Wednesday, June 13, 2012

5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

I haven’t done one of these “favorites” lists in awhile. I absolutely love it when other people do these types of posts. There are so many millions of products to try, books to read, recipes to cook and movies to watch that I always miss some of the good stuff. By seeing what other people are trying, watching, reading and cooking, I get new ideas.

On that note – why don’t you join me? Do a post of 5 things you are enjoying right now. Tag 5 people to do the same.

My list:

1. Vitalsox Compression Socks.


My left calf has been tight and sore. I find these socks help both with feeling less sore while running and with recovery. When I roll my calf on the foam roller, it seriously feels like there is a a foreign object in there like a baseball. My PT thinks that my calf pain is a “growing pain.” Because my left side has been so checked out for awhile, I’m now using those muscles more and they are reacting. Last week she dry-needled the hell out of that calf muscle. I yelped like a little girl (wait, I am a little girl), but I have to say it made all of the difference. Anyway, the socks help.

2. Real Medleys Quaker Oatmeal Cups









I do make my own oatmeal most of the time. I add in all sorts of stuff like brown sugar, raisins, bananas and nut butters. Every once in awhile I like to be lazy and just add hot water and a scoop of almond butter to one of these pre-made cups. There is not a lot of crap in the ingredients and you get some good carbs and protein. It’s the perfect post workout snack or breakfast. They go for about $1.50 each.

3. Yankz Laces


Ken gave these to me as a stocking stuffer at Christmas. Looks complicated, but it’s not. These laces are especially for triathletes to help make their transition #2 times quicker because you don’t have to tie shoes. Ken knows my transition times suck the big one. I finally put these laces in my shoes and I am loving them. They make it easy to slip the shoes on and off, but the biggest bonus is once you have them set at the right amount of tightness, you never have to adjust unless you want to. For some reason I always have a hard time getting my shoes just right. I’d say these are for triathletes and runners alike! They go for $8 and come in tons of colors. The ones I have are the pink Susan G. Komen laces.

4. Pork Chalupa Recipe


Who said you can’t use the crockpot in the summer time? I use mine all year round. I love this recipe because it makes a ton of food and is so easy even if you are cooking illiterate. Also – very inexpensive to make.

5. Phil Keoghan  “The Ride” movie

I am a huge fan of documentaries or films based on true stories. I’m not really sure what Phil’s claim to fame is outside of the Amazing Race, but I really enjoyed this documentary. Phil rides over 100 miles per day for a total of 3,500 miles from L.A. to New York to benefit Multiple Sclerosis. He also did this to commemorate turning 40 and still being strong.

My favorite part is when he rides over the Rocky Mountains in what appears to be early spring when it ridiculously cold and windy. By the time he reached Ohio or so, he was spent and had to use every ounce of willpower and body strength to keep going. These type of dig deep, don’t give up stories are my favorites. I found it really motivating. The movie is 90 minutes long and is playing on the EXTRAHD television channel.

What are you loving right now?

Ever try any of my above favorites?

Blog about 5 things – anything from running gear to nutrition items to recipes to books that you are loving right now then tag 5 others to do the same. Let me know when it’s up!



  1. I followed Phil's "Race across the country" when he did it...loved his daily video blogs and such...will have to check this movie out!

  2. Ugh, my calves are tight and sore lately too for no specific discernable reason. I've been resorting to more compression calf sleeve wearing myself. I love the bright color you have! Mine are white and black (CEP brand). I'm thinking I need orange. Glad to know I'm not the only one with some hateful calves, misery loves company :-) j/k Hope your calf feels better soon!

  3. I keep meaning to do one of these also--way behind in everything right now! I think that compression socks were my best friend when I was making the transition to less shoe. And never heard of that documentary, but will check it out!

  4. I have been wanting to try those laces but didn't want to waste my money if they were not runner friendly. Glad to see they are! Love how your compression socks match your top in the first pic.

  5. I really enjoy these types of posts too - never know when you come across something great to check out. Those laces are a must have for me - got to get a pair.

