an expression that means something struck someone funny. I get that. Again, it’s the literal thing.

In order for me to LOL for real it has to be outrageously funny. I think a more appropriate acronym for those semi-funny moments would be CTS (chuckling to self) or GUB (giggling under breath) or even LI (laughing inside).

Last week, I got one of the funniest comments ever. I’m not sure it was meant to be completely hilarious, which made it even more so. I can say, I LOL’d at this one (maybe even ROFLMAO) from Jennifer (no blog address available, but I’m pretty sure it’s Jennifer Aniston or Garner):

So I thought of you when I went for an open water swim in my wetsuit and desperately needed to take a crap in the middle of the swim. Wearing a wetsuit. There is absolutely NO ONE IN MY LIFE I can tell this story to... I was thinking, hmm, who could I tell (because it's really funny) and I thought of you. Not sure how you feel about that :-)

So anyway, thankfully I was by myself in the river (all my friends were upstream while a few drunkards had just floated downstream) and I took off my wetsuit in the middle of the river and popped one out. Yes, into the river. No way to get up on the banks. Put back on my wetsuit and merrily swam back to my group.
So I wondered -- I think you've done tris -- have you ever had to take a crap in a wetsuit? And if so, what did you do about it? Can't bring TP on a swim :-)

Are you LOL’ing?

I don’t know where to start.

  1. I continue to be honored that people think of when when they crap in the woods or poop in their wetsuits.
  2. Despite having done a couple of tris, I have never worn a wetsuit so I can’t speak to this issue. However..
  3. If I was in your position, Jennifer, I would have done the same thing. Let’s face it. There was very little choice involved. In the stream or in the suit, which translates to all over your body. Once when I was eight I took a crap in the ocean and it hit my brother in the leg. Does that count?
  4. Jennifer I am seriously not laughing at you, but with you. You know all too well that I’ve had similar moments of desperation.

Poop has gotten me into some tough situations in the past. The worst being THIS ONE. (BTW, recently the boyfriend who was the subject of this experience and who I haven’t spoken to in 22 years, found this blog and emailed me about “the incident.” Talk about full circle! Hi to Michael if you’re still out there reading).

I see no shame in the issue. Let’s face it. We all do it. And whether you want to admit to it or not, you’ve probably had some sort of crazy experience with a turd or a fart. Did you let one (fart, not turd) slip during an English final? (I did). Did you go in your yard because you didn’t want to freak out the babysitter by running into the house with a poop emergency? (my friend, Clair, did). Did you go in a stream after taking off your wetsuit? (Jennifer did). Were you on a run recently and had to squat in someone’s front  yard to avoid soiling yourself? (my friend, M, did). See, we all do it. Some of us make it to the special place with the porcelain throne and some of us have to make do with bushes and streams and front yards.

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What made you LOL today? Or even CTS?



    Okay, sorry about that.

    I admit, you're the first person I'd want to share a good poop story with.

  2. your blog made me lol today because I read the story of your most embarrassing moment. thank you so much! as one who is semi-poop obsessed according to her children, I look forward to your daily blog :-)

  3. Oh my! I just went back and read your most embarassing moment story. I just couldn't imagine! Thankfully his grandparents were nice and caring. I would have been mortified!

  4. I HATE LOL - Uggg, I just threw up typing that.

    You rock. I'm sure my comments are the scratchy head ones ......;) I'm just a super big dork.

  5. Bahaha That may be one of the funniest embarrassing stories that I have ever read. I was actually laughing out loud!

  6. Oh my gosh... That story is hilarious...

  7. I agree with you on the lol'ing. i read somewhere that it's gone from meaning "laugh out loud" to "i have nothing else to say" :)

  8. I think of you EVERY time I have an outdoor emergency!! What would Shut up and Run do???


  9. I've peed in a kitchen sink. While staying in an apartment with my PhD supervisor in Italy. Yeah, I'm all kinds of classy. I even wrote about it too:

  10. when I was growing up in Northern Cali along the Russian River my grandpa would take us to Mothers Beach to swing on the rope swing and play in the river.
    Its a really beautiful area with many homes built on the side of the hills overlooking the river. My Noni used to tell us that the river was nasty because the house"s poop shoots ran right into the river. We never believed her as kids since we just thought she was being lazy not wanting to take a bunch of bored kids to the river to that I am older I am surprised that I never did see a turd float by.
    Maybe she just knew some triathletes :)

  11. WWSUAR do? LOL and CTS. I know Dean pees on the run (he wrote about it) but what about #2? Can you find out for us?

  12. I try never to use LOL. Like you, just does not seem fitting.

    I am more of a hahahahaha person! :-)

  13. Now that I can't write lol I'm not sure what to write? What were the options again? Funny stuff.

  14. Jennifer's comment did make me LOL. That's just priceless.

  15. Ha - i just posted yesterday with a reference to you. I almost had a "crap emergency" on my run & who did my first thought go to? You, of course! :)

    Thanks for always making me laugh!

  16. I too am not a big fan of the LOL unless I am really busting a gut and I usually only do that with my brother. Although, my kids are starting to crack me up!

    With my husband, I find myself chuckling constantly, so for him, I offer the cyber[chuckle]. Never in CAPS. Never with an exclamation point. Cuz if that were the case, I'd be LOL.

  17. the reason i love your blog is because of the poop stories. within my local running club, i'm known as the one who always talks about poop and has stories about crapping myself. hopefully some day (oooh, boston!) we can meet up and share stories. :-)

  18. Since we're all coming clean with our poop stories, I had (ok really, REALLY HAD) to stop and sh!t in a corn field a few weeks ago. First person I thought of after delivering the goods? Yes it was you, Shut Up and Run. I think you may be on the fast track to becoming the Matron Saint of Run Induced Poop.

  19. Maybe we should rename your blog 'The Poop Chronicles' or 'The Poop Place' or 'Everybody Poops...and Runs' or even 'Shut Up and Crap!'
    (I'm addicted to exclamation points version of the over-used LoL)

  20. ok, it is time for me to come clean. I have had a story for a while that I never shared with anyone but my sister because she was with me. I thought of you but was waiting for the right post to share my little episode.
    I am a marathon runner and generally do not have poop issues on my runs.
    One night, my sister and I were out for about a 4 mile walk, nothing to extreme. We had eaten Mexican food earlier in the evening but I had taken a small pooh before I left and thought all clear. Not so. With about a mile left to the house, I was in a bad place. As I told my sister, "my colon and I are having a fight and it is winning". I spent the next half mile looking for woods, trees anything, knowing there weren't any places in our neighborhood that would be "safe". Half a mile to go, I see a house that's being built and... a port-a-potty!! I tell her I am going in, no doubt about it. She looks at me in horror and wonders what would ever cause someone to go in there- my angry gut, that's what. It's pitch black outside and I cant see a thing inside. I thankfully end the fight with my colon and feel 100% better and ten lbs lighter. I was very relieved to find some TP and as I toss it in the hole... I realize there is no hole. The lid on the potty was down. I ran out with my running skirt not completely up and sprint down the road to my sister. Totally. Mortified. I didn't even tell her what gift I had just left for the poor workers. I couldn't run that street for weeks. Luckily, they finished the house and that port-a-potty is gone for good!

  21. OH my LORD LOL! I have no shame in typing that for this one because I did several times. At the Grandparents condo story, at Courtney's comment above, and pretty much throughout this whole post.

  22. I also agree that LOL is overdone and I don't use it much...unless I am actually laughing to the point of here you go...
    LOL!!! Loved it..i love honest people and you frequently crack me up to that point! also rudeness is rigth up there with stealing for me- dislike it. I never had close encounters of the brown kind until I had a daughter and that did something fierce to me body...I have seriously considered pooping in a diaper in my daugther's room as there was only one bathroom in our house...but made the throne just in time!