  6. Well, I'd have to start a blog (someday I'll get to that!) so here's my list in no particular order:
    1) First Endurance Liquid Shot (vanilla) and Ultragen (cappuccino) - been a fan of LS for a while, just tried Ultragen last wkend after long run, really DID make a difference in recovery, and my stomach tolerated it well, no small thing
    2) pro cycling race season is in full swing - DH and I enjoy evenings/weekends watching pros ride for hundreds of miles, and listening to Phil&Paul, plus lots of speculation and analysis fun Beth, the ProCycling Challenge will be back in Colo in Aug!
    3) reading and learning about the locavore "movement" which leads to me trying to purchase more local food items (eggs, milk, bacon, produce) in addition to organic, trying new things like kohlrabi, starting to grow some fruits and veggies myself in containers (basil, lettuce, strawberries and blueberries)
    4) I like Zensah calf sleeves during a run, can't recall which compression socks after (but I'm always looking for recs as I've only tried one brand each of sleeve/sock). I used BungeeLaces, tho I've temporarily stopped due to some unrelated top of foot soreness. Love their fluorescent yellow.
    5) my cast iron skillet, gift from my lovely inlaws - I started on a "greens w/ eggs on top" kick, am now on a "home fries made w/ new potatoes" tear.
    6) just because, I'll add one more - more bakeries carrying good, fresh gluten free treats

  7. Don't have 5 things but I do have a good calf fix. Walk around house in a squat as much as you can stand it. I swear it works. Helps tight quads at the same time.

  8. I use that very same pork chalupa recipe--love it!

  9. Five Things I'm enjoying now:
    1. the weekly personal trainer sessions (2) that come with my gym membership - I'm stronger than ever.
    2. my hot pink Yankz laces - all set for my season opener tri at the end of the month.
    3. Hammer Endurolytes - it's heating up here in VA and I need to replace electrolytes faster than I can eat or drink them in.
    4. Longer days - don't have to wear a headlight when I run in the morning.
    5. your blog - logged off Facebook for 30 days (on day 13 now) and needed something to read online.

  10. Great post! I love compression socks, such an amazing invention!

  11. Not directly a love right now, but you mention it above....I am having a love hate relationship with my PT and the dry needling. Hate the pain (and anticipation of the pain) when I am getting it done, but love how I feel after. Might need to invest in some compression gear to help the healing process. I have to admit I have hit my PT on a few occasions...serves him right for the pain he puts me thru!

  12. I am loving playing with Snapseed to tweak photos. It is always a surprise how much they can be improved.

    The speed laces are a Grrr thing to get set up, and then every run after that it's love. Slide them on and go. No muss no fuss.

    5 things. Come back tomorrow, or maybe Friday.

  13. Hi Beth!

    I don't need fancy laces. I've always lace and tied my shoes such that I just slip them on and off like loafers. Weird I know, but works for me. I like the loose feel ..makes me feel my strike better. I wear very thin REI silk sock liners that don't absorb water in the rain and also give me good road feel. (and prevent blisters)

    Liked your Chi post..glad you are getting on the midfoot strike train. It's a good place to be!


  14. You inspired me to write my own 5 things post! You can find it here:

  15. Also love my 'long' socks, but you are looking so good in yours you make them look good, while I just look funny!!! It's your sexy legs...

  16. Done.

    I almost bought compression socks but then my calves & shins quit bothering me so I guess it was just getting them used to actually working. ;)

  17. My five favorite running-related things:
    (1) your blog!
    (2) my new Brooks True Grit trail runners
    (3) trail running (I blogged about my introduction to it here:
    (4) Smartwool socks and shirts that never get stinky and keep my body temperature perfect, whatever the conditions
    (5) GU Chomps - may favourite treat - though I usually rely on fig newtons for fuel.

  18. My list -

  19. Here's my list:

  20. I LOVED The Ride. Great, touching, honest movie! Oh, thanks for posting that recipe. I'm going to try it!

  21. Thanks for the movie recommendation - downloading from itunes right now! Looking for a little inspiration before my first tri on Saturday and this movie looks like it fits the bill :)

  22. Here's my list:

    That was fun! Thanks for the idea.

  23. Great idea! Too often I forget to give attention to the things I enjoy. I had to put some thought into it, but here are my top 5 (for the moment):

  24. A little late to the party but thanks for the inspiration! Here's my current top 5.

  25. Thanks for the awesome post! I'll be checking out those laces. Here's my fave 5:

  26. Here are my 5

  27. I freaking LOVE Phil Keoghan - he is my 5 favorite things. Off to watch/drool over that movie right now...

  28. Great post!! I totally ordered a pair of those socks!! Only bend I hadn't tried!!!!

  29. My five favorite things...
    Running, I'm new (6 months) and slow but I hate to miss a run.
    My Wacoal running bra from Nordstrom.
    My Asics Gel Kayano 17's.
    My lucky White Sox spring training cap.
    Low fat whole grain Eggos for my run.

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