  23. What made me LOL today you ask? Reading this post! You are hilarious. Thank you for making my day!

  24. Damn, I really thought I had this one in the bag! Damn random number generator!!!

    I was ROFLMAO reading this! I poop, you poop, we all poop. Why peeps get so uptight about it is beyond me. My hubbs gets annoyed with me when I tell him I had to drop some while out on a run - he just doesn't get it. *sigh* I'm waiting for my revenge day when he has to do the same thing! In fact, I think I will slip him some prunes tonight at dinner so he can feel what it's like on his run tomorrow! LOL! J/K - I'm not that bad - but the thought has crossed my mind!
    Happy Wednesday!

  25. A-FREAKING-MEN on the LOL...much like Emz just typing that just now made me a little sick.

  26. I must say, that whenever I hear a crap story or anything related to pooping and running (not at the same time of course), I always think of you, Beth! :)

    You make me laugh!

  27. Yup, I think you've got the poo-ing angle covered. (Beth?)

  28. Intellectually I don't get why poop is so funny but I'm laughing as loud as anyone when I hear a good poop story.

  29. Ha!! OK I will admit to being a LOLer....but I REALLY DO LOL a lot. My LOL is LOUD and carries so far and is so recognizable that I can be on a ski lift and someone below can hear me laughing, look up, and say, "Mandy?" So yeah, LOL, that is me!

    And great poop story. I just hope I don't see that log floating by me in the river when I swim....ugh. All I can think of is the snickers bar (milky way?) in the pool in Caddyshack.

  30. Thank god for your blog!!!! I can totally relate - esp to the cartoon. We are in the throes of getting our 3 yr old to poop on the potty (he'll learn the joys of crapping in the woods in a few years) and oh boy - poop parties are all the rage here. Luckily for me - it's been awhile since I've had to duck in to the bushes. Hope I didn't just jinx myself. Thanks for the daily laughs!

  31. don't listen to stupid anonymous readers and their comments. your blog is amazing and i enjoy reading it..... and stalking your life daily. i feel like we are bffs.

    on that note, any poop story i have i want to share with you because even though immature, talking about poop is FUN!

    do you fart in your sleep?? apparently i do and my boyfriend finds it disgusting. BAHAHA

  32. Wow, I'm so glad that my little story provided such an entertaining topic for discussion! I'll leave my blog URL next time I post a comment that's not so personally revealing :-).

    What's really funny... Angie, yes... I WAS IN THE RUSSIAN RIVER. So there. All I could think about was the poor swimmers downstream. But hey, better on them than me. LOL.

  33. Thanks for the laugh today...and it IS hilarious because everytime I'm on a run and have to borrow someone's yard (sorry peeps) I always think of you and know I'm not alone:)

  34. Okay.. you made ME LOL on that one. I'm literal too and get tickled at things no on else does. So now when someone says LOL I'll picture them snorting coffee all alone.

    My predicament: A huge bottle of water and a hard workout, followed by a steaming pile (yes PILE) of spinach, chased by a hot cappucino and a freezing glass of water do NOT make for prime circumstances to sit on your beautiful Russian friend's NEW WHITE SOFA and maybe try to "fart" while she's in the bathroom....

    Try to explain THAT ONE to your cool European friends as you rush away unexpectedly after making sure you left no marks...

  35. Giveaways is the best thing that people chase, this is a good information to those who chase it. Good post!!!

  36. I can't imagine anyone would have anything contradictory to offer regarding your posts. I find them motivational, funny, and so true to life. Ignore those that simply need attention, Beth. You've got something so good going on, don't waste energy on negativity.

    As for LOLing of CTS, not today. Major frustration as my first marathon looms two weeks away and I'm getting burned out.
    Forgot to put my CRT lenses in last night so I'm blind today.
    Had not one ounce of gusto in me to do my speed workout today, so I did a "junk" run with the dog.
    Have a Half M. on Sunday and now I'm over the top worried my body has become accustomed to running slow, I'll log the worst time ever.

    I'm so comfortable now with using bushes as toilets (your fault ;) ) I'm worried about that in all my future races.
    Life goes on and we deal with it.

  37. I just read the "incident" and my ab mucles hurt I am laughing so hard! Definitely deserves an "LOL".

  38. OMG my BFF Beth!

    I can't even imagine feeling so important that I don't read all of the comments left on my blog.